Macau Poker Cup Championship (MPCC): HK$20,000 Main Event - Day 3

By: Mateusz Pater

Rui Chen Leads Final Table

What a day we’ve had here at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex, as 45 players continued their journey to possibly be crowned the champion of the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event. In just over five-hours of play, the field dwindled to leave only nine players, who are all vying for the first prize of HK$1,108,500.

In what took the tournament staff and media members by surprise, players dropped at a rate that rarely gets seen in a day leading up to the final table. We reached the money bubble before the first break, and in the next four levels, had witnessed 22 players hit the rail with Rui Chen (pictured), leading the way with 1,325,000 in chips.

Official Final Table Draw

First Name

Last Name







Sunny Hyung Sun

































Make sure to join us tomorrow at 1:10pm (GMT +8), as we bring you the exciting conclusion to what has already been fantastic and action-filled tournament.

Final Table Set

And just like, the final table has been reached. In a massive hand, three players got all their chips into the middle before a flop even came out. A short-stacked Satrya Teja (11th HK$72,300)  was in big trouble, as well as Xing Zhou (10th HK$96,500) who held J spades9 hearts and 10 diams10 spades respectively. They trailed the A clubsA diams of Rui Chen, who was set to take them both out.

The flop came 9 diams4 diams5 clubsK spadesK clubs sending both  players to the rail, and securing the other nine players a final table spot.

Straight Back into the Eliminations

No sooner did the players return from their break, did Ying Kit Chan commit the remainder of his stack preflop holding pocket eights, and finding a caller in Kevin Kung who had A-Q. Unfortunately for Chan, the flop would bring two queens to eliminate him 12th place, one short of the ten-man final table. With that elimination, Chan secured himself HK$72,300.

Play Resumes

Players are back from their 10-minute break. Only three more eliminations are needed to end the day.

Break Time

Players are on their second 10-minute break of the day.

Jung First Over the Million

Sunny Jung opened with a raise to 19,000. Wenlong Jin (pictured) sat for a moment before re-raising to 63,000 from the big blind. Jung called to see the board fall A diamsK diams2 clubs. Jin continued with a bet of 65,000 which was called straight away by Jung. Both players then checked the turn and river which came the 4 hearts and 8 diams.

Jin tabled Q clubsQ diams which he thought might be good, but Jung showed his A spadesQ hearts for top pair, which was good to scoop the pot, and make him the first player in the tournament to go over the 1,000,000 chip mark.

Zhao Gone, Varma Too

Just before the break, Shanshan Zhao has unfortunately been eliminated in 14th place collecting HK$60,200 in prize money. A few hands after that, Amit Varma would suffer the same fate. Varma got all his chips into the middle holding 5 clubs5 spades but was called by Yosuke Sekiya, who had 7 diams7 hearts. The board ran out A spades6 clubsJ clubs8 spades10 spades to knock the Indian out in 13th place, collecting HK$72,300.

The Eliminations Just Keep Coming

Another three players have been eliminated from the tournament, as the players are not minding gambling with their stacks. Edmund Lee was the first to go, finishing in 17th place and receiving HK$60,200.

Hon Cheung Kwong was unable to pair his A-T, losing to a pocket pair, and finishing in 16th place for HK$60,200.

Amit Jain fell in 15th place (HK$60,200), when he committed all his chips in holding pocket sixes, but was out flopped by Jessica Ngu, who made hit two pair holding a K-Q.

Ladies Making a Run

Yifan Zheng limped into the pot before facing a raise to 18,000 from Jessica Ngu. With the option back on him, Zheng announced all in, forcing his stack of 132,000 in chips, into the middle. Ngu deliberated for a moment before making the call.

Zhneg tabled his A hearts6 clubs, but was behind to Ngu’s 8 spades8 hearts. The board would not help Zheng, as it fell 3 diams4 diams8 diamsJ spades5 spades to see him finish in 18th place and collect HK$60,200.

Ngu moves up to 340,000 in chips.

Eliminations Aplenty

The eliminations here at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex are happening quick and fast. In the space of ten minutes, three more players found the rail. Reigning Asia POTY Shaq Lin would finish in 21st  place (HK$48,100), after getting all his chips in on a jack-high board holding A-J, but running into the flush of Rui Chen, who held 7 clubs6 clubs.

Victor Cheung, who recently doubled, was unlucky to run his pocket jacks into Lisi Wei’s pocket aces, after both players got their chips in preflop. Cheung would finish in 20th place (HK$48,100).

Milad Sheva’s day also came to an end, when he rumbled with the big stack of Sunny Jung, finishing in 19th place and collecting HK$60,200 after making the next pay jump.

Jung Dominating the Field

Yuji Masaki has just been eliminated after falling victim to Sunny Jung (pictured). He bet out his remaining 39,500 and left the decision to the monstrous stack of Jung.

“Alright, I’ll gamble!” said Jung, as he called, tabling the 6 clubs7 clubs.

Yuji showed his A clubs10 diams, and both watched as the board fell K clubs8 spades9 spades4 clubs7 spades. The river was to be Masaki’s downfall, as it paired Jung, sending him to the rail in 22nd place. Masaki made the next pay jump, collecting HK$48,100.

After that elimination, Jung sits on a stack just over 800,000 in chips.

Some More Casualties

In quick succession, we’ve lost Masake Hirayama (25th – HK$36,100) and Lei Zhang (24th – HK$36,100) from the tournament.

Lin Sees Spades

We arrived at the table to see Ping Lin open with a bet of 15,000. Xing Zhou called from the small blind, and both players saw the flop of J spades2 spades8 diams. Zhou checked, which brought and instant all in from Lin. Zhou thought for a few minutes, all whilst Lin sat there with his hands up to his face.

Zhou eventually called and tabled his 6 clubs6 spades, but was way behind the A clubsA diams held by Lin. Unfortunately for Lin, the board ran out 10 spades9 spades to complete a flush for Zhou, sending him to the rail in 26th place.

Cheung Eliminated

Sparrow Cheung is the most recent player to hit the rail. He went all in for his remaining 85,000 in chips, but found and instant call from Amit Varma on the button.

Varma tabled his K diamsK hearts and sat back in his chair. Cheung showed the A heartsJ clubs and stood up from the table. The board came 10 diams7 diams8 heartsJ spadesQ hearts to end Cheung’s day in 27th place, and increase Varma’s stack to 250,000 in chips.

Chen Knocking on Hong’s Door

Rui Chen is accumulating chips fast, almost matching the stack of chip leader Ryan Hong. In a recent hand, Chen opened to 13,500, and only found a caller in Lei Zhang. The flop dropped A spadesA diams5 hearts, and Chen check-called a bet of 15,000. Both players checked the 9 diams on the turn to see the K spades fall on the river.

Chen confidently bet out 35,000 in chips, and Zhang instantly mucked. With that hand, Chen moves up to 450,000 whilst Zhang drops to 147,000 in chips.

Recent Eliminations

In a flurry of hands just before the break, four players were eliminated from the tournament.

Daren Yoon (31st – HK$36,100), Jian Yang (30th – HK$36,100), Jill Maley (29th – HK$36,100)  and Andy Ashiwardji (28th – HK$36,100)  all fell to the rail.

Play Resumes

Players are back from their 10-minute break.

Break Time

The players are now on their first 10-minute break of the day.

The Bubble Has Burst

After almost half-an-hour of hand-for-hand play, Tan Tai Zheng (pictured) is the bubble boy of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event.

It started with Sunny Jung opening from middle position, before Zheng committed his final 17,000 in chips. Jung called, and both sat there patiently as the other tables completed their hands.

With the rail building, and the media swarming in, both gentleman tabled their cards to see Zheng in front with his A clubs9 hearts against Jung’s J spades6 spades. It wouldn’t be until the 6 hearts fell on the river to complete the board of 5 spadesQ hearts10 clubs3 hearts6 hearts, that Zhneg knew his fate, shaking Jung’s hand, and exiting the building.


The remaining 32 players are now playing hand-for-hand, as they wait for one more player to be eliminated before making the money.

Lee Eliminates Drivsholm

The action folded around to Jeppe Drivsholm who announced all in, and pushed in his remaining 60,000 in chips. Edmund Lee then pushed all in over the top for around 130,000 in chips, forcing the rest of the table to hold.

Drivsholm held the A clubs9 spades, but was behind to Lee’s K diamsK clubs. The board ran out 9 heartsJ spades4 diams10 diams3 diams to eliminate the Dane, and boost Lee’s stack to just under 200,000 in chips.

Battle between the Ladies

After being involved in a hand and doubling with pocket aces versus pocket kings, Jessica Ngu was again involved in a hand, this time against fellow female table member Elsa Hoi Man Lo Chow. With a short stack, Chow committed her remaining 48,000 in chips preflop and was called by Ngu. The ladies both held pocket pairs, with Ngu’s 8 clubs8 hearts slightly ahead of Chow’s 7 clubs7 spades.

The board ran out 6 clubs8 diams6 diams10 diamsJ diams to give Ngu a full house and eliminate Chow from the tournament. After her recent double-up and eliminating Chow, Ngu sits on 320,000 in chips.

Wei Gets a CallLisi Wei

Edmund Lee started the hand by betting out 9,000. It folded around to Lisi Wei (pictured) in the blinds who called. The flop came Q clubs10 heartsJ spades, and Wei check-called a bet of 14,000 by Lee. Both players checked the 9 diams, before Wei would lead with a bet of 22,000 when the river produced the 6 clubs. Lee was not impressed with the bet, thinking for a moment, before throwing in a call.

Wei casually tabled her K spades4 spades for a straight, much to the disappointment of Lee, who mucked his cards. With that hand, Wei moves up to 260,000 in chips with Lee dropping down to 83,000 in chips.

Streatfield Running Hot

“You’re running hot!” remarked Tai Zheng to Robert Streatfield, after he eliminated Carlos Chang. Both players committed a lot of chips into the middle preflop to see the board come out 6 diams9 diams10 clubs.

“I’ll put you all in,” announced Streatfield, who forced Chang to commit his final 4,200 in chips. Chang obliged and was visibly upset, tabling his A spadesJ hearts, after seeing Streatfield had flopped top-two holding the 10 hearts9 hearts.

The turn came the 7 hearts to give Chang outs, but he was already walking away from the table, seemingly knowing his fate. The river fell the 2 spades to eliminate Chang and boost Streatfield’s stack.

Sekiya Doesn’t Like Call, Doubles

The action folded around to the Wenlong Jin on the button, who casually placed in a 8,500 bet. Yosuke Sekiya didn’t hesitate, and announced all in, committing his remaining 72,000 in chips. Jin didn’t seemed pleased, as he sat there for a few minutes contemplating his decision. He constantly turned to check the clock, and even cut out a call. He finially decided to make the call, which upset Sekiya.

Jin then confidently tabled his K diamsJ hearts, and was surprised to see Sekiya show his Q spades4 spades. Several “Wows!” came from table members, as they waited in anticipation for the flop. The dealer flipped over the 9 clubsJ diams10 clubs to give Jin top pair, but Sekiya the up-and-down straight draw. The 8 diams on the turn, brought a relieved reaction from Sekiya, who made his straight and only had to dodge a queen to survive. The K hearts on the river was enough to see Sekiya double and hug his rail, as he moves back up to 150,000 in chips.

Things looking bright for Jung

Rushing over to Table 11, we saw Brian Pearson move all in from middle position for his last 26,400 in chips. Action folded around to Sunny Jung on the button, who made the call. Pearson was in front when he tabled his 10 spades10 diams and saw Jung holding the A diamsQ clubs. The board favoured Pearson when it came J hearts9 diamsJ spades, but when the turn dropped the A clubs he knew he was in trouble. The 4 clubs on the river would not help, as another player hits the rail.

Eliminations Early

It was only going to be a matter of time before the short stacks would commit their chips, hoping for a double-up. In the first two hands we lost Rui Bao and Alex Nui. Over on another table, the action was caught on a Q-9 high board, with Nai Yuan Hu moving all in, and waiting for a call from Ying Kit Chan. He made the call and tabled pocket nines. Hu didn’t like what he saw, as he showed his Q-T, to be eliminated early in proceedings.

Play Commences

The cards are in the air, as the players begin level 15 with blinds continuing at 2000-4000 with a 400 ante.

Macau Poker Cup ChampionshipWelcome back to the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for Day 3 of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event. We started the event with 270 entrants, all hoping to outlast the rest and collect the HK$1,108,500 first prize, and the title of champion.

Yesterday saw Australia’s Ryan Hong make a late charge up the leader board, to finish with 430,300 in chips, and take a commanding lead coming into today’s play. He will head a pack of 45 including Wenlong Jin (255,900), Lei Zhang (239,700), Sparrow Cheung (217,000), Lisi Wei (208,800) and reigning Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin (205,100).

The day will play down to the final table, so come join us as we bring you all the live action, as we close in on the money bubble and the final nine players. Play will commence at 1:10pm (GMT +8).