2011 Adelaide Poker Championships $1,500 Main Event Day 1

9:20pm: That’s a Wrap as Vanderhorst Leads Day One

The players have begun to leave the Poker Zone and scatter throughout the Adelaide Casino as Day 1 of the 2011 Adelaide Poker Championship Main Event has come to a close.

Leading the pack of 62 survivors going into Day 2 action tomorrow is Michael Vanderhorst, who had an impressive end to the day to be the only player to bag more than 200,000 in chips. 

Vanderhorst will start proceedings tomorrow with 203,300 in chips, leading Mitch Carle (183,400), Long Tran (181,100) and Matt Fairhead (163,300). APPT Queenstown champion Marcel Screiner is also well placed with 141,300 chips. 

Also returning tomorrow with plenty of chips to play with will be Leo Boxell, who managed to run his stack up to a respectable 117,000 late into the day, while Daniel Laidlaw (57,800) and Roman Priplotski (57,800) will also start the day with enough chips to work with.

Play will continue at 12:15pm local time in the Poker Zone at Adelaide Casino and Poker Asia Pacific will again be on the floor providing exclusive coverage.

9:05pm: Three More Hands

The clock has been stopped and it has been announced that there will only be three more hands until Day 1 at the Adelaide Champs Main Event is all over.

9:00pm: Chew’d Up and Spat Out 

Stevan Chew has been seen making his way to the rail with less than ten minutes left until Day 1 is over. The players at his table were more than happy to relay the exciting hand to us at Poker Asia Pacific. 

Apparently, the action started with an open from the player in the cutoff seat, at which point the player on the dealer button made the call. The small blind got out of the way and Chew shipped his remaining short stack in the middle, holding AK from the big blind. The cutoff player made the call with JJ♣ to put Chew at risk and the action was then on the small blind. After thinking for some time he announced that he was going to gamble and called with 7♠♠! 

The flop wasn’t good for Chew as J38♠ was dealt, while there would be a diamond sweat when the 7 hit the turn. The 4 on the river was no help however and Chew was sent to the rail after losing another flip.

8:50pm: New Goliath 

He is sitting in the furthest most corner of the Poker Zone tournament area, but he is making himself noticed by the big stack he currently sits behind. 

Michael Vanderhorst (pictured) currently has just under 200,000 late into the Day and is quite easily the chip leader at the moment.

8:45pm: Set Ain't Enough 

Peter Aristidou was pretty happy to get his short stack all-in holding 88 and hitting a set on a 8♠5♠K flop. However, it would be a sweat for Aristidou as his opponent tabled K♠Q♠ for top pair with a flush draw. 

The 6 on the turn was safe for Aristidou, but it was the 7♠ on the river which would give his opponent the devastating flush that would send Aristidou back to Melbourne empty-handed.

8:30pm: Marsland Meltdown 

In the last level of play Dale Marsland has seen his chip count slip to under 50,000 as several recent hands have seen him bleed chips. 

The biggest dent to Marsland’s stack came when an action-filled hand saw Marsland have one player all in on the turn with a board showing A♣J8♣4♠. His opponent held AJ♣ and Marsland’s A3♣ would catch a meaningless 3♠ on the river to give him a smaller two pair and deal a big blow to his stack.

8:35pm: Level up, blinds 600-1,200, ante 100

8:20pm: Rubie Ruthlessly Railed 

We came to the table of Brendon Rubie (pictured) with an opponent checking to him on a board showing 2557♣2♣. 

At this point Rubie had roughly the same amount in his relatively short stack as there was already in the pot and he decided to shove all in. 

Rubie then waited stoically for his opponent to make a decision as he went into the tank. 

His opponent announced the call and Rubie immediately said, “Did you say call? Then you win.” 

The KJ♠ of Rubie was no good for the call of his opponent who held 8♣8♠ as Rubie was sent home after having his bluff picked off.

8:05pm: Karamalikis No More

Jonathan Karamalikis (pictured) is the latest on the casualty list as he lost the remainder of his chips to new chip leader Long Tran. 

According to players at the table, Karamalikis got all his chips in on the turn when he had a straight-flush draw but couldn't catch good against the top pair of Tran. 

Karamalikis' exit saw Poker Zone manager David Galpin thank him for his involvement this week during the Karamalikis Cup, while also telling the other players in the room that they can breathe a sigh of relief as one of the finest tournament players in the world has bowed out of the Adelaide Champs.

8:00pm: Long Tran, Long Stack 

Another big stack has emerged in the Main Event and it is Long Tran, who sits with about 145,000. Tran joins Carle and Marsland at the top of the counts, with all three of those players sitting at tables nearby each other at the one end of the Poker Zone.

7:55pm: Level up, blinds 500-1,000, ante 100

7:45pm: Around the Poker Zone 

The foot traffic is starting to increase throughout the Poker Zone as more and more people are starting to head into the Adelaide Casino for a Thursday night out on the town. 

While most people seem to just head on past and into the nearby sports bar to watch one of the big screens which currently feature the soccer, the golf or the rugby to choose from, there are a few who stop at the rail and have a look at all the action. You have to wonder if they realise that there is a $147,150 prize pool at stake right in front of them. 

There are currently 75 players gunning for their share of that six-figure prize pool as the action continues at the Adelaide Poker Champs Main Event.

7:35pm: Carle Crushing 

When we came to the table of Mitch Carle (pictured) table he was in the middle of a hand against one opponent and when we left Carle’s table he was substantially richer and stacking what now looks like the chip lead. 

We came to the action in that particular hand with a board showing 2J♣T♠Q♠ and well over 10,000 already in the pot. Carle led out on the turn for 8,600 and his opponent called to watch the K land on the river. 

Carle continued to use his aggression and his big stack to push his opponent around, this time betting 10,000. His opponent thought for some time before letting his cards slide into the muck as Carle took down another pot to move to 151,000 and secure the current chip lead.

7:25pm: Rossiter Running to the Rail 

Jeff Rositer is no longer in contention in Adelaide, falling to the might of Karamalikis' Cup champion and good mate, Daniel Laidlaw. 

Rossiter had his short stack all-in holding A♣2♣ against the A♠8 of Laidlaw. 

Rossiter was going to need to pluck something special to survive but it was a miracle that would never come as the board ran out J937♣4♣.

7:15pm: Play resumes, blinds 400-800, ante 100

7:05pm: Only Ten Minutes 

It has just been announced that players will skip a dinner break in the hopes of finishing up for the evening at around 9:00 p.m. In the meantime, the players have been sent on a ten-minute break.

6:50pm: Rome More at Home 

Roman “ROMES_HOME” Priplotski had barely seen his stack increase all day until he just recently eliminated one player and put a big dent in another. 

We came to the action with a board showing 4♠4♣J♠4 and Priplotski all-in holding KK against the 77of local favourite Jack “Ice Cream Jack” Panagitou and one other opponent who held 9♠9

Panagitou was looking like he was going home, while Priplotski’s other opponent had him covered. Incredibly, the 4 on the river put quads on the board, at which point Priplotski pointed to his king kicker as it still played to send him the pot and see his stack more than triple to almost 70,000.

6:45: A Good Move for Dale 

Dale Marsland recently got moved to the opposite end of the Poker Zone from where he started the day and has since controlled his table to see his chip stack move to 145,000. 

This stack makes Marsland the chip leader as we head late into Day 1 action in the 2011 Adelaide Poker Champs Main Event.

6:35pm: Moate Still In...Oh Wait 

Matthew Moate just got called back to the Poker Zone after he had left believing he had been eliminated from the tournament. 

It turned out Moate still had a handful of chips so when he returned, it was looking like it could be one of those fairytale “chip and a chair” stories. Or at least, it was until Moate was all-in a few hands later holding pocket sixes up against the ten-jack of an opponent. 

The ten on the flop and no help for Moate ensured that he was definitely out of the tournament this time as he made his out of the Poker Zone for the second time this evening.

6:30pm: No Luck for Kiwi 

Graeme “Kiwi G” Putt just put his tournament life on the line holding JJ♠ and came up against the big stack of Mitch Carle who held A♣K♣. 

The devastating K♠ in the window would all but end Kiwi’s evening and when the rest of the board bricked out, Putt was sent out of the Poker Zone.

6:25pm: Level up, blinds 300-600, 75 ante

6:05pm: New King of the Castle 

Joseph Vinecomb (pictured) is the chip leader at the moment, slowly building his stack up to 130,000. Due to the deep structure here in the Poker Zone, even players who have less than their starting stack are still sitting pretty with plenty of room to move. 

Top Chip Counts
Joseph Vinecomb - 130,000
Dale Marsland - 105,000
Daniel Laidlaw - 102,500
Mitch Carle - 94,000
Mishel Anunu - 90,000

5:50pm: Dong Doubles 

Jonathan Karamalikis has just doubled up after having his stack shattered in the previous level. 

Karamalikis was all in preflop holding T♣T♠ and was looking good when his opponent tabled 22♣. The board was a safe one as Karamalikis managed the double to survive with just under half the days’ starting stack.

5:45pm: Level up, blinds 250-500, 75 ante

5:35pm: King Hurts Karamalikis’ Queen 

The whole of the Poker Zone was just listening to the Poker Room Manager David Galpin announce the action over at Jonathan Karamalikis’ table. 

Paul Hadgis was all-in holding pocket kings, while Karamalikis had him covered but was in trouble with a dominated pocket pair of queens. That is, until Galpin announced to the room that the flop housed a queen. There was a sigh around the room, both with a mixture of disappointment for Hadgis and, we are sure, a little bit of sympathy as all poker players have been in similar situations at one time or another. 

Hadgis was just getting ready to move away from the table when Galpin spouted out that a king had hit the river! More sighs ensued around the room as Hadgis survived, while Karamalikis dropped down to 9,000.

5:20pm: Anunu A Go Go 

When Robert Goodwin managed to make a Broadway straight on the river he was out of his seat in excitement at the prospect of a big double up. However Mishel Anunu (pictured) had other ideas. 

Anunu tabled a full house, to leave Goodwin on his feet and heading to the rail, wishing that he'd never made that straight. Anunu now has around 85,000 and sits as one of the bigger stacks in the field.

5:10pm: Schreiner Shrugs Them Off 

There was over 5,000 already in the pot and a flop showing 5♣6♣2♣ when we headed over to German Marcel Schreiner’s table. 

Schreiner was in the hand against four other players and the action was checked to the cutoff player who made it 2,500 to go. A call from the player on the button would send the play to Schreiner who would check-raise to 6,200. The rest got out of the way, while the cutoff and button wanted to see another card. 

The 3♣ on the turn would see all three remaining players check as the 9 landed on the river. This time Schreiner would put his foot back on the pedal and slide out a stack of chips worth 10,900. It was too much for the other players and the APPT Queenstown champ took down the pot to move his chip count to well over the starting stack after falling short earlier in the day.

4:55pm: Play resumes, blinds 200-400, ante 50 

The players are back in their seats and Poker Zone Manager David Galpin has just informed players that today may be a long day in order to avoid the tournament going into the late hours of a Friday night when Day 2 is played tomorrow.

A little about our hosts 

The Adelaide Casino is considered the traditional home of poker in Australia, having introduced the game of Texas Holdem to our shores several decades ago. It’s also one of the more unique casino settings you’ll find anywhere in the world. 

The casino itself is a superbly constructed, heritage listed, sandstone building that began life as a railway building in 1924. During the 1980's a redevelopment of the site saw the Adelaide Casino open its doors in 1986. As the state’s only licensed gaming venue, the Adelaide Casino now boasts over 100 gaming tables and over 1,000 of those dreaded pokies as well as several excellent bars and restaurants.

Of course it didn’t take long for poker to find a home with many of Australia’s biggest tournaments hosted by Adelaide Casino from as early as 1987 as it built a rich history of great poker tournaments. Ask any of the veterans of the Australian poker tour and they'll share many fond stories of the games that went on in between these walls. More recently, Adelaide was the first venue to ever host an ANZPT event and the Poker Zone now holds 13 tables with regular tournaments and cash games running every night of the week. 

It’s always great coming back to Adelaide and we thank Dave Galpin and his staff for their support of Poker Asia Pacific for this event.

4:45pm: Take Ten 

The remaining 98 players have been sent on a ten minute break.

4:25pm: What They Are Playing For 

A total of 109 official runners has made for a $147,150 prize pool which sees 12 players go home with at least $4,050 while the winner will take a handy $43,400 for a few days’ work. 

1st place: $43,400
2nd place: $25,750
3rd place: $17,650
4th place: $13,250
5th place: $10,300
6th place: $8,830
7th place: $6,620
8th place: $5,150
9th – 12th place: $4,050

4:15pm: Current Chip Leaders 

Dale Marsland - 112,000
Mitch Carle - 82,000
Daniel Laidlaw - 75,000
Stevan Chew - 64,000
Mishel Anunu - 55,000 

For more chip counts please head to the Chip Counts Page which is now accessible from the link in the Live Reporting box on the right-hand side of the page.

4:05pm: Level Up, Blinds 150-300, 50 ante

3:55pm: McKenzie McGone 

Jesse McKenzie (pictured) has exited the building after only sitting at the felt for a couple of levels. 

McKenzie was never able to gain momentum after losing a big portion of his stack to Craig Cockburn on a hand early into his tournament life.

The demise of McKenzie’s tournament began when he made a move an unknown opponent with a board which showed two sevens. When McKenzie shoved on his opponent, who would call and McKenzie would muck his cards as soon as he saw the seven of his opponent hit the felt.

3:50pm: Dong is in the House 

The official last player to take their seat at the tables in the Adelaide Poker Champs Main Event is one Mr. Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis. The man they call “Dong” managed to final table the event which was named after him last night, but fell short of a money finish in the small field. Karamalikis will be looking to improve here in the Main Event.

3:40pm: Marsland in Chip Land 

As Poker Asia Pacific strolled past the table of Dale Marsland (pictured) we noticed he was sitting behind a monster chip stack and to his direct right was an empty seat which previously belonged to Joe Cabret. 

Marsland was kind enough to let us know how his stack got so handsome, especially when we told him he would quite easily be sitting as the current chip leader. 

Apparently after some raising preflop, Marsland led on a jack-high flop holding ace-jack. It was 1,000 to Cabret and he raised it up to 4,000. Marsland then moved all-in and Cabret made the call for almost 40,000 holding a nut flush draw and gutter ball straight draw. Unfortunately for Cabret, the board bricked out and Marsland took down the big pot to now sit with around 110,000.

3:25pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, 25 ante

3:20pm: Cockburn Welcomes McKenzie to the Table 

Jesse McKenzie was one of the last players to take their seat in the Adelaide Champs Main Event field and until now he had started by keeping quiet. Of course, McKenzie is known for his aggressive style and he wouldn’t be kept quiet for long. 

The action started with a raise to 750 from Craig Cockburn, whereby the play would be folded to the player on the button who would three-bet to 2,100. McKenzie then threw in the four-bet, making it 4,500. Cockburn opted to call and with the button player out of the way, McKenzie and Cockburn would see a flop of Q♠7♣2.

McKenzie would continue his aggression, making it 7,000 to Cockburn after asking him how much he had behind. It would take almost two minutes before Cockburn made the call and the eventual 8♠ would land on the turn. 

A few more moments of thought would see McKenzie tap his hands on the table and send the decision to Cockburn. Cockburn went into the tank before he also opted to check. The 6♠ on the river would see McKenzie again check, at which point Cockburn started counting out his chips. Eventually Cockburn decided to bet a hefty 11,700 which was enough to send McKenzie’s cards into the muck.

3:10pm: Friendly Fun 

It was looking like it could be a big pot full of fireworks, as the likes of Roman Priplotski, George Boulos, Mario Ljubcic and two others opponents all put in enough preflop to tangle in a hand featuring five players. 

However a check on all three streets from each and every player as the board ran out 5♠7♣28♠6♠ would ensure that the fireworks would be saved for another hand as Ljubcic’s T♠5♣ for a lowly pair of fives would be good enough to take down the pot as a flurry of cards were sent into the muck from every direction.

3:00pm: Not Quite a Straight for Kiwi 

There were five players who limped preflop over at the table of Graeme Putt (pictured) before the player on the button made a small raise. 

"Alright, just this one time” remarked Putt as he made the call. 

When one more player made the call, a 8♣2♣7 flop would be dealt and again the action would be checked to the player on the button. This time he would throw out 700. 

“One more time then,” said Putt as he went against his last comment and made the call. 

As the rest of the table got out of the way, the 5 hit the turn. Again, the action was checked to the button and again he bet, this time 1,500. 

“Well, I already had 1,500 in my hand, so I call,” Putt said with a chuckle as he threw in his 1,500. 

The 6♠ on the river would see Putt again check and this time the player on the button thought he ought to slow down as he too opted to check. 

Putt was made to show his hand first and was hesitant as he said he had a straight, showing only the 3♣. With some encouragement from the rest of the table, Putt eventually showed his A♣ with a laugh, to table nothing but busted flush and straight draws. His opponent tabled 8♠2♠ for two pair, enough to trump Putt and take the pot as Putt remained in good spirits.

2:45pm: Play resumes, blinds 100-200 

The players are back in their seats and ready for more as the entries are currently sitting at approximately 110 players and with that number to be confirmed shortly. Included in that number but yet to take their seat is Jonathan Karamalikis. We can only assume "Dong" has decided to treat himself to a late start after celebrating the inaugural Karamalikis Cup which took place yesterday.

2:35pm: Break It Up 

The Adelaide Champs Main Event has been sent on the first ten-minute break of the day. With the chip stacks so deep and the blinds so low, there has yet to be any eliminations here in the Poker Zone.

2:25pm: In with the Young and Old 

The time is running out for players to register for the Main Event here in Adelaide, but a few more familiar faces have taken seats in the tournament. 

The new players include a small stable of some of the country’s finest young players, along with Graeme “KiwiG” Putt representing the old guard of veteran players. 

Joining Putt as new players at the felt include Brendon Rubie, recent ANZ Player of the Year 3rd place finisher Jesse McKenzie and Roman “ROMES_HOME” Priplotski.

2:10pm: Haddad Getting Kicked 

We arrived at Michael Haddad’s table, and by ‘arrived’ we mean, we heard Haddad from across the room, with the man himself in a hand and going up against one opponent. 

The board was showing 62♣3♣K♣ and Haddad was faced with a pot-sized bet from his opponent. He was having trouble making a decision and decided to let those around him know all about it. 

After some time Haddad spurted out, “Flush! I just saw the flush out there,” and he then quickly threw his cards into the muck. His opponent then tabled 7♣9♣ to show Haddad that his tanking wasn’t in vain. 

“I only knew he had the flush cause he was kicking me under the table!” exclaimed Haddad with a laugh as he sent the pot to his opponent.

1:55pm: Level up, blinds 75-150

1:50pm: How many in the Zone? 

There are currently 106 players sitting at the felt in the Poker Zone, making for a $143,100 prize pool. 

While a big six-figure prize pool is nothing to sneeze at, this kitty could increase as a few more players are expected to take to the tables before late registration closes at the end of the 3rd level.

1:40pm: Vesko Picks Off Apostolidis 

A raised pot preflop would see some action over on the Vesko Zmukic (pitcured) and John Apostolidis table as they tangled in the following hand. 

A 5♦J♣5 flop hit the felt and Apostolidis was first to act as he flung a bet of 525 onto the felt. Zmukic snap-called just as quickly as Apostolidis made the bet and both players watched as the 6 was dealt on the turn. 

This time both players would check as a T landed on the river. Apostolidis then put his game back into gear as he fired out 1,025. Zmukic studied his opponent before deciding to make the call holding just 4♠4. The small pocket pair was too much for Apostolidis as he tabled A7 for a whole lot of nothing as his cards were sent into the muck and the pot was sent Zmukic's way.

1:25pm: Boulos Bullies Them All 

A total of five players, including Mario Ljubicic and George Boulos called preflop to see a 6♣9♣8♠ flop hit the felt. 

The action was checked to Ljubicic and he threw out a small 225-chip bet. Boulos was directly on his left when he quickly popped it to 1,025. The rest of the players in the community pot sent their cards into the muck before the decision was back on Ljubicic. 

Boulos waited patiently as he stared stoically behind his sunglasses waiting for Ljubicic to make his move. Eventually Ljubicic would decide to let his hand go as Boulos raked in the put without a word.

1:15pm: Level up, blinds 50/100

1:05pm: More Players Take to the Felt 

The field is starting to get a little larger as several more players have made their way to the felt and the field is starting to look fairly stacked with some of the best players from around Australia. 

There are currently approximately 110 players at the tables, with the likes of Craig Cockburn, Mishel Anunu, Minh Nguyen, Emanuel Seal, Leo Boxell, Joe Cabret, Stevan Chew and Jeff Rossiter all recently taking their seats in the Adelaide Champs Main Event.

1:00pm: Early Days for Big Slick 

Peter Aristidou (pictured) started the action with a raise from middle position and only the big blind player would be game enough to come along for the ride. 

The Q♠J2 flop would see Aristidou fling out a bet of 525 after his opponent checked to him. A call would see the 3♠ fall on the turn and both players would opt to check this time. 

The 7♠ on the river would entice Aristidou’s opponent to lead this time, making it a small 500 to Aristidou who went into the tank. He played with his hole cards, shuffling them back and forward. 

“You haven’t got king-ten have you?” enquired Aristidou wondering if his opponent was betting out with a busted straight draw. 

No reply from his opponent would see Aristidou continue to contemplate the call before he decided to let his hand go and table A♣K♣. It was a good fold for Aristidou as his opponent decided to show his QJ♣.

12:45pm: Who’s in the Zone?

A mixture of both local and interstate players have filed into the Poker Zone and while there are still many notable players who are expected, but have yet to take their seats, the room is already filled with familiar faces. 

Peter Aristidou, Matthew Moate and Mitch Carle can be spotted early in the day, while Mario Ljubicic is also present and will be looking to go a few places better after finishing on the final table of this event last year. Germany’s Marcel Schreiner has had an impressive year which includes taking down APPT Queenstown in New Zealand and he will be looking to take that form into the Adelaide Champs. 

The field also currently features Vesko Zumic, a popular Australian tournament regular who had a tournament named after him that was played earlier this week, and Daniel Laidlaw is also back on the Adelaide Casino felt again, fresh off his win in yesterday’s Karamalikis Cup.

12:40pm: How it will work

Players are starting the day with a massive 40,000 chip stack and will have generous 40-minute levels to manoeuvre their monster chip stacks into the soaring heights they will need if they want to become the champ. 

The blinds are starting at 25-50 and play is expected to last around 8 levels before they close up shop on Day 1 of the Adelaide Champs Main Event.

12:35pm: Fire away in the Poker Zone 

Poker Zone manager David Galpin has given the room a warm welcome as the players wait patiently at their seats and ready to get into the action. 

A call was given to the dealer at Table One to deal for the button and he immediately flung an A onto the felt. Barely mattering what the rest of the cards were, it is Seat One which will play host to the dealer button.

One “Shuffle up and deal” from Galpin and the cards are in the air as we are underway here at the Adelaide Champs Main Event!

Adelaide Champs12:15pm: A brief delay...Main Event is almost here! 

The Poker Zone is starting to fill up and the amotosphere is starting to buzz as players get ready to take to the felt in the $1,500 Adelaide Championships Main Event. 

Play was scheduled to start at 12.15 p.m. local time but there has been a short delay here at Adelaide Casino. Stay tuned to Poker Asia Pacific as we get ready to bring you every bad beat, sick read and great laydown from the Adelaide Championships Main Event!

Live updates brought to you from the Adelaide Casino Poker Zone exclusively by Poker Asia Pacific

The 2011 Adelaide Poker Championships are one of the most popular local championships on the calendar with thirteen fantastic events and six satellites over nine days, capped off with the $1,500 Adelaide Championships Main Event.

Last year it was Sean Dunwoodie who conquered a field of 158 players to grab the first place prize of $54,440, but we believe he is unable to return this year to defend his title. There are plenty of big names in town with a fantastic field of 25 runners for last night's Karamalikis Cup, so we're expecting a quality field for the Main Event this afternoon.

The Poker Asia Pacific team will be on the floor from 12:15pm to bring you live and exclusive updates of all the action. We hope you will join us then!

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