2014 Aussie Millions - Event #1: $1,100 NLHE Opening Event Live Updates

Mustapha KanitCongratulations to Mustapha Kanit, Champion of Opening Event ($196,000)!

Italy's Mustapha Kanit claimed victory in the 2014 Aussie Millions Opening Event! Just a few weeks ago Kanit finished 4th in the $25,000 PCA High Roller for $492,600 and now he takes home $196,000 for overcoming a field of 1,302 players to win his first Aussie Millions event! Congratulations!

Final Table Payouts
1st: Mustapha Kanit - $196,000*
2nd: David Lim - $190,000*
3rd: Daryl Hussey - $125,000
4th: Orjan Skommo - $100,000
5th: Lukas Byrns - $80,000
6th: Otto Pickermann - $63,000
7th: Suraj Dutt -$48,000
8th: Christopher Zeng - $35,000
9th: Slade Fisher - $23,000
10th: Steven Tabb - $14,500
*Denotes heads-up deal

Click here for full Opening Event results

David LimDavid Lim Eliminated in 2nd Place ($190,000); Mustapha Kanit Wins!

It’s all over!

The first event of the 2014 Aussie Millions has been won by Italy’s Mustapha Kanit!

The final hand of the Opening Event saw David Lim shove for around 3.5 million from the button. Kanit called from the big blind and the two players turned their hands over.

Kanit: A spades9 spades
Lim: A diams7 clubs

Kanit was five cards from victory and the five cards on this occasion were 2 clubs5 heartsQ spadesJ clubsJ hearts. Just like that Kanit was the champion and Lim has been eliminated in 2nd place.

As per the earlier deal that was made, Lim takes home $190,000 and Kanit scoops $196,000.

Congratulations to Kanit for winning the 2014 Aussie Millions Opening Event!

More for Mustapha

For a short while David Lim made a come back, but Mustapha Kanit is still well and truly holding a solid chip lead. We picked up the action of a recent  hand from the turn of a 9 clubs3 hearts6 clubs9 hearts board.

Kanit checked here and Lim bet 450,000. Kanit then raised it up to 950,000. Lim went into the tankand eventually opted to fold. Lim is back to facing a four-to-one chip deficit.

Level Up: Blinds 60,000/120,000 (10,000)

Mustapha Increases Lead

Italy’s Mustapha Kanit has increased his chip lead.

Kanit has taken done several small pots and recently scooped a big one during a hand which went to the river of a J clubs10 spades10 clubs9 spades4 diams board. There was around a million already in the pot when David Lim checked to Kanit, who bet 500,000. Lim let his cards go and more chips went to Kanit. 

Heads-Up Count Update

These are the approximate stacks as we tick past 4:00am.

Mustapha Kanit – 9,300,000
David Lim – 3,800,000

Splashing Around

Considering the two players have made a deal, it’s somewhat not surprising that the action has loosened up. The first few hands of the heads-up battle saw plenty of chips exchanged.

One big hand we caught on the turn of a 5 spades10 spades10 diams8 spades board. David Lim led for 250,000 and Mustapha Kanit raised it up to 675,000. Lim then responded by making it 1,350,000 to go. Kanit tanked for quite a while and eventually let his cards go.

Despite losing this hand, Kanit still has a chip lead after winning quite a few preflop raising wars recently.

Deal Done

Mustapha Kanit and David Lim have decided on a deal.

Kanit had just a little bit of a chip lead on Lim.

The payouts will see Kanit take home $196,000 and Lim take home $190,000.

They are only playing for the Aussie Millions gold ring and all the glory!

With that, the cards are back in the air!

Aussie Millions Heads-Up

Heads-Up Break

The two players remaining in the Aussie Millions Opening Event are taking a quick break to discuss a deal. We will keep you updated with what happens!

Daryl Hussey Eliminated in 3rd Place ($125,000)

We are down to the final two!

New Zealand’s Darryl Hussey was all-in on the button holding A clubs3 hearts and was up against the A diams8 clubs of David Lim. The board ran out 5 hearts8 spadesQ clubs4 spades7 diams and Hussey was sent home in 3rd place for a $125,000 score.

So with that it is Mustapha Kanit and David Lim heads-up for the title!

Level Up, Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000)

Mustapha Increases Lead with Good Call

Mustapha Kanit has just made a good call against Daryl Hussey on the river of a J clubs2 spades10 diams2 hearts5 diams board. Kanit had raised to 175,000 from the button preflop and Hussey called from the big blind. Both players checked the flop, while Hussey led for 160,000 on the flop and 260,000 on the river. When Kanit called both streets, Hussey showed 8 spades6 spades for a whole lot of nothing, while Kanit tabled his A clubsQ spades and scooped up the pot with ace high.

Hussey is down to around 2 million, while Hussey increases his chip lead.

Three-Handed Count Update

Here are the approximate stacks of the three remaining players.

Mustapha Kanit – 6,400,000
David Lim – 3,500,000
Daryl Hussey – 3,200,000

Orjan Skommo Eliminated in 4th Place ($100,000)

The hand just after Byrns was eliminated and Orjan Skommo has joined him on the rail.

He was all in from the button holding A clubs9 hearts and was up against Daryl Hussey’s J heartsJ clubs. The board ran out Q clubs3 clubs7 spadesK diams10 hearts and the Norwegian Skommo was eliminated in 4th place for a big $100,000 score.

We are now down to the final three!

Lukas Byrns Eliminated in 5th Place ($80,000)

Just like that and another one bites the dust!

Lukas Byrns was all in for just around 6 big blinds from the button holding K diams2 diams. David Lim had him at-risk holding A clubsK hearts.

The 3 clubs6 diams9 diams flop was good for Byrns as he picked up a flush draw.

A diamond or a deuce would do it, but  the 6 clubs turn and the 4 hearts river were no good for the Melbournian as he was sent home in 5th place, collecting $80,000.

Otto Pickermann Eliminated in 6th Place ($63,000)

Otto Pickermann hung on for dear life, but couldn’t survive any longer.

His final hand began with him in the big blind and with Daryl Hussey limping the button. Mustapha Kanit raised to 275,000 from the small blind and Pickerman moved all in for 160,000 total from the big blind. Hussey got out of the way and Pickermann was at risk.

Pickermann: 7 diams6 diams
Kanit: 9 diams9 spades

Pickermann was struggling, but picked up plenty of outs to the turn of a 10 spades3 spades4 diams8 diams board. Unfortunately the 4 spades hit the river and Pickermann was sent home in 6th place for a $63,000 score.

Otto Left for Dead, Then Triples

Otto Pickermann had 140,000 in chips total remaining in his stack when he was in the big blind for 80,000. He opted to fold his cards when faced with a raise.

The next hand and Pickermann was all in from the small blind (for 40,000) holding J diams5 hearts against the Q diams9 hearts of David Lim. The board ran out 4 spades7 diams3 diams6 hearts4 hearts, with Pickermann histing a straight and tripling his tiny stack up!

Mustapha Bullying

Mustapha Kanit opened the hijack to 160,000. David Lim three-bet to 240,000 from the small blind and it was back on Kanit. After a few moments, Kanit moved his monster stack all in, with Lim having around 1.7 million behind.

Lim had a quick look at his cards and glanced at the two short stacks on his left and opted to let his cards fly into the muck. 

Six-Handed Counts

Approximate counts of the six remaining players shown below!

Mustapha Kanit – 6,500,000
Daryl Hussey – 2,500,000
David Lim – 2,000,000
Orjan Skommo – 1,150,000
Lukas Byrns – 750,000
Otto Pickermann – 450,000

Aussie Millions Chips

Back to Level  26

The players are back from their break!

We are now commencing Level 26, with blind at 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Six to Break

The six remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break!

It will be back at around 2:35am local time.

Suraj DuttSuraj Dutt Eliminated in 7th Place ($48,000)

It’s been a while since our last elimination, but now Suraj Dutt will go down in history as the 7th place finisher in the 2014 Aussie Millions Opening Event.

His final hand began when Mustapaha Kanit opened to 120,000 from the hijack. Dutt three-bet jammed for 1.1 million and Kanit insta-called.

Dutt was in trouble with his 4 diams4 hearts against Kanit’s J spadesJ clubs.

The board ran out 5 diams6 spades6 clubsA hearts3 clubs and Dutt was sent home with $48,000.

Then there were six!

The next player eliminated will take home $63,000.

Mustapha Up to Six Million

Mustapha Kanit can’t be stopped at the moment.

He just scooped up another pot, this time against Daryl Hussey.

It started with Hussey opening to 120,000 preflop and Kanit called.

The K heartsQ clubsK clubs flop would see Hussey check and Kanit bet 240,000. Hussey flashed an A spades and folded, sending the pot to Kanit.

He’s now up to 6 million in chips – more than half of those in play!

Mustapha Keeps Winning

Picking up the action on the river of a 8 spadesA diams9 clubs8 clubsQ clubs board. There is already 500,000 in the pot and Suraj Dutt is faced with a bet of 345,000 from Mustapha Kanit.

Dutt took his time before making the call.

Then he quickly mucked when Kanit showed 8 hearts3 hearts for turned trips.

Hussey Lets Queens Go Against Kanit

Daryl Hussey and Mustapha Kanit have just played out quite a big hand.

It started with Kanit opened to 120,000 from under the gun. The play flew around to Hussey on Kanit’s direct right, in the big blind, and he three-bet to 240,000. Kanit called.

On the A clubs9 spades3 clubs flop, Kanit Hussey checked and Kanit bet 190,000. A call from Hussey and a 2 clubs was dealt on the turn. This time when Hussey checked, Kanit bet 435,000.

Hussey tanked here and eventually folded Q diamsQ spades face up.

Dutt Gains Some Back

Suraj Dutt and David Lim just traded some chips.

Dutt was in the hijack when he opened it up to 125,000. Lim called out of the small blind and a K spades4 hearts4 clubs flop was dealt out. Lim check-called a bet of 125,000 here and a 10 clubs hit the turn. This time Lim checked and Dutt bet 250,000. Lim folded and the pot went to Dutt.

Both players are now on the same stack – 1.9 million.

Christopher Zeng Eliminated in 8th Place ($35,000)

Just a few moments after we lost Slade Fisher and Christopher Zeng has been eliminated in 8th place.

Zeng’s final hand saw him jam all in for 690,000 from middle position. Daryl Hussey called from the cutoff and Zeng was at-risk.

Zeng: 9 spades9 hearts
Hussey: J diamsJ clubs

Zeng needed to catch some cards, but it wasn’t meant to be as a 7 diamsK clubs10 hearts8 clubs9 diams board was spread on the felt. With that Zeng picks up $35,000 and the seven remaining players are now guaranteed $48,000.

Slade Fisher Eliminated in 9th Place ($23,000)

Slade Fisher Just like that we are down to the final eight!

It started with David Lim opening to 135,000 from middle position. Slade Fisher moved all in for 180,000 from the cutoff and with the rest of the table out of the way, Lim put in the extra chips to call.

Fisher tabled his A clubsJ clubs and didn’t look to hopeful coming up against the K clubsK diams of Lim.

The K heartsJ diams9 hearts flop would see  Lim hit a set of kings and Fisher get out of his seat. With a brick on the turn and the river, he was eliminated with $23,000 for his time.

The eight remaining players are now guaranteed $35,000 each.

Level Up: Blinds 30,000/60,000 (5,000)

Pickermann Wins Some Chips

Mustapha Kanit was in middle position when he opened it up to 100,000 from middle position. Otto Pickermann was the lone called from the hijack.

On the 6 clubsA clubs3 clubs flop, Kanit led for 75,000 and Pickermann moved all in for around 600,000. Kanit instantly folded and Pickermann took the pot!

David Lim

Lim Up to Two Million

David Lim (pictured) is up to 2 million in chips.

He recently opened it up to 110,000 from under the gun and was promptly three-bet to 250,000 by Suraj Dutt.

The action was back on Lim and he would eventually four-bet to 430,000.

Dutt had around 1.4 million behind and tanked for some time. He opted to let his hand go and Lim scooped up some handy chips. 

Nine-Handed Count Update

Here is how the nine players are currently looking with around 15 minutes remaining in the current level.

Mustapha Kanit – 3,850,000
Daryl Hussey – 2,300,000
Suraj Dutt – 1,650,000
David Lim – 1,550,000
Orjan Skommo – 1,150,000
Lukas Byrns – 1,100,000
Christopher Zeng – 720,000
Otto Pickermann – 600,000
Slade Fisher – 320,000

Small One for Lim

Otto Pickermann was under the gun plus one when he limped in. Two spots to his left and David Lim would raise it up to 115,000. A flurry of cards hit the muck from every direction of the table until it was back on Pickermann. He called and the dealer flipped over a Q spades10 spadesJ diams flop. Pickermann checked and instantly folded when Lim bet 120,000.

Fisher the Short Stack

Slade Fisher is down to under ten big blinds after losing a sizable pot to Mustapha Kanit.

It started with Fisher opening to 105,000 from middle position. Kanit called from the button and the rest of the table got out of the way as the dealer spread out a 10 clubsQ hearts10 clubs flop.

Fisher check-called a bet of 110,000 and a 3 clubs hit the turn.

On the turn, Fisher, who was down to 400,000 in chips, checked and Kanit bet 475,000.

It was all in decision to Fisher and he went deep into the tank.

Fisher stared down his opponent, checked the board several times and eventually opted to fold.

Orjan and Suraj Battle

Orjan Skommo was in the cutoff when he opened it up with a raise. The lone caller was Suraj Dutt in the big blind and with that the dealer would slide out a 10 spadesQ spades5 hearts flop.

Dutt checked here and Skommo bet 120,000. Dutt called and the dealer flipped over a 4 spades turn. Both players checked and a J diams completed the board. Dutt again checked and this time Skommo took his time before unenthusiastically checking behind.

At showdown, Skommo turned over his K diamsQ hearts and Dutt sent his cards into the muck!

Perfect Turn for Hussey

New Zealand’s Daryl Hussey (pictured) was in middle position when he opened it up to 100,000. Italy’s Mustapha Kanit was on his direct left and three-bet to 200,000. Folded back around to Hussey and he made the call.

The Q diams4 diamsA spades flop would see Hussey take his time before betting 160,000. Kanit thought for a few moments himself and eventually flat-called.

On the 2 diams turn, Hussey moved all in for 540,000. Kanit snap-called.

Kanit: A diamsQ hearts
Hussey: 2 hearts2 clubs

Kanit had flopped two pair and turned the nut-flush draw, but Hussey had hit a set of twos.

The 9 clubs river was safe for Hussey and he doubled up to around 1.7 million.

Kanit is still the chip leader with well over 3 million, but has taken a few hits. 

Back for Level 24

The players are back in their seats and the cards are in the air!

We are now commencing Level 24: Blinds 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante.

First Break of the Final Table

The nine remaining players in the 2014 Aussie Millions Opening Event have been sent on their first 10-minute break of the final table!

We will be back to it from around 12:25am local time. 

Three Shoves in a Row

There have been three preflop all in shoves in a row.

First it was Suraj Dutt who moved all in from the big blind after Orjan Skommo had opened to 80,000 from the cutoff. Skommo got out of the way.

Then we saw Skommo himself move all in from the button after Slade Fisher opened to 80,000 from the cutoff. Fisher let his cards go.

Next it was Dutt once again moving all in, this time from the button. He jammed his 2 million in chips from the button after Daryl Hussey had opened to 80,000 from the hijack. 

Double for Slade

Action folded to Slade Fisher in the cutoff and he open-jammed for his last 382,000. It passed to chip leader Mustapha Kanit in the big blind and he quickly announced a call.

Fisher: J spadesQ spades
Kanit: A clubsQ diams

Kanit was in great shape to claim another scalp but this time the board went against him as it ran out 2 diamsJ hearts8 heartsK diams8 diams. Fisher doubled through to around 850,000 with Kanit still cruising with 4 million in chips.

Lim Plays with Fire

Lukas Byrns opened the action from early position to 80,000. David Lim was next to speak and popped it up to 170,000. Action folded back around to Byrns who increased the price to 380,000 to send Lim into the tank.

After several minutes of thought, he matched the bet and we saw a flop of 8 spades9 clubs9 hearts.

Bryns didn't waste any time in moving all in for 478,000 which was too much for Lim as he tossed his cards into the muck. Byrns moved up to 1.35 million with Lim dropping back to 1.4 million.

Steven Tabb Steven Tabb Eliminated in 10th Place ($14,500)

Steven Tabb (pictured) has come to Australia from Boston in the USA and has now taken 10th place in the 2014 Aussie Millions Opening Event!

Tabb started the final table with the second shortest stack and quickly moved all in from the big blind when he looked down at 3 spades3 clubs. Big-stack Mustapha Kanit had opened from middle position and decided to call with his 6 clubs6 diams.

Tabb needed help, but unfortunately it’s help that wouldn’t come as the dealer spread out a  10 diamsJ clubsJ hearts7 spades4 clubs board. Tabb takes home $14,500 for his effort.

The next player eliminated will take home $23,000!

Kanit is now up to around 4.5 million in chips.

Final Ten Introduced and Cards in the Air

The final ten players are in their seats and the cards are in the air!

The plan is to play down to a winner.

The final ten players are guaranteed $14,500. The winner will take home $226,000.

There are around 30 minutes remaining in Level 23: Blinds 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante. 

Let's do this!

Opening Event Final Table begins at 11:40pm

The Opening Event of the 2014 Aussie Millions started with 1,302 players and is now down to the final ten! Check out the final table lineup below, along with a link to the prize pool and payouts.

The final ten will be at the table from 11:40pm and will play down to a winner!

Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Christopher Zeng – 960,000
Seat 2: Steven Tabb – 700,000
Seat 3: Slade Fisher – 505,000
Seat 4: Orjan Skommo – 1,175,000
Seat 5: Daryl Hussey – 1,010,000
Seat 6: Mustapha Kanit – 3,700,000
Seat 7: Suraj Dutt – 1,630,000
Seat 8: Otto Pickermann – 1,140000
Seat 9: Lukas Byrns – 900,000
Seat 10: David Lim – 1,850,000

Aussie Millions Final Table

Click here for full prize pool and payout information

Be sure to stay tuned right here at Poker Asia Pacific as we provide you with all the 2014 Aussie Millions Live Reporting – starting with live updates of the Opening Event!


Day 2: Bursting the bubble and surging towards the final table

A total of 153 players returned for Day 2 of the Opening Event, knowing that only 108 of them would leave with cash in hand, and it didn't take long for the bubble to burst.

One by one they dropped away throughout the day, keeping the cashier rather busy, as the surviving players had a new goal of reaching the elusive Aussie Millions final table.

Check out the Aussie Millions results page for details of eliminations.

It's anticipated that the final table won't be reached until around midnight on Sunday night, and at that point a decision will be made as to whether to play it out or come back tomorrow. We'll let you know as soon as that decision has been made!

Day 1c: Mustapha crushes giant field

It was Italian Mustapha Kanit (pictured) who racked up the most chips on a massive day in the Crown Poker Room. With 638 entrants, Kanit topped them all with a stack of 336,000 as 80 players survived.

Check out our Day 1c recap for more details.

Day 1b: Niro Peer the one to catch

Another healthy field for Day 1b saw 347 players come together with Niro Peer bullying his way to a commanding stack of 262,300 as 39 players make it through the day.

To read more about Peer's day, head to our Day 1b recap article.

Day 1a: Alexandre Annovazzi on top

Frenchman Alexandre Annovazzi lead the way on Day 1a with a stack of 225,200 as 34 players survived from a starting field of 317.

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Aussie Millions

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This series kicks off with Event #1 which is the $1,100 No Limit Holdem Opening Event where a huge field has come together to lay claim to the first gold ring of the championships. Last year it was the UK's Rupert Elder who defeated a field of 1,338 players to win the title and $250,000 in prize money.

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