2012 Shane Warne Super Stack - Day 2

Dean Schneider winsDean Schneider wins Shane Warne Super Stack ($21,355)

When good mates Josh Foster and Dean Schneider (pictured) got heads-up with mammoth blinds, we knew it was going to come down to simply winning a coinflip. Unfortunately for Foster, that was something he’d been unable to do at all on this final table.  The fact that he got to heads-up play was a credit to his ability to handle the structure better than most of his opponents.

However he couldn’t get past Dean Schneider.

Our Day 1a chip leader carried his stack to a final table berth where he also adapted his game well to the rapidly-rising blinds.  Once he dealt with the tricky Jun Wang, Schneider disposed of a gallant Justin Wadsworth in third place, before flipping good to take down the title.  Winning tournaments does take a little luck, but Schneider showed admirable patience and skill to navigate through the 332-player field to take the title and $21,355 in prize money.

Congratulations Dean!

On behalf of the team at Poker Asia Pacific, thanks for following our live coverage at home, and we’ll have a complete report of today’s action for you a little later this evening.

Josh FosterJosh Foster Eliminated in 2nd Place ($15,500)

The second last hand of the tournament saw Dean Schneider move all-in and getting called. Josh Foster (pictured) had 200,000 more chips and the best hand when he tabled A spades2 diams, which was up against Q hearts8 clubs. However, like most of the final table, the board spread out 10 heartsQ diamsK diams9 clubs4 spades to see Foster lose the most crucial flip of them all.

The next hand, both players got it in, with Foster trailing with his 7 spades4 diams against Schnieders Q diams2 hearts. The board fell Q heartsK diams9 diams5 spades10 clubs to see Foster finish just short of the title, and Schneider being crowned the champion.

Heads-Up Chip Counts

Name  Chip Count
Josh Foster  4,200,000
Dean Schneider 4,100,000

Justin Wadsworth Eliminated in 3rd Place ($10,350)

With such a small stack, Justin Wadsworth (pictured) moved all-in from the button for his last 445,000 in chips and was called by both blinds. Both Josh Foster and Dean Schneider then checked the board of 6 spadesQ clubs4 clubs6 hearts4 diams down.

Wadsworth tabled his K spades9 spades, but it was no match against Schneider’s J spadesJ clubs.  Schneider brave run ends in third place for a collect of $10,350.

The two remaminding players are now playing heads-up for the title.

Foster Finally Wins One

Winning a race couldn’t have come at a better time for Josh Foster, as the tournament nears its conclusion. With the blinds at 150k/300k/25k, he opted to move all-in for his last 2,440,000 in chips and was called by Justin Wadsworth. He showed his 7 diams7 clubs, and was happy to be in front of Wadsworth’s K diams8 hearts.

The board came out 2 hearts3 hearts3 clubs5 clubs3 spades, to see Foster move up to 4,900,000 and drop Wadsworth to just 700,000 in chips.

Chip Counts Three-Handed

Name Chip Count
Justin Wadsworth 3,500,000
Dean Schneider 3,000,000
Josh Foster 2,000,000

Fred TschirschFred Tschirsch Eliminated in 4th Place ($7,775)

The action is picking up, with another elimination happening in the space of a few hands.

Justin Wadsworth moved all-in from the small blind, and was called by Fred Tschirsch (pictured) in the big blind for his last 1,600,000 in chips.

Wadsworth was behind holding the Q spades7 diams against Tschirsch’s 9 spades9 clubs, but hit a pair on a board reading to K spadesQ clubs8 spades2 hearts10 hearts.

After that hand, Wadsworth moves up to 3,500,000 in chips.

Jun Wang Eliminated in 5th Place ($5,175)

After taking the lead earlier on the final table, Jun Wang has hit the rail, after losing a hand against Dean Schneider. Wang chose to move all-in on the button for 1,100,000 in chips, and was called by Schneider in the big blind.

Wang held the 8 diams7 hearts, but was behind to Schneider’s K diams10 spades. The board fell 4 spadesA spades6 diamsK heartsQ diams to see his day fall just short, pocketing $5,175 for his troubles. Schneider stack is looking good, moving up to 2,900,000 in chips.

Foster Just Can’t Win a Flip

Josh Foster has not won a single flip on the final table. In this hand, he moved all-in from the small blind for just over two million in chips, and was instantly called by Justin Wadsworth in the big blind.

When the hands were tabled, Foster’s 2 hearts2 diams was in front of Wadsworth’s A clubs9 hearts, who’s tournament life was on the line.

“I haven’t won a flip all day,” said Foster, as the board came out 2 spades4 hearts5 spades. He had flopped a set of deuces, but Wadsworth still had a chance to make a straight. And that’s exactly what came, as the turn and river fell the K spades and the 3 diams.

Foster now drops to 500,000 in chips, as Wadsworth takes the chip lead with 3,400,000 in chips.

Eugene PortlenEugene Portlen Eliminated in 6th Place ($4,325)

In two hands, Eugene Portlen (pictured) has been eliminated from the tournament. It started when he announced all-in from middle position, and placed in his remaining 700,000 in chips. Fred Tschirsch then committed his final 555,000 in chips, and the two showed their cards.

Portlen was behind with K diams8 diams against A diamsA hearts, and though he received some outs on the flop of 10 hearts8 hearts3 spades, he would be unable to improve on the (Tc} turn and J clubs river, dropping to just 130,000 in chips.

Two hands later, the action folded around to Dean Schneider on the button, who opted to move all-in without looking.  Portlen, after tripling up the hand prior, committed his final 300,000 in chips and tabled A hearts6 spades and found himself behind to Schneider’s A clubsJ diams

The board fell K hearts7 spades10 hearts3 clubs3 spades to see Schneider move up to 1,600,000 in chips, and sending Portlen to the rail in 6th place for a $4,325 pay day.

Rob ArcherRob Archer Eliminated in 7th Place ($3,450)

Action started with Eugene Portlen opening with a raise to 280,000. Justin Wadsworth then moved all-in on the button, covering both players. Rob Archer (pictured) moved his remaining 175,000 in chips from the small blind, and Portlen folded.

Archer would need a lot of help holding the Q diams6 spades against Wadsworth’s K clubsK spades, and when the board came out 7 heartsJ spades9 clubs10 diamsJ hearts it would end his day in 7th place, as Wadsworth’s stack moves up to 1,700,000 in chips. 

James Owens Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,590)

A few minutes back from the break and James Owens got himself involved in several big hands.  

In the first hand,  Owens pushed all-in for 550,000 from middle position, and play folded around to Eugene Portlen in the big blind, who snap-called and splashed his 450,000 in chips into the middle.  Portlen was in front holding 6 clubs6 diams and looked in great shape to double up through Owens, who held 5 diams5 spades.

The board ran out 3 hearts2 clubs8 spades9 diamsJ diams to move Portlen back up to 1,000,000 in chips and drop Owens down to 100,000 in chips.

In the next hand, he tripled holding A diamsA hearts through Portlen and Josh Foster, boosting him up to 380,000 in chips.

He finally busted when Wang opened with a raise to 280,000 from middle position.  Foster flatted from the small blind, before Owens moved all-in for an additional 80,000 in chips. The others called and checked down the board of 3 heartsK clubs8 diamsK diams2 spades. Owens tabled 4 hearts6 diams but lost to Wang’s 7 spades7 diams. Foster mucked his cards.

Wang moves back up to 2,000,000 in chips.

Play resumes

The eight remaining players are back in action with the blinds up to a whopping 70k/140k/15k.  With an average stack of a little over one million (or around eight big blinds), this level is certain to do some damage!

Our chip leaders are Jun Wang, Dean Schneider and Josh Foster who all have around 1.5 million.



The players are now taking a quick ten-minute break.

Wadsworth Doubles Through Wang

The action started with Justin Wadsworth moving all-in for 670,000 from under-the-gun, before being met with a re-raise to 2,100,000 from Jun Wang. Everyone else folded and the cards were shown.

Wadsworth was leading, holding the 8 clubs8 hearts against Wang’s A diamsK hearts. The board fell 4 spadesQ diamsQ hearts6 diams7 diams to see Wadsworth pair of eights hold, and move him up to 1,450,000 in chips. The hand drops Wang down to 1,400,000 in chips.

Updated Chip Counts

Name Chip Count
Eugene Portlen 400,000
Josh Foster 1,200,000
James Owens 900,000
Justin Wadsworth 700,000
Fred Tschirsch 650,000
Rob Archer 500,000
Jun Wang 2,200,000
Dean Schneider 1,500,000


John BroukoumisJohn Broukoumis Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,700)

A massive three-way all-in just occurred on the final table, resulting in John Broukoumis (pictured) being eliminated from the tournament. Broukoumis started the action, raising all-in for 740,000 in chips, before being met by an all-in from Fred Tschirsch, who had  500,000 in chips. If that wasn’t enough, Jun Wang also decided to move in, having both men covered.

Broukoumis: 5 hearts5 diams
Tschirsch: K clubsK spades
Wang: K diamsK hearts

The smallest and biggest stacks both had pocket kings, which meant that Broukoumis could almost triple up he could spike a five. The board ran out 8 spades10 diamsA diams6 diams9 spades to see Broukoumis eliminated in 9th place, and Tschirsch narrowly scraping through, by dodging a diamond on the river.

Wang now sits on over two million in chips as he leads the final table, and Tschirsch gains a few extra, moving up to 800,000 in chips.

No Fun For Foster

Josh Foster has not had much joy on this final table. He’s not winning any coinflips as the short stacks continue to survive.

Foster moved all in before John Broukoumis moved all in for less. Foster tabled A clubsJ hearts for the overcards against Broukoumis’ 10 hearts10 diams.

Foster had already resigned himself to defeat before the board of 2 diamsQ clubs8 diams5 diams9 diams confirmed as much. Foster is now down to 500,000 (just five big blinds) with Broukoumis finding a little life as he’s back to 750,000.

Wadsworth Doubles Through Foster

Josh Foster is keeping himself busy at this final table, stealing blinds and slowly trying to build his stack back up. He did, however, just call Justin Wadsworth’s all-in of 500,000 pre-flop holding A spadesK diams. He was behind to 9 clubs9 spades, and when the board fell 3 spades4 spades4 hearts10 clubs9 hearts he dropped back down to 650,000 in chips, as Wadsworth doubled to 1,100,000 in chips.

Busy Final Table

The action is not slowing down at all, as players are getting involved in big hands. In the first hand, Jun Wang committed his remaining 575,000 in chips pre-flop and was called by John Broukoumis in the big blind. It was Wang’s 3 spades3 diams up against Broukoumis’ A heartsJ clubs. Fortunately for Wang, his pocket threes were able to hold as the board ran out Q spades10 clubs6 hearts8 clubs4 hearts to see him double to 1,200,000 in chips, and drop Broukoumis down to 400,000 in chips.

In the next hand, Josh Foster opened with a raise to 160,000, before being faced with an all-in of 495,000 from James Owens. Foster called and tabled A heartsJ spades which was leading Owens’ A diams10 hearts. However, the board favoured Owens, as it came 7 spades10 diams3 clubs9 clubs2 diams to see his top pair move him up to 1,050,000 in chips, and drop Foster down to 750,000 in chips.

Owens Finds a Much Needed Double

James Owens just committed his remaining 204,000 in chips pre-flop and was called by Josh Foster. Owens was in front holding 9 diams7 diams against Foster’s 9 hearts5 hearts but the board was not what he was looking for as it fell 4 diams4 clubs5 clubs. Trailing Foster’s pair of fives, the turn and river would go runner-runner 6 clubs3 clubs, to see Owen make a straight and double to 450,000 in chips. Even with that loss, Foster still has 1,300,000 in chips.

Justin DanielJustin Daniel Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,100)

In the middle of writing several hands to commence the final table, we missed the elimination of Justin Daniel (pictured) from the tournament. We thought we’d ask the man who took him out, John Broukoumis, for a run-down of what happened.

His recollection of the hand was a little vague, but he told us he was able to make a pair holding T-3 against Daniel’s A-8. That hand see’s Daniel’s eliminated in 10th place for $1,100, and Broukoumis move up to just short of a million in chips.

Flopped Straight Not Enough

The Shane Warne Super Stack final table is off to a thrilling start with Justin Wadsworth finding a remarkable double up through Eugene Portlen.

With the blinds at a hefty 30k/60k with a 5k ante, Porten opened from under the gun to 125,000.  Wadsworth moved all in for around 400,000 holding Q spadesQ clubs and Portlen made the call with a very dominated Q heartsJ hearts. Portlen was in trouble but incredibly the flop landed K spades10 spadesA spades to see Porten flop a Broadway straight!

“Spades though...” commented one observant player, and just like that, the 4 spades appeared to see Wadsworth make his flush.  The meaningless river was the K hearts to see Wadsworth pull a nice double up.

Final Table Line Up

Seat Name Chip Count
1 Eugene Portlen 1,950,000
2 Josh Foster 1,300,000
3 John Broukoumis 450,000
4 Justin Daniel 480,000
5 James Owens 700,000
6 Justin Wadsworth 400,000
7 Fred Tschirsch 300,000
8 Rob Archer 1,275,000
9 Jun Wang 350,000
10 Dean Schneider 700,000



Recent Eliminations

11th Jim Sachinidis - $800
12th Gary Rozkin - $800
13th Simon Kidson - $800
14th Tim Clarkson - $800
15th Geoff Henshaw - $800
16th Wissam Boumadi - $800
17th Dennis Huntly - $800
18th Daniel Secomb - $800
19th Barny McLean - $800
20th Steven Wingrave - $800

Sach Bubbles the Final Table

The action is coming thick and fast as we’ve steamrolled our way to the final table. The man to miss out on a berth as the final table bubble is Crown Poker regular Jim Sachinidis (pictured).

Sachinidis was unlucky with his chips in preflop holding A spades7 clubs and a dominate position against Eugene Portlen’s A diams6 diams but the board fell 6 clubs10 hearts10 spades3 diamsQ hearts to see Portlen find a six to eliminate Sachinidis in 11th place.

The final ten players are now redrawing for the final table which will be underway shortly.

Double for Daniel

Justin Daniel has landed a come-from-behind double up to stay alive in the Shane Warne Super Stack event at the expense of an unlucky John Broukoumis. Daniel’s last 240,000 chips (just four big blinds) were all in preflop with J hearts9 diams as he ran into the dominant A heartsJ spades of Broukoumis.

However Daniel paired up on the board of 9 heartsQ clubs10 hearts5 spades2 spades to see him double to over 500,000 with Broukoumis slipping to 600,000.

Tschirsch Gets Caught

Action folded around to Fred Tschirsch in the small blind, who thought he could steal the big blind and antes by announcing all-in for 640,000 in chips. He was met with an instant call from Justin Wadsworth who confidently tabled K hearts7 clubs, which was in great shape against Tschirsch’s 9 hearts4 spades.

The board ran out A diamsQ heartsJ spades2 clubs10 diams to see Wadsworth double his stack of 210,000 to 460,000 including the antes, and drop Tschirsch down to 430,000 in chips.

Foster Rivers Dream Card

Josh Foster has built himself up to 460,000 in chips, after eliminating Simon Kidson from the tournament. Both players had almost the same amount of chips, with Foster having slightly more.

The cards were shown, and Foster’s A spades5 spades trailed Kidson’s A clubs7 hearts. Both players stood up from their chair and watched as the flop came down 4 clubsK diams9 hearts. Foster now had Dean Schneider in his corner, as they both saw the J hearts come out on the turn.

“Big card! Big card!.. Or a five,” yelled Schneider, as the dealer slowly rolled over the river card.

As asked for, the 5 clubs fell on the river to see Foster double up, and send Kidson to the rail, receiving $800 for his 13th place finish.

Owens Over a Million, Clarkson Eliminated

Overnight chip leader Tim Clarkson was recently eliminated from the tournament. He got his last 275,000 in pre-flop holding A spadesJ clubs and was called by James Owens who held the 7 clubs7 spades.

The board ran out 4 spades2 clubsK diams8 hearts10 clubs to see the once short Owens move to just over a million in chips, and Clarkson sent to the rail in 14th place.

Archer Regains Chip Lead

The largest pot of the day just occurred on Table 29 that has sent Rob Archer back into the chip lead with only 14 players remaining. It started with the action folding around to Archer in the small blind, who raised it to 80,000. Geoff Henshaw then moved all-in for 565,000 in chips, and after thinking for a second, Archer made the call. Henshaw was in trouble tabling his A spades8 diams, which was behind to Archer’s K diamsK spades

The board ran out 3 diams8 clubs10 clubs6 heartsQ clubs, to eliminate Henshaw in 15th place, and give Archer the chip lead once again. He now sits on 1,420,000 in chips.

Portlen Sails to the Top

With the blinds at 15,000/30,000/4,000, Daniel Secomb opened the action with a raise to 60,000 from the hijack position and Eugene Portlen defended his big blind with a call to see a flop of 7 clubs3 spadesA spades.

Portlen checked and Secomb bet out 100,000.  Portlen made the call as the A clubs repeated on the turn. Portlen tapped the table again as Secomb announced himself all in. The amount was 362,000, but Portlen didn’t need to wait for a count as he snap-called with A diams3 clubs for a full house, leaving Secomb’s 8 spades8 hearts in a world of hurt.

The river was another seven which didn’t change anything.  Secomb was eliminated as the monster pot headed to Portlen to see him take over the chip lead with 1.25 million chips.

Dennis HuntlyOwens Picks Right Spot, Huntly Eliminated

Action started with James Owens committing his remaining 110,000 from the cut-off.  Dennis Huntly (pictured) then placed in his remaining 52,000 from the small blind, and Jun Wang made the call from the big blind.

Owens: 7 hearts4 hearts
Wang: A heartsJ hearts
Huntly: Q clubsQ hearts

The board came out 6 hearts7 spades7 diamsJ spades2 clubs, to reward Owens' shove, with a double-up to 290,000 in chips. Huntly was eliminated in 17th place and Wang drops down to 490,000 in chips.

Sachinidis Finds a Double

We arrived just in time to find Jim Sachinidis commit his remaining 82,000 in chips into the middle from late position. It folded around to the player in the small blind who went all-in over the top, forcing a fold from the big blind.

Sachinidis was behind holding the A clubsK hearts against Q heartsQ clubs, but flopped top pair and held as the board ran out 10 clubs4 spadesA hearts5 spades7 diams. With that hand, Sachinidis moves up to 210,000 in chips.

Recent Eliminations

The following players have recently visited the cashier to pick up their prize money after elimination from the Shane Warne Super Stack event:

21st Frank Mirza - $500
22nd Andy Zarro - $500
23rd Lisa Henry - $500
24th Colin Birt - $500
25th Peter Mobbs - $500
26th Luisa Helps - $500
27th Otto Pickermann - $500
28th Paul Blacker - $500
29th Jarrod Glennon - $500
30th Paul Sparks - $500

For full details of the prize pool, head to our Shane Warne Super Stack Prize pool and Payouts page. The players have now rebalanced for the final two tables of play.

Andy ZarroZarro Busts, Tschirsch Takes Slight Lead

Another big hand has just occurred on Table 32. Andy Zarro (pictured) committed the last of his 203,000 chips into the middle and found a caller in Fred Tschirsch. The cards were tabled with Tschirsch in front with his K clubsK diams against the A hearts10 diams held by Zarro.

The flop of 9 clubs7 spadesJ diams gave Zarro outs, but the turn and river of 7 diams and Q spades was not enough as he was sent to the rail in 22nd place. With that elimination, Tschirsch moves up to take a slight chip lead, with 850,000 in chips.

Ace on the River for Henshaw

Geoff Henshaw has gone from virtual elimination to one of our chip leaders after the fall of a devastating river card has left Barny McLean in ruins.

It was a battle of the blinds, and the chips were in preflop.  With the blinds at 12,000/24,000/3,000, we believe that Henshaw moved all in for his entire 347,000-chip stack, probably hoping to take the blinds with his A clubs5 spades. However McLean woke up in the big blind with 10 hearts10 diams and made the call to be in great shape to eliminate his opponent.

The flop landed Q clubsK spadesQ diams as Henshaw picked up a few more outs as he was now looking for a king to counterfeit the pair of McLean. The 7 hearts was a brick on the turn, but the A diams arrived on the river to the groans from the table as Henshaw struck gold on the river to stay alive.

Henshaw doubled to 730,000 with McLean now on life support with around 100,000.

Rozkin Take out Henry

Action started with Igor Rozkin making a raise from under-the-gun, before being met with an all-in call for less chips by Lisa Henry in middle position. All the other players folded to see both players table their cards. Henry was in trouble with her A spades9 diams, up against Rozkin’s A diamsK clubs.

The board of 7 hearts4 diams2 diams3 diamsJ spades  wouldn’t help Henry, as she was eliminated from the tournament in 23rd place.

Pickermann Out on the River

Otto Pickermann has just been eliminated from the tournament after he got it all-in holding A spadesK spades against the A clubs9 clubs of Josh Foster (pictured). The board of 8 clubs7 clubs10 diams brought a cringe from Pickermann, as he had to dodge many outs. The turn was a safe card, producing the 7 spades, but the river dropped the 4 clubs to complete Foster’s flush.

Foster didn’t even look as the board ran out, stating that he was only watching Pickermann’s reaction, to see what the final outcome would be. With that hand, Foster moves up to 500,000 in chips.

The Bubble Has Burst

Two of the remaining four tables had players who went all-in and found callers, risking their tournament lives. On the first table, the players folded around to Troy Laurens, who committed his final 16,000 chips, which didn’t match the big blind of Jarrod Glennon. Laurens tabled the A hearts10 clubs and was in good shape against Glennon’s 8 hearts3 clubs.

Laurens was in great shape when he flopped top pair on a board reading 10 diams3 spades7 spades, but the 8 spades on the turn made Glennon two pair. When the river blanked the 6 clubs it was all over for Laurens who had to wait to see what the outcome was on the other table.

The action on the table started with Wissam Boumadi moving all-in from under-the-gun, and forcing a fold from everyone, until it arrived at Jim Sachinidis in the big blind. Sachinidis looked down as his cards, and went into the tank. Eventually he made the call tabling the Q clubsQ hearts which was in front of Boumadi’s A diamsK spades. However, the board favoured Boumadi, as it ran out 6 hearts5 hearts7 clubsA clubs9 clubs moving him up to 510,000 in chips and dropping Sachinidis down to just under 200,000 in chips.

With the elimination of Laurens on the bubble, the remaining 30 players have all guaranteed themselves at least $500 in prize money.

Aces in Time for Otto

We’ve just seen a huge all-in clash on the feature table, but the bubble continues as Otto Pickermann has landed a double up through Simon Kidson.

The chips were in preflop as Pickermann found A diamsA hearts at the right time to stick his last 66,000 into the middle. Kidson also held a premium hand, but his A spadesK clubs was no match as the board ran out 2 spades2 diams8 spades9 heartsQ spades.

Pickermann more than doubled to around 150,000 with Kidson slipping to 160,000 as 31 players still remain.

One Away from the Money

We are now playing hand-for-hand as we recently lost Lauren Cooper from the tournament. The action started with Jarrod Glennon moving all-in for 325,000 before being met with an instant call from Eugene Portlen, who had 210,000 in chips. Cooper was in the big blind and all-in with less the one big blind to her name.

Glennon: Q hearts10 hearts
Portlen: J spadesJ diams
Cooper: 10 clubs4 spades

The board ran out 9 clubs9 diams2 diamsK spades5 diams to see Portlen’s pair of jacks move him up to 450,000 in chips and drop Glennon down to 115,000 in chips.

Rob ArcherNew Chip Leader

A new player has emerged the chip leader straight after the break. Rob Archer (pictured) was just involved in a 300k+ pot in which he came out victorious. The action started with the player in late position announcing all-in and committing 114,000 in chips. Jun Wang then called from the small blind, followed by a call from Archer in the big blind.

The flop came the 8 clubs3 spades6 hearts and Wang checked. Archer quickly moved all-in for 360,000 and Wang mucked his cards. The all-in player tabled his A diams2 clubs but was well behind to Archer’s K diamsK hearts. The turn and river came the 5 clubs and 7 clubs to eliminate the all-in player, and rocket Archer up to 710,000 in chips.

Play Resumes

The players have returned from their break. We only need five more eliminations before the players make the money.



Break Time

The remaining 35 players are heading off on a 10-minute break.

Tschirsch Wants to Make Sure

We arrived at the table to find Manfred Tschirsch open with a bet of 27,000 before immediately being faced with an all-in raise from the opponent to his left. The total was 76,000 in chips, forcing a fold back around to Tschirsch. He thought for a long time, counting out his stack, before finally making the call and tabling his J spadesJ hearts, which was in front of his opponent’s 7 diams7 spades.

“Jacks? You thought for that long? Stop wasting my time!” announced Jim Sachinidis, jumping up from his chair.

“Hey, calm down,” joked several players from neighbouring tables, as Sachinidis had a laugh. The board ran out A clubs4 spadesA hearts2 hearts6 clubs to see Tschirsch add to his already large chip stack. He now sits on 310,000 in chips.

Portlen Doubles, Still Short

After taking a hit earlier in the day, Eugene Portlen waited for the right hand to commit his remaining 15,000 in chips. Lauren Cooper then moved all-in over the top for 75,000 from the small blind and the cards were shown. Portlen was behind with his A heartsK hearts against Cooper’s 9 hearts9 spades, but was back in his seat, when the board ran out 10 heartsQ spadesA clubsQ clubs10 spades.

Portlen moves up to 50,000 in chips as he hopes to find another double-up soon.  

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More Carnage on 32

Table 32 is right in the thick of the action at the moment, which is lucky for us, as it’s located adjacent to our blogging desk. It means we were able to quickly rush over to catch a massive three-way all in between Michael Walters, Simon Chahine and Barny McLean (pictured).

It started with Walters moving all in for 70,000 from under the gun. Chahine followed from middle position for his last 100,500 and McLean joined in the fun from the small blind, covering both opponents.

Walters: A spadesK spades
Chahine: K clubsK diams
McLean: Q clubsQ spades

Chahine was in good shape for a triple up, but the board ran out 8 clubs10 spadesQ diams6 clubs10 diams to see McLean land a lovely lady to scoop the pot and send two to the rail.  McLean is now up to over 300,000.

Things are going to get even more interesting on this table now, as one of the empty seats has been filled by overnight chip leader Tim Clarkson!

Champ Down for the Count

After Monica Huynh (pictured) got off to such a cracking start yesterday, we thought she was all set for a stellar defence of her Shane Warne Super Stack title. But after some trouble late in the day, things continued to be a struggle for Huynh on Day 2 as her tournament has come to a screeching halt short of the money.

With the blinds at 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante, Huynh moved all in for 114,000 with J clubsJ spades but Andy Zarro came over the top with a re-shove holding a superior Q spadesQ diams.

The board ran out 5 clubs7 spades7 clubs10 clubs9 hearts which was of no help to Huynh as she headed off into the Melbourne sunshine in search of a beach volleyball game.  Meanwhile Zarro is now sitting behind a commanding stack of 360,000 chips.

O’Brien Takes a Hit, Zarro Doubles

The action started with Paul O’Brien opening with a bet of 17,000, before Andy Zarro in late position, moved all in for his remaining 105,000 in chips. O’Brien called and tabled his A clubsK diams, but was behind to Zarro, who held the 10 diams10 hearts.

The board ran out 9 hearts7 clubs3 clubs4 hearts6 diams to rocket Zarro up to 220,000 in chips, and dropping O’Brien down to 40,000 in chips.

Foster Eliminates One

We arrived at the table to see Josh Foster calling his opponent’s all-in of 40,000. The cards were shown and Foster was behind with the J hearts10 diams against his opponent’s 8 hearts8 clubs. The flop fell the J spades10 hearts9 clubs to put Foster in front, and when the turn and river produced the 3 hearts and 5 clubs, his opponent was unable to improve as he made his way to the rail. Foster is now sitting on 190,000 in chips. 

The Ladies Battle

Busra Kaluntakasuwun has had a rough start to her day, as her initial starting stack of 250,000 dropped down to 44,000 over the first few levels of the day. She did, however, find a double-up when she moved her last 44,000 in chips from the cut-off. Lauren Cooper asked for a count and called, tabling her A spadesK hearts, which was infront of Kaluntakasuwun’s A clubs8 clubs. The board ran out 7 clubs8 hearts4 hearts9 spadesJ hearts to double Kaluntakasuwun back  up to 100,000 in chips, and dropping Cooper down to 140,000 in chips.

Cain Dodges Plenty

Action began with a player in middle position committing his remaining 32,500, before Scott Cain moved all-in over the top with just short of 100,000 in chips. The player in the small blind thought for a moment before finally releasing his hand. The cards were shown with Cain holding 10 clubs10 spades which was in front of his opponent's A hearts2 hearts.

“You’re not going to get a ten,” said the small blind player, standing up from his chair, telling the table he folded the other two tens.

The board ran out 7 heartsJ clubsQ heartsK diams9 diams to miss his opponent's flush draw, and move Cain up to 140,000 in chips.

Fazzolari Busts

In the space of two hands, Antonio Fazzolari has been eliminated from the tournament. In the first hand, Fazzolari opened with a bet of 25,000, before Antonio Casale moved all-in for his remaining 50,000 in chips. Action folded back to Fazzolari who opted to fold. In the very next hand, he moved all in for his last 50,000, before Michael Walters moved all-in over the top.  He found himself behind holding A-J against Walters A-Q, and couldn’t find any help as the board ran out A-Q-T-8-3.

The action never stops in the Crown Poker Room

The Shane Warne Super Stack event is not the only deep stack event in the Crown Poker Room this afternoon.  Kicking off at 12:10pm on a nearby group of tables is the regular Sunday $150 Deep Stack event which is one of the popular events of the weekly Crown Poker schedule.

Also we should mention that tomorrow night the Crown Poker Room will be hosting one of the more unique events of the year with the Melbourne Cup Sweep tournament.  The $340 freeze-out event will see the top 24 place finishers receive a horse in the Melbourne Cup race on Tuesday.  Should their horse finish in the top three in that race, then they’ll pick up a $10,600 Aussie Millions Main Event seat!  The Melbourne Cup Sweep tournament kicks off at 6:10pm on Monday night.

Casale Doubles Lim

We rushed over to the table to find Hup Lim committing his final 48,000 in chips into the middle, with Antonio Casale moving all-in over the top, getting everyone else to fold. The hands were tabled with Lim’s A heartsQ clubs behind to Casale’s 9 diams9 clubs. However, the board ran out Q heartsK spades5 diams6 spades3 spades to see Lim find a handy double, and drop Casale down to 50,000 in chips.

Let's get it on!

The players have arrived, unbagged their chips, wiped the cobwebs from a heavy Saturday night and are ready to get down to business as Day 2 of the Shane Warne Super Stack event gets under way.

The blinds will kick off at 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante which is sure to test a few of the short stacks around the room.


Shane Warne Super Stack Event

We've seen plenty of carnage over the first two days of play here at the Shane Warne Super Stack event with the starting field of 332 reduced to just 78 after fourteen levels of play.

Those survivors will now return to the Crown Poker Room with another long day ahead as they battle it all the way until a winner is crowned.

The first goal will be to reach the money for the top 30 players.  That will lock up a $500 collect - still not profit for those who fired two bullets in this event.  Reaching the final ten will be worth $1,100 but they will all be gunning for the title and $21,355 up top.

The players will be led by Tim Clarkson who had a day out yesterday to amass a staggering 401,000 chips.  Can he use those chips to power his way to a final table?

Click here for the end-of-day chip counts and seating draw for Day 2

The Poker Asia Pacific live reporting team are back on deck to bring you all the live action as it unfolds from 12:10pm on the floor of the Crown Poker Room.  We look forward to your company throughout the day as we look to crown the newest Shane Warne Super Stack champion!