Melbourne Poker Championships $1,100 Main Event - Day 3

Jackie Glazier wins the Melbourne Poker Championships!

A big congratulations to Melbourne’s own Jackie Glazier as she captures her first major poker title with a very impressive victory in the Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event.

Incredibly, Glazier was one of the first eliminated on the first two opening flights of this event, barely lasting the first level each day.  But Glazier took full advantage of the repechage format, navigating her way through to Day 2 with her third bullet.  From there, she always loomed as a threat, making a surge towards the chip leaders late on Day 2 to sit third in chips when today’s final table got underway.

After finishing second in the Joe Hachem Deep Stack event at the start of the series, Glazier only had eyes on the title this afternoon.  She attacked her opponents, with Ryan Hong posing a major threat as the two tangled on several occasions.  When Hong fell in third that left the door open for Glazier to take on the unpredictable Simon Moshi in what proved to be a dramatic, and rather brief, heads-up contest.

Moshi was always going to play big ball, but Glazier took on the gamble, calling with pocket sixes for the game changing coinflip against Moshi’s king-jack.  Glazier’s pair held and the end was nigh.  Moments later, Glazier made two pair, and despite a straightening board, she went for the kill with an all-in bet that was paid off by Moshi with just second pair.

With her victory today, Glazier will move into the top 50 Australian all-time tournament money earners and also into the top 50 female all-time tournament money earners from any country.  That’s an impressive accomplishment right there. She now also adds her name to the honour roll as a Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event champion.

Congratulations Jackie!

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Simon Moshi eliminated in 2nd place; Jackie Glazier wins!

Just like that, it’s all over!  Jackie Glazier has dispatched of Simon Moshi (pictured) in record time to become the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championsips Main Event champion!

It was a hand that didn’t look like exploding at any point.  It was limped preflop, before Glazier check-called a bet on the flop of 7 hearts4 spades8 spades.  Both players checked the 5 clubs turn before Glazier overbet shoved all in on the 2 clubs river.

Moshi still had close to one million chips behind but he didn’t mind calling it off quickly with Q diams7 diams but Glazier tabled 8 clubs4 diams for two pair for the win!

Moshi picks up $67,000 for second place as Glazier wins the title and $95,000 in prize money!

Moshi and Glazier gamble it up first hand!

It guess everyone is pretty keen to get over to the AFL match tonight, as Simon Moshi and Jackie Glazier decided to gamble for 7.6 million chips, preflop, on the very first hand of heads up play.

Glazier opened the button to 95,000, before Moshi verbalized himself all in.  It was a massive overbet but Glazier decided to take the gamble and made the call with 6 spades6 clubs.  Moshi showed K heartsJ diams and we were flipping for the title!

The flop landed 3 hearts7 hearts4 diams to keep Glazier in the lead as her rail were calling for small cards.  The turn was small but the 8 hearts also gave Moshi a heart flush draw.  However the river bricked the 2 diams to see Glazier double up to 7.6 million to leave Moshi with around one million.

We’re heads up for the title!

The two combatants are back with the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event crown up for grabs.  For Glazier, it’s the second time she’s been in this position this series, and she’ll be determined to go one better, while for Moshi this is his first taste of the pressure of playing heads up for a major trophy.

Moshi holds a slight lead, with ten minutes left to run in the 20k/40k/5k level.

Simon Moshi: 4.8 million
Jackie Glazier: 3.8 million

The cards are now back in the air with the title up for grabs!

Ryan HongRyan Hong eliminated in 3rd place

Ryan Hong (pictured) has been a dominant force over the past two days with relentless aggression earning him a mountain of chips which he carried through to this final table.

However his run in over in 3rd place after losing a preflop race with Simon Moshi.

Hong opened the button with a raise before Moshi moved all in from the small blind.  Hong called and tabled A heartsK clubs as Moshi showed J diamsJ hearts.

With about four million chips in the pot, the board was spread 4 clubs9 diams10 spades2 hearts5 spades to leave Moshi’s jacks in front to scoop the pot and eliminate Hong in 3rd place for a $47,000 collect.

With that the players are now taking a quick ten-minute break before heads-up play gets underway.

Jackie bullies the boys

We’ve just seen the biggest pot of the tournament, and it didn’t even get past the flop.

Picking it up on the flop of 4 clubs6 spades2 spades in a three-bet pot, Ryan Hong bet 225,000 before Jackie Glazier popped it to 500,000.  Hong didn’t slow down as he made it 925,000 to go, but Glazier quietly announced herself all in!

Hong immediately folded as Glazier reclaims the chip lead.  She’s up to 3.75 million with Hong down to 2.05 million.

Liwei HanLiwei Han eliminated in 4th place

They’re dropping like flies as Liwei Han (pictured) is next to go after running into a monster held by Ryan Hong.

Action folded to Han in the small blind and he moved all in for around 700,000, but Hong looked down at K clubsK spades and insta-called as Han would need some help with his Q heartsJ diams.

Han spiked a pair on the flop of Q clubs5 diams2 spades, but the 10 diams turn and 9 hearts river left Han on the rail in 4th place for $35,000 in prize money.

Nishi Gamage eliminated in 5th place

It was another battle of the blinds that brought the end to Nishi Gamage.

Gamage moved all in preflop with A clubs6 clubs as Simon Moshi made the call with 5 clubs5 diams.  The race was on but Moshi flopped a set to all but end it as the final board read 5 heartsJ clubs4 heartsA diams4 diams.

Gamage heads home with $27,000 for 5th place as we are now down to our final four!

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Hong and Glazier tangle

Ryan Hong opened to 80,000 from early position before Jackie Glazier three-bet to 175,000 from the big blind.  Hong called and the flop came down 8 clubs4 hearts9 hearts.

Glazier fired 150,000 and Hong called as the 8 diams fell on the turn.  Glazier didn’t slow down as she released another 200,000.  Hong thought for a bit but gave it up as these two continue to jockey for the chip lead with about 2.5 million apiece.

Simon Kidson eliminated in 6th place

After a slow period of action, Simon Kidson (pictured) had slipped down to around 400,000 which he moved all in from under the gun.  Action folded to Simon Moshi in the big blind who instantly called with A spadesK spades to leave Kidson’s A clubs5 clubs in trouble.

The flop of Q spades7 heartsQ hearts brought chop outs but it was all over on the K hearts turn.  The river was the 9 hearts to see Kidson collect $21,000 for a fine tournament.

Han puts on the squeeze

Ryan Hong opened opened with a min-raise to 80,000 from under the gun and Simon Kidson made the call on the button, before Liwei Han (pictured) made himself known with a three-bet to 240,000 from the big blind.  Hong thought for a while before folding as Kidson called again to see a flop of J spades5 spades3 diams.

Both players checked and the turn brought the K diams.  Han led out for 180,000 and that was enough to take it down.  He moves up to 1,000,000 in chips.



Ten-minute break

The players are now taking a quick break.  When they return the blinds will be up to 20,000-40,000 with a 5,000-chip ante.

Here are the counts at the break:

Jackie Glazier - 2,350,000
Ryan Hong - 2,200,000
Nishi Gamage - 1,175,000
Simon Moshi - 1,150,000
Simon Kidson - 1,000,000
Liwei Han - 875,000



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Simons go into battle

In a battle of the Simons, Simon Kidson opened with a raise to 80,000 from under the gun and Simon Moshi made the call in the big blind to see a flop of 9 diamsA clubs2 spades.

Moshi checked and called for 125,000 before the 7 clubs fell on the turn.  Moshi checked and Kidson moved all in for around 600,000.  Moshi thought long and hard as Kidson dropped his head into his arms to cover up.  Eventually Moshi folded and Kidson collected the pot to move to 1.2 million.  Moshi is at around 1.3 million.

Glazier takes control

Jackie Glazier opened with a raise to 60,000 from the button before Ryan Hong three-bet to 155,000 from the big blind.  Glazier made the call and the flop landed Q hearts8 diams3 clubs.

Hong led out with a bet of 180,000 and Glazier called before both players checked the 6 clubs turn.  The river was the 4 spades and Hong checked to Glazier who bet 200,000.  Hong quickly released as Glazier raked in the pot to move into the chip lead.  She has 2.35 million with Hong down to 1.9 million.

Sherrie Gelberg eliminated in 7th place

We’ve lost one of our last two female players as Sherrie Gelberg’s run as come undone in 7th place in unfortunate circumstances.

It was a battle of the blinds, with Simon Moshi opening with a raise.  Gelberg re-raised, Moshi moved all in and Gelberg made the call.

Moshi opened A diamsJ hearts as Gelberg was looking in great shape with her A clubsK spades.  But poker is a cruel game, as Gelberg discovered when the board rolled out J clubsQ diams4 hearts6 diams9 clubs.  Moshi had just 8,000 more in chips as a disgusted Gelberg headed to the cage to pick up $17,000 to soothe her pain.

Double for Kidson

Nishi Gamage continues to be active at this final table.  He opened with a late-position raise preflop before Simon Kidson (pictured) moved all in for another 216,000 on top from the blinds.  Gamage made the call with A heartsJ spades but trailed the A diamsQ clubs of Kidson.

Kidson added a pair on the flop of Q hearts10 diams4 hearts but Gamage went from three outs to four with his inside straight draw.  The turn was the 7 diams and river the 10 hearts to see Kidson double up to around 600,000 with Gamage in freefall as he slips to 900,000.

Top two for Jackie

Jackie Glazier opened with a raise to 60,000 and Nishi Gamage made the call to see a flop of 10 spades2 heartsK clubs.  Glazier continuation bet for 80,000 and Gamage called, before both players checked the 8 diams turn.

On the Q diams river, Glazier tossed out another 125,000 and Gamage quickly called.  Glazier tabled K diamsQ clubs for top two pair as Gamage flashed the K hearts and mucked.

Glazier is looking strong as she climbs to two million with Gamage slipping to 1.1 million.

Stelios Yenofkian eliminated in 8th place

With the blinds now up to 15,000-30,000 with a 4,000 ante, Jackie Glazier opened with a preflop raise to 65,000 and Stelios Yenofkian made the call.

The flop landed Q spadesJ clubs6 clubs and both players checked.  The turn brought the 7 spades and Glazier slid out a stack of yellows for a bet of 100,000.  Yenofkian quickly called as the river fell the 6 spades.

Glazier moved all in and Yenofkian was sent deep into the tank.  Several minutes passed by and eventually he defiantly plonked his last 200,000 chips into the middle, only to discover Glazier held Q clubsQ diams for a full house which was way too good. Yenofkian mucked and headed home in 8th place for a score of $13,000.

Hong flexes

Liwei Han opened to 40,000 from the cutoff before Ryan Hong flexed his muscle with a three-bet to 105,000 from the button.  Nishi Gamage flat-called in the big blind and Han came along as well to see a flop of Q clubs9 diams9 spades.

Action checked to Hong who bet 155,000.  Gamage gave it up as Han went deep into the tank before finally giving up.  Hong flashed the Q spades as our chip leader raked in a nice pot.

Paul SchembriPaul Schembri eliminated in 9th place

Next hand, Paul Schembri (pictured) was all in for his tournament life after moving in with A heartsJ clubs following an open from Nish Gamage.  The call was made by Gamage who held J spadesJ hearts and it was all but over on the flop when the board ran out J diams7 hearts3 spadesA clubsQ spades.

Schembri collects $10,000 for his 9th place finish.

Ismail Ismail eliminated in 10th place

Liwei Han opened with a button raise before Ismail Ismail moved almost all in from the small blind.  He kept 6,000 behind for some unknown reason, as Han called and they saw a flop of 2 clubs2 hearts8 clubs.

Of course, no one was folding, as Ismail tossed out his last 6,000 and tabled K spadesQ spades to be in bad shape as Han called with A clubsQ clubs.

The turn was the J diams and river the 3 spades to see Ismail first to the cashier today to collect $7,000 for 10th place.

Punish the limpers

It’s rare we see a limped pot on a major final table, but Nishi Gamage decided to mix things up with an open-limp from the hijack position.  Three others came along to see a flop of 7 diamsK heartsJ spades.

Action checked around and the turn brought the 3 spades.  Sherrie Gelberg checked the small blind and Simon Kidson took a stab for 50,000 in the big.  Gamage folded but Simon Moshi and Gelberg both called to see the K clubs pair the board on the river.

Gelberg and Kidson checked to Moshi in position who bet 80,000.  Gelberg made the call as Kidson folded.  Moshi had obviously been caught bluffing as he tossed his cards straight into the muck in resignation as Gelberg scooped without a showdown.

Moshi is off to a rocky start, slipping back to 850,000, with Gelberg now up to the same amount.

Cautious start

Play has been pretty cautious in the early stages of this final table, which is pretty understandable.  They table is ten-handed, the stacks are pretty deep, and there’s plenty of money to play for!

We have just seen our first showdown of the final table.

Simon Moshi opened with a min-raise from early position and Nishi Gamage defended his big blind to see a flop of K hearts4 diams3 spades.  Gamage checked to Moshi who bet 50,000.  Gamage called before both players checked the 4 spades turn.  On the 10 clubs river, Gamage led out for another 50,000 and Moshi quickly made the call.

Gamage opened K clubs10 diams for two pair which was good to collect a nice early pot.

Today’s format

The players are starting with the blinds at 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000-chip ante.  With levels now 75 minutes throughout today, an extra fifteen minutes have been added to this level.

The cards are in the air!

After a quick introduction from tournament director Christian Vaughan, the cards are now officially in the air for the final table of the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event.

Final table ready to rumble!

The final ten players have taken their seats on the feature table in the Crown Poker Room as the final table of the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event is about to kick off.

We have eight locals with Ismail Ismail the only Sydneysider in the field with Ryan Hong entering as a clear chip leader.

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Melbourne Poker ChampionshipsFinal Table Lineup

Seat 1: Jackie Glazier - 1,159,000
Seat 2: Liwei Han - 835,000
Seat 3: Ismail Ismail - 333,000
Seat 4: Ryan Hong - 2,146,000
Seat 5: Stelios Yenofkian - 576,000
Seat 6: Nishi Gamage - 790,000
Seat 7: Paul Schembri - 439,000
Seat 8: Simon Moshi - 1,230,000
Seat 9: Sherrie Gelberg - 740,000
Seat 10: Simon Kidson - 408,000

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