2014 Aussie Millions - Event #2: $1,100 NLHE/PLO Event Live Updates

Lorenzo SabatoCongratulations to Lorenzo Sabato, Champion of Event #2: $1,100 NLHE/PLO ($34,200)

The Italians have made a statement at the Aussie Millions. They are a force to be reckoned with as they capture not one, but two Aussie Millions gold rings today. Lorenzo Sabato was aggressive the whole way through the tournament, amassing a huge stack in the middle stages that he carried all the way to the final table, and then to the title.

A thoroughly dominant and deserving performance! Congratulations Lorenzo!

Final Table Payouts

1st Lorenzo Sabato - $34,200
2nd Oliver Gill - $24,450
3rd Vadim Pinsky  - $16,300
4th Dean Francis - $13,850
5th Mel Judah - $12,220
6th Rene Kodlin - $10,600
7th Jim Collopy - $8,970
8th Edmund Lee - $7,340
9th Frank Pezzaniti - $5,700

Click here for the full prize pool and payouts

Oliver GillOliver Gill Eliminated in 2nd Place ($24,450); Lorenzo Sabato Wins!

Oliver Gill (pictured) fought valiantly with every weapon in his arsenal but when the final hand was dealt, there wasn’t much he could do.

Lorenzo Sabato opened to 24,000 from the button before Gill re-potted in the big blind. Sabato moved all in and Gill was committed to the call.

Sabato: A diamsA spadesK heartsQ clubs
Gill: A clubsK clubsQ spades2 hearts

A relative Omaha cooler for Gill and he could find no miracles on the board of 9 diams4 spades10 diams10 clubsA hearts. Gill was gracious in defeat, shaking his opponent’s hand and satisfied he did all that he could as he pocketed $24,450 for his efforts.

Oliver Lands a Double

He talks the talk, and now he’s starting to walk the walk, as Oliver Gill has doubled through Lorenzo Sabato.

Sabato opened from the button to 24,000 and Gill called to take a flop of 9 clubs7 clubs4 diams. Both players checked and the turn was the 4 spades. Gill checked and Sabato bet 15,000. Gill then check-raised to 38,000 but Sabato made the call as the 5 diams was dealt on the river.

Gill checked and Sabato moved all in, but Gill beat him into the pot and opened Q hearts4 heartsA clubs8 diams excitedly.

“It’s a TRAP!” yelled Gill as he leapt to his feet. Sabato mucked and Gill was back up to nearly 300,000 in chips.

Heads-Up Chip Counts

Lorenzo Sabato: 1,420,000
Oliver Gill: 210,000

Aussie Millions PLO

Vadim Pinsky Eliminated in 3rd Place ($16,300)

The brave run of Vadim Pinsky has come to an end in 3rd place. His last chips were committed with 9 diams9 heartsQ clubs10 diams against Lorenzo Sabato’s Q spadesJ clubs9 spadesK diams.

The board ran out 6 hearts5 diamsK hearts6 diams5 clubs with Sabato’s kings up good enough to take it down. Pinsky collects $16,300 for a fine tournament.

With that elimination we’re now heads-up for the Aussie Millions gold ring with Lorenzo Sabato holding a substantial chip lead over Oliver Gill.

Dean Francis Dean Francis Eliminated in 4th Place ($13,850)

Lorenzo Sabato continues to push the action and it’s paid off with the elimination of Dean Francis in 4th place.

Sabato opened under the gun to 25,000 before Francis popped it up another 62,000 from the small blind. Oliver Gill was in the big blind and tank-folded (what he later said was A clubs2 clubsK spades10 spades) but Sabato quickly called to see a flop.

The flop landed 7 clubs4 diams10 hearts and Francis moved all in for his last 96,000. Sabato shrugged and made the call.

“I have a gutshot,” sighed Francis optimistically as he showed A spadesK hearts8 spades5 clubs.

“So do I,” chuckled Sabato as he revealed K diamsQ hearts9 hearts6 hearts.

The luck seems to be with the Italians tonight as the 8 diams turn card gave Sabato his straight with the 5 spades river completing the board. Francis departs in 4th place for $13,850 in prize money.

Double for Oliver

The fast-talking Oliver Gill is keeping us awake a little longer after finding a much-needed double up.

It was Lorenzo Sabato again in the middle of the action as he opened to 25,000. Gill defended his big blind and the two saw a flop of Q spadesK diams10 spades. Gill announced himself all in for around 70,000 and Sabato quickly called.

Gill: 10 hearts8 spades4 spades6 diams
Sabato: A diamsK spades5 hearts9 clubs

A pair and flush draw for Gill but he trailed the top pair of Sabato. The 2 hearts turn changed nothing but the 4 clubs river gave Gill two pair for the double up.

“I’m going to crush you heads-up once these fish are gone,” chirped Gill. “I’m going to send back you to Italy with your tail between your legs.”


Mel Judah Mel Judah Eliminated in 5th Place ($12,220)

On one of the first hands back from the break, Mel Judah found his last chips in preflop in Pot Limit Omaha against the giant-killing Lorenzo Sabato.

It was Judah’s J-T-8-7 against Sabato’s A-K-T-6 with the A-6-6 flop spelling disaster for Judah as Sabato flopped a full house. There was no recovery for the Hall of Famer as he was bundled out in 5th place for $12,220 in prize money.

Play Resumes

Blinds 6,000/12,000 – Pot Limit Omaha

Counts at the break:

Lorenzo Sabato - 800,000
Dean Francis - 305,000
Vadim Pinsky - 300,000
Mel Judah - 110,000
Oliver Gill - 106,00

Ten-minute Break

Rene Kodlin Eliminated in 6th Place ($10,600)

While the drama of Jim Collopy’s elimination was still simmering on the sidelines, Rene Kodlin committed his last chips with K spades10 diams to be racing with the 3 diams3 clubs of Lorenzo Sabato.

The board rolled off 4 clubs2 spades6 clubs6 diamsQ hearts to leave the pair in front and eliminate Kodlin from the tournament in 6th place. He’ll take home $10,600 in prize money.

Jim CollopyJim Collopy Eliminated in 7th Place ($8,970)

Jim Collopy has been eliminated from the tournament in rather controversial circumstances. Even now, from the rail, Collopy is still in a heated argument with floor staff over what went down.

Action folded to Collopy in the cutoff and he moved all in for 123,000, or a little over twelve big blinds. It passed to Vadim Pinsky in the small blind who went deep into the tank. It was quite a few minutes and Dean Francis was getting a little antsy in the big blind.

“Can I go to the toilet while he thinks?” chirped Francis and he got up from his seat and scurried around 3-4 metres from the table, almost as far as the rail, with his cards still live. The TD quickly told him to resume his seat, but his cards were not mucked.

“The funny thing is, I haven’t even looked at my cards yet!” laughed Francis as he sat back down.

Pinsky eventually folded (what he later claimed was ace-queen), but incredibly Francis looked at his cards and insta-called!

Collopy: A clubs4 clubs
Francis: 9 hearts9 clubs

Collopy was irate, and demanded to know why Francis’ cards were not mucked, but before any further clarification could be determined, the board was spread J spades7 hearts8 spadesK spades2 clubs and Collopy was out of the tournament.

Collopy took his complaint further to Crown Poker TD Joel Williams, but by that point, the next hand was in action and Collopy’s complaints were in vain. He collected $8,970 for his efforts and will be left with a rather sour taste in his mouth.

Lorenzo SabatoSabato Clips Capitao

Again it was Oliver Gill and Italian Lorenzo Sabato who tangled as the two appear to be enjoying the challenge of the contest.

Gill opened to 22,000 from late position and Sabato defended his blinds with a call to see a flop of 8 hearts7 hearts3 spades.

Sabato checked and Gill continued for 24,000. Sabato came back with a check-raise to 57,000 to give Gill a decision.

“I might be folding the best hand,” sighed Gill as he tossed what he said was a pair straight into the muck. Sabato continues on his merry way, extending his chip lead. Gill is down to 130,000.

Level Up: Blinds 5,000/10,000 – No Limit Holdem

Let’s Chop It Up

Lorenzo Sabato opened to 22,000 from under the gun with Oliver Gill getting into the action with a call on the button.

They took a flop of Q clubs8 diams9 clubs and Sabato led out for 27,000. Gill responded with a raise to 60,000 with Sabato making the call.

The turn landed the J spades and Sabato asked for a count of Gill’s stack. The answer was “around 110” and that was enough for Sabato to bet the pot. Gill called it off and the cards were on their backs:

Sabato: Q diamsK clubs8 clubs7 diams
Gill: J diamsJ heartsK spades9 diams

It was two pair and a flush draw for Sabato against Gill’s set. Neither player had the straight, but when the 10 hearts landed they both ended with a king-high straight for an eventful chopped pot. Gill has around 200,000 with Sabato on 500,000 chips.

Edmund LeeEdmund Lee Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,340)

Edmund Lee was under pressure to make a move so he committed himself preflop with K spades10 spadesQ diams2 spades however he ran straight into the powerful A heartsA spadesQ hearts5 hearts of Lorenzo Sabato.

The flop of 7 diams7 clubs7 hearts was not what Lee wanted to see, leaving him no hope to survive as the 3 spades turn and 2 clubs river completed the board.

Lee picked up $7,340 for 8th place with Sabato out to a commanding chip lead with almost 500,000 in chips.

Late night fun

There’s an interesting dynamic happening on this final table. Oliver Gill and Jim Collopy are clearly enjoying themselves. They are chatting away, having some laughs and soaking up the Aussie Millions final table experience. Stuck in between them is veteran Mel Judah. He’s been here before and clearly isn’t overly thrilled to have the banter thrown back and forth across him.

Meanwhile Italian Lorenzo Sabato is also not looking too thrilled. He just got into a little spat with the dealer after his verbal announcement of “pot” was misinterpreted as a “call”. Perhaps it was the thick accent. The dealer turned a card that would’ve given Sabato the nuts, so he was very unhappy when the TD ruled the card was to be shuffled back into the deck. In reality, it didn’t really matter, as his opponent, Dean Francis, folded his hand. This is what happens at 3am.

Frank PezzanitiFrank Pezzaniti Eliminated in 9th Place ($5,700)

Frank Pezzaniti entered the final table as the short stack and before we could even complete our intro he was out the door. The table kindly recalled the details for us as the final table is situated a short distance from our blogging desk.

Pezzaniti was all in for his last 28,500 preflop, with Dean Francis and Lorenzo Sabato making the call before checking down a board of 9-8-2-3-7.

Francis would show 9-8-7-2 for two pair which was good against Sabato’s A-J-9-3. Pezzaniti flashed A-Q-X-X as he headed off to grab some shut-eye with $5,700 in his pocket for 9th place.

Breakfast Plans Anyone?

With the elimination of Jan Suchanek in 10th place it was put to the players to decide their fate this evening. There were two options – play it out tonight or come back at 1pm tomorrow. It was clear that there was to be no compromise in the middle to protect the integrity of the tournament.

In an apparent 8-1 vote, it was decided to play it out tonight. Sadly, bloggers did not get a vote.

The man on the outer was Hall of Famer Mel Judah who was the only one to speak up against the decision. He wanted to come back tomorrow but ultimately this event was advertised as a one day event, and that it shall remain.

With that, the players redrew for seats on the official Aussie Millions final table as follows:

Seat 1: Dean Francis – 215,000
Seat 2: Rene Kodlin – 185,000
Seat 3: Oliver Gill – 170,000
Seat 4: Mel Judah – 220,000
Seat 5: Jim Collopy – 165,000
Seat 6: Lorenzo Sabato – 335,000
Seat 7: Frank Pezzaniti – 40,000
Seat 8: Edmund Lee – 75,000
Seat 9: Vadim Pinsky – 245,000

The cards are now in the air with the blinds kicking off at 4,000/8,000 in a round of Pot Limit Omaha. Grab a Red Bull or some coffee and settle in for a long night ahead!

Aussie Millions Final Table

Slow goings

The final two tables of this event have been a real crawl. The players were stuck on 14 players for quite some time before Iain Morrison recently departed in 14th place and last year's Aussie Millions PLO champ Sam Vakili busted in 13th.

We're down to the dirty dozen, but now at 1:30am local time, it seems highly unlikely we'll start the final table tonight, otherwise we'll be here until the sun rises tomorrow.

It seems that we'll play until the final table of nine and then recommence at 1:00pm tomorrow. That way, the players will still have a chance to late register for the $1,100 NLHE Shootout Event if they are eliminated. We'll have confirmation of this decision shortly.

Approaching the FT

Play has slowed up a little in this event as the players approach the final table. As of midnight local time, there are still 14 players remaining, so it's either going to be a very late finish, or we'll be bringing back the final table tomorrow.

Here's the recent eliminations:

15th Gary Tomes - $3,260
16th Josh Budin - $2,450
17th Adam Ratten - $2,450
18th Martin Kozlov - $2,450

Jim Collopy, Mel Judah, Oliver Gill, Sam Vakili, Edmund Lee and Jan Suchanek are just some of the players still in contention.

Prize pool information

There were a total of 163 entries for this years $1,100 NLHE/PLO rotation event to produce a prize pool of $163,000.

That's a little down on last year, but the field was stacked with talent. Some of those in action today included Jake BalsigerJackie Glazier, Billy Argyros, Gary Benson, Joe Cabret, Jim Collopy, Joe Ebanks, Sam Greenwood, Tony Hachem, Mel Judah, Casey Kastle, Tyron Krost, Joe Kuether, Grant Levy, Aaron Lim, Annette Obrestad and Tim West.

The top 18 players will finish in the money. A min-cash is worth $2,450, while the final table of nine will see a guaranteed $5,700 collect. However the prize they are all gunning for is the one up top which is worth $34,200.

Click here for the full prize pool and payout information.

We'll be providing live updates once we hit a final table of nine so stay tuned!

Aussie MillionsRotation time!

Welcome to our coverage of the 2014 Aussie Millions from the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne, Australia.

The Aussie Millions is the most prestigious tournament series in the Southern Hemisphere with 20 championship events this year highlighted by the $250,000 and $100,000 High Rollers Challenges and, of course, the $10,600 Aussie Millions Main Event which this year forms part of the the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT).

Event #2 of the series is the $1,100 No Limit Holdem/Pot Limit Omaha Rotation Event. Last year we saw former Asia Player of the year Yosuke Sekiya defeat a field of 206 players to claim his first Aussie Millions title along with $41,200 in prize money.

Sekiya will most likely be back to defend his title but there's likely to be plenty of big names joining him in the battle for the championship gold ring. Stay tuned to Poker Asia Pacific as we bring you live updates of all the action, include chip counts and photo, from the final table of Event #2 of the 2014 Aussie Millions.

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