Melbourne Poker Championships $1,100 Main Event - Day 2

Melbourne Poker ChampionshipsFinal Table is set!

The final table of the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event has been set!  The players will return at 2:10pm tomorrow to play it out until a champion is crowned.

Here’s how they will line up:

Seat 1: Jackie Glazier - 1,159,000
Seat 2: Liwei Han - 835,000
Seat 3: Ismail Ismail - 333,000
Seat 4: Ryan Hong - 2,146,000
Seat 5: Stelios Yenofkian - 576,000
Seat 6: Nishi Gamage - 790,000
Seat 7: Paul Schembri - 439,000
Seat 8: Simon Moshi - 1,230,000
Seat 9: Sherrie Gelberg - 740,000
Seat 10: Simon Kidson - 408,000

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Moshi rockets past Sinni

We’re there!  The final table bubble has burst and our line up for tomorrow is now set with the unlucky one to miss out being Michael Sinni.

He opened with a raise to 60,000 before Simon Moshi three-bet to 120,000.  Action folded back to Sinni who slid his 350,000 into the middle but Moshi instantly called with A heartsA spades to leave Sinni and his A heartsK hearts in some trouble.

The board ran out 8 diams7 spades10 spades8 heartsQ diams to see Sinni leave in 11th place for $5,000 in prize money.

Ismail survives

“Sorry everyone! Back to your tables!” laughed Ismail Ismail after catching a lucky break to double up through Simon Kidson and keep us all here a little longer.

Ismail was all in for 140,000 with A clubs9 diams from the small blind as Kidson called with A spades10 diams but the board of 8 heartsQ heartsQ spades9 heartsK spades paired up Ismail’s kicker for the double up.  He’s up to a little over 300,000.

Girl power

In a battle of the blinds, our two remaining females clashed, with Jackie Glazier raising her small blind to 40,000, and Sherrie Gelberg (pictured) making the call in the big.

The flop came down 5 diams5 clubs8 hearts and Glazier led for 60,000.  Gelberg called as the J diams appeared on the turn.  Glazier didn’t slow down as she bet another 100,000 but Gelberg quickly came back over the top, moving all in for another 320,000 on top.

Glazier dropped her head in her hands and rubbed her face, clearly troubled by the decision.  After a few minutes of thought she folded, saying she had an eight, as Gelberg took it down.  Glazier drops to 1.2 million with Gelberg up to 700,000.

One more break

The final eleven are now taking a quick ten-minute break.  When play resumes the blinds are up to 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000 ante which should put some pressure on the shorties to reach the official final table of ten.

This break is brought to you courtesy of Michael Sinni and the boys at the Marranzano Poker Club.  Sinni tells us that the club is currently looking for members, so if you’re a local around the Brunswick area then look them up for a looking for a friendly game of cards!

Boswell bossed by the Boss Lady

Ryan Boswell has been sent to the rail as we’ve reached the final table bubble.

Boswell and Jackie Glazier went to battle on a flop of 4 spades10 spades7 hearts, with Boswell holding K hearts10 hearts for top pair but he had kicker problems as Glazier showed A diams10 clubs.

The turn was the Q clubs and the river the 5 clubs to see Boswell exit in 12th place for $5,000 as Glazier is back up to 1.4 million in chips.

With that, we now require one more elimination until our final table is set so play will be hand-for-hand across the two tables.

Who do you think will win?

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Boswell doubles through Gelberg

Sherrie Gelberg opened with a raise before Ryan Boswell announced himself all in from the big blind. It was an additional 135,000 to Gelberg who gambled with a call holding Q clubs9 hearts.

“Argh, why couldn’t you just have a normal hand like ace-king?” sighed Boswell before he opened his 10 spades10 diams.

Boswell didn’t have to worried about a bad beat after he caught a set on the flop and improved to a full house on the board of 9 diams10 clubs3 spades8 hearts8 diams.  Boswell doubles to 380,000 with Gelberg back to 400,000.

Patrick HealyHealy hung by Hong

Aussie Millions final tablist Patrick Healy (pictured) won’t be adding another final table to his resume here in Melbourne after his elimination in unlucky 13th place.

We don’t have a lot of details about the bustout, but we were informed that he ran a flush into the full house of the giant-killing Ryan Hong.

Healy collects $5,000 from the cashier as Hong is now up to a commanding two million chips.

Benton departs

After shooting into the chip leader around the bubble earlier today, Aaron Benton has been slowly on the decline since, unable to find any good cards or spots to make a move.

When action folded to Benton in the small blind he moved all in for 201,000 with Simon Moshi asking for a count before committing to a call in the big blind.

Benton tabled J diams3 diams but found himself well behind Moshi’s Q clubsJ clubs.  The board arrived J heartsA spadesK hearts8 hearts9 spades to leave Benton out-kicked and to the rail in 14th place for $5,000 in change.

We’ll be crowning a new champion

Scotty Peel has put in an epic defence of his title here in Melbourne.  To reach back-to-back final tables would’ve been something special, but unfortunately for Peel, he’s been eliminated just short of that feat.

Nishi Gamage opened from the cutoff before Peel moved all in for around 180,000 from the small blind.  Gamage made the call with A clubsQ clubs as Peel showed live cards with J spades8 diams.

The board ran out 3 clubs2 diams10 hearts4 clubs4 spades to leave Gamage’s ace-high in the lead as Peel heads home with $5,000 for his 15th place finish.

Longhurst lucks out

Mark Longhurst moved all in preflop with A diamsJ diams but he ran into Nishi Gamage’s dominant A clubsK hearts.

Longhurst would need some help but the board of 6 spades7 clubs10 diams5 spades6 diams left Longhurst to head to the cashier to pick up $5,000 for 16th place as Gamage moves up to 600,000.

Great wall of Hong

Ryan Hong (pictured) is trying to rival the great David Steicke for the most impressive wall of poker chips seen at a poker table.

Hong’s great wall is double bricked and amounts to a very impressive 1.45 million for a big chip lead.

Thomas dethroned

It’s been a great run by Brent Thomas, who has been with the chip leaders for most of the tournament.  But unfortunately Thomas has been unable to get much going later in the day, and with one unlucky blow, he has been bounced out of the tournament.

Thomas was all in with K clubsK hearts against the A heartsJ hearts of Simon Kidson, but an ace from space arrived on the board of 9 hearts4 spades7 diamsA spades6 diams.  Thomas’ kings were cracked wide open to see him depart in 17th place as Kidson moves up to 400,000.

Mooney falls

Geoff Mooney (pictured) shoved his short stack in from late position with 10 hearts8 hearts but Patrick Healy woke up with A clubsQ clubs in the big blind and made a pretty quick call.

Mooney fell further behind on the flop, and couldn’t recover, as the board landed A spadesQ hearts5 spades4 clubs8 diams.  Mooney heads to the cashier to collect $5,000 for his 18th place finish.

Don’t mess with the Boss Lady!

We didn’t catch all of the action, but apparently Jackie Glazier just four-bet preflop and fired a bet of 100,000 as a flop of A spadesQ spades6 clubs.  Her opponent angrily mucked, so Glazier rubbed some salt into the wound by flashing J diams7 diams!

Glazier is up to 900,000 and letting the boys know who is the boss around here!

Final two tables

Our field is now down to 18 players, and the final two tables, after the elimination of Andrew Shanahan.

Simon Moshi opened the button before Shanahan moved all in from the big blind.  Moshi made the call with A heartsQ clubs and the race was on against Shanahan’s 10 diams10 clubs.

The flop was a bare 8 diams2 diams2 spades but Moshi caught a pair on the A diams turn.  The river was the 4 clubs to leave Shanahan to pick up $3,500 for 19th place.

The remaining players have made the next pay jump as they form the final two tables.



Ten-minute break

The 19 remaining players are off for a bit of a caffeine hit as they take a ten-minute break.  When they return we’ll be playing 6,000-12,000 with a 2,000-chip ante.

Morales runs into the rockets

Nick Morales moved all in for his last 110,000 with 4 hearts4 clubs but ran smack bang into the A clubsA diams of Liwei Han.  The board ran out 6 spadesQ hearts9 diams8 heartsJ diams to see Han take the pot and Morales sent to the rail.

Morales was actually the bubble boy in the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Event last week, so he was pretty happy to avoid that this time around and pocket $3,500 for his 20th place.

Glazier guns down Simon

We’re down to the final 20 players with Jeremy Simon the most recent casualty.  We didn’t catch the action, but it was recalled to us that Simon shoved preflop with ace-nine and Jackie Glazier called with pocket fives.

A nine hit the flop but Glazier binked her five on the turn to see Simon out in 21st as Glazier storms up the leaderboard with a stack of 850,000.

Million dollar man

Meanwhile Ryan Hong is the first player above the one million chip mark as he continues to steamroll his way through this field.

Ekrami flushed

Kamyar Ekrami opened with a preflop raise and Nishi Gamage made the call in the small blind to take a flop of K clubs7 clubs3 diams.  Gamage open-jammed for around 140,000 as Ekrami went into the tank.

Ekrami stood from his chair and tried to work it out before deciding to commit with his K hearts10 hearts.  He was in front, but Gamage had plenty of outs with his 5 clubs6 clubs for a flush and straight draw.

The turn was the 3 clubs to complete Gamage’s flush as the 2 hearts fell on the river.  Gamage had his opponent narrowly covered to leave Ekrami to head to the cashier in 23rd place.

Nice call by the champ

Defending champion Scotty Peel has just made a rather sick call down against Patrick Healy, putting most of his chips on the line as he courageously went with his instincts and trusted his read.

Healy raised preflop and Peel called out of the blinds, before calling bets of 25,000 on the flop and 45,000 on the turn.  The board read A hearts4 diams6 hearts9 spades7 spades when Peel tapped the table for a third time to Healy who slid out a bet of 70,000 which represented over half of Peel’s remaining chips.

After several minutes of thought, Peel splashed out calling chips as Healy opened K heartsQ hearts for a missed flush draw.  Peel leapt to his feet and proudly tabled 5 diams7 diams for a busted straight draw that rivered just a pair of sevens which was enough to take it down!

Healy drops to 230,000 with Peel up to 420,000.

Glazier looking to improve her hourly

Jackie Glazier has just landed a nice double up.  Her last 208,000 went all in holding 10 spades10 clubs on a flop of 9 spades7 diams5 clubs and she was able to extract a call out of her opponent who held J spades9 hearts.

The turn was the K diams and river the 4 hearts to see Glazier get up to 500,000.

“Considering you were out first level of the first two days, your hourly rate in this event is actually pretty good,” commented Christian Vaughan.  After firing three bullets, Glazier is just in profit for the event, but would now have her sights set on a final table berth.

Aston is human

Anthony Aston lost a chunk of chips with ace-jack on a jack-high flop against Michael Sinni’s queens before committing his last ten big blinds from the button.

Mark Longhurst made the call in the small blind with 7 hearts7 spades to be racing as Aston opened Q diams9 hearts.  The board fell 4 clubsA spades2 heartsA hearts2 diams which was no help to Aston to see Longhurst rake in the chips.  He’s now played a tournament where he hasn’t finished on the final table (it turns out he’s human after-all!) but still another deep run and profit as he collects $3,500 for 27th place.

Strong Play runs into a strong hand

Joel Dodds found one double up when he flopped a straight with jack-ten but he couldn’t make it two.  He moved all in for around 100,000 with A spadesK spades but ran into the A diamsA clubs of Andrew Shanahan.

The board arrived J clubs10 clubs9 clubs2 diams6 clubs to see Dodds depart in 30th place.

Haibo Chu and Alan Al-Hantosh soon followed to see us reach a pay jump for the final three tables.

Schembri triples, Jones busts, Ismail hurting

Another three-way all-in clash has unfolded on Table 32 as these players are clearly happy to try and gamble it up now that they are safely in the money.

Trent Jones was all in and Paul Schembri followed as Ismail Ismail decided to make a gambling call with A spadesQ spades.  It turned out that he was behind as Jones showed 9 hearts9 clubs and Schembri held A heartsK spades.

The board arrived 3 hearts4 hearts8 spades10 diamsK diams to see Schembri spike his king on the river to eliminate Jones and leave Ismail hurting.  Schembri is now up to 400,000.

Peel busts two

We’ve seen a double elimination with defending champion Scotty Peel sending both George Virgiotis and Nick Vanengelenburg to the rail in one hit.

Both short stacks were all in before the action got to Peel and he made the call with 10 spades10 hearts to be up against Vanengelenburg’s A clubs7 hearts and Virgiotis’ K diamsJ clubs.

“All low cards!” pleaded Peel, and his wish was granted on the board of 7 clubs4 hearts3 hearts6 hearts8 spades.

“What a hold!” exclaimed Peel as he send both players to collect $2,500 from the cashier.

Liwei HanKings cracked leaves Siddell on the bubble

The bubble has finally burst, and it wasn’t one of the short stacks!

Liwei Han (pictured) opened with a raise, Phil Siddell three-bet, Han moved all in and Siddell insta-called as we had ourselves a nearly 500,000-chip pot!

The action completed on the other tables as Siddell opened K diamsK hearts against Han’s A clubsK spades.  There were ooohs and ahhhs sent around the poker room when the flop landed 10 diamsA diams5 clubs to spike Han’s aces and leave Siddell with just one king in the deck to survive.

The turn brought the 5 spades and the river the 3 spades as Siddell becomes our bubble boy in very unfortunate fashion while everyone else is pretty happy to be in the money.

More doubles for the shorties

Another short stack has doubled up, much to the frustrations of everyone else in the room!  Matthew Mitchell was all in for his last 21,000 with A clubsJ diams against K diams7 clubs but held comfortably when he improved to a full house on the board of A heartsJ clubs2 heartsJ spades5 hearts.

Mitchell now has some chips to mount a comeback as he’s back to 60,000.

On another table, Michael Sinni also found a double up.  He was all in on a flop of Q hearts6 diams9 clubs holding Q diams10 hearts for top pair as Haibo Chu gambled on the draw with J clubs10 spades.  The turn was the 2 hearts and river the J hearts to see Sinni double to 270,000 with Chu slipping to 200,000.

Patience is a virtue

With play resuming after dinner at 4,000-8,000 with a 1,000-chip ante, Ryan Hong opened with a raise before George Virgiotis moved all in for his last 55,000.  Hong made the call with K diamsJ hearts but Virgiotis had waited very patiently for his K heartsK spades to arrive.

The board ran out 3 diamsA spadesA hearts2 clubs6 diams to see Virgiotis double to 120,000 as the bubble continues!



Dinner break

The players are now taking a 40-minute dinner break with play set to resume at 7:30pm local time.

Haibo survives bubble scare

Previous Melbourne Champs winner Haibo Chu was just all in for his tournament life on the bubble.  He moved all in for 130,000 with 10 spades10 hearts and was called by the big blind holding A clubsQ diams.  With everyone gathered around the table (perhaps secretly hoping for an ace or queen), the board bricked out 4 clubs4 diams8 diams2 clubsJ clubs.

Chu gave a fist pump of delight to double himself to 280,000 as the players head off to dinner with the bubble remaining over their heads!

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Bubble Time

With the elimination of the short-stacked Jim Giannoukos in 38th place, we’re now officially on the bubble.  The next player eliminated will go home very unhappy as everyone else will be happy to be $2,500 heavier in the back pocket.

Play is now hand-for-hand across the final remaining tables.

Bullies on the bubble

Looking around the room, our two biggest stacks currently belong to 2009 APPT Sydney champion Aaron Benton and talented young gun Ryan Hong (pictured).

Both players are well known for their hyper-aggressive play, so no doubt both will be playing the role of table bully to pick on the nervous short stacks as we approaching the money.

Benton has a stack of about 600,000 with Hong on 500,000.  The average is a little over 200,000 with quite a few shorties anxiously watching each other with stacks of less than 100,000.

Aristidou misses the cash

A short-stacked Peter Aristidou shoved preflop for his last 50,000 with 8 spades7 spades but ran into a monster Q spadesQ clubs.  Aristidou would need to find something special to survive but the board fell J heartsA spades8 hearts4 diamsK spades to see Aristidou make a disappointed exit just short of another Crown Poker Room cash result.

Glazier on Broadway

Jackie Glazier is on a roll here on Day 2 as she’s just sent another opponent to the rail.

Glazier flopped the nuts with A clubsK spades on a flop of 10 clubsJ diamsQ clubs and was more than happy to call when her opponent moved all in with A heartsQ hearts.  The Q diams arrived on the turn to give her opponent plenty of life but the 7 clubs blanked on the river.

After busting very early on the first two opening flights, Glazier looks set to cash with a healthy stack of 340,000 approaching the money.  We currently have 41 players remaining and are just five spots from the cash.

Aston turns up the heat

Anthony Aston opened with a min-raise to 8,000 before Sherrie Gelberg three-bet to 20,000 on the button.  Mark Longhurst flat called in the big blind and it was back on Aston.  He put in a four-bet to 50,000 which forced Gelberg to make a tough fold but Longhurst called once more to see a flop of 4 hearts8 spades5 clubs.

Longhurst checked to Aston who calmly continuation bet for 55,000.  Longhurst reached for chips and toyed with the idea of playing, but eventually tossed his cards into the muck.  The ANZ Player of the Year leader is looking dangerous approaching the money with a stack of 335,000.

No more Putt

Graeme Putt has battled with a short stack for long periods of the day but just couldn’t find the double up he needed to get himself back into contention.

Putt was severely short when he got his chips into the middle with A hearts10 diams and was in good shape against A clubs8 clubs but the board ran out 7 clubsK clubs9 spadesQ clubsQ hearts to give his opponent a flush and send Putt out the door.

Aristidou sinks Sach

Peter Aristidou opened with a raise to 10,500 from under the gun and action folded around the table to the blinds.  Aaron Benton asked for a count of Aristidou’s stack before folding what he later said was pocket fives, and action moved to Jim Sachinidis in the big blind.  He didn’t waste any time in moving all in for around 30,000 with Aristidou happy to make the call.

Sachinidis showed A diamsK spades and was in great shape to double against Aristidou’s K heartsQ hearts but the board fell 2 clubs4 diams3 spadesQ spades10 diams to pair up Aristidou’s lady and send Sachinidis to the rail.  Arisitidou is now up to 150,000.

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Aston on the rise

Joel Dodds opened with a min-raise from middle position and picked up one caller before Anthony Aston put on the squeeze from the small blind, making it 28,500 to play.  Dodds quickly released but the caller double-fist shoved his stack of around 80,000 into the middle with Aston making a quick call.

The late position player showed 4 clubs4 spades but he was in trouble as Aston held 9 clubs9 diams.  The board ran out J hearts8 diamsQ spades6 spades9 spades to give Aston a set for good measure to see him climb to 230,000 chips.

Anthony also wanted us to give a shout out to his mum at home who is a big follower of Poker Asia Pacific.  What a good son! So hello to Mrs. Aston and to all the mums out there on this Mother’s Day.  We’re taking good care of your sons and daughters here at Crown!

The beast has been tamed

Jay Kinkade has gone missing from our Main Event field and it was recalled to us that he shoved preflop with ace-queen but ran into pocket kings.  Kinkade couldn’t spike an ace to save himself as his tournament is over.



Break time

The players are now taking their second break of the day.  When we return the blinds will be up to a hefty 2,000-4,000 with a 500 ante.  There are 56 players left so it should be an interesting next two hours as we get close to the money bubble around the dinner break.

Bruno busto

The entertaining run of Bruno Portaro (pictured) has come to an end.  Portaro recalled to us that he had lost most of his chips in a big hand against Nishi Gamage when Portaro flopped two pair and Gamage spiked trips on the river.

That left Portaro in the danger zone and he was forced to move all in preflop with 8 hearts8 clubs but he ran into an opponent’s J diamsJ hearts.  The board ran out 7 diams7 spadesK clubs10 diams9 spades to see Portaro eliminated.

Griffiths flushes Matusik

With the blinds at 1,500/3,000/500, Peter Matusik opened to 8,500 and found callers in Dave Griffiths and Bruno Portaro to see a monotone flop of 7 diamsA diams6 diams.

Action checked to Matusik who instantly overbet shoved all in for around 55,000 but Griffiths didn’t flinch as he made the call with Portaro getting out of the way.

“You’re there already?” sighed Matusik.

“Yep,” chirped Griffiths as he opened 10 diams8 diams for the flopped flush.

“Pair the board!” exclaimed Matusik as he showed 7 spades7 clubs for a flopped set.

The turn was the 10 clubs and river the 8 hearts to see Matusik sent crashing to the rail as Griffiths climbs to 275,000.

Bruno uses his imagination

“Oh my god!  I looked at the same card twice!” cried Bruno Portaro as he took a second look at his cards.  The flop read K spades4 clubsJ diams and facing a bet of 20,000 from Brent Thomas, Portaro thought he was heading for a double up until he took another look at this cards.

“I looked at this twice...” he said as he flashed the A hearts and folded.  Oops!  Portaro has slipped to 50,000 in chips.

Benton joins the chip leaders

The giant-killing run of Aaron Benton (pictured) here on Day 2 continues as he’s just flopped a set to eliminate an opponent.  Benton called a preflop raise in the small blind with 9 clubs9 hearts and caught good on the flop of J clubs9 spades3 spades.

He checked it to his opponent who overbet which made it an easy shove for Benton with his set.  His opponent made the call with K spadesK hearts for the overpair but couldn’t catch another king on the 2 diams turn and A spades river.

Benton is now up to 280,000 chips for a top five stack.

Trung cuts Luis

Luis Pampliega is the latest on the rail after he pushed his short stack with K spades8 spades but was looked up by Trung Tran’s A spades5 diams.

The flop said it all as Tran flopped trips and improved to a full house on the board of A diamsA heartsQ hearts5 hearts3 diams.  Pampliega is out as Tran moves up to 155,000.

Snowmen keep Aristidou alive

Peter Aristidou has landed a double up but he had to do it the hard way with a two-outer river to stay alive.

Aristidou’s tournament life was in the balance with 8 spades8 diams against an opponent’s A spadesK spades and all looked lost when the first four community cards landed A hearts3 hearts4 spades10 clubs, but a miracle 8 clubs river gave Aristidou a set for the double up to around 65,000.

Power poker from Jackstar

Jackie Glazier opened with a raise to 5,200 from the button and found a caller from the big blind to see a flop of 10 spadesA clubs10 clubs.  Action checked to Glazier who bet 8,000.  The big blind check-raised to 17,000 on the paired flop but Glazier was having none of it as she re-raised to 43,000.

Her opponent gave it some thought but gave it up.  Glazier powers her way to 170,000.

Benton doubles again

Aaron Benton is now sitting with a stack of 100,000 and had taken a bite out of one of the most dangerous players in the field.

Benton held pocket eights and induced action from Jay Kinkade with pocket fives.  The board bricked out to see Benton double and Kinkade slip to 130,000.

Gamage does some damage

Nishi Gamage is now flying high after raking in a pot in excess of 300,000.  The chips were in on the turn on the board of 4 diamsK diams8 spades3 diams.  Gamage moved in with A diams7 diams as his opponent made the call with 3 spades3 clubs and prayed for the board to pair.

The dealer revealed the 6 spades to leave Gamage’s nut flush to take it down and move up to a massive 320,000 chips.

Nuts not enough

We were called to the table to see a three-way all in on a flop of 10 clubs9 heartsK clubs.  Stephen Quon and Scotty Peel had both flopped the nuts with queen-jack, as Ralph Parsons was the third player in the middle with his 7 clubs6 clubs flush draw.

The 2 clubs hit the turn to give Parsons the lead as Peel was calling for another club to fall to scoop with a bigger flush.  It wasn’t to be as the 7 spades bricked the river.  Parsons triples up to about 130,000, leaving Quon with 60,000 and Peel slips back to the back a little with a stack of 330,000.

Scotty PeelDefending champ hits the front

Scotty Peel (pictured) is now a clear chip leader as he looks to make a deep run and make a strong defence of his title  Could Peel become the first two-time Melbourne Champs winner, and do it in consecutive years?

He’s narrowing in on a stack of 400,000, with Frank Pugliese is next best with around 250,000, while Jay Kinkade (185,000) and previous Melbourne Champs winner Haibo Chu (175,000) are also starting to surge up the counts.

Benton doubles through Dutt

With a couple of limpers at 2,400 apiece, overnight chip leader Suraj Dutt popped it to 9,000.  Action folded to Aaron Benton in the small blind who quickly moved all in for 29,300.  The limpers folded but Dutt casually splashed out a call and tabled A diams9 hearts.  He was flipping with Benton’s 5 hearts5 clubs as the flop landed 6 clubs4 hearts8 clubs.  Benton caught a set on the 5 diams, and lucky he did, as the 9 spades appeared on the river.

Benton doubles to 65,000 with Dutt slipping back to 165,000.



Mother’s Day break

The players have now been sent on a 12-minute break.  Why the extra two minutes?  Crown Poker tournament director Christian Vaughan has asked all players to take the time to call their mothers for Mother’s Day today.  Awwww.

When they return we’ll have around 95 players remaining with the blinds up to 1,200-2,400 with a 400-chip ante.

Graham gone

Following a raise from the small blind, Jarred Graham announced himself all in from the big blind for around 25,000 with A hearts6 spades, but the small blind made the call with a dominant A clubsJ spades.

The board ran out 5 diams2 spades2 clubs8 spades10 clubs to see Graham exit the Crown Poker Room.

Frank PuglieseThe hunt for big stacks

Looking around the room at the big stacks and it appears that Frank Pugliese (pictured) has continued his rampant run on the feature table to now be a clear chip leader over the field with a stack of 330,000.

Defending champion Scotty Peel is also progressing well.  He recalled to us that he scooped a big pot with J spades10 spades against ace-king when the flop paired his jack.  He’s up to 190,000 and making a strong defence of his title.

Others who are making some noise on Day 2 are Brent Thomas who is around 200,000, Michael Guttman who has doubled his overnight stack to around 140,000 and Patrick Healy who recently took down a nice pot to move up to 130,000.

Didier down

Didier Guerin is another who experienced a crazy ride here on Day 2.  Guerin landed a recent double up, before giving it back again with his 8 diams8 spades losing a race against A clubsJ clubs when the board ran out 5 diams9 heartsJ diams6 diams4 spades.

Guerin was down to 27,000 which he three-bet all in moments later with A heartsQ spades, only to walk into A clubsK clubs.  The board ran out 8 hearts7 heartsK diams9 clubs9 spades to see Guerin head to the rail.

Levy surrenders

Grant Levy will be looking for a quick ale or five to recover from what has been a pretty wild day.  His pain is now over after two more big hands went down.  First, Levy doubled with pocket eights against pocket sixes to get himself back to 50,000 before losing a big flip with pocket jacks against the ace-king held by his nemesis Mark Longhurst.

Two more down

David Gorr couldn’t recover from his earlier crippling blow as his ace-six has fallen to the ace-jack of Frank Pugliese.

On a nearby table Danny Chevalier was also eliminated.  We’re not sure of the details but there were a few groans and Bruno Portaro was raking in chips, so we can only assume that Bruno inflicted a typically horrific bad beat!

Lee runs into quads

Dave Lee started today as one of the shortest stacks in the room but managed a couple of double ups to give himself a little breathing room.

However his tournament is now over after pushing all in on the turn on the board of 5 hearts9 diams5 clubs9 clubs.  We’re not sure what Lee had as he tossed his cards straight into the muck when Paul Wilson called and showed 5 diams5 spades for quads!  The river was a meaningless 8 clubs as Lee was bundled out of the tournament.

Frustrations for Grunter

Grant Levy had one of the most remarkable eliminations we’ve seen for quite some time on Day 1b when his pocket nines lost to 5 hearts4 hearts in a huge pot with all the chips in preflop.  He recovered strongly to make it through comfortably on Day 1c, but today it appears that his bad luck has returned.

Levy recalled to us that early on he held A clubs4 clubs and fired bets through the K clubs7 clubs7 hearts10 clubs9 hearts board with the nut flush, only for Mark Longhurst to check-raise him on the river out of the small blind.  Levy made the call but Longhurst held king-seven for a flopped full house.

From there, Levy lost small pots with ace-king versus ace-queen and ace-six versus queen-five, before getting a little back when his pocket nines made a straight to crack pocket aces.  A frustrated Levy is sitting with around 20,000.

David GorrGorr in trouble

The tournament life of David Gorr (pictured) is currently hanging by a thread.  He doubled up Andrew Shanahan holding a set of sevens on the board of 3 diams9 clubs5 clubs7 clubs2 spades.  Unfortunately for Gorr, that seven also gave Shanahan a flush with his K clubsJ clubs.

After a count down of chips, Gorr was left with just 3,500 in pocket change as Shanahan doubled to 140,000.

Moments later Gorr managed to triple up when his J spades2 clubs caught trip jacks to better an opponent’s A clubsK spades to see the 2011 Aussie Millions champ back to 12,000 and with a little hope once again.

Glazier doubles, Toothpick departs

Jackie Glazier has landed a double up.  We’re not sure when the chips went into the middle, but the end result was that Glazier’s J hearts9 hearts was enough to better Andrew Lock’s 8 diams8 clubs on a nine-high flop.  She’s up to about 65,000.

Not so fortunate was everyone’s favourite toothpick, Antonis Kambouroglou.

It was a battle of the blinds where Kambouroglou committed his chips with 8 spades8 diams for an overpair on the 2 diams5 spades3 hearts flop against Jim Andreadis’ 3 diams4 spades for a pair and straight draw.  The turn was the J clubs but the river A hearts completed the straight for Andreadis to see a stunned Kambouroglou, and his toothpick, depart the Crown Poker Room.

Boxell out early

Our first high-profile elimination of the day is Australian Poker Hall of Famer Leo Boxell (pictured).

Boxell recalled to us that he lost a chunk of chips with pocket kings when he had to fold on an ace-high flop, before his last chips went into the middle with a suited ace-deuce.  He ran into the pocket jacks of Stephen Quon which held.

Boxell is out as Quon increases his overnight chip stack.

Cunz crippled

Another to suffer a poor start is Kris Cunz who is sitting on the table of death in the back corner of the room with Dylan Honeyman, Jarred Graham, Jackie Glazier and Andy Hinrichsen.

Cunz doubled up Simon Moshi with Cunz’ A clubsK spades outdrawn by Moshi’s A spadesQ clubs on a board of 4 hearts7 clubsA heartsQ hearts3 spades.  Cunz was crippled to just 4,000 but did manage to double up next hand to get back to around 10,000 for a little breathing room.

Rough start for Didier

Didier Guerin started Day 1 with all guns blazing and he’s nearly done the same thing here on Day 2, but an unlucky turn card went against him to send a big pot to Steve Karlaitzis.

In a battle of the blinds, Guerin raised to 4,000 from the small blind and Karlaitzis made the call to see a flop of 9 hearts9 clubs5 clubs.  Guerin led out for 5,000 before Karlaitzis insta-shoved all in for around 50,000.  Guerin decided to make the call with A diamsJ diams for just ace-high but he was in front as Karlaitzis was drawing with J clubs10 clubs.

The turn was the 3 clubs to give Karlaitzis his flush and leave Guerin drawing dead as the 6 hearts completed the board.  Karlaitzis doubles to 120,000 as Guerin slips back to 35,000.

Today’s format

As already mentioned, we’ll be playing right through to the final table this evening, so it’s likely we’ll need to take a dinner break before finishing some time in the late evening.

Players will enjoy a little extra game time today with an increase to 60-minute levels throughout the day today.  Play will commence with the blinds at 800-1,600 with a 200 chip ante.

The cards are in the air!

The players have taken their seats and the cards are now officially in the air for Day 2 of the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event.

Melbourne Poker ChampionshipsIt’s moving day

The remaining 149 players are back in action in the Crown Poker Room for Day 2 of the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event.  It could be a long day today as we work our way down to the official final table of ten players.

During the day there should be some exciting periods, with the short stacks expected to gamble early to try and double up or die trying, while a little later in the day there will be some tension when the bubble bursts on the top 36 players.

For full details of the chip counts and today’s seating draw, see the post below.

The action kicks off at 12:30pm which is only a few minutes away, so stay locked into Poker Asia Pacific as we bring you exclusive live updates from the floor of the Crown Poker Room.


Day 2 Seating Draw

25 1 LEGG, Anthony T $52,700 
25 2 VANENGELENBURG, Nick H $58,900 
25 3 BAKER, Steven W $27,700 
25 4 DENEGRI, Jose S $91,000 
25 5 NEDANOVSKI, Kris $26,800 
25 6 CLIFFORD, Matthew N $60,000 
25 7 KAMBOUROGLOU, Antonis $39,600 
25 8 ANDREADIS, Jim $45,300 
25 9 LJUBICIC, Mario $66,400 

26 1 KOLLOSCHE, David W $27,800 
26 2 HUANG, Disi $44,100 
26 3 GUTTMANN, Michael $73,100 
26 4 HESKIN, David A $92,800 
26 5 GELBERG, Sherrie $66,700 
26 6 MCKINNON, Duncan J $28,000 
26 7 ARISTIDOU, Petros $65,900 
26 8 SIMON, Jeremy L $86,400 
26 9 HONG, Ryan M $71,500 

27 1 DALESSANDRI, John $34,100 
27 2 BANH, Lee B $56,000 
27 3 CRAIB, Fabian K $35,300 
27 4 EKRAMI, Kamyar $97,600 
27 5 AYOUB, Justin J $24,400 
27 6 VIRGIOTIS, George $51,700 
27 7 PALAVOS, George $24,900 
27 8 BLATT, Dean N $60,200 
27 9 BRABIN, Luke G $27,300 

28 1 GAO, Jie $63,300 
28 2 GRIEVE, Brian W $45,300 
28 3 PARKER, John F $20,700 
28 4 HEALY, Patrick $55,900 
28 5 SARKIS, Jeffrey P $78,800 
28 6 KARITA, Shoshiro $35,800 
28 7 CEH, Tomislav $92,500 
28 8 BILENKY, Matviy $133,600 
28 9 OBRIEN, Paul T $26,500 

29 1 PAMPLIEGA, Luis $74,000 
29 2 ONG, Adrian $29,500 
29 3 CHEVALIER, Daniel $36,800 
29 4 CHU, Hai B $107,100 
29 5 PORTARO, Bruno $141,100 
29 6 SANTO, Andrew F $57,100 
29 7 OATES, Mitchell J $18,100 
29 8 HUYNH, Than T $105,400 
29 9 LAYTON, Erika G $18,000 

30 1 ISMAIL, Ismail $19,600 
30 2 BLACKER, Paul S $45,900 
30 3 MOONEY, Geoffrey L $48,500 
30 4 HENSHAW, Geoffrey R $30,000 
30 5 YASSIN, Mahammed $83,300 
30 6 SENG, David $37,000 
30 7 LAWRANCE, Andrew D $32,800 
30 8 BENTON, Aaron J $37,300 
30 9 VUJIC, Petar $22,300 

31 1 FLETCHER, Patrick D $25,800 
31 2 MENZEL, Jeremiah J $45,100 
31 3 SHANAHAN, Andrew J $72,200 
31 4 GORR, Samuel D $58,800 
31 5 PUGLIESE, Frank $99,200 
31 6 CHEONG, Kyle S $54,800 
31 7 ONG, Chu K $35,900 
31 8 MCKENZIE, Andrew D $28,700 
31 9 BLANCHETTE, David L $49,900 

32 1 GRIFFITHS, Kristina L $33,500 
32 2 DANIEL, Justin M $62,500 
32 3 QUON, Stephen J $109,500 
32 4 GRIFFITHS, Mark $16,800 
32 5 PEEL, Scott J $33,900 
32 6 BATHAN, Arnold J $123,900 
32 7 MITCHELL, Matthew $23,200 
32 8 JONES, Trent A $49,100 
32 9 BOXELL, Leo W $39,600 

33 1 THOMAS, Brent E $134,000 
33 2 SANTO, Luke S $29,800 
33 3 SINNI, Michael $73,000 
33 4 GURUNG, Milan $27,500 
33 5 KONDEVSKI, Todor $113,700 
33 6 MORALES, Nick $34,300 
33 7 ALHANTOSH, Alan $29,200 
33 8 DALLIMORE, Nicholas J $154,000 
33 9 CONNELLY, Bede W $56,700 

42 1 TSIOUSTAS, Peter $150,200 
42 2 SACHINIDIS, Jim $53,300 
42 3 HARRISON, Brett A $84,300 
42 4 BOSWELL, Ryan C $119,500 
42 5 PARSONS, Ralph $54,900 
42 6 HEPI, Mark C $28,300 
42 7 APOSTOLIDIS, John I $95,000 
42 8 PERICH, Frank $58,500 

43 1 DUTT, Suraj $197,900 
43 2 STOJANOVSKI, Peco $53,900 
43 3 MATUSIK, Peter M $45,700 
43 4 MATTHEWS, Paul R $39,000 
43 5 GREER, Norah I $62,300 
43 6 DODDS, Joel R $58,600 
43 7 CHILCOTT, David R $40,000 
43 8 CHU, John $48,600 

44 1 HINRICHSEN, Andrew C $22,700 
44 2 CUNZ, Kristopher S $93,600 
44 3 LOCK, Andrew R $145,100 
44 4 OWENS, James E $65,700 
44 5 MOSHI, Simon $33,500 
44 6 HONEYMAN, Dylan L $27,000 
44 7 GRAHAM, Jarred John $46,300 
44 8 GLAZIER, Jackqueline D $40,500 

45 1 TRAN, Khactrung $142,600 
45 2 HANSEN, Stephen C $38,400 
45 3 PUTT, Graeme Howard $40,000 
45 4 TOWNSEND, Dale A $62,500 
45 5 GUERIN, Didier G $90,000 
45 6 KARLAITZIS, Stratos $56,000 
45 7 ROUGHLEY, Michael R $64,200 
45 8 STELOI, David R $65,000 

46 1 HAN, Liwei $21,600 
46 2 LY, Zane $33,100 
46 3 FEGAN, Stephen $39,900 
46 4 LIU, Shao Q $123,000 
46 5 KINKADE, Jay $55,500 
46 6 VOLKOFF, Tamara $33,300 
46 7 GIANNOUKOS, James $55,400 
46 8 TRUONG, Duy Q $21,600 
46 9 BEARD, Sarah M $35,100 

47 1 YEO, Ooi Keong $40,200 
47 2 KIDSON, Simon $142,400 
47 3 GAMAGE, Nishantha W $65,200 
47 4 STOJKOVIC, Stefan $25,100 
47 5 SIDDELL, Phillip J $65,900 
47 6 BOOTH, Carl A $20,100 
47 7 PUNJABI, Karan $46,300 
47 8 HAWKINS, Roland W $28,800 
47 9 SCHEMBRI, Paul C $61,000 

48 1 DILLON, Patrick J $13,800 
48 2 NGUYEN, Toan Ngoc $2,100 
48 3 ELLIOTT, Shaun E $72,900 
48 4 ROGERS, Andrew J $61,700 
48 5 ASTON, Anthony P $55,600 
48 6 HUYNH, Chau T $53,000 
48 7 MCIVER, Dean C $30,000 
48 8 PHAM, Quyet T $74,200 
48 9 RYAN, Michael N $49,100 

49 1 LEVY, Grant M $85,000 
49 2 YENOFKIAN, Stelios $75,800 
49 3 TRUONG, Tam C $56,600 
49 4 GRIFFITHS, David W $116,100 
49 5 LIM, Aaron M $30,500 
49 6 LONGHURST, Mark S $87,200 
49 7 YU, Guangyan $44,400 
49 8 WILSON, Paul J $51,000 
49 9 LEE, David C $14,700

Live updates provided courtesy of Poker Asia Pacific