2012 Aussie Millions: Million Dollar Cash Game

January 27th 2012

The TV crew have called it quits and the players have called it quits decided to take the game to the Mahogany Room!

Jason Mercier was again a big winner cashing out $423,100 while Daniel Negreanu cashed out $250,000. Tom Dwan left with roughly what he sat down with, while Patrik Antonius cashed out $156,100 as Sam Trickett finished as top dog with $558,300.

You would expect to see most of these players on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. when the $250,000 Challenge kicks off here in Studio 3.

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On a 2 spades5 spades6 hearts flop, Daniel Negreanu found himself all in for his last $167,500 against Jason Mercier. Deciding on running it twice, Mercier tabled his A diamsK spades4 spades3 clubs to be chopping (at this stage) against Negreanu's 8 hearts7 hearts4 diams3 spades as the two boards were spread as follows:

Board 1: 2 spades5 spades6 hearts / A heartsQ hearts
Board 2: 2 spades5 spades6 hearts / 5 diams5 hearts

With Negreanu quartering Mercier, he received what was already in the middle plus an additional $83,800 (the actual quarter was $83,750 but there are no $25-denomination chips in play).


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Tom Dwan (pictured) has just made his way into Studio 3 to join the game.

Buying in for just $100,000, it kind of appears that Dwan may have just woken up, but straight away he was into the action in a Pot Limit Omaha pot against Jason Mercier.

The board read 10 hearts7 clubs4 hearts9 spades and Mercier bet out 3,600. Dwan bumped it to $14,000 and Mercier made the call as the 2 clubs landed on the river. Dwan tossed in $28,000 and Mercier eventually made the call, and won the pot with his A heartsK hearts10 clubs9 clubs.

The TV crew then returned to the set, and it was decided that the four would play Pot Limit Omaha while being filmed for a while. There is no word on if some players will take up the four vacant seats or for how long they will continue to play this game - and for the night.

Sam Trickett, Chinese businessmen, Gus Hansen, wealthy whales ... anyone feel like a bit of Pot Limit Omaha 

Aussie Millions Cash Game



With the game now four-handed, Sam Trickett decided to quit and left with around $560,000 - about $220,000 in profit from his original buy-in. He did declare however that he would return if the game picked up, and consequently left his chips on the table.

With Daniel Negreanu (currently on $115,500) and Patrik Antonius (currently on $131,000) losing, they still wanted to play in an effort to win back some money, and with Jason Mercier (currently on $455,000) running hot, why would he turn down a game!

Consequently they opted to play eight different games - all of the H.O.R.S.E games along with Badugi, 2-7 Triple Draw and Pot Limit Omaha with a $50,000 cap at $500-$1,000 blinds. With all the other games being limit, they opted to play $1,500-$3,000 with a $300 ante, $500 bring-in and $1,500 completion and six hands of each game. 

The TV crew - probably not thinking that $1,500-$3,000 mixed games three-handed wouldn't make for great TV - opted to take a 45-minute dinner break.



We have just lost Elton Tsang and Kwan Yong in a matter of hands - mainly again courtesy of Jason Mercier.

We are unsure of what Tsang had, but Mercier held 7 spades6 hearts6 spades4 hearts on a board of 4 diams5 diamsJ clubs4 clubs with both players opting to run it twice.

Board 1: 4 diams5 diamsJ clubs4 clubs / 3 spades
Board 2: 4 diams5 diamsJ clubs4 clubs / 8 diams

With Mercier spiking straights on both boards he sent Tsang to the rail, and after Yong exited (unsure if he was stacked or quit the game), Mercier had roughly $550,000 in front of him.

Jason Mercier Crushing



The action happened so quick, but what we can tell you is that Jason Mercier (pictured) has just doubled in Pot Limit Omaha against Kwan Yong.

Mercier was all in for $159,100 on a 8 hearts6 hearts3 diams flop holding 8 clubs6 diams5 diams4 spades against Yong's pocket kings and two unknown cards as they agreed to run it twice.

Jason Mercier

Board 1: 8 hearts6 hearts3 diams / 4 hearts2 diams
Board 2: 8 hearts6 hearts3 diams / Q hearts2 spades

Mercier spiked straights on both boards to double to around $330,000 while Yong is down to roughly $55,000 as the dealer was switched out.

Just a few hands later Mercier would stack Daniel Negreanu in No Limit Holdem. Negreanu held kings as the board read 7 diamsJ diams5 spades4 spades, but up against Mercier's J heartsJ clubs, he was always going to be in trouble. 

The first board saw a Q hearts land and the second the 2 clubs as Mercier scooped both pots to move to what appeared to be $485,000. Negreanu on the other hand rebought for something along the lines of $130,000.



Rushing over to find Patrik Antonius all in against Kwan Yong, both players agreed to run the board twice.

Antonius: A heartsA spades10 spades8 clubs
Yong: A diamsA clubs5 clubs4 spades

Board 1: 4 hearts6 spades4 diams2 diams4 clubs
Board 2: Q clubsQ spadesQ hearts10 diams2 hearts

With Yong making quads on the first and chopping with Antonius on the second, Antonius shipped over $80,600 (half of Yong's stack) to Yong.

Antonius however would spike a full double against Daniel Negreanu in the No Limit Holdem orbit a few hands later when he was all in for his last $80,500 holding A spadesJ spades against Negreanu's Q heartsQ diams.

Board 1: 6 spades3 spadesA diams2 diamsK diams
Board 2: 4 clubs8 clubsA clubs7 clubs5 hearts

Antonius scoops both and Negreanu slips to around $100,000.



Daniel Negreanu"Wanna run it twice?" asked Daniel Negreanu (pictured) to Daniel Cates.

The flop read 3 spades4 hearts3 hearts and Cates was all in as both players decided to run the turn and river twice.

"I have a pair of eights ... oh and now a flush!" stated Negreanu as the A hearts and 2 clubs filled out the first board and he revealed his K clubs8 clubs8 hearts7 hearts.

On the second board the 3 clubs would land on the turn and Cates instantly mucked his hand and left the table as the 5 diams landed on the river. 

As Cates exited the building, Negreanu moved to around $190,000.



We're back to boring less entertaining No Limit Holdem and on a board of 7 clubs6 spades5 spades8 spades10 hearts we witnessed Daniel Negreanu call a bet of $35,000 from Daniel Cates into a pot of relatively the same size.

"Pair!" announced Cates as Negreanu tabled his 9 diams9 clubs to scoop the pot and move to roughly $155,000. Cates however is struggling - in a similar fashion to yesterday - with roughly $85,000 ... which is nearly $100,000 less than what he began today with.

A few hands later we found Patrik Antonius opening to $3,000 from under the gun only to have Sam Trickett three-bet the cutoff to $12,000. Antonius dropped in $30,000 and Trickett quickly mucked. After starting with $185,000, Antonius is down to around $155,000.


With the board reading 3 clubs2 spadesJ diamsA clubs we found Patrik Antonius (pictured) betting out a $25,000-denomination plaque. Elton Tsang check-called as the 9 hearts landed on the river and Antonius bet $42,000. Tsang check-called again and Antonius tabled his A hearts7 hearts ... and his 5 diams4 spades for a wheel to scoop the pot worth around $130,000.

I guess with him revealing four cards we can confirm that we are playing a rotation of No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha.

On what would be one of the final hands of the orbit, Daniel Negreanu would bet out $31,000 with the board reading A clubsJ spades6 diams5 spades and he would find a fold - from what looked like Patrik Antonius - before Sam Trickett check-called out of the blinds.

The river landed the K spades and Trickett led for $43,000 with Negreanu deliberating for nearly three minutes before making the call as Trickett tabled his A spadesQ spades7 spades6 hearts for the nut flush. After the hand, it appeared as though Negreanu may have added on a few $25,000-denomination plaques.



With a few late arrivals, we finally have a game underway with the same limits as yesterday - $500-$1,000 blinds and a $100 table button ante. The word is that they will be playing a rotation of No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha, but nothing will be confirmed until that first hand of four cards is dealt.

For the time being, here is the current line-up:

Seat Player Buy-In
1 Sam Trickett $340,000
2 Kwan Yong $280,000
3 Daniel Negreanu $187,000
4 empty  
5 Elton Tsang $205,000
6 Patrik Antonius $185,000
7 Daniel Cates $170,000
8 Jason Mercier $292,000


We are unsure why all the players have opted for such weird buy-in amounts, but we can assure you this is the exact numbers given to us by the TV crew filming.

Interesting to note, Kwan Yong is Richard Yong's son - one of the players from the line-up yesterday - while Elton Tsang is a recent casualty from the main event.



We're back!

Well maybe ...

... Daniel Negreanu came over and stated that he is unsure if the game will get up as currently only he, Jason Mercier, Daniel Cates and Sam Trickett are up here in Studio 3.

With plans to start at 6:00 p.m. it seems the game will be delayed until a few more players take their seats.



2012 Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game - 26/01/2012


Yet another big hand between Jason Mercier and Daniel Cates has virtually ended tonight's 2012 Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game.

With around $75,000 in the middle, Mercier bet out $28,000 on the 2 hearts7 spades10 clubs flop and Daniel Cates made the call as Richard Yong folded before the 7 hearts landed on the turn. Mercier pushed out $52,000 and Cates instantly mucked to award Mercier another pot.

As the dealer began dealing the next hand, Patrik Antonius checked his hole cards and left with around $90,000, and Mercier followed a few hands later with $440,000 - roughly $190,000 in profit. Daniel Negreanu lost a $50,000 pot to Winfred Yu and then decided to leave the game too as a $160,000 winner and consequently the game broke.

Cates left with roughly $160,000 while it was Sam Trickett who bagged the most with $648,000 from his original $200,000 starting buy-in.

The plan is to play again at 6:00 p.m. on Friday night, and we will try to provide updates at Poker Asia Pacific.



Following a limp from Richard Yong, Jason Mercier made it $4,400 from the button with Daniel Cates making the call from the small blind as Young folded.

Mercier bet $4,300 on the J spades6 diams9 diams flop only to have Cates raise to $13,500. Mercier made the call, and when the A clubs rolled off on the turn, he folded to Cates' $28,000 bet.

Here are the approximate chip counts from the Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game:

Seat Player Buy-In
1 Patrik Antonius $125,000
2 Jason Mercier $370,000
3 Daniel Cates $235,000
4 Winfred Yu $110,000
5 Richard Yong $175,000
6 Tom Dwan $150,000
7 Sam Trickett $625,000
8 Daniel Negreanu $345,000



After a quiet past hour or so, we have just witnessed at three-way all in between Daniel Negreanu, Patrik Antonius and Jason Mercier. Antonius was all in for roughly $80,000 and Negreanu all in for $148,700 with Mercier having both players covered as they decided to run three boards.

Board 1: 6 heartsJ spades3 spades7 hearts7 diams

Board 2: 8 clubsJ diams10 hearts8 hearts9 spades

Board 3: 6 diams7 spades4 clubs5 clubs9 hearts

Antonius tabled his K spadesK diams, Mercier mucked and Negreanu tabled his A diamsA clubs that would see him scoop all three pots to move to nearly $400,000 as Antonius opted for a rebuy of $100,000.



The cameras have been switched off as the TV crew are having their dinner break. However here are some of the approximate counts from the 2012 Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game.

Seat Player Chips
1 Patrik Antonius $65,000
2 Jason Mercier $420,000
3 Daniel Cates $165,000
4 Winfred Yu $120,000
5 Richard Yong $225,000
6 Tom Dwan $135,000
7 Sam Trickett $640,000
8 Daniel Negreanu $155,000




It has been fairly slow since they took their food-ordering break, but we did see the tail end of Jason Mercier dragging a very healthy pot against Richard Yong.

Yong took a hit down to $180,000 before topping up another $50,000 while it appears as though Mercier is on around $380,000.

Daniel Negreanu approached us as he took a little break from the table and said, "I've never folded so much in my life!"



Announcing that he was quitting the game to go watch the Australian Open, Gus Hansen straddled to $2,000 only to have Daniel Cates make it $6,000 from the button. Hansen called, and after the K diams10 hearts3 diamsJ hearts8 diams board was checked down, Hansen bet $12,200 on the river to pick up the pot.

A few minutes later he was out the door as Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius took their seats in the 2012 Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game. As players opted to take a break to order food, they discussed playing again tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. on a first-come-first-serve basis. And while the eight players picked through the menu, we attempted to grab some approximate chip counts before play recommenced.

Seat Player Buy-In
1 Patrik Antonius $100,000
2 Jason Mercier $230,000
3 Daniel Cates $240,000
4 Winfred Yu $120,000
5 Richard Yong $325,000
6 Tom Dwan $100,000
7 Sam Trickett $615,000
8 Daniel Negreanu $120,000


Note: Both Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan sat down with $100,000



Following a limp from Richard Yong, Gus Hansen made it $4,200 from the hi-jack with Sam Trickett making the call before the action was on Jason Mercier in the small blind. He bumped it to $16,300 to force Yong to fold before Hansen four-bet to $46,700 as Trickett folded.

Mercier thought for a few moments before shipping it all in for what appeared to be roughly $185,000 total as Hansen mucked.

The rumour at the moment is that Patrik Antonius will be taking seat one, and is currently on his way.



The board was spread 9 heartsJ clubs10 diams3 diams8 clubs and there was between $125,000 and $150,000 in the middle with Sam Trickett betting out five ivory $25,000-denomination plaques into Daniel Cates. Cates - who had roughly $110,000 behind - deliberated for several minutes before making the call.

Trickett quickly tabled his A diamsQ diams for a straight, and Cates just pushed all his chips into the pot before folding his hand. With a mountain of chips and plaques, Trickett seems to be sitting on at least 600,000 ... if not more, while Cates ordered a rebuy of $150,000.

Another player to order a rebuy over the last few orbits was Jason Mercier who topped up an additional $150,000 to be in for $250,000.



There were rumours that Tom Dwan and Tony G were expected to take the two vacant seats, but they'll have to battle it out for the one seat that is free since Daniel Cates has just joined the game in seat three (between Jason Mercier and Winfred Yu) and is seated with $200,000.

Shawn Buchanan is also hovering up here in Studio 3 and may be the player to fill that last seat.

Aussie Millions Cash Game



The Aussie Millions Cash Game is now underway with the following line-up.

Seat Player Buy-In
1 empty  
2 Jason Mercier $100,000
3 empty  
4 Winfred Yu $200,000
5 Richard Yong $200,000
6 Gus Hansen $200,000
7 Sam Trickett $200,000
8 Daniel Negreanu $200,000


The six players are currently awaiting two more players, but in the meantime are playing $500-$1,000 with a $100 button ante (meaning that the button will ante for everyone in the hand) and the game is currently No Limit Holdem with talks of a rotation mix with Pot Limit Omaha.

Gus Hansen took down several pots in a row before running a bluff against Sam Trickett. Richard Young limped the button for $1,000 and Hansen completed the small blind before Trickett bumped it to $4,000. Both Young and Hansen called before as the 8 diams8 spades6 diams flop was greeted with a bet from Hansen of $8,100. Trickett called as Young mucked before Hansen tossed in a $2

0,200 bet on the 5 diams turn. Trickett called once again as the 5 spades on the river was followed by a big bet from Hansen of $55,100. 

Trickett paused for a few moments before making the call as Hansen stated, "I have two-pair!" before Trickett tabled his 10 diams7 diams for a flush to scoop the $170,000 pot.


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