2013 Shane Warne Super Stack - Final table

Quoc Nguyen wins SWSSQuoc Nguyen wins Shane Warne Super Stack ($21,800)

The difference between winning and losing a poker tournament can come down to the fall of a single card. That could not be any more evident by the incredible win by Quoc Nguyen in the 2013 Shane Warne Super Stack Main Event.

With eleven players left, Nguyen was up out of his chair and walking towards the exit when his top pair, top kicker ran into a flopped set. Nguyen would need a miracle and that’s exactly what was delivered as he caught a runner-runner full house to go from near elimination to the chip lead. It was a staggering turn around and a second life that he cashed in to the absolute maximum, going all the way to the title.

Nguyen picked his spots carefully on the final table but was always able to stay with the chip leaders until the gallant Sam Paisley skipped away to take a 5-to-1 chip advantage into heads-up play. But once Nguyen landed a double up, he was a man on a mission, using relentless aggression against the rapidly rising blinds to grind down his opponent.

In the end, it came down to a coin flip and it landed the way of Nguyen. A regular in the Crown Poker Room for many years, Nguyen had taken a bit of a break from poker recently, but has now returned with a vengeance with the biggest score of his career worth $21,800 and the title of Shane Warne Super Stack champion!

SWSS Final Table Results

1st Quoc Nguyen - $21,800*
2nd Sam Paisley - $17,500*
3rd Dale Townsend - $17,100*
4th Andrew Kyle - $16,100*
5th Michael Rinaldi - $6,000
6th Anthony Legg - $5,000
7th Busra Kaluntakasuwun - $4,000
8th David Atkins - $3,000
9th Sebastian Selvaggio - $2,500
10th Darryl Gassali - $2,100

* denotes four-handed deal

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Sam PaisleySam Paisley eliminated in 2nd place ($17,500); Quoc Nguyen wins!

With Quoc Nguyen aggressively pounding on Sam Paisley (pictured), he had to make a stand eventually. As it turns out, the cards played themselves with two relatively premium heads-up hands seeing the chips fly into the middle.

Paisley opened the button to 400,000 before Nguyen moved all in once again. Paisley made a quick call.

Nguyen: 8 hearts8 clubs
Paisley: A hearts10 hearts

The race was on and the board bricked out 6 spades3 heartsK hearts6 diams5 diams to crown Quoc Nguyen our champion!

Well done to Sam Paisley who did a great job to navigate his way to 2nd place as he collects $17,800 for his efforts.

Nguyen floating

Quoc Nguyen has really turned up the heat in this heads-up battle with a series of all-in three-bets to really put his young opponent under pressure.  It allowed him to grab the chip lead before an interesting hand saw Nguyen grab the ascendency with a creative float on the flop.

With the blinds up to 100,000/200,000/25,000, Sam Paisley raised the button to 400,000 and Nguyen called to see a flop of 5 clubs10 diams6 clubs.  Nguyen check-called for 350,000 before the J clubs appeared on the turn. Nguyen checked and Paisley bet 700,000, but Nguyen responded by instantly declaring himself all in.  Paisley folded and Nguyen flashed J diams4 clubs for just jack-high on the flop that turned top pair.

Nguyen is now up to close to nine million with Paisley back down to 3.2 million.

First blood to Quoc

It hasn’t taken long for these two to get busy with Quoc Nguyen landing a quick double up to get back into contention.

Sam Paisley open-jammed the button with K diams2 diams and Nguyen insta-called with a dominant K spadesJ spades. The board rolled out 10 clubsK heartsA diamsQ clubs7 diams to see Nguyen double up to close to five million with Paisley slipping back to about seven million.

Heads up chip counts

Sam Paisley – 10,200,000
Quoc Nguyen – 2,200,000

Dale Townsend eliminated in 3rd place ($17,100)

Dale Townsend (pictured) was down to around 500,000 which he moved all in from the small blind. Sam Paisley made a quick call in the big blind and the cards were on their backs.

Townsend: 7 diams8 spades
Paisley: K hearts5 hearts

Townsend was looking for some help but the K diamsK clubsQ spades pretty much saw to the end of that.

“Not even a sweat!” sighed Townsend.

The 2 clubs turn and A diams river completed the board, leaving Townsend to depart in 3rd place for a post-deal amount of $17,100 after a fine tournament.

A flip for $4k

A game-breaking double up has seen Sam Paisley grab a commanding lead in this contest in a massive clash with Dale Townsend.

Quoc Nguyen opened the button to 350,000 before Townsend moved all in from the small blind. Paisley quickly followed with an all-in bet from the big blind as Nguyen got out of the way.

Paisley: 10 clubs10 spades
Townsend: A spadesK diams

Paisley flopped a set and faded the straight draw on the board of 2 clubsQ hearts10 hearts3 heartsA clubs to land the crucial double up.

“That was a flip for $4k,” sighed Townsend.

Paisley now has in the vicinity of ten million chips out of the twelve million in play, with Townsend reduced to just 650,000.

Two pair for Paisley

“So sick! How do you hit that?” exclaimed Dale Townsend as Sam Paisley raked in a monstrous pot.  After both players committed 350,000 on the K hearts5 diamsA spades flop, Townsend checked the 10 hearts turn to see Paisley bet 800,000. Townsend made the call as a dangerous Q diams river saw both players quickly check it down.

Paisley showed 5 hearts10 diams for a creative two pair as Townsend cringed and flashed the K diams.

Both players are now about even with five million in chips with Quoc Nguyen trailing with around two million.

Andrew Kyle eliminated in 4th place ($16,100)

Andrew Kyle (pictured) was the short stack and he committed himself with A diams7 clubs from the small blind after Dale Townsend had open-jammed the button.  Townsend opened 2 spades2 clubs and the race was on.

Townsend called for a deuce but that soon changed when the 3 spades4 hearts5 clubs flop fell to give Kyle a straight draw to go with his overcards.  The turn was the 9 clubs and the river bricked the 5 diams to see Townsend’s ducks hold up to eliminate Kyle in 4th place. A favourable deal nets him $16,100 for a fine tournament.

Paisley sneaks one through

With the blinds cranking up to 80,000/160,000/15,000, Dale Townsend opened to 350,000 before Sam Paisley moved all in.  Townsend asked for a count and it was 2,270,000 more to make the call.

“Will you show if I fold?” asked Townsend.

“If you want,” shrugged Paisley.

Townsend verbalized a fold and flashed king-queen as Paisley showed J clubs10 hearts.

“Argh, I play so good! I deserve to be here!” chuckled Townsend sarcastically as Paisley raked in the pot.

Deal done

The four remaining players have now agreed to terms and a deal has been struck based on an ICM chop with $1,000 taken from each player’s share to put $4,000 in the middle for the eventual champion.

Quoc Nguyen – 3,360,000 chips ($17,800)
Sam Paisley – 3,240,000 chips ($17,500)
Dale Townsend – 3,085,000 chips ($17,100)
Andrew Kyle – 2,700,000 chips ($16,100)

The remaining $4,000 and the trophy are now in the middle to play for as the cards are back in the air.

Michael Rinaldi eliminated in 5th place ($6,000)

Michael Rinaldi (pictured) has survived everything thrown at him for two days, but his mighty run has come to an end in 5th place. Rinaldi had blinded down to less than one big blind which he committed from the small blind against three other players.

The flop landed 8 clubsQ spades5 diams and Dale Townsend bet out 120,000 to force folds from the two other live players.

“You’d better have the nuts,” chirped Sam Paisley.

“Pretty much,” replied Townsend as he opened Q clubs8 spades for top two pair. Rinaldi showed A spades7 clubs and would need a miracle to get out of this one.

The K spades turn and 5 clubs river didn’t change anything, giving Towsend the pot and sending Rinaldi to the rail. After finishing 7th in this event last year, Rinaldi improves a couple of spots to collect $6,000 for 5th place.

The remaining four players have now paused the clock to take a look at a potential deal.

All in from Townsend

Some momentum has swung towards Dale Townsend as Quoc Nguyen has taken a hit to his empire.  Nguyen opened to 300,000 and Townsend flatted in position to see a flop of A clubsJ spades3 clubs. Nguyen led out for 450,000 but Townsend declared himself all in.  Nguyen asked for a count, and rocked back in his chair in display. It was another 1.24 million to call.

Nguyen sighed and reluctantly folded, flashing the J diams. It may have been a good fold as Townsend showed the A diams.  Nguyen slips to 2.6 million with Townsend now up to 2.9 million.

Chip Count Update

Sam Paisley – 4,000,000
Quoc Nguyen – 3,500,000
Dale Townsend – 2,000,000
Andrew Kyle – 1,700,000
Michael Rinaldi – 1,000,000

The blinds are now up to 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000-chip ante as the players have requested a quick toilet break.

Anthony Legg eliminated in 6th place ($5,000)

Action folded to Anthony Legg on the button who declared himself all in for around 770,000. Quoc Nguyen folded his small blind, but Dale Townsend thought for some time before committing to the call in the big blind.

Legg: 6 spades3 diams
Townsend: K clubs10 diams

“Oh well, one of us gets to double up,” sighed Townsend as he had made a solid call against his mate.  The board fell A diams2 hearts2 diamsJ heartsA spades to leave Townsend’s king kicker in front to end the tournament of Legg in 6th place for a $5,000 score.

Busra KaluntakasuwunDavid Atkins eliminated in 8th place ($3,000); Busra Kaluntakasuwun eliminated in 7th place ($4,000)

With the blinds kicking up to 50,000/100,000/10,000 we were expecting to see plenty of fireworks and that’s exactly what we have just seen with a massive double elimination.

The hand started with Busra Kaluntakasuwun (pictured) moving all in for 580,000 from early position.  Action passed to David Atkins who declared himself all in for slightly less, but there were gasps from the rail when Michael Rinaldi declared himself all in from the big blind!

A three-way dance and the cards were on their backs.

Kaluntakasuwun: J diams10 hearts
Atkins: 7 clubs7 hearts
Rinaldi: A diamsA hearts

The board blanked out Q hearts8 clubs6 spadesQ spades3 diams to see Rinaldi land a double KO! A count down of chips saw Kaluntakasuwun with 5,000 more than Atkins so she gets the pay jump to $4,000 for 7th place, as Atkins takes $3,000 for 8th place.

Meanwhile Rinaldi is back to his merry best and in contention with a stack of 1.8 million.

Sebastian Selvaggio eliminated in 9th place ($2,500)

About 30 minutes ago Sebastian Selvaggio (pictured) was the tournament chip leader and one card away from increasing that lead to around a quarter of the chips in play. He’s now on the rail in 9th place and ruing what could have been.

Action folded around to Selvaggio in late position who moved all in for a tick over 500,000. His nemesis, Quoc Nguyen, woke up in the small blind and made the call as Selvaggio saw the bad news.

Selvaggio: A hearts2 hearts
Nguyen: K spadesK diams

It only got better for Nguyen as the board ran out K clubs5 heartsQ clubsJ spades7 clubs to give Nguyen a set of kings to collect the pot and eliminate Selvaggion in 9th place for $2,500 in prize money.

Nines for Rinaldi

Day 1b chip leader Michael Rinaldi has had a remarkable run in this tournament, with a rollercoaster ride full of big cards and entertaining play.  He’s just survived another all in with his 9 hearts9 spades doubling through Dale Townsend’s A hearts3 hearts on a board of 4 spades3 spadesJ clubs6 clubsK spades.

Rinaldi is now up to around 600,000.

Darryl Gassali eliminated in 10th place ($2,100)

With the blinds at a rather hefty 40,000/80,000/10,000, Darryl Gassali (pictured) looked down at A diams7 clubs from early position and was happy to commit his last 110,000.  Action folded around to Anthony Legg in the big blind who made the call in the dark.

Gassali: A diams7 clubs
Legg: 10 spades3 diams

Live cards were enough for Legg as he connected with the board of 3 spades8 hearts4 clubs9 diams4 diams. A pair of threes enough to send Gassali to the rail in 10th place for a collect of $2,100 in prize money.

SWSS Final Table line up

Seat 1: David Atkins
Seat 2: Dale Townsend
Seat 3: Andrew Kyle
Seat 4: Michael Rinaldi
Seat 5: Sam Paisley
Seat 6: Sebastian Selvaggio
Seat 7: Anthony Legg
Seat 8: Busra Kaluntakasuwun
Seat 9: Darryl Gassali
Seat 10: Quoc Nguyen

The players have found their new seats and the Shane Warne Super Stack final table is now under way!

SWSS Final Table

Edwards bubbles FT

Our final table is now set as Nicole Edwards has bubbled the final table in 11th place.

Sam Paisley put his big stack to work by jamming from the button, but Edwards made the call in the big blind with K spadesQ hearts. She trailed Paisley’s A hearts3 hearts and couldn’t improve through the board of 4 diams9 diams5 clubs10 heartsA clubs.

The players are now redrawing for the final table of ten.

Brutal runner-runner boat for Quoc

What a cracking start to our live coverage of the SWSS Main Event.  Sebastian Selvaggio and Quoc Nguyen (pictured) have just gone to war on a flop of 5 hearts6 diamsK hearts and Nguyen had one foot out the door when his A spadesK diams top pair, top kicker, ran into Selvaggio’s 5 diams5 clubs for a set of fives.  But the table could hardly believe it when the 6 hearts turn and K clubs river rolled out on board to counterfeit Selvaggio to give Nguyen a bigger full house with kings full of sixes!  Ouch!

From virtual elimination to chip leader with the fall of one river card as Nguyen doubles through to around 2.5 million with Selvaggio licking his wounds but still in good shape with around 1.2 million.

Down to the lucky eleven!

The players are returning from a quick dinner break with 11 players still in contention for the Shane Warne Super Stack title.  They are spread over two tables with one more elimination required until we reach our official final table of ten.

Here’s how the line up across the two tables with approximate chip counts:

Table 31
Seat 2: Michael Rinaldi – 650,000
Seat 6: Andrew Kyle – 1,400,000
Seat 7: Sam Paisley - 2,100,000
Seat 8: David Atkins - 625,000
Seat 9: Nicole Edwards – 750,000

Table 32
Seat 1: Anthony Legg – 840,000
Seat 2: Sebastian Selvaggio – 2,275,000
Seat 4: Darryl Gassali – 300,000
Seat 6: Dale Townsend – 1,360,000
Seat 7: Quoc Nguyen – 1,125,000
Seat 8: Busra Kaluntakasuwun – 1,000,000

Our chip leader is Day 1a chip leader Sebastian Selvaggio while our Day 1b chip leader Michael Rinaldi is also still alive.

A few notables who finished in the money included Mario Ljubicic (44th), Billy Seri (40th), Dale Chapman (35th), Nali Kaselias (34th), Lorriane Craig (32nd), defending champion Dean Schneider (27th), Vinh Tran (26th), Dean Blatt (21st) and Melanie Wohlers (19th).

We’ll be providing live updates now throughout the evening until the Shane Warne Super Stack champion is crowned!

Event Information

Day 1a: 162 entrants, 48 survivors
Day 1b: 115 entrants, 32 survivors
Day 1c: 221 entrants, 80 survivors

Total entrants: 510 (includes 12 no-shows)
Prize pool: $132,600
Places paid: 45
1st place: $32,500
Full prize pool and payouts

Shane Warne Super Stack is back!

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