2014 Aussie Millions - Event #20: LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge Live Updates

Isaac Haxton Eliminated in 2nd Place ($2.82 million), Phil Ivey Wins ($4 million)!

Phil Ivey The final hand of the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge has just played out!

Phil Ivey limped the button and Isaac Haxton moved all in for a little over 2.5 million.

Ivey called and with that, Haxton was at risk!

Haxton: 8 spades7 diams
Ivey: A hearts6 clubs

The final five cards of the 2014 Aussie Millions looked like this – 9 clubsA diamsK hearts7 spades3 spades.

For his runner-up finish, Isaac Haxton takes home $2.82 million. Not a bad return on investment for Haxton considering all the rebuys he fired off in the $100K and this $250K event.

Congratulations to Phil Ivey! He pockets $4 million – the largest single result of his career. Ivey won this event in 2012 and has now amazingly done it again.

LK Boutique - $250K Challenge

Entrants: 46 (31 unique)
Prize Pool: $11,270,000
Players Paid: 6

1st: Phil Ivey - $4,000,000
2nd: Isaac Haxton $2,820,000
3rd: Mike McDonald - $1,900,000
4th: Daniel Negreanu - $1,250,000
5th: Fabian Quoss - $800,000
6th: Tom Dwan - $500,000

That wraps up Poker Asia Pacific’s 2014 Aussie Millions Live Reporting! Thanks to everyone who followed along over the last few weeks! 

Ike Short, Ivey Moving

Phil Ivey has just scooped up a massive pot to take a big lead over Isaac Haxton.

Ivey had the button and raised it up to 350,000. Haxton called and a 8 hearts5 diams5 spades flop was spread on the felt. Both players checked. The turn was a K clubs and Haxton led for 700,000. Ivey eventually called and a 6 spades completed the board on the river.

Haxton reached for chips and eventually bet 2.1 million.

Ivey moved all in and Haxton folded.

Haxton is down to 2,750,000 in chips, while Ivey is crushing on 8,750,000. 

Stacks Close to Even After Ike Win

Phil Ivey took the chip lead after the hand you can see below, but Isaac Haxton is back in front following a very hand pot. Haxton raised the button and Ivey called as a 9 spades9 clubsJ spades flop hit the felt. Haxton led for 480,000 here and Ivey called. The 8 diams turn would see Haxton bet 1,150,000.

Ivey leaned back in his chair and eventually, somewhat reluctantly, folded.

It’s Haxton’s 5.9 million in chips to Haxton’s 5.6 million. 

One for Ivey

Isaac Haxton had the button when he and Phil Ivey took to a 10 heartsJ clubs7 spades flop. Ivey check-raised to 450,000 here after Haxton led for 160,000. Haxton called and a 5 clubs hit the turn. Ivey, almost immediately, led for 800,000 and Haxton folded just as quick. 

Stack Update

Here is how the chip stacks currently look

Isaac Haxton - 6,500,000
Phil Ivey - 5,000,000

Level Up: Blinds 80,000/160,000

Big Pot for… Oh Wait, Chop

Isaac Haxton and Phil Ivey got all the chips in on the turn of a J clubs5 hearts8 hearts4 clubs board. Ivey had 7 spades6 spades for a straight, while Haxton had 10 diams7 diams and was going to need some help.

If Ivey won this hand, he would be a dominating chip leader.

River: 6 hearts

Straight for Haxton too!

Chop it up!

Haxton Gets Another One

Phil Ivey was on the button and raised It up to 250,000. Isaac Haxton called and the dealer flipped over a 9 clubs5 clubs4 diams flop. Both players checked and a 7 hearts hit the turn. This time Haxton led for 350,000 and Ivey called. The river was a 9 spades and both players checked.

At showdown, Haxton tabled Q hearts4 clubs and that was enough to win the pot. 

Haxton Chipping Away

Isaac Haxton has taken a few small pots off Phil Ivey recently.

The latest began when Haxton limped the button. Ivey raised it up to 240,000 and Haxton called. Both players checked the Q heartsK spades7 clubs flop and a 7 diams hit the turn. This time when Ivey checked, Haxton bet 360,000. Ivey folded. 

Ike Wins the First Big Hand

We missed the preflop action, but Isaac Haxton had the button and it looked like a raised pot as he and Phil Ivey took to a K clubs2 hearts2 diams flop. Ivey led for 300,000 here and Haxton called. Ivey opted to check the 10 diams turn and Haxton bet 500,000. Ivey called and the board was completed with a Q diams river. This time when Ivey checked, Haxton moved all in, having his opponent covered.

Ivey tanked and eventually folded. 

Back to Fight for the Title

The two players are back to action!

Either Isaac Haxton or Phil Ivey will win the title and the $4 million top prize!

Quick Break and Heads-Up Counts

The two players are on a quick break.

Below is how they stack up

Phil Ivey - 5,350,000
Isaac Haxton - 6,150,000

Mike McDonaldMike McDonald Eliminated in 3rd Place ($1,900,000)

After finishing as the runner-up in the $100K Challenge, Mike McDonald has finished 3rd in the LK Boutique $250,000 – an amazing effort.

McDonald was all in from the small blind holding 10 diams8 spades against Isaac Haxton in the big blind holding A spadesK diams.

The board ran out 2 diams6 clubs2 spades6 diams3 spades and that was it for McDonald.

McDonald receives a very large $1,900,000 for that effort.

It’s now Phil Ivey and Isaac Haxton heads-up!

Daniel Negreanu Eliminated in 4th  Place ($1,250,000)

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu shoved from the small blind holding A diams2 clubs and ran into Phil Ivey with A heartsK hearts in the big blind. It was looking like Negreanu was going home.

Then the crowd and media gasped at the sight of the 6 spades2 spades10 hearts flop.

Ivey didn’t look too impressed either.

The J spades turn gave Ivey a few more outs and the K clubs river sealed Negreanu’s fate.

“Kid Poker” takes home $1,250,000 for his 4th place.

Next out takes home $1,900,000. 

Ike the Leader Again

Folded to Mike McDonald in the small blind and he would raise it up to 335,000. Isaac Haxton called out of the big blind and the dealer flipped over a 3 spades8 diams10 spades flop. McDonald led for 300,000 here and Haxton raised it up to 725,000. McDonald took his time to call.

The 4 spades turn would see McDonald check and Haxton move all in. The two players had similar sized stacks – around 2.3 million. McDonald tank-folded and with that Haxton was once again a fairly big chip leader. 

Aces Equal Ike Double

Isaac Haxton was in the small blind when he was all in holding A spadesA hearts against the 5 diams5 spades of Daniel Negreanu in the big blind. The board ran out 7 spadesK clubsQ spadesJ diams3 clubs and Haxton doubled to around 3.5 million.

Negreanu is now the short stack with 1.2 million. 

Four Back to New Level

The four players are back to it.

The new level is 60,000/120,000 with a 10,000 ante. 

Counts at the Break

Here are the approximate stacks of the four remaining players currently remaining in the 2014 Aussie Millions LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge:

Mike McDonald - 3,400,000
Phil Ivey - 3,350,000
Daniel Negreanu - 3,000,000
Isaac Haxton - 1,750,000

Break Time

After the play slowed for the last part of the previous level, the players have been sent on a 15-minute break.

It will be back to it at around 1:10am local time. 

Ike’s Turn to Double

Isaac Haxton shoved the button for 895,000. Folded to Phil Ivey in the big blind and he would make the call. Haxton’s A clubs2 clubs against Ivey’s K clubs7 diams.

The board rolled out 10 diamsQ clubsJ clubs3 hearts8 clubs, with Ivey missing a straight draw and Haxton hitting a flush.

Another Timex Double

Mike McDonald has managed to double yet again and once again through Isaac Haxton.

This time McDonald was all in for around 1.2 million holding Q clubs9 clubs and had to find some cards against Haxton’s K spadesJ hearts. The board ran out 9 spades5 diams3 clubs4 spades9 diams, with two nines for McDonald and enough to move over 2 million in chips, while Haxton is now the short stack with around 1 million. 

Remember that McDonald was down to 175,000 just a few hands ago!

Double for Timex

The short stacked Mike McDonald is still short stacked, but a little healthier.

He once again claimed a pot, this time doubling up through Isaac Haxton. McDonald shoved the small blind holding K hearts3 clubs and Haxton called off the extra chips from the big blind holding J diams3 diams.

The board ran out 5 spades9 hearts2 clubs7 heartsK diams and McDonald was back to around 1 million in chips.

Timex Triples

Mike McDonald found a good time to wake up with pocket kings. He shoved his last 175,000 from under the gun with the cowboys and Daniel Negreanu flat called from the small blind. Phil Ivey then raised to 450,000 from the big blind and Negreanu called.

McDonald watched on as Ivey led for 500,000 on the 6 hearts8 spades2 clubs flop. Negreanu called and both players checked the 7 diams turn and the J spades river.  At showdown, McDonald showed his kings and won the main pot, while Negreanu had 5 clubs5 hearts and scooped the side pot. It looked like Ivey mucked A-8.

With that Negreanu is now the chip leader, while McDonald has a second life.

Timex Down, But Not Out

Isaac Haxton recently lost some chips to Daniel Negreanu then found himself all in holding A hearts9 hearts against Mike McDonald’s 3 diams3 spades. McDonald was in the small blind and Haxton was in the big blind.

The board ran out 9 diams5 hearts4 spades2 diamsK spades and Haxton doubled up to more than 3 million, while McDonald was left with just 175,000. 

Level Up: Blinds 50,000/100,000, Ante 10,000

Ivey Doesn’t Like Folding to Daniel

Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu have just played out a hand to the river of a 4 spadesK spades8 spadesQ diams7 hearts board. Both players checked the flop and Negreanu led for 175,000 on the turn. Ivey called and then Negreanu led for 450,000 on the river. Ivey tanked here and looked frustrated and reluctant to fold his cards on the river. He let them hit the muck with a smirk, which was reciprocated by Negreanu. 

Four Counts Update

Approximate stacks of the four remaining players. 

Phil Ivey - 4,700,000
Isaac Haxton - 3,600,000
Daniel Negreanu - 1,700,000
Mike McDonald - 1,600,000

Pay Back for Ike

Just moments after getting unlucky to double up Mike McDonald and Isaac Haxton has repaid the favour. Haxton shoved for 1.8 million in chips from under the gun. McDonald called out of the big blind.

McDonald: A spadesJ spades
Haxton: Q hearts10 hearts

This time McDonald was ahead, but Haxton would catch the right cards on a 2 spades2 hearts7 diamsQ diams3 clubs board and with that was back up nearing 4 million, while McDonald is under 2 million. 

Big Lucky Double for Timex

Folded to Mike McDonald in the small blind and he would move all in for 1,700,000. Isaac Haxton called out of the big blind.

McDonald: 9 diams7 diams
Haxton: A clubs6 clubs

It was looking like McDonald would be going home.

Then the dealer spread out a 3 diams7 spades5 diams flop, giving McDonald top pair and a flush draw.

A J diams turn gave “Timex” the flush, locking up the double up.

Haxton is down to 2 million after being the chip leader for much of the final table.

Couple of Shoves from Daniel

Daniel Negreanu has shoved all in a couple of times over the last few orbits. First when three-betting an open from Mike McDonald and then open-shoving.

Negreanu is the short stack at the table.

Ivey Takes One off Kid Poker

Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey just played a three bet pot. They checked it down to the river of a J heartsQ clubsA diams7 hearts2 clubs board. On the river, Negreanu checked and Ivey led for 300,000. Negreanu tank-folded. Ivey’s chip lead increases!

Fabian Quoss

Fabian Quoss Eliminated in 5th Place ($800,000)

Just a few minutes after returning from the break and Fabian Quoss has hit the rail.

Quoss’ final hand began when he opened it up to 175,000 from the button. Phil Ivey three-bet to 530,000 from the small blind and Quoss four-bet to 1,410,000 – all his chips. Ivey requested a cout and made the call.

Quoss: 8 spades8 diams
Ivey: K diamsQ hearts

The race was looking good for Quoss up to the turn of a 5 spades7 diams5 clubsA hearts board, but the K hearts gave Ivey a better pair and with that Quoss was sent home in 5th place.

Quoos takes home $800,000. Next player out receives $1,250,000. 

This hand also makes Ivey a slight chip leader over Isaac Haxton. 

Back with Counts

The players are back from their break and the cards are in the air.

Below are the approximate stacks.

Isaac Haxton – 4,000,000
Phil Ivey – 2,600,000
Mike McDonald – 1,750,000
Fabian Quoss – 1,650,000
Daniel Negreanu – 1,500,000

The blinds are now 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante. 

Extended Break

The players have made their way on a 30-minute break.

See you back here at around 10:45pm local time.

Ivey Picks Off Haxton

Phil Ivey and Isaac Haxton recently went to showdown on a Q hearts7 clubs4 spades8 spades9 clubs board. Both players checked the flop and turn, while Haxton bet 125,000 on the river.

Ivey stared Haxton down and eventually called. Haxton tabled Jx-2x for a whole lot of nothing, while Ivey scooped up the pot with A spades10 spades – just ace high. 

Five Counts

Approximate stacks of the five players:

Isaac Haxton – 4,900,000
Phil Ivey – 2,400,000
Fabian Quoss – 1,750,000
Daniel Negreanu – 1,500,000
Mike McDonald – 900,000

Haxton Rising

Isaac Haxton continues to win chips.

Most recently during a hand which Mike McDonald opened from under the gun and Haxton called from his direct left. The rest of the table got out of the way and the dealer flipped over a 3 diams2 heartsJ hearts flop. McDonald led for 140,000 here and Haxton called.

The 8 spades turn would see McDonald check and Haxton bet 215,000. McDonald folded.

McDonald is the short stack with well under 1 million, while Haxton is nearing 2 million. 

Small One for Ivey

Phil Ivey recently scooped a small pot which started when Fabian Quoss limped from the button. Ivey then raised it up to 225,000 in the small blind and Quoss called. Quoss then folded to a bet of 245,000 from Ivey on a A hearts6 clubs3 clubs flop.

Haxton Crushing Again

Start-of-day chip leader Isaac Haxton has just scooped a big pot.

Fabian Quoss opened it up to 125,000 and Haxton called from the small blind, while Daniel Negreanu called from the big blind. The A diams6 hearts8 diams flop would see action checked to Quoss, who bet 200,000. Negreanu folded and Haxton called.

On the 7 hearts turn, Haxton check-called a bet of 450,000.

The river was a 5 clubs and this time the players checked.

Quass turned over his J diams7 diams, but the pair of sevens and a busted flush draw hit the muck at the sight of Haxton’s A-K. 

Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan Eliminated in 6th Place ($500,000)

Tom Dwan was the first player eliminated in the money.

He three-bet jammed his short stack from the big blind after Isaac Haxton had opened the cut off to 120,000. Haxton called and Dwan was at risk.

Haxton: K heartsJ hearts
Dwan: 8 clubs8 hearts

The board ran out K spades7 diamsA diamsJ diams6 hearts, with Dwan unable to win a race!

Dwan pockets $500,000.

Next player out receives $800,000.

Level Up: Blinds 30,000/60,000 with a 5,000

Dwan Doubles

Tom Dwan has just doubled his short stack.

He was all in holding A clubsQ spades against Daniel Negreanu with 10 hearts2 clubs in the big blind.

The board ran out 8 hearts5 heartsA spades3 spades8 spades and Dwan doubled. 

Quoss Doubles Though Dwan

Tom Dwan is extremely short stacked after rumbling with Fabian Quoss.

The two players got all the chips in preflop, with Dwan having A clubsQ clubs and Quoss having A diamsK spades.

The board ran out 10 clubsK diams9 spades8 diams3 hearts, with Dwan having a straight sweat, but falling short of finding the cards he needed to.

Dwan is down to 150,000 in chips. 

Counts and Back to Play

The players are back from their short break and the cards are back in the air.

Below is how the approximate chip stacks look.

Isaac Haxton - 3,700,000
Daniel Negreanu - 2,150,000
Phil Ivey - 2,050,000
Fabian Quoss - 1,500,000
Tom Dwan - 1,250,000
Mike McDonald - 800,000

Erik Seidel Seidel Pops the Bubble

The bubble has burst and it was a former champion of this very event, Erik Seidel, who finished with no money for his time.

Seidel was all in preflop holding J diamsJ clubs and was up against Fabian Quoss with K clubsK spades.

The board ran out 7 clubs3 diamsQ clubs2 clubs2 spades and Seidel was eliminated.

Six remain! Six guaranteed at least $500,000 with $4 million up top!

The players are having a short break. 

Ivey Building

Phil Ivey has taken down a few small post following the break. The most recent pot began when he opened to 100,000 from the cutoff. Isaax Haxton called out of the small and the dealer spread out a 8 spadesJ clubs9 spades flop. Haxton check-called a bet of 125,000 here and a 3 hearts hit the turn. This time when Haxton checked, Ivey bet 300,000 and Haxton quickly folded. 

Fabian Loses More

The short stack is Fabian Quoss and he recently lost even more chips.

Quoss was in the big blind and called a raise to 115,000 from Daniel Negreanu from the button. The two players checked it to the river of a 9 clubsQ diams3 clubs10 diamsK hearts board. Quoss then check-folded to a bet of 115,000.

He sits at around 700,000. 

Back to Burst the Bubble

The seven players are back at it.

The blinds are now 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante. 

Bubble Break Time

Still on the money bubble!

Players now on a 15-minute break.

Action will kick back off at around 8:05pm local time. 

Cold Four Shove From the Big Stack

Fabian Quoss opened it up to 95,000 and was promptly three-bet to 220,000 by Mike McDonald in the small blind. Isaac Haxton was in the big blind and studied the stacks of his opponents. Then he jammed his big stack all in. McDonald and Quoss folded and the chips went to Haxton. 

Negreanu Four-Bet Shoves on Ike

We continue to be on the money bubble. Daniel Negreanu recently four-bet shoved after Isaac Haxton had three-bet to what looked like 275,000. Haxton folded and some chips went to Negreanu.

Tom Dwan is the shortest stacked of the seven players. 

Negreanu Takes One Off Durrr

Daniel Negreanu opened it up to 95,000 and received calls from Tom Dwan on his direct left and Phil Ivey from the button. The 3 diamsQ spades6 spades flop would see all three players check and with that, a 4 clubs hit the turn. Negreanu led out for 160,000 and Dwan called. Ivey folded and the dealer flipped over a 2 hearts on the river. Negreanu checked here and Dwan grabbed 250,000 worth of chips. Then he seemed to give up and said, “check”.

At showdown, Negreanu showed 5 clubs5 diams for a straight and Dwan’s cards went into the muck. 

This Time Ivey Doubles the Bubble

Phil Ivey opened it up to 80,000 and was three bet to what looked like 200,000 by Isaac Haxton. Back on Ivey and he moved all in for just around 1 million. Haxton shrug-called and Ivey was at risk.

Ivey: A clubsQ spades
Haxton: A spadesJ diams

The board ran out 4 spades3 heartsK hearts9 spades2 diams and Ivey had doubled up to around 2 million.

Haxton is still the chip leader. 

Fabian Doubles on the Bubble

Short-stack Fabian Quoss was just all in preflop holding Q spadesQ hearts against the A spades5 spades of Tom Dwan. He had shoved and taken down the blinds and antes a couple of times, so was up to almost 700,000 when he was all in.

The J diams4 diamsQ diams flop was the wrong colour for Dwan and gave Quoss a set of queens. Quoss just needed to dodge running cards. The K clubs turn kept Dwan alive in the hand, but the Q clubs river gave Quoss quads and more than enough to move up to 1.4 million. 

Dwan now has around 1.3 million, with Mike McDonald, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel and Quoss all having similar stacks on the bubble. 

Seven Counts

Here are the approximate stacks of the seven players on the bubble.

Isaac Haxton - 4,400,000
Tom Dwan - 2,000,000
Mike McDonald - 1,250,000
Erik Seidel - 1,175,000
Daniel Negreanu - 1,150,000
Phil Ivey - 1,050,000
Fabian Quoss - 510,000

Cards Back in Air for New Level

The cards are back in the air!

We are now kicking off with blinds at 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante. 

Few Minute Break

The players are having what is being called a "three-minute break", for what seems like technical reasons and a dealer change. 

Big Bubble Hand for Dwan

A big pot on the bubble has just been taken down by Tom Dwan.

It started with Tom Dwan opening it up with a raise. Isaac Haxton called out of the big blind.

The 2 hearts6 spades3 hearts flop would see Haxton check-call a bet of 105,000. On the 9 clubs turn, Haxton again checked and this time Dwan bet 255,000. Haxton took his time before calling.

The board completed with an A hearts and Dwan fumbled with his chips before eventually leading out for 590,000. Haxton leaned back in his chair, looking somewhat confused, and eventually folded. 

Ike Takes One Down

Tom Dwan opened it up to 67,000 and received a call from Fabian Quoss, along with Isaac Haxton in the big blind. The 3 hearts3 clubsA hearts flop would see the action checked to Quoss, who bet 100,000. Haxton called, Dwan folded and the dealer flipped over a K clubs on the turn.

Both players checked here and a K spades completed the board on the river. This time Haxton led for 200,00 and after a some thought, Quoss called.

Haxton tabled 5 spades3 diams, with the full house good enough to see Haxton’s cards hit the muck. 

Quoss is the short stack. He's down to around 500,000. 

Altergott In Eighth

Max AltergottMax Altergott (pictured) has just finished in a meaningless 8th place.

His final hand began when Tom Dwan opened to 67,000 from under the gun. The action folded around to Altergott and he called from the big blind, leaving himself with just a couple hundred thousand behind.

Altergott then jammed on the 4 diams6 diams9 clubs flop and Dwan called.

Altergott: K clubs9 diams
Dwan: 10 diams10 hearts

Altergott had found a piece of the flop, but ran into Dwan’s overpair.

The turn was a 4 clubs and the river was a 6 clubs and with that we are on the official bubble!

Shorty Loses Some

Short-stack Max Altergott was under the gun when he opened it up to 60,000. Cards flew into the muck from all directions of the table before Daniel Negreanu called out of the big blind.

The K diamsQ hearts3 clubs flop would see Negreanu check and Altergott bet 50,000. Negreanu then piled in a big bunch of 25,000-denomination chips – more than enough to put Altergott all in. Altergott folded and the pot went to Negreanu. 

First Pot Goes to Seidel

The first pot of the final table has gone to Erik Seidel.

He and Isaac Haxton took to a 7 spades4 heartsJ clubs flop and Haxton check-folded to a bet of 80,000. 

Introductions Finally Done, Cards in Air

The players have finally settled into their seats, some introductions have been made and the cards are now in the air at the final table of the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge.

The next two players eliminated take home nothing, first payout is 6th place worth $500,000.

There are just under 30 minutes left in the current level - 15,000/30,000 with a 4,000 ante

Standard Delay

Is is usally the case with these sorts of events, especially when they are beinf filmed for television, there will be a bit of a delay. Looks like 5:30pm start is the most likley scenario. 

Final Table Line Up

Here's how they line up for the final table of the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge. Remember only the top six players will finish in the money. Play is set to recommence in Studio 3 at 5pm local time.

Seat 1: Phil Ivey (USA) - 976,000
Seat 2: Mike McDonald (Canada) - 1,379,000
Seat 3: Ike Haxton (USA) - 4,256,000
Seat 4: Erik Seidel (USA) - 1,225,000
Seat 5: Daniel Negreanu (Canada) - 1,055,000
Seat 6: Max Altergott (Austria) - 341,000
Seat 7: Tom Dwan (USA) - 1,292,000
Seat 8: Fabian Quoss (Germany) - 976,000

Aussie Millions TV Studio

Bloom bubbles TV table

It would take just one hand of play on the combined table of nine players to lose our next player. That man would be former Aussie Millions champ Tony Bloom who has bubbled the TV table.

Bloom opened for a raise before Ike Haxton three-bet. Bloom moved all in and Haxton insta-called with Q diamsQ clubs to have Bloom's J spadesJ clubs in a world of hurt.

Bloom couldn't find a jack on the board and, just like that, we had reached the final eight.

They're now bagging up to head upstairs to Studio 3, where play will recommence at 5pm local time to play it out until a winner is crowned. We'll have details of the seating draw and chip counts for you shortly.

Jason MercierDown to the Final Nine

After a relative mini-lull in proceedings, we're now rocketing towards the final table with the eliminations of Jason Mercier (pictured) and $100,000 Challenge champ Yevgeniy Timoshenko.

Timoshenko was first to go when he shoved A-3 into the A-5 of Phil Ivey. When a couple more fives hit the board, Timoshenko's time in Australia was up.

He was soon followed by PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier.

Mercier's pocket fours were at risk against Ike Haxton's A heartsQ hearts.

Mercier was looking for bricks, but a queen on the flop and another on the river meant that Mercier was felted as the final table of nine was formed.

They're just taking their seats on Table 10 to try and lose one more player before they head upstairs to Studio 3 to play it out in front of the TV cameras.

Ike HaxtonIke Takes The Lead

Mike McDonald has landed a big double up with ace-king against pocket jacks, but the biggest pot of the tournament to date has seen Ike Haxton (pictured) double through Tom Dwan.

The pot was already massive when the board read 4 hearts4 diams6 clubs6 diams and the rest of Haxton's chips were committed. Dwan made the call with pocket nines, but rolled his eyes on disgust when Hax showed pocket kings! The river blanked off and Haxton climbed into the chip lead. He's stuck $1.1 million in buy-ins so far in these two high roller events, so he'll need to get to at least third place to reach a profit for this series!

Those who won't be finding a profit in this event include Tobias Reinkemeier, Doug Polk and Justin Bonomo who lost the rest of his stack when he shoved ace-ten into Phil Ivey's ace-queen. There are currently eleven players remaining with the final eight to reach the televised final table in the studio.

Two Down as Negreanu finds Monsters

Paul Newey has been eliminated when he ran his pocket deuces into the pocket sevens of Fabian Quoss. A third seven onboard was more than enough for Quoss to take it down.

Newey was joined on the rail by Dan Smith who couldn't connect with queen-jack against Jason Mercier's ace-nine.

Meanwhile Daniel Negreanu is having a better run this time around. He found two double ups - one with pocket kings and the next with pocket aces - to get himself to 900,000 and back in contention.

Prize pool announced

The prize pool and payouts have been announced for the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge. A total of 46 entries, including 31 unique players, have created a record Aussie Millions prize pool in excess of $11 million. The top six players will finish in the money, with a min-cash worth $500,000 while our eventual champion is set to claim a top prize of $4 million!

1st: $4,000,000
2nd: $2,820,000
3rd: $1,900,000
4th: $1,250,000
5th: $800,000
6th: $500,000

Down they Fall

The action has been thick and fast here on Day 2 of the LK Boutique $250k Challenge. One man who is in for three bullets in this event is Daniel Negreanu. He bought in again today but perhaps it's a case of third time lucky after he doubled up with K hearts9 diams against Tobias Reinkemeier's A clubs8 hearts when a nine hit the flop.

The other man in for three bullets was Germany's Igor Kurganov. Unfortunately he's going to be $750,000 in the hole after he ran his J clubs9 clubs into Isaac Haxton's pocket aces.

Others to bust recently include Paul Phua, Elton Tsang, Rono Lo, Richard Yong and Philipp Gruissem. Tom "durrrr" Dwan was responsible for the last two in a double KO to now sit with the chip lead on about two million chips.

Early Carnage

With the stacks so shallow, there was always going to be a major flurry of activity in the early stages of the day. Patrik Antonius, Antonio Esfandiari and Scott Seiver are the casualties as they are the first to be eliminated from Day 2.

Nine Late Registrations Create Record Prize Pool

The final day of the 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship is upon us with the conclusion of the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge.

On Day 1 there were a total of 37 entrants and 18 survivors with Erik Seidel and Tom Dwan leading the way.

With late registration open until the start of play on Day 2, the scene was rather chaotic this morning as players rushed to register at the last minute before the seating draw was finalized.

Mike McDonald, Elton Tsang, Justin Bonomo, Daniel Negreanu, Scott Seiver, Sorel Mizzi, Patrik Antonius, Philipp Gruissem and Antonio Esfandiari all arrived today, handed over $250,000 and got a stack worth just 12.5 big blinds. That'll make you re-think ever complaining about the structure of a poker tournament ever again!

The nine late comers have boosted the total number of entries to 46. That includes three bullets from both Daniel Negreanu and Igor Kurganov. It's a staggering number that has produced the largest prize pool in the history of the Aussie Millions. That's an amazing statistic.

Top Five Chip Counts
Erik Seidel - 944,000
Tom Dwan - 815,000
Isaac Haxton - 800,000
Jason Mercier - 767,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko - 705,000

The champion will be decided today and we'll be here throughout the day to bring you all the live updates from the Crown Poker Room as the 2014 Aussie Millions ends with an almighty bang!

LK Boutique

Aussie MillionsLK Boutique $250,000 Challenge

Welcome to our coverage of the 2014 Aussie Millions from the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne, Australia.

The Aussie Millions is the most prestigious tournament series in the Southern Hemisphere with 20 championship events this year highlighted by the $250,000 and $100,000 High Rollers Challenges and, of course, the $10,600 Aussie Millions Main Event which this year forms part of the the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT).

The final event on the schedule is also the largest buy-in this side of the equator as the best players and the highest rollers come together for Event #20, the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge. For the price of a small house, you too can play poker with the biggest sharks in the waters. Last year it was the UK's Sam Trickett who continued his amazing form down under as he overcame a field of 18 players to take the $2,000,000 top prize.

One of the biggest poker events on the planet is one not to be missed, so stay tuned to Poker Asia Pacific as we bring you live updates of all the action, include chip counts and photo, from the final table of Event #20 of the 2014 Aussie Millions.

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