Sam Higgs2014 Aussie Millions - Event #5: $1,100 PLO Live Updates

Sam Higgs wins Event 5: $1,100 PLO ($47,500)!

Sam Higgs has overcome a field of 213 players and a very strong final table to win the fifth gold ring of the 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship. Anyone who has played with Higgs will know he’s a player capable of anything. He knows how to build a stack, and with chips in hand, he’s one of the best bullies in town. Today he proved that as fact. Higgs had to contend with the likes of Hall of Famer Gary Benson and WSOP bracelet winner Jarred Graham, but once Higgs got the chip lead, he never looked back.

It came down to Higgs and Kiwi Slade Fisher and they started heads-up play pretty much even in chips, but that was as close as Fisher got. Higgs ground down his opponent beautifully before landing the knockout blow.

Australia’s Sam Higgs is the $1,100 Pot Limit Omaha champion, winning $47,500 in prize money. Congratulations!

Final Table Results
1st: Sam Higgs - $47,500
2nd: Slade Fisher - $34,050
3rd: Adam Monaghan - $26,630
4th: Ali Khouiss - $20,240
5th: Jarred Graham - $15,980
6th: Timo Pfutzenreuter - $12,780
7th: Anthony Hachem - $9,590
8th: Gary Benson - $6,930
9th: Elizabeth Montizanti - $5,330

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Slade FisherSlade Fisher Eliminated in 2nd Place ($34,050); Sam Higgs Wins!

It’s all over with Sam Higgs defeating Slade Fisher (pictured) to claim the Aussie Millions $1,100 Pot Limit Omaha title!

The final hand started with Fisher raising the button to 60,000 and Higgs making the call in the big blind.

The flop would fall 7 hearts3 clubs9 hearts and Higgs would announce “pot” for a bet of 120,000. Fisher moved all in for around 300,000 and Higgs made the call.

Higgs: Q hearts2 hearts8 clubs9 spades
Fisher: A clubsA diams7 spades6 hearts

It was aces for Fisher but he had to fade some cards as Higgs held top pair with a flush draw. The turn was the 5 clubs to see Higgs add a straight draw but the river 5 hearts brought the heart flush for Higgs to delight of his rail.

A great run by Fisher falls just short but he takes home $34,050 for his efforts as Higgs receives the gold ring and $47,500. 

Finding a Better Spot

Slade Fisher raised the button and Sam Higgs called from the big blind to see a flop of 7 heartsQ spades3 diams. Higgs led out for 48,000 but Fisher came back with a raise to 110,000.

Higgs thought for a while but let it go.

“Wait for a better spot,” Higgs said to his rail. He’s on 1.7 million with Fisher on 450,000.

More Higgs

Sam Higgs continues to grind away at Slade Fisher following the break to seemingly be on the verge of victory here in this event.

In a recent hand, Higgs limped the button and Fisher raised another 48,000 on top from the big blind. Higgs called before both players checked the 8 spadesJ spadesA spades flop. The turn was the 3 clubs and Fisher checked to Higgs who bet 80,000. Fisher let it go to leave himself with under 400,000 in chips.

Back to Level 21

The two players are back from their break.

It is now Level 21: Blinds 12,000/24,000. Sam Higgs has a big chip lead over Slade Fisher. 

Two to Break

The two players have been sent on a 10-minute break.

Back around 5:12pm local time. 

Higgs Moving Away

Sam Higgs’ chip lead has increased as he recently scooped two pots.

Firstly he took down a pot on a 4 spades6 hearts9 clubs9 spades7 hearts board with Fisher eventually folding to a bet of 145,000 on the river after calling a bet of 70,000 on the turn.

Then another hand saw Higgs open the button to 60,000. Fisher called. And an 8 spades5 diams6 clubs flop was spread on the felt. Fisher check-folded a bet of 100,000 here and another pot went to Higgs.

Fisher is down to around 650,000. Higgs is up to 1.4 million. 

Higgs Moving Away

Sam Higgs' (below) chip lead has increased as he recently scooped two pots.

Firstly he took down a pot on a 4 spades6 hearts9 clubs9 spades7 hearts board with Fisher eventually folding to a bet of 145,000 on the river after calling a bet of 70,000 on the turn.

Then another hand saw Higgs open the button to 60,000. Fisher called. And an 8 spades5 diams6 clubs flop was spread on the felt. Fisher check-folded a bet of 100,000 here and another pot went to Higgs.

Fisher is down to around 650,000. Higgs is up to 1.4 million. 

Sam Higgs

One to Higgs

Sam Higgs was on the button when he limped in. Slade Fisher checked.

The 4 spades10 clubs5 clubs flop would see Fisher lead for 40,000 and Higgs call. On the 9 hearts turn, Fisher check-called a bet of 100,000 and the board completed with a 6 clubs.

This time when Fisher checked, Higgs bet the pot – 320,000. Fisher opted to fold.

Higgs is now up to just under 1.3 million. Fisher is down to around 800,000. 

Trading Chips

The two player s are trading chips at the moment.

First Sam Higgs took down a small pot when he was the aggressor on a 7 spades3 heartsJ clubs and Fisher didn’t want any action. Then Fisher took down a pot on a 6 spades7 hearts2 diams4 spades8 clubs board, with Fisher calling a preflop raise to 60,000 and then Fisher leading for 85,000 on the flop, 165,000 on the river and see Higgs fold. 

Higgs Up

Sam Higgs now has a slight chip lead.

It started with Slade Fisher opening the button to 45,000. Higgs called and the dealer flipped over a 6 diams3 hearts3 diams flop. Higgs checked here and Fisher bet 25,000. Back on Higgs and he would check-raise to 110,000. Fisher let it go and the chips went to Higgs.

Devils Flop

Slade Fisher limped the button and Sam Higgs checked.

The flop was a 6 clubs6 spades6 diams and Higgs check-folded to a bet of 25,000. 

Heads-Up Begins

The heads-up battle has begun!

It’s down to Sam Higgs and Slade Fisher.
Aussie Millions

The chips are even!

Fisher – 1,050,000
Higgs – 1,050,000

Adam Monaghan Eliminated in 3rd Place ($26,630)

Adam Monaghan has been one of the short stacks for much of the final table and now finds himself on the rail in a very respectable 3rd place.

Monaghan’s final hand started when he raised it up to 40,000 from the button. Slade Fisher called from the big blind and the dealer flipped over a 9 diams5 hearts10 hearts flop. Fisher checked here and Monaghan bet 90,000. Fisher moved all in and Monaghan called off his remaining 20,000 in chips.

Monaghan: K spadesQ clubsJ clubs8 hearts
Fisher: A diams5 diams9 hearts8 clubs

The 4 hearts turn and the 6 clubs river meant that Monaghan had missed his big draw and Fisher’s two pair was strong enough to send Monaghan home with a $26,630 score.

Ali Khouiss Eliminated in 4th Place ($20,240)

Ali KhouissAli Khouiss (pictured) recently found himself all in for 10,000 from the small blind after he was left short on a previous hand when he went to showdown on a 6 diams9 hearts10 heartsQ clubsA diams board against Sam Higgs and his two-pair couldn’t compete against Higgs’s straight.

Khouiss watched on as Sam Higgs limped the button and Slade Fisher checked the big blind.

Higgs and Fisher checked it down to the river of 6 clubs2 spades10 hearts7 hearts5 clubs board, with Fisher betting 20,000 on the river and Higgs folding.

With that Khouiss and Fisher turned their hands over.

Khouiss: Q diams6 hearts5 hearts3 hearts
Fisher: 8 spades7 spades4 clubs3 clubs

Fisher had a straight and so Khouiss was sent home in 4th place.

Khouiss Doubles, Still Short

Ali Khouiss has doubled up, though he is still the short stack.

He moved all in for 45,000 from the small blind and Slade Fisher called from the big blind.

Khouiss: A hearts4 hearts7 diams7 spades
Fisher: 8 hearts7 clubs6 hearts5 clubs

The board ran out 3 clubs10 clubsJ diams5 diams3 spades and Khouiss scooped the double.

Slade Moves Up

Slade Fisher has just taken down a handy pot against chip leader Sam Higgs.

The players went to showdown on a 8 spades3 diams7 clubsQ spades8 diams, with Fisher being the aggressor preflop and Higgs leading for 75,000 on the flop and Fisher leading for 125,000 on the river.

Higgs: 9 hearts9 clubsA clubsJ clubs
Fisher: K hearts8 hearts7 spades5 diams

Fisher has made a full house to move over 800,000. Higgs is still up over 1 million. 

Level Up: Blinds 10,000/20,000

Shorty Adam Doubles Again

Short stack Adam Monaghan has just scooped up another double.

It started with the action folding to Slade Fisher in the small blind. He limped and Monaghan raised it up to 50,000 in the big blind. Monaghan had another 70,000 behind and Fisher made the call.

The Q diamsK diams5 hearts flop would see Fisher check and Monaghan move all in for 70,000. Fisher called and the two players turned their hands over.

Monaghan: A diamsA hearts10 hearts8 diams
Fisher: K spadesJ diams10 clubs3 clubs

The 3 diams turn gave Monaghan the flush, while the 6 hearts river was safe, meaning Monaghan had doubled to around 250,000.

Higgs Increases Lead

Sam Higgs has increased his chip lead.

He was on the button when he opened it up to 45,000. Slade Fisher called out of the big blind and the dealer flipped over a Q spades9 diams3 spades flop. Fisher led for 70,000 here and Higgs announced “pot”. It was 308,000 total to go for Fisher as he eventually folded.

Fisher is down to 700,000. Higgs is up over 1.3 million. 

Jarred Graham

Jarred Graham Eliminated in 5th Place ($15,980)

Prominent Aussie professional – and PLO specialist – Jarred Graham, (pictured) has just been eliminated in 5th place.

His final hand began when Slade Fisher opened it up to 45,000 from the cutoff. Graham called from the small blind and a 4 hearts10 clubs7 spades flop was spread on the felt. Graham bet the pot here (106,000) and Fisher called.

The 3 diams turn would see Graham move all in for 134,000. Fisher eventually called and the two players turned their hands over.

Graham: 6 hearts5 hearts8 spades4 spades
Fisher: 9 spades8 hearts6 spades4 diams

Graham had the straight and was looking good to double, but the 6 diams river gave Fisher a bigger straight and so Graham was sent home with $15,980 for his time.

Fisher is now looking like he has just over 800,000. 

Timo Pfutzenreuter Eliminated in 6th Place ($12,780)

Timo Aussie Millions

Timo Pfutzenreuter (pictured) has been eliminated!

The short stack got all his chips in preflop against Sam Higgs.

Higgs: A spadesK heartsQ hearts3 spades
Pfutzenreuter: A spades10 clubs6 diams2 diams

The board ran out 5 clubs4 spades8 clubsJ hearts2 spades and with that we were down to five players!

Pfutzenreuter receives $12,780 for his effort.

The next player eliminated will pocket $15,980.

Higgs continues to dominate, now having a monster chip lead.

Double for Jarred

Folded to Timo Pfutzenreuter in the small blind and he would limp in. Jarred Graham was in the big blind and checked. The A diams9 clubs2 spades flop would see Pfutzenreuter lead out for 28,000 and Graham slid his stack of 157,000 out. Pfutzenreuter flicked chips out to call and Graham was at-risk.

Graham: 5 diams5 hearts4 spades3 clubs
Pfutzenreuter: Q diams9 diams9 hearts8 spades

The 4 diams turn gave Graham a straight and with a safe 5 spades on the river, Graham had doubled up, while Pfutzenreuter is now the short stack at the final table. 

Shorty Doubles

Adam Monaghan, the short stack, has just doubled up.

Monaghan opened it up with a pot-sized raise to 56,000 from under the gun. Sam Higgs raised it up to 120,000 from the button and with that rest of the table out of the way, Monaghan called off his remaining 14,000 in chips.

Monaghan: A clubsA diams9 hearts2 diams
Higgs: K spadesK diamsQ diams4 clubs

Monaghan had the aces versus Higgs kings and both players ended up playing their pairs as the dealer spread out a 8 clubs10 hearts8 spades9 spades8 diams board.

Monaghan is now up to around 150,000. Higgs is still the chip leader. 

Six-Handed Count Update

Here are the approximate stacks of the six players.

Sam Higgs – 950,000
Slade Fisher – 600,000
Timo Pfutzenreuter – 260,000
Jarred Graham – 170,000
Ali Khouiss – 85,000
Adam Monaghan – 70,000

Graham Loses Some

Jarred Graham has lost a few chips.

The action folded to him in the small blind and he limped in. Big-stacked Sam Higgs raised it up to 32,000 from the big blind and Graham called.

The 3 diams3 hearts2 diams flop would see both players check, while the 6 hearts turn would see Higgs bet 60,000 when checked to him. Graham opted to and the pot went to Higgs. 

Anthony Hachem Eliminated in 7th Place ($9,590)

Then there were six!

Anthony Hachem (below, right) was one of the short stacks returning from the break.

His final hand began when he raised pot (56,000) from the cutoff. Sam Higgs called from the big blind – with Hachem having around 25,000 behind.

The Q hearts6 clubs10 hearts flop would see Higgs pile out a big stack of chips and Hachem put himself at-risk with a call.

Higgs: Q diamsQ clubs10 clubs4 spades
Hachem: K diams8 diams10 diams9 spades

It wasn’t a great flop for Hachem, but he had outs.

Well he did before the 6 diams hit the turn, with that giving Higgs a full house and leaving Hachem drawing dead. The river was an A hearts and Hachem was eliminated, picking up $9,590 for his finish.

The next player eliminated takes home $12,780.

Anthony Hachem

Higgs Pushes Khouiss Around

Sam Higgs was in the cutoff when he opened it up to 35,000. Ali Khouiss was the lone caller from the button and with that the dealer spread out a 3 hearts10 spades4 clubs flop.

“Pot,” said Higgs.

It was 94,000 to Khouiss as he went deep into the tank.

“Will you show,” asked Khouiss.

Higgs didn’t respond as Khouiss ended up folding.

Khouiss is down under 100,000 in chips, while Higgs is still flying as the chip leader.

Back to Play

The players are back from their break.

It is now Level 19: Blinds 8,000/16,000.


The players are now taking their first ten-minute break of the day

Higgs Crushing

Timo Pfutzenreuter got into the action with a limp on the button. Jarred Graham called from the small blind, but Sam Higgs raised to 48,000 in the big blind. Pfutzenreuter called but Graham got out of the way before the 2 heartsA spades9 clubs flop landed. Higgs led out for 60,000 and Pfutzenreuter called before both players checked on the 7 clubs turn. The river was the J clubs and Higgs fired out a hefty 145,000.

Pfutzenreuter thought long and hard but eventually released his cards to see Higgs extend his chip advantage to 720,000. Pfutzenreuter is back to 275,000.

Fisher Takes Some Thin Value

Jarred Graham opened with a min-raise from middle position and Slade Fisher was the lone caller on the button. The flop landed J diams4 spadesA diams and Graham continued for 40,000. Fisher made the call and the turn produced the 3 hearts.

Check, check, and the river was the J spades. Graham checked and Fisher bet 55,000 to send Graham into the think tank. He eventually called but was forced to muck when Fisher showed A hearts8 hearts6 diams5 diams for aces and jacks. That was enough as Graham slips to 195,000 with Fisher now up to 555,000.

Just Nines

Jarred Graham opened to 24,000 from the button and Sam Higgs made the call in the small blind.

The flop landed 2 spadesQ clubs9 hearts and both players checked. The turn was the J diams and Higgs checked to Graham who bet 40,000. Higgs made the call and the river was a repeat J spades. Both players tapped the table.

“Just nines,” laughed Higgs before tabling 9 clubs9 diamsA diams3 clubs. That was far too good for Graham who tossed his cards into the muck. Higgs continues to run well as he’s up to 590,000 with Graham slipping back to 300,000.

Small one for Timo

Folded to Slade Fisher in the cutoff and he would flick in a limp. Anthony Hachem limped the small blind and Timo Pfutzenreuter raised it up to 48,000 from the big blind. Fisher quickly folded and and Hachem made the call.

On the 3 diamsA spades10 spades flop, Hachem checked and Pfutzenreuter bet 45,000. Hachem got out of the way and the pot went to Pfutzenreuter.

Pfutzenreuter is up to 360,000. Hachem is the hovering around the short stack with 135,000. 

Chip Count Update

Sam Higgs – 550,000
Slade Fisher – 440,000
Jarred Graham – 365,000
Timo Pfutzenreuter – 290,000
Ali Khouiss – 220,000
Anthony Hachem – 180,000
Adam Monaghan – 120,000

Gary BensonGary Benson Eliminated in 8th Place ($6,930)

Gary Benson (pictured) raised it up to 25,000 from middle position before Sam Higgs three-bet to 58,000 in the cutoff position. Benson made the call, leaving himself 55,000 behind to see a flop of 5 spades8 hearts10 clubs.

That was a good enough flop for Benson to move all in and Higgs made the call.

Benson: A clubsK diamsQ diams10 spades
Higgs: A spadesK spadesJ hearts5 clubs

Benson had top pair and he was celebrating with his rail when the A hearts appeared on the turn.

“He’s dead! He’s drawing dead!” Benson exclaimed.

“What about the five?” replied tablemate Ali Khouiss.

“How’s the five going to help him?” replied Benson, before it dawned on him that another five would indeed improve Higgs to a full house.

And wouldn’t you know it...

River: 5 hearts

The poker Gods have a cruel sense of humour and it would be Australian poker legend Gary Benson who would feel the brunt this afternoon. He’s out in 8th place for $6,930.

Level Up: Blinds 6,000/12,000

Higgs and Fisher Trade Pots

After the short delay for the presentation ceremony, play resumed with Sam Higgs raising under the gun to 23,000 and Slade Fisher making the call in middle position. The flop landed 7 clubs4 clubs7 diams and Higgs’ bet of 50,000 was enough to take it down.

Soon after Fisher was able to get a few of those chips back when he limped from early position. Higgs checked in the big blind and they saw a flop of 6 hearts8 spades3 diams. Higgs led for 20,000 but Fisher popped it up to 60,000 which was enough to take it down.


The clock has been paused for a few minutes for a presentation to the winners of the first four Aussie Millions gold rings.

Graham Leads Out

Slade Fisher raised to 22,000 from early position with Jarred Graham and Sam Higgs both calling in the blinds. The flop landed J clubs8 spades4 diams and Graham instantly bet the pot for 66,000. Higgs folded but Fisher took a bit more convincing before eventually folding.

One for Fisher

Slade Fisher opened to 22,000 from middle position and Jarred Graham made the call in the big blind. the two took a flop of 5 spades8 hearts3 hearts and both players checked. The turn was a repeat 3 spades and Graham led out for 35,000. Fisher made the call.

The river delivered the 5 diams to double-pair the board and Graham tapped the table. Fisher fired 55,000 and Graham released. Fisher sits with 470,000, with Graham down to 220,000.

Elizabeth MontizantiElizabeth Montizanti Eliminated in 9th Place ($5,330)

Sam Higgs opened with a raise to 20,000 from middle position and Adam Monaghan made the call on the button. Action folded to Elizabeth Montizanti (pictured) in the big blind who raised it up to 85,000. Sam Higgs re-potted to force a fold from Monaghan, but Montizanti called off her last 26,000 chips.

Higgs: K clubsQ hearts9 hearts8 clubs
Montizanti: A diamsA clubs7 hearts6 clubs

Montizanti had aces and hit a set on the A hearts2 hearts9 clubs flop, but the 6 hearts turn brought a flush for Higgs and would leave Montizanti needing to pair the board to stay alive. It wasn’t to be as the 8 spades completed the board to see Montizanti depart in 9th place, her second final table result in five events, for a collect of $5,330.

Meanwhile the dangerous Higgs is now up to 375,000 in chips.

Final Table Line Up

Seat 1: Ali Khouiss
Seat 2: Slade Fisher
Seat 3: Adam Monaghan
Seat 4: Anthony Hachem
Seat 5: Elizabeth Montizanti
Seat 6: Timo Pfutzenreuter
Seat 7: Gary Benson
Seat 8: Jarred Graham
Seat 9: Sam Higgs

It’s an interesting final table line up with a Hall of Famer, a WSOP bracelet winner, the son of a World Champion, and two players who have already reached final tables in this year’s Aussie Millions series.

The players have taken their seats and the cards are back in the air!

Aussie Millions final table

Erick Sclavos Eliminated in 10th Place ($4,750)

Erick Sclavos was the short stack coming into the final ten players today but he wasn’t able to survive long enough to reach the final table.

Sclavos was all in preflop with 10 diams6 clubs5 hearts4 diams but had run into Adam Monaghan’s powerful A spadesA heartsK hearts6 diams. The board of J heartsQ spades7 clubs9 spadesJ spades brought no help for Sclavos to eliminate him in 10th place for $4,750 in prize money.

The players are now redrawing for the official Aussie Millions final table.

Montizanti Doubles

Timo Pfutzenreuter raised to 32,000 from the small blind before Elizabeth Montizanti moved all in from the big blind for her last 58,000. Pfutzenreuter made the call and we had our first all-in clash of the day!

Pfutzenreuter: 10 clubs9 clubs6 spades5 diams
Montizanti: Q diams10 hearts9 hearts3 diams

Montizanti was in pretty good shape and she improved to two pair on the board of Q spades10 hearts4 clubs7 diams10 spades to double through.

Worth A Try!

Sean Keaton just tried to sit down in an empty seat on Table 29 for Flight 1 of the Accumulator Event not realising his starting table had been relocated while we finish off this Pot Limit Omaha Event. He must’ve thought his table mates had been busy early with all the chips on the table!

It was worth a try to short cut to a final table, but Keaton was quickly redirected to his proper starting table.

Cards in the Air for Hand-for-Hand

The cards are now in the air on the final day of the PLO event!

Action is hand-for-hand until one player is eliminated. 

Stay tuned to find our who makes the final table and who falls short!

Down to Two Tables of Five

The fifth event on the 2014 Aussie Millions has been whittled down from 213 players to just ten. When the players return on Thursday, there will be two five-handed tables and there will need to be one elimination before the final table is set. Check out how they line up below.

Table 10:
Seat 1: Slade Fisher - 318,000
Seat 2: Ali Khouiss - 243,000
Seat 5: Sam Higgs - 283,000
Seat 7: Timo Pfutzenreuter - 368,000
Seat 8: Elizabeth Montizanti - 58,000

Table 31:
Seat 1: Erick Sclavos - 34,000
Seat 2: Adam Monaghan - 119,000
Seat 4: Anthony Hachem - 230,000
Seat 5: Gary Benson - 182,000
Seat 7: Jarred Graham - 236,000

There are a few familar faces amongst the final ten, including former Aussie Millions Gold Ring winners Anthony Hachem and Gary Benson, along with recent final table finishers Slade Fisher and Elizabeth Montizanti. 

Found out who just missed out on making the final ten on the link below. The next player eliminated takes home $4,750 and making the final table of nine locks up at least $5,330. 

Click here for full Aussie Millions Event 5 Results so far

The final day of action begins at 1:00pm Thursday and Poker Asia Pacific will once again continue to provide all the 2014 Aussie Millions live updates once a final table is set. 

First Four-Card Game of the 2014 Aussie Millions 

Aussie Millions

Welcome to our coverage of the 2014 Aussie Millions from the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne, Australia.

The Aussie Millions is the most prestigious tournament series in the Southern Hemisphere with 20 championship events this year highlighted by the $250,000 and $100,000 High Rollers Challenges and, of course, the $10,600 Aussie Millions Main Event which this year forms part of the the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT).

Event #5 of the series is the $1,100 Pot Limit Omaha Event. The four-card fun always attracts a healthy crowd who like to gamble, and last year was no exception as a field of 233 players were conquered by Sam Vakili. He took home $53,600 in prize money along with the coveted championship gold ring.

We're expecting to see another big field and plenty of gamble in this event in 2014, so stay tuned to Poker Asia Pacific as we bring you live updates of all the action, include chip counts and photo, from the final table of Event #5 of the 2014 Aussie Millions.

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