2013 Aussie Millions - $1,100 NLHE Six-Max Event

Final Table Live Updates

Michel BouskilaMichel Bouskila wins Event 4: $1,100 No Limit Holdem Six-Max ($110,000)

If there was one player you wouldn’t like to face heads-up in a six-max tournament it’s Tom Grigg. That was no problem for Michel Bouskila though, as he is now the champion of Event 5: $1,100 No Limit Holdem Six-Max.

When this tournament began yesterday there were 523 players all hoping to make it where Bouskila stands right now. Of course, there can only be one victor and Bouskila truly deserves to wear the Aussie Millions Gold Ring.

At the start of the final day there were many talented players standing in his way, but Bouskila managed to get into a groove that saw him hold a chip lead for much of the final table. As the players hit the rail one by one, Bouskila’s chip dominance increased and there was no looking back.

Congratulations to Bouskila as the Sydneysider now adds an Aussie Millions title to his resume and $110,000 to go along with it.

Final Table Results

1st Michel Bouskila - $110,000
2nd Tom Grigg - $73,000
3rd Jan Suchanek - $54,000
4th Oliver Gill - $43,000
5th Vlastimil Stastny - $32,000
6th Andrew Bassat - $21,000
7th Ian Cordts - $10,800

Tom Grigg eliminated in 2nd place ($73,000); Michel Bouskila wins!

With Tom Grigg (pictured) in the thick of things we knew that this heads-up contest was going to be full of fireworks.  He was always going to double up to get back into contention or die trying.  Unfortunately for him, it was the latter as Michel Bouskila has taken down the Aussie Millions title.

The final hand started with a raise to 80,000 from the button by Bouskila.  Grigg three-bet to 220,000 in the big blind and Bouskila made the call to see a flop of 8 diams6 diamsJ spades.

Grigg led out with a probing bet of 150,000 and Bouskila made the call to see the K clubs appear on the turn.  Grigg thought long and hard before tapping the table and the action passed to Bouskila.  He made it 350,000, but Grigg responded by declaring himself all in.  Bouskila wasn’t going anywhere as he made the call.

“You didn’t hit anything did you?” sighed Grigg, praying that somehow his 6 clubs4 hearts was good. It wasn’t, as Bouskila had successfully floated another flop and turned top pair with K hearts10 spades.

Grigg would need a six or four on the river to stay alive but the Q clubs sealed his fate. Grigg picks up 2nd place and $73,000 in prize money as Bouskila takes the title and $110,000.

Grigg doubles

Tom Grigg was always going to be getting his chips in early during the heads-up battle and that is exactly what has just happened. Grigg had the button and shoved for 625,000. Michel Bouskila made the call and the two players turned their hands over.

Grigg: A spades7 spades
Bouskila: 3 clubs3 hearts

The 10 clubsJ diamsJ spades flop didn’t give Grigg much, but the 9 spades turn and the 5 spades river meant he had hit the flush to double up!

Heads-up chip counts

Michel Bouskila – 4,250,000
Tom Grigg – 925,000

Jan Suchanek eliminated in 3rd place ($54,000)

Tom Grigg opened with a min-raise from the button to 60,000, before Jan Suchanek (pictured) landed another three-bet to 175,000 from the small blind.  Action was then with chip leader Michel Bouskila who declared himself all in, covering both opponents.

Grigg gave it up but Suchanek made the call for his tournament life.

Suchanek: 8 spades8 diams
Bouskila: 9 clubs9 spades

The chip leader had him notched and the nines held through the board of 2 spadesK hearts6 spadesQ spades4 hearts.  A great tournament by Jan Suchanek, but he was unable to match his Aussie Millions title from last year, falling in 3rd place for $54,000 in prize money.

Bouskila the boss

A huge hand has just played out between Michel Bouskila and Jan Suchanek. It started with Bouskila opening the button to 60,000. Suchanek then three-bet to 150,000 from the big blind and Bouskila made the call.

On the 9 diams5 hearts3 diams flop, Suchanek led for 175,000 and Bouskila called. The J spades turn would see Suchanek again bet, this time 350,000. Bouskila made the call and a Q hearts completed the board on the river. Both players checked.

At showdown, Bouskila tabled J clubs10 hearts which was good enough to send Suchanek’s cards into the muck (one of which was a 5 spades that he flashed the table).

Bouskila now has over 3 million in chips, while Suchanek is down to 950,000.

Three handed count update

Michel Bouskila - 2,620,000
Jan Suchanek - 1,600,000
Tom Grigg - 925,000

Grigg gets raised off a couple

Tom Grigg has lost the last couple of hands to see his stack fall under 1 million in chips. The first was against Jan Suchanek when Grigg folded to a check-raise on a K clubs3 clubs6 diams flop.

The next was against Michel Bouskila which started with Bouskila opening the button to 60,000. Grigg was in the small blind and three-bet to 175,000. On the Q heartsJ clubs10 spades flop, Grigg led for 150,000 and Bouskila raised to 400,000. Grigg got out of the way and that was that!

Big hand fizzles out

It was looking like a big hand was brewing when Jan Suchanek opened the button to 65,000 and Michael Bouskila three-bet to 175,000, at which point Tom Grigg cold four-bet to 400,000 from the big blind. Suchanek quickly got out of the way, while Bouskila moved all in and Grigg quickly called. Fireworks!.. Or not.

Grigg: A diamsK spades
Bouskila: A heartsK diams

“Let’s just not run it out,” said Grigg.

The 3 diams4 clubs5 clubsQ diams2 spades board gave neither player a sweat and the pot was chopped in half.

Oliver Gill eliminated in 4th place ($43,000)

The tournament of Oliver Gill (pictured) has come to an abrupt end as we’re rapidly getting down to the business end of this event.

Gill three-bet jammed for 17 big blinds holding 8 hearts8 spades following the button open from Michel Bouskia, who made the call with A clubs3 clubs.

Gill couldn’t bare to watch, and that was probably a good thing, as the flop arrived 4 diams2 clubs5 diams to give Bouskila the wheel straight.

“Well, that sums up my Aussie Millions.  Always fourth or fifth in everything...” muttered Gill as the Q hearts turn and 6 hearts river completed the board.

“I got it in good five times on this final table and lost them all...” Gill continued to chatter to no one in particular as he wandered off to collect $43,000 for a fine tournament.

Bouskila is now well in front with 2.9 million chips.

Vlastimil StastnyVlastimil Stastny eliminated in 5th place ($32,000)

Despite managing to double up and then triple up, Vlastimil Stastny (pictured) has been unable to cling to lfe after being left crippled by Tom Grigg - the same player who would send him to the rail.

Stastny’s final hand saw him all in preflop holding Q clubs9 hearts against Grigg’s K hearts10 diams. The last five cards that Stastny would see in this tournament were J hearts2 spadesA diamsK spadesA clubs as the player from the Czech Republic went home in 5th place.

Grigg gets there again

Tom Grigg has had a great couple of hands, going from the short stack to second in chips in just a few minutes. The latest Grigg double up saw him shove the button for 476,000. Once again it was Valstimil Stastny who made the call, this time holding 6 spades6 clubs.

Luck was once again on Grigg’s team as a 7 clubsK clubs8 spades5 hearts10 diams board seeing him move his stack to almost seven figures.

Stastny is in real trouble following the above hand, now having just 14,000 in chips.

Grigg gets the lucky double

Tom Grigg, our short stack, recently shoved his 230,000-chip stack in the middle from the small blind. Grigg held just Q diams3 spades and somewhat unfortunately got the call from Vlastimil Stastny, who held 5 clubs5 hearts.

Luck was to go Grigg’s way however, with a 10 spades4 clubs6 heartsQ spadesK diams board giving him a pair of queens and enough to double up to just around 475,000.

Level Up, Blinds 15,000-30,000, Ante 4,000

Break time

The five players have been sent on a 10-minute break.

Huge hand to close out the level

The biggest hand of the day has just played out between Oliver Gill and Michel Bouskila. It started with Gill opening the button to 50,000. Bouskila made the call and the dealer flipped over a 9 hearts4 spades5 hearts flop.

Bouskila check-called a bet of 65,000 here and a 6 hearts hit the turn. Again Bouskila checked and this time called a bet of 110,000 from Gill. On the 9 clubs river, Bouskila checked yet again and this time Gill bet 200,000. Bouskila didn’t take too long to make it 550,000, which caused Gill some pain.

Gill eventually sort of shrugged and made the call, begrudgingly tabling his A heartsK hearts for the nut flush. Bouskila’s 7 hearts8 hearts landed on the felt, with the straight flush good enough to rake in the monster pot.

Bouskila now has a big chip lead with around 2,500,000 in chips, while Gill is down to 560,000.

Chip Count Update

Michel Bouskila - 1,750,000
Oliver Gill - 1,400,000
Jan Suchanek - 850,000
Vlastimil Stastny - 800,000
Tom Grigg - 450,000

Andrew Bassat eliminated in 6th place ($21,000)

Michel Bouskila was in middle position when he opened it up to 50,000. Andrew Bassat (pictured) was a couple of spots to his left when he shoved for 249,000. The rest of the table was out of the way and Bouskila opted to make the call.

Bouskila: 8 hearts8 clubs
Bassat: A diamsQ clubs

It was a classic race situation that turned bad for Bassat as the 7 clubs4 spades8 spades flop left him in even more trouble. The 10 hearts turn and the 7 spades river weren’t what the doctor ordered for Bassat and he was sent home in 6th place.

Humble in defeat, Bassat shook the hands of his opponents and made his way home with his largest tournament cash ever.

Ian CordtsIan Cordts eliminated in 7th place ($10,800)

Ian Cordts (pictured) was under the gun when he moved all in for 220,000. Folded around to Tom Grigg he thought for a long time before shoving all in over the top. The rest of the table got out of the way and Cordts was at risk.

“Sorry, it wasn’t a slow roll,” said Grigg as he turned over A spadesA hearts.

Cordts was in trouble as his Q diams10 clubs would need some help. When the dealer turned over the J diams3 spades6 spades7 spades8 diams board, Cordts didn’t catch any cards and was sent home in 7th place.

Our 6-Max final table is now six handed!

Level Up, Blinds 12,000-24,000, Ante 3,000

Suchanek doubles through Grigg

Tom Grigg was in early position when he opened it up to 45,000. Folded around to Jan Suchanek in the big blind and he would three-bet all in. Grigg asked how much it was then said “under two hundred? I call,” as he turned over 9 spades9 hearts. Suchanek wasn’t in bad shape, tabling his J hearts10 diams.

When the board ran out 2 spades4 clubsJ clubs7 heartsQ diams Suchanek had caught the cards he needed and managed the double up to around 400,000.

First all in goes uncalled

Our first all in at the final table has just occurred, with Andrew Bassat jamming on the turn of a 7 spadesK clubs4 diams8 diams board. The hand began with Ian Cordts opening to 40,000 from the hijack and Bassat called from the big blind. On the flop, Bassat led for 50,000 and Crodts called.

As alluded to, it was on the turn that Bassat moved all in. Staring down his opponent, Bassat raked the pot in as Cordts let his hand go.

Grigg winning small

There hasn't been too much action during the early stages of the final table. The most active player (surprise, surprise) has been Tom Grigg. He has taken down four hands in a row, three of them uncontested preflop and the other with a continuation bet on 8 spades8 clubs5 hearts flop against Vlastimil Stastny. Grigg showed the table his pocket sixes as he raked in that pot.

Final table set and ready

The final seven players are in their seats and ready to start playing the final table! Below is how they are seated, along with their approximate chip stacks.

Seat 1: Vlastimil Stastny – 810,000
Seat 2: Oliver Gill – 1,539,000
Seat 3: Ian Cordts – 340,000
Seat 4: Jan Suchanek – 265,000
Seat 5: Michel Bouskila – 1,040,000
Seat 6: Tom Grigg – 885,000
Seat 7: Andrew Bassat – 400,000

The blinds are still 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000-chip ante, with around 40 minutes left in this level. Blinds will last 60 minutes during the final table.

Final Table

Matthew WoolleyMatthew Woolley eliminated in 8th place ($8,000)

Matthew Woolley (pictured) has just been sent home in 8th place and we are at our final table! Woolley’s final hand saw him three-bet to 110,000 from the button after Oliver Gill opened the cutoff to 40,000. Gill then quickly four-bet and before we knew it, Gill and his opponent had all the chips in, with Gill easily having his opponent covered.

Gill: A spadesA hearts
Wooley: J diamsJ spades

“I’ve had aces all in preflop three times this tournament,” said Gill as the dealer spread out a 10 diams4 spades3 spades6 clubsQ hearts board. With that, Woolley was home in 8th place and our final table is set!

The final seven players have made their way on a quick break. They will redraw for their seats at the final table when they return.

Level Up, Blinds 10,000-2,000, Ante 2,000

The blinds are up as play continues hand-for-hand with eight players remaining.

Big double for Bouskila

We have just seen a big double up over on Table 14. When we arrived at the action there was already a 4 clubs7 spadesQ clubs flop on the felt and Michel Bouskila was busy getting all his chips in the middle. Jan Suchanek was his one opponent and decided to make the call, having his opponent covered.

Suchanek held Q hearts8 hearts, while his opponent held the better hand (after the flop), with 7 hearts4 spades. When the A diams on the turn and the J diams on the river completed the board, Bouskila would see his stacak move over 1,000,000 in chips, while Suchanek is down to around 200,000.

Neil Channing eliminated in 9th place ($8,000)

We have lost our first player here on the final day of the 6-max event. Neil Channing (pictured), who started the day around the middle of the pack, first lost most of his chips to Andrew Bassat and has now given the rest of them to Vlastimil Stasny.

Channing’s final hand began with Channing opening the button, at which point Stastny three-bet out of the big blind. Before we knew it, all of Channing’s chips were in the middle and the two player’s had turned their cards over.

Channing: 9 clubs9 hearts
Stastny: J clubsJ spades

Channing wasn’t in good shape and it stayed that way as a 8 spades7 diamsQ spades4 diams3 clubs board was spread on the felt.

With eight players remaining, we are now playing hand-for-hand.

Shortie doubles

One of the shorter stacks at the beginning of the day, Andrew Bassat has since managed to find a double up against Neil Channing. It was an all-in preflop situation, with Bassat holding 9 clubs9 spades against Channing’s A spadesK spades.

When a 2 spades3 diams7 spades flop landed on the felt, Bassat would have to fade a lot of cards, and fortunately for him, the 7 diams turn and the 3 clubs river meant he had done just that.

With that, Bassat had doubled up to over 500,000 in chips, while Channing is starting to see his stack fall.

Cards in the air

After a slight delay and the late arrival of Neil Channing, the nine remaining players have scrambled into their seats, unbagged their chips and the cards are in the air.

Today’s action starts with blinds 8,000-16,000, with a 2,000-chip ante. The two remaining tables will continue playing until only seven players remain overall and then we will break to a seven-handed final table.

Let’s go!

A huge field of 523 players turned out for Event #5: $1,100 No Limit Holdem Six-Max to create a prize pool in excecss of half a million dollars, with the eventual champion set to go home with $110,000.

When Day 1 came to an end late on Thursday evening, only nine players bagged up some chips and will return in contention on the final day. It is well-known Australian Tom Grigg who holds the chip lead, with Jan Suchanek, Oliver Gill and the UK's Neil Channing juts a couple who still remain. Below is the final day table draw.

Aussie Millions

Table 10
Seat 1: Andrew Bassat - 375,000
Seat 3: Vlastimil Stastny - 514,000
Seat 4: Oliver Gill - 744,000
Seat 5: Neil Channing - 549,000

Table 14
Seat 1: Ian Cordts - 193,000
Seat 2: Matthew Woolley - 447,000
Seat 3: Jan Suchanek - 769,000
Seat 4: Tom Grigg - 1,095,000
Seat 5: Michel Bouskila - 554,000

All the above players are guaranteed $8,000 for their finish today, while it is the final table of seven where the money starts to grow large. Check out the final table payouts below.

1st - $110,000
2nd - $73,000
3rd - $54,000
4th - $43,000
5th - $32,000
6th - $21,000
7th - $10,800

The Poker Asia Pacific team will be live on the floor of the Crown Poker Room to bring you live updates of the final day of play, with the action set to kick off at 2.00pm.