Macau Poker Cup Championship (MPCC): HK$20,000 Main Event - Day 1a

By: Mateusz Pater

Lee Ends the Day as the Commanding Chip Leader

Day 1a of the Macau Poker Cup Championships (MPCC) Main Event has concluded with Edmund Lee (pictured) finishing the day as the commanding chip leader with 119,175 in chips. He started his day off when he eliminated David Steicke with a rivered flush against top pair, after the two got all their chips in on the flop. From then on, he didn't look back.

The other leading chip stacks are Aimin Zhang (101,500), Rui Chen (82,975), Lei Zhang (76,350) and Sparrow Cheung (73,925).

There will be 40 players returning for Day 2 including Yafin Zheng (64,900), Shaq Lin (60,500), Vincent Rubianes (22,975), Minh Nguyen (22,225) and Justin Chan (7,800). A few of the notable players that will not be returning include Jacky Wang, Craig Cockburn, David Steicke and Andrew Scott. Johnny Chan was another who was eliminated when he shoved the remainder of his stack with A-10 and ran into his opponent's pocket queens.

For a full list of all the chip counts at the end of Day 1a, click here.

Be sure to join us for Day 1b of the MPCC Main Event tomorrow at 3:10pm (GMT+8) for more action here at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex.

Final Three Hands

The remaining players have been advised that they will be playing three more hands to finish the day. Stay tuned for the end of day wrap to see who emerges as the chip leader as well as the other leading stacks.

Zhang building late

A big hand just emerged on Table 10. Aimin Zhang limped in middle position, before another player raised to 1,600. Action then folded to Shaq Lin in the small blind, who re-raised to 4,700 which was called by both players.

The flop was checked around when it came out 4 clubs5 spadesQ spades. The turn produced the 3 clubs and Lin checked. Zhang then put in a big bet of 15,000 which was called by the other player. Lin folded and the remaining two checked the 6 clubs that fell on the river.

Zhang tabled his 9 clubs9 hearts which brought a fold from his opponent and a big sigh from Lin who obviously folded the better hand. With that pot, Zhang moves up to 105,000 in chips.

Ho gets some back

Calvin Ho has been involved in a big hand close to the end of days play. On a flop reading J diamsA spades5 diams, Ho opened to 1,675 but was quickly met with a raise to 3,375 from an opponent in the cutoff. He made the call to see the 4 diams drop on the turn before check-calling a 6,000 from his opponent. When the Q diams fell on the river he immediately fired out 20,000 in chips. His opponent sat back in her chair before eventually making the call.

Ho tabled the K diams7 diams and when he saw his opponent sigh to herself, yelled out, “Yes! Yes!” before jumping out of his chair in excitement. His opponent also tabled her hand to show that she turned two pair with the A hearts4 hearts.

Ho is now back up to 63,000 in chips.

Play Resumes

The players are back from their break, and will be playing one more level with blinds at 300-600 with a 50 ante.

Break Time Number Three

Players are going on their final 10-minute break of  the day.

Jacky WangWang crippled then Doubles

In the space of an orbit, Jacky Wang (pictured) has been involved in several hands. After earlier running into a set and falling to 13,000 he was again involved in some all in action.

Alan Jackson raised to 1,000 from early position before Wang bet out around 13,000 chips leaving one 25 chip behind. The action folded back to Jackson who committed his remaining 10,325 in chips. It was Wang’s A clubsK clubs up against Jackson’s J heartsJ diams. The board ran out 5 diams5 hearts3 hearts2 spades9 diams to give Jackson a much needed double up and crippling Wang to 1,325.

The very next hand, the player under the gun raised to 1,200 before Wang went all in for 75 more. Another player came in for the ride and shoved for 12,250 forcing a fold from the original raiser.

This time Wang had a monster holding K heartsK diams and was up against the A spades10 diams. The board favoured Wang as it fell 3 hearts5 clubs7 diams7 hearts6 diams and enabled him to stay in the event with just under 4,000 in chips.

Wang Acknowledges Nice Hand

Jacky Wang opened the hand with a raise to 1,275 and got callers out of both the blinds. The flop came 7 spades8 diams4 diams and the small blind checked. The player in the big blind then bet 1,700 but was raised to 4,000 by Wang. The small blind opted to fold and the big blind called.

Both players checked the A spades on the turn, but when the J clubs fell on the river, Wang’s opponent chose to bet, this time to 6,125. Wang thought for a moment and as he placed his call into the middle asked, “Set?” before tapping the table, mucking his hand and acknowledging, “nice hand,” when he saw the 7 diams7 clubs.

Wang now sits on 13,000 in chips.

Le Roux Doubles through Chan

We arrived at the table to see the board showing Q clubs2 diams6 heartsK clubs2 spades and the Q diamsQ spades sitting in front of Divan Le Roux’s stack of 32,000 that was being counted out by the dealer.  It was a betting war on the flop between him and Justin Chan who had A clubsA hearts.

The flopped set for Le Roux boosted his stack up to 88,000 and one of the chip leaders, and plummeted Chan’s stack to 7,000.

Short-stacked Chan eliminated

On our walk around the floor we were unable to spot the stack of Johnny Chan. It was recalled to us that the world poker idol was eliminated from the tournament.

In the hand, Chan limped and was followed by another three players. When the option came to Xibo Hu in the big blind, he raised to 2,000. Chan then shoved his remaining 8,000 in chips and watched as the three original limpers folded around to Hu, who called.

Chan wasn’t in great shape when he tabled A clubs10 clubs and saw Hu holding pocket queens. The board would not produce an ace as it fell down king-high to end his day.

Marvanek Doubles

Michael Marvanek has found a much-needed double up. The action started with Minh Nguyen opening to 950. A player in the middle position then raised to 2,400 and the table folded around to Marvanek in the small blind. He swiftly moved all his chips into the middle and was all in. Nguyen got out of the way and the decision was back on the raiser.

The player went into the tank, asking for the chips to be brought in and then asking minutes later how much it was to call. He finally called, tabling the 2 hearts2 clubs, after what seems like an eternity.

Marvanek showed his Q clubsQ hearts and was all smiles when raking all the chips in when the board ran out 7 hearts8 diams6 hearts5 diams5 clubs. Marvanek doubled to 19,500 which is just short of his starting stack.

Play Resumes

The players are back from their break with blinds continuing at 200/400 with a 25 ante.

Break Time Number Two

Players are on another 10-minute break, with a lot sprinting to the restrooms as well as the bar/restaurant for a quick feed before returning.

Steicke Flushed

After a great start to the day, David Steicke (pictured) has eventually been eliminated. Although we missed the hand, Edmund Lee was more than happy to inform us of how he eliminated him.

Steicke opened with a raise holding 9-6, before being 3-bet by Lee holding a suited A-Q. The flop came out 9-7-4, and Steicke check-raised Lee's continuation bet. Lee then announced all in, which was called. Drawing to the nut flush draw, Lee would river the flush to end his day prematurely.

I said I had Kings!

Over on table 3, an interesting hand developed when the under-the-gun player raised to 800. Several others called before the action was on the big blind. He opted to raise to 3,000 before the original raiser quickly shoved in 18,000 in chips and was all in. The others folded around to big blind who contemplated his decision.

“I have Kings!” said the under-the-gun player. The big blind took a moment before folding his cards.

“Show your hand” said several players on the table as the player was about to muck his cards.

“I said I had Kings!” joked the player as he tabled the K diamsK clubs.

Zheng Climbing

We arrived at Table 11 to find four players committing 2,600 in chips preflop, one of them being Yifan Zheng.

With the flop reading Q clubs3 diamsA clubs, all three players checked around to Zheng on the button, who placed in a bet of 8,000. The first two players took their time and folded, before the third decided he would put on a show, taking a little longer to decide what he’d do. He counted his stack and then placed 18,000 to one side, indicating he might raise. All the time doing so, Zheng did not take his eyes off his opponent. Eventually his opponent mucked his cards.

With that pot Zheng moves up to one of the biggest stacks in the room with 63,000 in chips. 

Who will be the next MPCC champion?

Over its three-year history, the Macau Poker Cup Championship has gone from strength-to-strength with growth every year during a time where other poker tournaments around the world have hit a plateau.  From Devan Tang’s breakthrough win in 2009, to Julian Hasse's win for Germany in 2010 and Malaysian Raiden Kan dominating in 2011, the MPCC has been a showpiece of the PokerStars Macau calendar and the pinnacle of the Macau Poker Cup season.

Earlier this week, we took a closer look at the history of the MPCC Main Event as we look ahead to see who will become the next MPCC champion?

Play Resumes

The players are back from their break with blinds continuing at 150/300.

Break Time Number One

The players are on their first 10-minute break of the day.

Le Roux back over starting stack

2012 Asian Poker Tour Philippines Main Event champion Divan Le Roux has just eliminated local Vai Cheong Leong. With the board reading K clubs7 clubs4 clubs6 diams, Cheong led out for 2,200 before being raised to 5,500 by Le Roux. With just under 10,000 in chips Cheong decided to move all in, which was called.

Cheong was drawing dead when he tabled his K diams10 hearts and saw Le Roux had turned the straight with 8 diams5 diams.

The 9 diams on the river only improved Le Roux’s hand as Cheong made his way out of the building. With that hand, Le Roux moves up to 28,000 in chips.

Johnny Chan

The man may need no introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway. Johnny Chan (pictured). Back-to-back WSOP Main Event champion, 10-time WSOP Bracelet winner and all-round poker legend. We’ll make sure to bring you lots of updates as his day progresses.

Full House = Nuts!

Toma Tsugunari and Sixiao “Juicy” Li have just been involved in an all in battle. Facing a 7,000 bet from Tsugunari on a 7 diams4 clubs5 clubs flop, Li went all in for 16,025 in chips. Tsugunari then thought for a moment before committing the remainder of his chips, just covered by Li.

With his tournament at risk, Tsugunari would be happy to see he was ahead of Li’s J clubs9 clubs after tabling 4 hearts5 hearts. When the turn came the 4 spades, a thrilled Tsugunari jumped out his chair shouting “Yes! Full House! Nuts!”

A meaningless 2 diams on the river meant that Tsugunari would jump up to 37,500 in chips and leave Li with under 1,000 in chips.

Second Hand Bust Out

We arrived at the table to find both Yifan Zheng and Tony Chang both committing 8,000 in chips preflop. The flop came out 7 clubsJ spadesQ spades and first to act Zheng announced “All in” before pushing the remainder of his chips into the middle. A distressed Chang then contemplated for a minute, before calling the bet and splashing the rest of his stack into the middle.

Zheng confidently tabled A spadesA diams before Chang painfully showed his K heartsK diams. The turn and river came 2 clubs and 7 hearts to eliminate Chang and boost Zheng to the chip lead with 40,000 in chips.

Who’s here?

Some of the players that we’ve spotted already include Andrew Scott, David Steicke and Michael Marvanek who are all seated at the same table. Reigning Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin has also taken his seat as well as Vincent Rubianes, Sparrow Cheung, Craig Cockburn and Amit Varma.

The cards are in the air!

The players have taken their seats and the cards are now officially in the air for Day 1a of the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event.

Welcome to the Grand Waldo and the MPCC Main Event

The Poker Asia Pacific team are back once again to bring our live reporting services to the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for another major championship of the Asian poker year.  It's the Macau Poker Cup Championship (MPCC), and we'll be on hand to bring you all the live action from the HK$20,000 Main Event.  This event will be offering a massive HK$4,500,000 Guarantee.

We're expecting to see the best players in the Asian region take to the felt for this event including reigning Main Event champion Raidan Kan, reigning Asia Player of the Year Hung-sheng "Shaq" Lin and Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang, Raymond Wu, Vivian Im and Celina Lin.

The action will commence at 3:10pm local time and we look forward to your company then!

Macau Poker Cup Championship

Running from September 7th – 16th, the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship (MPCC) will descend upon a new location for the first time in the event’s history. Taking place at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex, the MPCC will feature 13 championship events, as well as plenty of MPCC Main Event satellites and even an Asia Championship of Poker satellite.

Of course, it is the MPCC Main Event that all the players will be waiting for and that tournament will begin on Wednesday September 12th. The four-day tournament will offer two day one flights and cost HK$20,000 to enter (approx. US$2,500). The MPCC Main Event also has a 

HK$4,500,000 guarantee attached to it and is sure to draw in a crowd of Macau regulars, Asia businessmen and talented players from far and wide.

Last year Malaysia’s Raidan Kan was the player who walked away with all the glory at the Macau Poker Cup Championship, as he defeated a 308-player field to take home a huge HK$1,250,000 first-place prize. Who will become the next champion? Kan has confirmed that he will be in Macau to defend his title, while the 2011 Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin, Nicky Jin and Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin, Bryan Huang, Raymond Wu and Vivian Im have also confirmed they will be in attendance.

The Poker Asia Pacific live reporting team will be on deck from Wednesday September 12th at the Grand Waldo to bring you live updates and feature stories from the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event!

* Images courtesy of Kenneth Lim and the PokerStars Blog