2014 Aussie Millions - Event #6: $1,100 NLHE Accumulator Live Updates

Brian Payne wins Event 6: $1,100 NLHE Accumulator ($115,000)

Brian Payne

It ended up taking longer than expected and featured a few more twists and turns than expected, but in the end it was Brian Payne who will forever call himself the champion of the 2014 Aussie Millions Event 6: $1,100 NLHE Accumulator!

Final Table Results
1st: Brian Payne - $115,000**
2nd: Sam Khouiss - $85,000**
3rd: Michael Kanaan - $75,000*
4th: Louis Salter - $41,400
5th: Shivan Abdine - $31,525
6th: Paul Sharbanee - $25,100
7th: Sam Vakili - $20,600
8th: Kevin Sharp - $16,100
9th: Andreas Lodemel - $13,400
* denotes three-handed deal
** denotes secondary heads-up deal

Click here for full Aussie Millions Event 6 results

Sam Khouiss Eliminated in 2nd Place ($85,000), Brian Payne Wins!

After the original deal left $25,000 aside for the winner, Sam Khouiss (pictured) and Brian Payne quickly agreed to a further deal to see Payne pocket $15,000 and Khouiss $10,000, despite Payne holding a 5-to-1 chip advantage.

In a further bizarre twist to this tournament, there were whispers that the two were going to go all in on the first hand of heads-up play to see who would win the title.

However when Khouiss raised to 100,000 on the button and Payne defended his big blind with a call, it was clear that the two were playing it out fair and square. Regardless, the heads-up battle would still only last one hand.

The flop landed 8 heartsA diams6 diams and Khouiss checked. Payne bet 150,000 and Khouiss check-raised to 300,000. Payne made the call and the turn brought the J spades. Khouiss declared himself all in and Payne insta-called!

Khouiss: A spades7 spades
Payne: J diams8 clubs

Khouiss had flopped top pair but Payne jumped ahead on the turn with two pair. Khouiss would need to find a river card, but the K diams wasn’t it, leaving Khouiss to pocket $85,000 after the two deals as Payne takes the gold ring and $115,000.

Heads-Up Counts

Brian Payne - 5,900,000
Sam Khouiss - 1,100,000

Michael Kanaan Eliminated in 3rd Place ($75,000)

Michael Kanaan has been eliminated in 3rd place.

He was all in from the button holding J spades9 hearts against the A spades10 clubs of Brian Payne. The board ran out 5 hearts5 diams7 clubsA clubs3 spades and it was all over for the Sydneysider.

As per the earlier deal, Kannan took home $75,000.

It’s Sam Khouiss versus Payne for the title! They are playing for all the glory and an extra $25,000.

Deal Done

The three remaining players have made a deal. 

With chip stacks approximately as such:

Brian Payne - 4,050,000
Sam Khouiss - 1,000,000
Michael Kanaan - 950,000

Payne pockets $100,000 and Khouiss and Kanaan are taking $75,000 each.

There is $25,000 left over for the eventual winner. 

Louis Salter Eliminated in 4th Place ($41,400)

Louis SalterLouis Salter started his final hand on the button. He opened it up to 100,000 and Brian Payne three-bet to 300,000 from the big blind. Back on Salter and he moved all in for 1.3 million. Payne snapped it off and Salter was at risk.

Salter: 7 spades7 diams
Payne: 9 hearts9 spades

It wasn’t looking good for Salter and despite having a sweat on a 4 clubs3 diams6 diams8 diamsK hearts board, he couldn’t find the right cards to survive.

Salter takes home $41,400.

Three remain.

Next player takes home $54,000.

Louis Takes Some off Payne

Louis Salter is up to 1.5 million as he recently took down a pot against Brian Payne.

Salter opened the button to 100,000 and Payne called from the big blind.

The 10 heartsK diams7 diams flop would see Payne check-call a bet of 65,000. The 6 diams turn and Payne would check-call a bet of 110,000. The river was a 3 hearts and once again Payne check-called, this time a bet of 145,000.

At showdown, Payne tabled K spadesJ spades and Payne’s cards went into the muck.

Payne is still on 2.2 million 

Another Double for Khouiss

Sam Khouiss has done it again.

That’s right, another double for the endlessly short-stacked veteran of Australian poker.

It started with Louis Salter opening to 100,000 from the cut off. Khouiss moved all in for 340,000 from the button and after plenty of thought, Salter made the call.

“I’ve got you dominated,” said Khouiss as he tabled his A clubs6 hearts afters seing Salter’s 7 diams6 diams.

The board ran out 2 clubs5 hearts3 clubs3 hearts8 hearts and Khouiss was back up to around 15 big blinds. 

Back Again with Counts

The players are back from their break and the final table of the 2014 $1,100 Accumulator is back to action! 

Blinds are now 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante. 

Brian Payne - 2,400,000
Michael Kanaan - 1,900,000
Louis Salter - 1,200,000
Sam Khouiss - 340,000

Four to Break

The four remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break. 

They will be back to it at around 11:55pm local time. 

Kanaan Gets Some More

Michael Kanaan has taken down some more chips against Brian Payne.

Kanaan was under the gun when he opened it up to 80,000. Payne called from the big blind. The 7 hearts2 spades5 diams flop would see Payne check-call a bet of 75,000 from Kanaan and both players then checked the 6 spades turn.

The 2 hearts river would see Payne lead for 105,000. Kanaan called and tabled A spadesJ clubs for ace-high – that was enough to send Payne’s J spades4 spades into the muck. 

Big River Call From Kanaan

Michael Kanaan has just made a massive river call versus Brian Payne.

The hand started with Payne raising to 90,000 from the small blind. Kanaan three-bet to 200,000 from the big blind and Payne put in the extra chips.

Both players checked the K hearts10 clubs7 diams flop and a 6 diams hit the turn. This time Payne led for 150,000 and Kanaan called. The board completed with an 8 diams and Payne piled in a big stack of 25,000-denomination chips – enough to cover Kanaan’s stack of 427,000.

Kanaan went deep into the tank and after a couple of minutes, made the call, putting his tournament life at risk.

Payne was reluctant to show his hand.

He ultimately turned over Q heartsJ clubs for queen-high and a straight draw that never got there.

Kanaan (below, right) flipped over his J heartsJ clubs and moved up to over 1.5 million. 

Payne (below, left) is still going strong on 2.5 million.

Salter Checks the Nut Flush

Louis Salter opened the cut off to 80,000 and Michael Kanaan called from the big blind. Both players checked the 9 heartsJ spades3 clubs flop and Kanaan check-called a bet of 88,000 on the 9 spades turn. The 4 spades river saw both players check.

At showdown, Salter turned over A spadesK spades for the nut flush.

Salter seemed genuinely surprised to find that he held the flush, but nonetheless still added some chips to his stack as Kanaan mucked. 

Payne Pushes Kanaan Around

Michael Kanaan opened to 80,000 from under the gun and received a lone call from Brian Payne in the big blind. The 5 clubs8 hearts8 clubs flop would see Payne check-call a bet of 70,000 and then both players checked the 9 clubs turn.

When the dealer completed the board with a J clubs on the river, Payne checked and Kanaan bet 180,000. Back on Payne and he check-raised to 400,000. Kanaan instantly folded.

As Payne scooped the pot, he showed 10 spades9 diams

Khouiss Moving Up

The seemingly eternally short-stacked Sam Khouiss has rebuilt his stack to around 700,000 after taking down a pot against Brian Payne.

Folded to Khouiss in the small blind and he limped in. Brian Payne checked out of the big blind.

Khouiss then led for 40,000 on the flop, 40,000 on the turn and 100,000 on the river as the ealer spread out a 5 hearts5 clubs5 spadesA clubsJ hearts board. Payne folded to the river bet. 

Kanaan Building Back Up

Michael Kanaan was on the button when he opened it up to 80,000. Sam Khouiss was the lone caller from the big blind. The 2 clubsK hearts3 hearts flop would see both players check and a 2 diams hit the turn. This time when Khouiss checked, Kanaan bet 85,000 and took down the pot.

He has scooped a couple of small pots recently is now up to 1.4 million. 

Four-Handed Count Update

Here are the approximate stacks of the four remaining players.

Brian Payne – 3,000,000
Louis Salter – 1,200,000
Michael Kanaan – 1,050,000
Sam Khouiss – 680,000

Shivan Abdine Eliminated in 5th Place ($31,525)

Short-stacked Shivan Abdine (pictured, below) recently tripled up but has now been eliminated in 5th place.

He shoved all in for 220,000 from the cut off and was called by Sam Khouiss in the small blind.

Abdine: A spades10 hearts
Khouiss: A clubsQ diams

Abdine was going to need some help but it was help that would never come as a Q hearts5 clubsK clubs8 spadesQ spades board meant he was sent home with $31,525 for his time.

Then there were four!

Next player eliminated collects $41,400.  

Shivan Abdine

Triple Shiv

Shivan Abdine had just 83,000 when he moved all in for K spades6 hearts from under the gun. Louis Salter called from the cutoff and Brian Payne three-bet to 290,000 from the small blind. Salter folded and Payne turned over 9 clubs9 spades, with Abdine at-risk holding K spades6 hearts.

Abdine looked ready to leave the final table by the time a turn had ran out on a 2 hearts10 spades7 diams6 diams board, but a 6 clubs on the river meant he had hit trips to triple up.

Level Up: Blinds 20,000/40,000, Ante 4,000

Payne Staying Aggressive

Brian Payne was in the big blind when he cold-four bet to 430,000 after Sam Khouiss had three-bet to 130,000 from the small blind following a 60,000-chip open from Louis Salter on the button. Khouiss and Salter folded and Payne showed his 8 diams8 spades.

Shivan Left Short After Salter Double

Shivan Abdine opened it up to 60,000 from the button. Louis Salter then moved all in for 706,000 from the small blind. Abdine had around 800,000 behind and eventually made the call.

Abdine: 9 hearts9 spades
Salter: A heartsK clubs

It was a race which would go bad for Abdine as a 6 clubsJ heartsA diams10 clubs3 spades board meant that he was left with around 90,000 in chips – just three big blinds.

Time and Words

Louis Salter opened it up to 60,000 from under the gun and the action folded around to Michael Kanaan in the small blind. Kanaan took his time. Too much time for Salter apparently, as after around 40 seconds, Salter called the clock on Kanaan.

After time was called on him, Kanaan instantly folded and had some words with his opponent, clearly not impressed that Salter had called time.

“You had a minute still after I called time,” Salter said. “It was only a single raise.”

Feel the Payne 2.0

Brian Payne (pictured, below) is at it again as he has increased his chips and now has a big chip lead over his opponents. He now has 2.9 million in chips – half the chips in play.

Folded to Payne on the button and he opened it up to 81,000. Kannan three-bet to 200,000 from the small blind and Payne called. Both players checked the 8 clubs6 clubs7 hearts flop and a 6 diams hit the turn. This time Kanaan led for 200,000 and Payne raised it up to 450,000. Kanaan instantly called.

The river was a Q diams and both players checked.

At showdown, Payne tabled Q clubs10 clubs which was good enough to win the giant pot against Kanaan’s A diamsK hearts. Kanaan down to 920,000. 

Feel the Payne

Brian Payne has just taken down a couple of pots in a row and is now looking like the chip leader with over 2 million in chips.

The first hand that went Payne’s way was against Sam Khouiss. It started with Khouiss opening the small blind with a raise to 75,000. Payne called from the big blind and a J clubs4 diams9 spades flop was spread on the felt. Khouiss checked and quickly folded when Payne bet 115,000.

The next pot to go to Payne was a preflop battle with Kanaan.

Payne opened it up to 80,000 from the small blind and Kanaan three-bet to 190,000.

“Raise,” said Payne and before he could put any chips in the middle, Kanaan had mucked his cards. 

Wish I Fired One More Bullet

Louis Salter was on the button when he opened it up to 63,000. Brian Payne called from the big blind and the dealer turned over a 5 diams8 clubs3 hearts flop. Payne check-called a bet of 75,000 and a 10 spades hit the turn. This time Payne check-called a bet of 140,000 and a 4 clubs completed the board on the river. Payne checked once more and instead of betting, Salter also checked.

At showdown, Salter turned over Q clubs6 spades for just queen-high and maybe wished he had fired another bullet as Payne’s A diams4 diams took down the pot. 

Five-Handed Count Update

Michael Kanaan – 1,650,000
Brian Payne – 1,500,000
Louis Salter – 1,180,000
Shivan Abdine – 850,000
Sam Khouiss – 800,000

Aussie Millions

Three Streets of Value

Michael Kanaan opened up the button with a raise and Louis Salter was the lone caller from the big blind. The K heartsJ clubs4 spades flop would see Salter check-call a bet of 50,000; the A hearts turn would see him check-call a bet of 120,000 and the 8 clubs river would see him check-call a bet of 280,00.

When Kanaan showed his A diams10 spades, Salter’s cards went into the muck with three streets of value meaning Kanaan is up to 1.6 million and is now the chip leader.

Paul Sharbanee Eliminated in 6th Place ($25,100)

Paul SharbaneePaul Sharbanee moved all in for 100,000 from the cut off and was quickly called by Michael Kanaan on the button.

Sharbanee was at risk holding 10 diams7 diams against Kanaan’s A clubsJ clubs.

The board ran out 5 clubs5 diamsK spadesJ hearts5 hearts and with that Sharbanee was sent home with $25,100.

The five remaining players are now guaranteed at least $31,525.

Khouiss Doubles Again

Louis Salter opened it up to 63,000 and Sam Khouiss moved all in for 390,000 on his direct left. Paul Sharbanee was on the button and moved all in over the top, having around 500,000 behind and Salter got out of the way.

Khouiss: A clubsK clubs
Sharbanee: J clubsJ spades

The K spades8 hearts3 diams was good for Khouiss and with a safe 2 spades on the turn and a 3 clubs on the river, Khouiss is up to 880,000 in chips, while Sharbanee is now the short stack. 

Back For More

The players are back from their break and the cards are in the air!

Blinds are now 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante. 

Break Time

Ten minute break for six players!

Sam Vakili Eliminated in 7th Place ($20,600)

Sam VakiliWith the elimination of Sam Vakili (pictured) in 7th place, six players now remain in the $1,100 Accumulator event at the 2014 Aussie Millions.

Vakili’s last hand saw him three-bet all in for around 400,000 from the small blind after Michael Kanaan had opened to 48,000 from the button. Kanaan called and the cards were turned over.

Vakili: K diamsJ hearts
Kanaan: A hearts4 clubs

The board ran out A diamsA clubsQ spades6 spades2 hearts and Vakili was sent home with $20,600 for his time. Kanaan is up over 1 million in chips.

Khouiss Doubles

Sam Khouiss was the short stack when Louis Salter opened it up to 50,000 from middle position. Khouiss called, along with Brian Payne.

The 4 diams2 hearts10 hearts flop would see Salter check and Khouiss move all in for 132,000. Payne called and Salter folded. It was Khouiss with K spades10 spades against the 7 clubs7 hearts of Payne.

The turn was a 5 clubs and the river a K diams and with that Khouiss was back to around 450,000.

Khouiss Down Under Two Hundred Thousand

Sam Khouiss is down to 180,000 in chips. He recently lost some chips against Louis Salter. The hand started with Salter opening to 50,000 from the hijack. Khouiss called from the cutoff. Eventually the board had ran out 9 spades5 diams4 clubs7 spades3 clubs, with both players checking the flop and river, while Salter led for 53,000 on the turn.

At showdown, Khouiss flashed a 7 clubs, which went into the muck against Salter’s 8 clubs8 hearts.

Payne Gets Salter to Fold

Louis Salter was on the button when he raised it up to 50,000. Brian Payne was the lone caller out of the big blind. The flop was A clubs6 clubs4 clubs with all those clubs seeing Payne check-call a bet of 55,000. Both players checked the J diams turn and a 6 diams completed the board on the river. This time Payne led for 88,000 and eventually Salter folded.

As Payne raked in his new chips he flashed a K clubs

Vakili the Short Stack

Sam Vakili is down to around 340,000 which makes him the short stack.

It started when the action folded around to Michael Kanaan in the small blind. He limped in and Vakili then raised it up an extra 35,000 from the big blind. Kanaan called and the dealer flipped over a 7 spades10 diams9 spades flop. Kanaan led for 55,000 here and Vakili made the call. The turn was a 7 hearts and this time Kanaan led for 80,000. Vakili tank-folded and the pot went to Kanaan. 

Seven Handed Count Update

Louis Salter – 1,640,000
Brian Payne – 1,250,000
Shivan Abdine – 850,000
Michael Kanaan – 770,000
Paul Sharbanee – 680,000
Sam Khouiss – 450,000
Sam Vakili – 400,000 

Payne Wins Some Chips

Folded to Shivan Abdine in the cutoff and he would open it up to 50,000. Brian Payne called from the big blind and the dealer rolled over a 5 heartsK clubs4 diams flop. Payne checked here and Abdine bet 55,000. Back on Payne and he promptly raised it up to 125,000. Abdine made the call and a 10 spades hit the turn. This time Payne led out for 150,000 and eventually Abdine folded.

As Payne raked in his new chips he showed a king. 

Kevin Sharp Eliminated in 8th Place ($16,100)

Kevin SharpBrian Payne was in middle position when he opened it up to 51,000. Kevin Sharp (pictured) then moved all in for 122,000 from Payne’s direct left. Payne made the call and Sharp was at risk.

Sharp: 9 hearts9 spades
Payne: K hearts10 hearts

It was a classic race that wouldn’t finish the way Sharp wanted as a 10 spades5 hearts4 clubs3 diamsA hearts board meant that Sharp was sent home with $16,100 for his time.  The next player eliminated takes home at least $20,600.

Sharp Left Short

Paul Sharbanee started the day short but is now very healthy as Kevin Sharp is the new short stack.

It started with Sharp opening to 48,000 from the cutoff. Sharbanee moved all in for 334,000 from the button and Sharp asked for a count before making the call.

Sharbanee: 10 clubs10 diams
Sharp: 8 diams8 clubs

The board ran out A hearts2 diams4 hearts2 clubs5 diams and Sharp was left with around 125,000. Sharbanee is up to around 700,000. 

Level Up: Blinds 12,000/24,000, Ante 3,000

Payne Shoves on Salter

Louis Salter had the button when he opened it up to 42,000. Brian Payne was the lone caller from the big blind as the dealer spread out a A hearts4 heartsQ spades flop.

Payne check-called a bet of 41,000 here and a 10 spades hit the turn. This time Payne moved all in for a large 700,000 in chips. Salter instantly folded and Payne took down the pot.

Salter is still the chip leader with in excess of 1.5 million. 

Khouiss Doubles his Short Stack

Veteran of Australian poker Sam Khouiss has just doubled up his short stack to around 350,000 in chips. He was all in preflop holding 5 hearts5 diams against the A diams8 hearts of Shivan Abdine. The board ran out 4 clubsJ heartsQ spades9 clubsK hearts and with that Khouiss scooped up the pot. Abdine is still going strong on over 1 million in chips 

Andreas Lodemel Eliminated in 9th ($13,400)

Andreas LodemelAndreas Lodemel (pictured) played two hands at the final table of the Aussie Millions $1,100 Accumulator. Both times he had pocket queens. Both times he lost big pots. The second time sealed his fate.

Lodemel’s final hand saw him shove for 270,000 from under the gun. Shivan Abdine moved all in from middle position for just under 1 million and the rest of the table was out of the way.

Abdine: A spadesK spades
Lodemel: Q clubsQ hearts

The board ran out K clubs2 diams10 spades2 hearts7 hearts and Lodemel was sent home with $13,400.

Abdine is up to 1.25 million.

The next player eliminated takes home at least $16,100. 

Shorty Survives

Paul Sharbanee was the short stack at the beginning of the final table, but is now much healthier with around 400,000. Sharbanee shoved two hands in a row. Firstly he shoved for just over 140,000 and received no action. The next hand he shoved for 189,000 from early position and Louis Salter made the call from the cutoff.

Sharbanee  was at risk, but in good shape, holding A diamsQ hearts against the A heartsJ clubs of Salter. The board ran out 3 diams6 spades6 clubs4 clubsK hearts and with that Sharbanee was alive and well.

Salter is still crushing on around 1.8 million. 

Louis Gets Richer

Picking up the action from the turn of a K clubs9 clubsQ clubs4 hearts board with Louis Salter in the big blind position checking to Brian Payne a couple of spots to his left. Payne led for 65,000 here and Salter made the call.

The board completed with a K hearts on the river and this time Salter checked and Payne bet 110,000. Salter went into the tank and eventually called, tabling Q spadesJ spades as he did so. Payne’s A spadesJ diams for ace-high went straight into the muck and the pot went into the already big stack of Salter.

Salter is up to around 2 million. 

Aces Will Do for Kanaan

Andreas Lodemel was under the gun when he opened it up to 40,000. A flurry of cards went into the muck from all directions of the table and the action was sent to Michael Kanaan (pictured) in the big blind. He moved all in for 408,000 and Lodemel made a fairly quick call.

Kanaan: A spadesA diams
Lodemel: Q diamsQ spades

Kanaan had found aces and the news only got better as a safe K hearts2 hearts10 diams5 clubs6 clubs board was spread on the felt. Kanaan is up well over 800,000. Lodemel is short with just around 200,000. 

Slow Early Action

There hasn’t been too much action during the first few hands of the final table. Big stack Louis Salter took down a couple of pots, first without contest in a three-way pot on a A clubsQ hearts4 diams, with Salter the preflop aggressor and leading out for 55,000 on the flop to take it down.

Salter then rumbled with Shivan Abdine, in a hand which started with Abdine opening the button to 40,000 and Salter calling from the small blind. The J diams5 heartsA hearts flop would see Salter check and Abdine bet 42,000. Salter then check-raised to 104,000 and took it down.

Another hand saw Paul Shabarnee open jam from middle positon. Sharbanee received no action and that was that.

Final Table Line Up

With the elimination of start-of-day chip leader Adrian Stone in 10th place the final table line up of nine is set as follows:

Seat 1: Louis Salter – 1,400,000
Seat 2: Sam Khouiss – 260,000
Seat 3: Brian Payne – 720,000
Seat 4: Kevin Sharp – 400,000
Seat 5: Paul Sharbanee – 200,000
Seat 6: Michael Kanaan – 420,000
Seat 7: Andreas Lodemel – 820,000
Seat 8: Sam Vakili – 630,000
Seat 9: Shivan Abdine – 1,100,000

The players are now taking their seats and the cards will be in the air shortly with the blinds at 10,000/20,000/2,000 and levels lasting 60 minutes. 

Aussie Millions Accumulator Final Table

Accumulator Moves Toward Final Table on Day 2

It all started on Thursday when the first of two Day 1 flights of the Event 6: $1,100 NLHE Accumulator began. There were 285 players on Day 1a and it was Sam Vakili who led the way as 31 players survived. Day 1b would see 314 players fill the Crown Poker Room and at the end of the day, 30 players bagged up chips – four of which had already survived Day 1a and therefore “accumulated” their stacks for Day 2. Check out the top five stacks at the beginning of Day 2 below.

Adrian Stone – 257,300
Sam Vakili – 247,700
Rhys Jones – 236,600
Sam Greenwood – 236,300
Rene Kodlin – 194,900

All in all, 57 players were at the felt at the beginning of Day 2, with plenty of them being familiar faces such as Liv Boeree, Brian Woods, Victor Teng, Jason Gray, Aaron Benton, Barry Greenstein, Jim Collopy and reigning Aussie Millions champion Mervin Chan. The full Day 2 seating draw on the link below.

Click here for Day 2 seating draw

The top 45 players are set to pick up at least $3,500 as the bubble is expected to burst during the first couple of levels of Day 2. All the players are chasing the $130,000 top prize. Full prize pool information below, with that link set to be updated as results come to hand.

Click here for full Aussie Millions Event 6 prize pool and results

Day 2 kicks off at 12:30pm and we will then of course continue to provide all 2014 Aussie Millions Live Reporting from the final nine, with the final table of the Accumulator expected to be reached sometime late in the evening. 

Aussie Millions Live Reporting Continues with the Accumulator

Aussie Millions

Welcome to our coverage of the 2014 Aussie Millions from the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne, Australia.

The Aussie Millions is the most prestigious tournament series in the Southern Hemisphere with 20 championship events this year highlighted by the $250,000 and $100,000 High Rollers Challenges and, of course, the $10,600 Aussie Millions Main Event which this year forms part of the the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT).

Event #6 of the series is the $1,100 No Limit Holdem Accumulator Event. This is the first time this unique format has been introduced to the Aussie Millions, as players can take the opportunity to play either or both of the two opening day flights and potentially combined their stacks for Day 2.

The Accumulator Event should produce a big field and prize pool so stay tuned to Poker Asia Pacific as we bring you live updates of all the action, include chip counts and photo, from the final table of Event #6 of the 2014 Aussie Millions.

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