2014 Aussie Millions - Event #11: $1,100 No Limit Holdem Terminator Live Update 

Peter AristidouBob Sova Eliminated in 2nd Place ($18,000); Peter Aristidou Wins ($26,000)!

Peter Aristidou had a healthy chip lead entering heads-play and he didn’t take long to seal the deal, but he needed a little bit of luck at the end to close it out.

Bob Sova moved all in and Aristidou quickly called in the big blind.

Sova: A hearts7 spades
Aristidou: A clubs3 hearts

Sova was in good shape to double up but the board was spread 4 spades9 spades3 clubs8 clubs10 diams to see Aristidou spike his three-outer three to claim victory!

Bob Sova takes home $18,000 for a great run as Crown Poker regular Peter Aristidou wins his first Aussie Millions gold ring! He takes home $26,000 for the victory along with another $6,000 for his 12 “terminations”. Congratulations Pete!

Heads-up Chip Counts

Peter Aristidou – 1,900,000
Bob Sova – 340,000

Tri NguyenTri Nguyen Eliminated in 3rd Place ($13,000)

Peter Aristidou opened from the button with a raise to 60,000. Tri Nguyen (pictured) re-popped it to 150,000 from the small blind and Aristidou made the call to see a flop of J diams10 spades8 clubs.

Nguyen led out for 150,000 and Aristidou announced himself all in as he has done many times on this final table. Nguyen made a stand and called.

Aristidou: A diamsJ hearts
Nguyen: 9 hearts9 clubs

Aristidou’s top pair was in front and it stayed that way through the 3 hearts turn and 2 clubs river. Nguyen picks up $13,000 for 3rd place as we are now heads-up for the Aussie Millions crown!

Lucky River?

We’ve seen a large swing in chips in the direction of Peter Aristidou. Both he and Tri Nguyen committed 60,000 on the 10 diamsQ hearts7 clubs flop before Aristidou led out with a bet of 60,000 on the repeat 10 hearts turn. Nguyen announced a raise to 130,000 and Aristidou called to see the Q clubs double-pair the board.

Aristidou led out again, this time for 122,000 and Nguyen insta-called.

Aristidou showed A heartsQ spades for a rivered full house to collect the pot as Nguyen chuckled and claimed, “Lucky river,” as he tossed his cards into the muck.

Aristidou now has a commanding chip lead with Nguyen back down to 600,000.

What’s for breakfast?

After the earlier rush of activity, play has really crawled over the last half hour and as we approach 5am local time, the players are starting to feel the pinch of a long day.

We couldn’t quite make out the conversation, but it sounded like Tri Nguyen pitched the idea of a deal, but Peter Aristidou commented that he already had three second place finishes at the Aussie Millions and he desperately wanted a ring. He also pointed out that he wanted to win it “fair and square”.

The blinds are now up to 12,000/24,000/3,000 but that’s not really much pressure for these stacks.

Tri Nguyen – 950,000
Peter Aristidou – 870,000
Bob Sova – 350,000

Crown Poker Room

Aristidou clips Nguyen

Peter Aristidou raised from the small blind to 50,000 and Tri Nguyen defended in the big blind.

Aristidou bet 50,000 on the flop, and 65,000 on the turn, before checking the river on the board of Q hearts6 clubsJ spades7 spades10 hearts. Nguyen checked behind and Aristidou tabled A heartsJ diams for the best hand as Nguyen tossed his cards into the muck.

Sova survives

Bob Sova has stayed out of trouble on this final table, but he might just be poised to strike after landing a big double up.

In a limped battle of the blinds, Tri Nguyen tossed out 20,000 on the flop of A hearts2 clubs7 clubs but was met with an all-in shove from Sova for 200,000. Nguyen called with J clubs9 clubs for a flush draw as Sova was in front with his 7 hearts4 spades.

The 7 diams turn left Nguyen needing a club, but it wasn’t to be as the A spades completed the board. Sova is now up to 450,000 chips.

Ryan OttoRyan Otto Eliminated in 4th Place ($10,000)

Tri Nguyen has been on a tear lately, and he’s just added to his Terminator button collection with the elimination of Ryan Otto (pictured).

Nguyen started the hand with a raise to 50,000. From the button, Otto moved all in for around 350,000 and Nguyen asked for a count before calling.

Otto: 6 hearts6 clubs
Nguyen: A spadesQ clubs

The pair against the overcards this time went the way of the big cards as the board ran out Q hearts2 diamsJ spades10 hearts10 diams. Nguyen paired up his queen to take the pot and eliminate Otto in 4th place for a five-figure collect of $10,000. Nguyen is now into the chip lead with three players remaining.

Play Resumes

The final four are back in action with the blinds up to 10,000/20,000/2,000.

Chip Count Update

Peter Aristidou – 820,000
Tri Nguyen – 770,000
Ryan Otto – 350,000
Bob Sova – 255,000

Ten-Minute Break

John PerryJohn Perry Eliminated in 5th Place ($8,000)

Tri Nguyen again was the preflop aggressor as he came in for a raise from early position. Action folded to John Perry (pictured) in the big blind and he moved all in for around 200,000. Nguyen made the call and we had yet another all-in clash!

Perry: Q clubs9 clubs
Nguyen: A diamsQ spades

Perry was in bad shape and it got worse on the A spades5 spadesJ clubs flop as Nguyen found an ace. The turn was a repeat J hearts and the river the 3 spades to see Nguyen rake in the pot to eliminate Perry in 5th place for $8,000 in prize money.

Joyce Cheng-Durur Eliminated in 6th Place ($7,000)

Tri Nguyen opened to 35,000 before Joyce Cheng-Durur moved all in for her last 88,000 from the big blind. Nguyen made the call and the cards were on their backs:

Nguyen: Q diamsJ diams
Cheng-Durur: 10 clubs9 clubs

The board arrived J spades10 spades8 spades5 clubsA diams to see Cheng-Durur depart in 6th place for $7,000 after a fine tournament.

Edmund LeeEdmund Lee Eliminated in 7th Place ($6,000)

With the blinds at 8,000/16,000/2,000, Edmund Lee (pictured) opened with a raise to 32,000 from early position. Action folded to Peter Aristidou in the big blind who took a good look at Lee’s stack before making the call.

The flop landed 3 clubs2 spades10 hearts and Aristidou checked to Lee who bet 30,000. Aristidou instantly responded with a verbal response of “all in”.

Lee went deep into the tank as Aristidou casually sipped from his bottle of water. After several minutes Lee quietly called off his last 150,000.

Aristidou opened 3 hearts5 diams for a lowly pair of threes but he must’ve been surprised to see that he was in front against Lee’s K heartsJ diams overcards. The turn was the 5 spades to seal the deal as the 8 clubs completed the board. Lee picks up $6,000 for 7th place while Aristidou’s aggression is paying dividends with this shallow structure as he now holds a big chip lead.

Aristidou shows who’s boss

Ryan Otto raised the button to 32,000 and Peter Aristidou defended his big blind with a call. The flop landed 10 clubs4 spades3 spades and Aristidou checked to Otto who bet 28,000. Aristidou immediately announced himself all in to force a fold from Otto.

Aristidou chirped to Otto that he was raising too much before flashing K diams7 clubs for a stone-cold bluff.

Lee straight through the backdoor

We’ve seen a ton of double ups so far on this final table, which is a lot of fun at 3:30am, but the trend continued with Edmund Lee pulling a dramatic double through Joyce Cheng-Durur.

Cheng-Durur raised the button, Lee moved all in for 78,000 and Cheng-Durur made the easy call with A spadesK diams. She was racing with Lee’s 6 spades6 diams but took a firm lead on the A clubs9 diams7 hearts flop with a pair of aces. However the 8 spades turn and 10 diams river brought a backdoor straight for Lee to stay alive! He’s up to 180,000 with Cheng-Durur back down to 110,000.

Trips for Tri

John Perry raised from early position to 25,000 and Tri Nguyen made the call to see a flop of K diamsK spadesA hearts. Perry led for 55,000 and Nguyen called as the 8 hearts arrived on the turn. Perry checked and Nguyen bet 100,000. Perry wasted no time in declaring himself all in and Nguyen was even quicker in calling!

Perry: A spadesJ clubs
Nguyen: K heartsQ diams

Perry’s top pair had been tripped by Nguyen’s king as the 2 hearts bricked the river. Nguyen’s stack of 274,000 was doubled as Perry is now short with just over 100,000 in chips.

Toan NguyenToan Nguyen Eliminated in 8th Place ($5,000)

Something had to give, and in the end it was Toan Nguyen (pictured) who would be next to fall. John Perry opened with a raise to 24,000 before Nguyen moved all in for about 130,000. Action folded back to Perry who quickly called with A clubs10 spades to be in dominant position against Nguyen’s J diams10 diams.

The board rolled off 5 spades4 diams6 hearts9 hearts7 spades with no help for Nguyen to see him depart in 8th place for a $5,000 collect. Perry is now back in contention with a stack of 450,000 chips.

Aces for Tri

The chips continue to be passed around the table with the short stacks fighting valiantly. Tri Nguyen found A heartsA clubs at the right time, as Edmund Lee moved all in with 9 diams9 clubs. Nguyen made the call and doubled through on the A diams6 diams3 spades5 hearts3 clubs board. Nguyen is up to over 300,000 once again with Lee now the short stack with just 85,000 in chips.

Edmund and Joyce’s Double Act

The double ups continue with Edmund Lee and Joyce Cheng-Durur joining in the fun.

In the first hand, Tri Nguyen opened from under the gun before Lee moved all in from the small blind for 117,000. Nguyen called with 7 spades7 clubs and again it was a coin flip, this time against A hearts10 hearts.

The board ran out 2 spadesA spadesJ diams6 clubs4 spades to see Lee spike his ace to stay alive. He’s now up to 250,000 with Nguyen back to 170,000.

Moments later Cheng-Durur three-bet all in with the ladies – Q diamsQ clubs. Ryan Otto was her opponent and he made the call with A spades6 spades. Not enough help for Otto on the board of 6 diams4 clubsK clubsK diamsJ hearts sees Cheng-Durur also climb back up to around 230,000. Otto was left with about 260,000.

Double for Perry

John Perry announced himself all in for 131,000 from under the gun and Peter Aristidou was the lone caller on the button.

Aristidou tabled A diamsK clubs to have Perry’s K diamsQ clubs in some bother.

“Dominated,” sighed Perry, but he didn’t have to worry as the board ran out Q diams9 clubs8 diams10 spades3 diams. Perry finds a lucky lady to stay alive and double through. He’s up to 275,000 with Aristidou still the chip leader, but he’s taking a few flesh wounds to slip to 580,000.

Otto sticks it in

With the blinds now up to 6,000/12,000/1,000, Ryan Otto opened the button to 24,000 before Peter Aristidou three-bet to 60,000 from the big blind. Back with Otto and he declared himself all in to send Aristidou deep into the tank.

He asked for a count and it was 280,000 in total. Aristidou looked at everyone else’s stack and stared down his opponent before eventually releasing. Otto flashed the A clubs. Otto is now up to 360,000.

Sova’s Setup

It’s Bob Sova’s turn to double up at the expense of Toan Nguyen. With the board reading 9 clubsQ clubs8 hearts5 clubs, the pot was still relatively small with Nguyen leading out for 28,000. Sova responded by moving all in for 122,000.

Nguyen asked for a count before calling with K clubsK diams but he threw his head back in dismay when Sova tabled 5 diams5 hearts for a turned set.

The river was the 9 hearts and Sova doubled through to around 270,000 with Nguyen now back to 150,000.

Joy for Joyce

Joyce Cheng-Durur wanted us to point out that she was the only female on the final table. When we commented that it would be great to have a female champion she replied that she had no hope of winning. Well, we’re not sure if that’s the case now after Cheng-Durur landed a big double up.

The chips were in preflop with Cheng-Durur’s A heartsK clubs racing with John Perry’s Q spadesQ hearts but Cheng-Durur would cross the line first when the board ran out A diamsA clubs9 clubsK spades3 clubs for an impressive double up. She’s now up to around 230,000 in chips.

Brett Crouch Eliminated in 9th Place ($4,000)

With the blinds ticking up to 5,000/10,000/1,000, the short-stacked Brett Crouch had to get busy with his chips. He found A diams9 spades and committed but John Perry held K heartsK spades to leave Crouch needing some luck.

It wasn’t to be as the board ran out 7 clubs10 spades9 clubs3 hearts3 diams to see Crouch out in 9th place for $4,000 in prize money.

Aces for Aristidou First Hand!

We’d barely nestled ourselves into our chairs at the blogging desk before we saw our first all-in clash of this final table.

We picked it up on the turn with the board reading Q diamsK spades4 clubsJ clubs. Edmund Lee checked from the big blind and Peter Aristidou bet 37,000. Lee came back with a check raise to 100,000 and Aristidou made the call as the 2 hearts bricked the river.

Lee announced himself all in and Aristidou stood from his chair, sighed and then tossed out his red Terminator chip to signal a call. Lee tabled K clubs9 clubs for top pair, and a world of outs on the turn, but he missed as Aristidou slammed his A clubsA hearts down on the table to claim the pot.

Just like that, Aristidou is into the chip lead with over 570,000 chips with Lee now down to just 160,000.

Final Table Line Up

The $1,100 No Limit Terminator Event has reached the final table and they have now relocated to Table 10 in the main poker room to play it out for the gold ring. Here’s how they will line up:

Seat 1: Tri Nguyen – 465,500
Seat 2: Brett Crouch – 54,500
Seat 3: Ryan Otto – 260,500
Seat 4: Bob Sova – 164,000
Seat 5: Peter Aristidou – 283,000
Seat 6: Joyce Cheng-Durur – 132,500
Seat 7: Edmund Lee – 425,500
Seat 8: John Perry – 213,500
Seat 9: Toan Nguyen – 219,500

We’ll be starting up with six minutes left in the level with the blinds at 4,000/8,000.

Results so far:

10th: Graeme Putt - $3,000
11th: Greg Cook - $3,000
12th: Carmen Palomares - $3,000
13th: Craig Wight - $2,000
14th: Tony Aslani - $2,000
15th: Minhhai Tran - $2,000

Aussie Millions final table

Terminators on the rise

A huge field of 224 players have entered the $1,100 No Limit Holdem Terminator Event, an increase on last year's number, to produce a prize pool of $224,000.

Half of that prize pool would be allocated for the $500 bounties on each player's head, while the remainder would be shared among the top 15 players. The top prize is a new gold championship ring and $26,000 in prize money.

This event is currently being held in the riverside room upstairs in the West End of the Crown Casino with play expected to reach the final table sometime around 1am tonight where it will be relocated to the main poker room floor.

Aussie MillionsTerminator Time

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Event #11 of the series is the $1,100 No Limit Holdem Terminator Event. Last year we saw a field of 209 players topped by Maciey Rynkiewicz who claimed the title and $22,000 in prize money.

Who will be the ultimate terminator in 2014? Stay tuned to Poker Asia Pacific as we bring you live updates of all the action, include chip counts and photo, from the final table of Event #11 of the 2014 Aussie Millions.

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