Shane Warne Super Stack - Final Table Live Updates

Nam Le eliminated in 2nd place ($30,000); Ross Grammer wins ($34,660)!

After that previous blow, Nam Le didn’t have much time to find a hand and go with it. When Ross Grammer (pictured) opened to 900,000 on the button, Le looked down at A hearts5 hearts and stuck it all in. Grammer made the all with 3 diams3 hearts.

The board was spread 10 spades9 clubs4 clubs6 spadesK diams, missing Le to hand the pot and the title to Grammer!

It was a fantastic tournament for Nam Le who has a lot of fans in this poker room. He played great and will enjoy a post-deal total of $30,000 in prize money for his runner-up finish. Meanwhile it’s Ross Grammer who is crowned the Shane Warne Super Stack champion, picking up the trophy and first-place prize of $34,660. Congratulations!

Thanks for following our live coverage this evening, and stay tuned to the home page for a wrap article of the day’s action.

Grammer rockets to a big lead

After an hour or more of small ball poker, we’ve just seen a huge preflop clash that has shifted the advantage firmly in favour of Ross Grammer.

The hand started with Nam Le opening to 600,000 from the button. Grammer raised to 1.2 million before Le came back with a four-bet to 2.8 million. Grammer moved all in for an additional 4.725 million to give Le a decision. After some thought, Le made the call.

Le: K heartsQ diams
Grammer: A spadesA clubs

Le had walked smack into the pocket rockets, but the hand wasn’t over yet.

The dealer burned a card and revealed the flop – K clubs7 diamsQ clubs – Le had incredibly flopped two pair to the roar of delight from his rail. Le now had one hand on the trophy, but before he could even savour what had just happened, the 7 clubs was put on the board to give Grammer a better two pair with aces and sevens. The river was the 3 clubs and Grammer doubled up to 14.5 million with Le now down to just 2.5 million.

Nam gets caught again

Nam Le (pictured) limped the button and Ross Grammer checked his option in the big blind to see a flop of K spades6 diams8 clubs. Grammer check-called for 300,000 before both players tapped the table on the 10 diams turn. The river was the Q hearts and Grammer checked to Le who bet 700,000. Again Grammer made a light call with 8 hearts2 clubs for a pair of eights but that was too good for Le’s 9 hearts3 hearts bluff.

The chips are now pretty much back to level once again.

Ace-high enough for Grammer

Ross Grammer raised the button to 650,000 and Nam Le defended his big blind with a call. The flop landed 7 clubs8 heartsQ hearts and both players checked. The J spades was also checked through before the 4 hearts landed on the river.

Le took a stab with a bet of 650,000 but Grammer looked it up with A spades6 spades for ace-high which was good against Le’s 5 spades3 spades.

Level up, blinds 150,000/300,000

One for Ross

Ross Grammer decided to mix things up with a limp from the button. Nam Le checked his option in the big blind and the flop landed Q clubs9 diams8 spades. Le check-called for 325,000 before both players tapped the table on the K hearts turn.

The river was the 9 clubs and Le checked it to Grammer who bet 500,000. This one was able to get through as Le let it go to give Grammer the pot.

Grammer misses

Ross Grammer opened to 550,000 from the button and Nam Le defended his big blind with a call. The flop landed 7 heartsJ clubs4 hearts and Le check-called for 700,000, before both players checked the 9 spades turn card. When the Q clubs appeared on the river, Le tossed out 600,000 and Grammer frustratingly flashed the A hearts2 hearts for a busted flush draw and sent his cards into the muck.

Another pot for Le sees him climb to 12.5 million as Grammer is down to 4.5 million.

Early one for Le

Picking up the action in a raised pot on a flop of K clubs6 clubs6 spades, Nam Le checked from the big blind over to Ross Grammer on the button who bet out 700,000. Le made the call before both checked the 3 hearts turn. On the 7 spades river, Le led out for 1.6 million which forced Grammer to fold his A spades9 hearts as Le gets the early advantage in this heads-up battle.

Heads-up chip counts

The two remaining players have agreed to a deal. With Ross Grammer holding a narrow chip lead over Nam Le, the two have agreed to take $30,000 each and then play for the remaining $4,660 and the trophy.

Ross Grammer – 8,795,000
Nam Le – 8,555,000

SWSS Heads Up

Adrian Mills eliminated in 3rd place ($16,105)

Adrian Mills (pictured) was on the button with 2.6 million, squeezed the K clubs and that was enough for him to move all in. Nam Le folded the small blind but Ross Grammer found A hearts10 spades in the big blind and made the call. Mills now had to squeeze his second card, and it wasn’t as pretty as the first as he found the 2 spades.

The flop was Q clubs3 diamsK spades and Grammer had found the lead with his king, but the joy was short-lived when the A diams appeared on the turn to switch things back around. The river was the 4 clubs to leave Mills to depart in 3rd place for $16,105 in prize money.

We’re now heads-up for the title, and with both players pretty close in chips, Nam Le and Ross Grammer are again taking a look at potential deal numbers.

Level up, blinds 125,000/250,000/10,000

Straight for Grammer

Picking up the action on the turn on a board of J clubs9 diams2 spades10 diams, Ross Grammer led out with a bet of 300,000 from the small blind and Adrian Mills made the call in the big blind to see the 6 hearts completed the board.

Grammer fired again for a healthy 1.125 million with Mills giving the decision some thought before matching the bet. Grammer showed 7 spades8 spades for the turned straight and that was too good. Mills is now down to 2 million chips and under pressure as the blinds tick up once again.

Grammer gives it up

Nam Le raised to 400,000 from the small blind and Ross Grammer defended the big blind with a call to see a flop of Q diams4 diams7 diams.

Le checked it over to Grammer who bet 600,000. Le cut out some blue 100k denomination chips and was about to check-raise but Grammer insta-folded before Le’s chips were even in the pot.

No deal

After ten minutes of discussion, with several deal options discussed, ultimately it was Adrian Mills who wasn’t happy with the numbers presented and the cards were launched back into the air without a deal struck. Here are the counts:

Nam Le – 7,985,000
Ross Grammer – 6,685,000
Adrian Mills – 2,680,000

Hussein Qurban eliminated in 4th place ($10,885)

Nam Le has been on a rampage following the break as he’s now dispatched of Hussein Qurban to see us reach three-handed play.

Le opened the button to 400,000 before Qurban moved all in for 2,375,000 from the big blind. Le made the call with 5 clubs5 diams and the race was on against Qurban’s A spades8 diams.

The board would run out K clubsQ spadesK diams3 diams10 diams to leave Le’s pair in the lead to take it down and remove Qurban in 4th place for a five-figure collect of $10,885.

With that, the three remaining players have paused the clock to look at potential deal numbers. We’ll have the current chip counts for you shortly.

Marty Spargo eliminated in 5th place ($8,050)

It would only take one more hand for Marty Spargo (pictured) to be bounced to the rail. Again it was Nam Le who did the damage.

Le opened to 450,000 before Spargo moved all in from the big blind. Le made the call and the cards were on their backs!

Le: A diams10 hearts
Spargo: K diamsK spades

Spargo had found a monster and looked set to double through when the flop landed 8 clubs6 diamsJ clubs. The 7 clubs turn was also a safe card, but the A clubs fell on the river like a dagger through the heart. Spargo’s fine tournament comes to an end in 5th place which is worth $8,050 in prize money.

Quick double for Nam

First hand back from the break and Nam Le has found a very handy double up. The action started with Marty Spargo shoving all in from under the gun. Action folded to Le on the button who made the call.

Spargo: A hearts9 clubs
Le: A clubsK hearts

The flop landed Q diams10 spades8 clubs and Spargo started calling for a jack for the straight, not realising that it would actually be a bad card as it would give Le a bigger straight. The 10 diams hit the turn before that cruel J diams fell on the river. Both players had to do a double take before Le realised his Broadway straight was good for the double up.

Le is back in contention with around 4 million in chips with Spargo now on the short stack with under 1 million in chips.

Play resumes

The players are back following the break with the blinds now up to a breathtaking 100,000/200,000/10,000. We suspect this level is going to sort them out!

Ten-minute break

Chip count update

Ross Grammer – 7,100,000
Adrian Mills – 3,100,000
Marty Spargo – 2,850,000
Hussein Gurban – 2,800,000
Nam Le – 1,900,000

Raise and take it

After a rapid start to this final table, the action has dried up significantly this level. Most posts are being won by the preflop aggressor with a single raise or all-in shove, usually taking down the pot uncontested.

Another double for Qurban

The hands for Hussein Qurban on this final table have had one of two outcomes – fold our double up. He doubled up very early on the final table, before going quiet for a lengthy period of time. Now five-handed, Qurban has come back with another double up to stay alive in the Shane Warne Super Stack Main Event.

Qurban moved all in preflop for 1.25 million with Q clubsJ hearts and Marty Spargo took it on with 9 diams9 hearts. The flop was a bare 8 clubs6 heartsA spades but the Q diams turn card put Qurban into the lead. The river bricked the 4 clubs and Qurban was back to 2.6 million with Spargo now the short stack with 1.8 million.

Level up, blinds 75,000/150,000/10,000

George Palavos eliminated in 6th place ($6,190)

Nam Le opened with a min raise from the button before George Palavos moved all in from the small blind for just 250,000, or 10,000 more chips. Of course, Le made the call with A hearts5 hearts as Palavos held the lead with J heartsJ clubs.

The board would run out 4 clubs9 heartsA clubs7 clubsK hearts to see Le spike the ace from space to leave Palavos to depart in 6th place. That’s worth $6,190 in prize money.

We’re now down to our final five with Ross Grammer way out in front with 7.3 million. Adrian Mills is next best with 2.9 million while Nam Le is starting to look dangerous with 2.75 million. Marty Spargo (2.25 million) and Hussein Qurban (1.3 million) are the short stacks.

David Bowen eliminated in 7th place ($4,600)

Ross Grammer opened to 250,000 from under the gun before David Bowen (pictured) announced himself all in for a total of 1.4 million. Action folded back to Grammer who was quick to call with Q spadesQ hearts as Bowen would need to improve his A diams8 spades.

The flop of 9 spades10 spades7 hearts made it interesting as Bowen flopped a straight draw, but the 10 diams turn and 3 clubs river completed the board to leave Grammer to claim another victim. Bowen was one of the nine players to bag up chips across multiple opening flights as he “accumulated” his way to 7th place and $4,600 in prize money.

Quoc Nguyen eliminated in 8th place ($3,360)

It was a great run by Quoc Nguyen in the defence of his Shane Warne Super Stack title. To reach back-to-back final tables is a massive achievement in itself, but Nguyen has fallen just short of another title after his elimination in 8th place.

Nguyen opened the action with a raise to 275,000 from the cutoff position. Action folded to Ross Grammer in the big blind who three-bet to 670,000. Nguyen responded by moving all in for around 1.3 million and Grammer made the call.

Grammer: A clubsA diams
Nguyen: J clubsJ diams

Nguyen was calling for a jack but this time there was no help as the board was spread 7 clubs9 spades6 clubs3 diams8 hearts. Nguyen collects $3,360 for 8th place as Grammer is now well in control with a stack of over 5 million chips!

Nam gets moving

David Bowen opened to 260,000 from the cutoff position before Nam Le made his presence felt on this final table by moving all in for around 2 million from the big blind.

Now it was Bowen’s turn in the tank, but he eventually let it go to slip to 1.6 million in chips.

Quoc sliding

From the cutoff position, Marty Spargo opened to 240,000 with Quoc Nguyen (pictured) giving it plenty of thought in the big blind before making the call.

The flop of 5 spadesK diams3 hearts was checked by both players before the 6 spades hit the turn. Nguyen checked it to Spargo who bet out 325,000. Again Nguyen spent a long time in thought before releasing his cards. The defending champ is back to 1.2 million.

Double for George

George Palavos has survived an all-in to double up and stay alive here on the Shane Warne Super Stack final table.

From early position, Palavos moved all in for 255,000, or just over two big blinds. Action folded to Adrian Mills in the big blind who made the call with A spades9 hearts to be racing with Palavos’ 7 hearts7 clubs.

The board bricked out 6 hearts3 clubsJ spades2 clubs3 hearts to see Palavos give a fist-pump of delight as he doubled through to about 600,000. He’ll need another double or two to get back into contention.

Big chop

Ross Grammer opened the button to 255,000 and Marty Spargo made the call in the big blind. The two saw a flop of K clubs6 clubsQ spades and Spargo check-called a bet of 300,000.

Both players checked the 10 spades turn before the K spades river completed the board. Spargo checked and Grammer reached for chips before sliding 600,000 intot he middle. Spargo snapped it off with a call holding K hearts9 diams but that was only worth half the pot as Grammer opened K diams9 spades for the same hand.

Level up, blinds 60,000/120,000/10,000

Palavos waits

George Palavos is on the short stack with just 350,000 in change. After Adrian Mills raised the cutoff to 250,000, Palavos defended his big blind to see a flop of 8 diamsJ diams8 spades.

Palavos checked and Mills moved all in. Palavos tanked for a long time but decided to wait for another spot to commit his last chips. He better not wait too long, as the blinds are about to go up again!

Bowen gets some back

David Bowen has extracted a little revenge from Marty Spargo. The hand started with Spargo min-raising the button and Bowen called from the small blind. Bowen check-called a bet on the 3 clubsQ diams4 clubs flop before both players checked the J diams turn.

On the 10 clubs river, Bowen casually splashed out a bet of 300,000 and Spargo eventually gave it up. Bowen is up to 2.25 million with Spargo slipping to 2.8 million.

Case three for Spargo

Marty Spargo is back in town after a fortunate double up. He shoved for 1.5 million with 3 diams3 hearts and David Bowen made the call with J spadesJ clubs. Spargo had one foot out the door until the board was spread 6 diams5 spades9 diams3 spades6 hearts.

A lucky three (apparently the case three after Adrian Mills claimed to have folded A-3), keeps Spargo in the game as he doubles to 3.1 million. Bowen is back to around 2 million.

Bradley Stiles eliminated in 9th place ($2,655)

A little bit of carnage to kick this final table off with a bang. It started with Bradley Stiles (pictured) moving all in from middle position for 950,000, or 9.5 big blinds. Action was folded to Marty Spargo on the button who made the call before Adrian Mills announced himself all in from the big blind for a fraction more. Spargo called and we had ourselves a three-way dance!

Stiles: J spades4 hearts
Spargo: 8 clubs8 hearts
Mills: A heartsK diams

Spargo and Mills has legit hands, while Stiles was on the steal and needed help. It arrived on the flop of 7 clubsQ spadesJ clubs as Stiles took the lead, but the 10 hearts changed everything as Mills hit Broadway! The 8 spades was salt into the wound and no help for Spargo as Mills triples up his stack.

Spargo takes a hit as Stiles is first from the final table to visit the cashier where he’ll pick up $2,655 for 9th place.

First blood for Qurban         

Hussein Qurban has landed the first major blow of this SWSS final table. He moved all in for around 500,000 on a flop of J clubs9 hearts6 spades with Adrian Mills taking his time before making the call with K clubsQ clubs for overcards with a straight draw. Qurban had one of those overcards covered with his K spadesJ diams and his hand held through the J spades turn and A diams river.

Qurban doubles up to 1.3 million with Mills now down to around 1.1 million.

Final Table line up

Here’s how they will line up with approximate chip counts:

Seat 1: Ross Grammer – 3,300,000
Seat 2: Hussein Qurban – 600,000
Seat 3: Marty Spargo – 3,000,000
Seat 4: David Bowen – 3,700,000
Seat 5: Adrian Mills – 1,830,000
Seat 6: Quoc Nguyen – 1,150,000
Seat 7: Nam Le – 2,175,000
Seat 8: George Palavos – 1,020,000
Seat 9: Bradley Stiles – 575,000

The blinds will kick off at the final table at 40,000/80,000/10,000 but will soon be kicking up once again with just a few minutes left in the level.

Final Table bubble goes POP!

The field of 694 players have been reduced to a final table, with one of these players about to walk away with the trophy and $40,130 in prize money.

Marty Spargo, Nam Le and the defending champion Quoc Nguyen all had moments with the lead over the final two tables, but Ross Grammer won two huge coinflips in two hands, to send two players to the rail to storm into the chip lead.

However the biggest story came on the final table bubble. David Bowen opened with a min-raise to 160,000 from the cutoff before former SWSS champ Steve Baker moved all in from the button for just under 1 million in chips. Bowen called with 6 diams6 spades and the race was on with Baker’s K spadesQ spades.

Unfortunately for Baker, the race was short lived as the dealer fanned a flop of 6 clubs6 hearts2 hearts to bring the Taswegian quads! Baker was stone-cold dead as the 7 hearts turn and 8 diams river completed the board.

With that, the final table of the Shane Warne Super Stack is now set!

The players are taking a ten-minute break and when they return, we’ll provide you with the line up!

Dinner break - still 21 players remaining

We still have 21 players remaining at the dinner break of Day 2, with the players enjoying the quality structure provided by this "super stack" format.

We still have two former SWSS champions in contention with Steve Baker (1.5 million) and Quoc Nguyen (550,000) both alive. However the chip leaders are David Bowen and Nam Le who both hold around 1.9 million in chips with the average chips at around 800,000.

Le has been battling on the feature table and gathered some chips, while exchanging some friendly banter with Quoc Nguyen. While Bowen recently won a big race with his pocket tens holding true against an opponent's ace-king.

Let's see if they can maintain those chips all the way until the final table!

Warney dismissed

Shane Warne put in a great run at the trophy which is named in his honour, but shortly after the money bubble burst, Warne was dismissed.

It was a one-two blow for Warne, who first ran K spadesQ clubs into an opponent’s K clubsK diams, before committing his last chips with 9 spades9 hearts only to run smack into A diamsA clubs. Ouch! There was no help for Warne on the board of 3 hearts8 spades6 spades7 diams8 diams as Warne was out in 54th place for $890 in prize money.

Other notables to finish in the money include Day 1a chip leader Leon Day (60th), Davor Derek (57th), David Bonadio (49th), Karan Punjabi (44th), Mel Wohlers (40th), George Cotaidis (35th) and Dennis Huntly (32nd).

Shane Warne Super Stack Main Event

The Shane Warne Super Stack series is coming to an end with the final day of the Main Event about to take centre stage of the Crown Poker Room. A record field of 694 entrants took part, with an investment of $300 about to earn someone a pay day of in excess of $40,000!

Shane Warne102 players will return for Day 2, including the man himself, Shane Warne, as he looks to win the title of the very event named in his honour! He'll be chasing our joint chip leaders, Leon Day and Marty Spargo who both bagged up 525,500 in chips.

We'll continue to post regular updates & photos on our Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the day, before we kick off our live coverage once we reach the SWSS final table.

Event information:

Day 1a: 212 entrants, 32 survivors
Day 1b: 193 entrants, 33 survivors
Day 1c: 289 entrants, 37 survivors

* 9 survivors "accumulated" chips across more than one opening flight

Total entrants: 695
Prize pool: $176,970
Places paid: 63
1st place: $40,130 (Full prizepool information)

SWSS Side Event Results

We'll have live updates of all of the final table action on Sunday night as we crown the newest Shane Warne Super Stack champion!