ANZPT Sydney: Alex Lee crushes Day 2

March 22nd 2014 By Heath "TassieDevil" Chick

Day 2 of the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Sydney Main Event would see 168 survivors return to The Star poker room on Saturday for another eight levels of play. It was an exciting day with plenty of suckouts and bustouts, and a dramatic bubble period, as 37 survived to reach Day 3 of play.

Entering the day it was Jazz Mathers who held the chip lead and he was able to maintain his position as a big stack for most of the day. A clash with Eugene Zanozin on a board of J clubs6 spades7 spadesJ hearts4 diams would see Mathers’ pocket sevens build a full house to collect a monstrous pot against Zanozin’s ace-jack.

As the money bubble loomed, the play tightened as the players eyed off a potential profit. Dale Marsland was one who wasn’t going to sit back and wait as he committed his stack with K spades10 clubs against Oliver Gill’s A spadesQ diams. Marsland was still behind on the J clubsJ spades9 spades flop, but the Q clubs turn card brought him a straight and an apparent lifeline in the tournament. However that was very short-lived when the J diams river brought a full house for Gill and an unfortunate end for Marsland.

That elimination brought the Main Event to the bubble but it would be nearly an hour before it popped when Ben Williams ran ace-three into ace-king. He was sent home empty-handed as the remaining 54 players were relieved to be taking home a profit for their time in Sydney.

In the final level of the day, the players took the opportunity to gamble it up, and with so many short stacks trying to survive, it meant there were a number of late casualties.

Emanuel “Curly” Seal (54th), Srdjan Brkic (53rd), Danny Zhong (52nd), Daniel Charnock (50th), Joe Reina (46th) and Luke Brabin (39th) were some of those to head to the cashier in the final level of the day.

There would be just 37 players bag up chips at the end of the play with Alex Lee (pictured) grabbing the lead with a stack of 755,000. Lee was pretty lucky earlier in the day when his pocket queens spiked a set to crack Josh Barrett’s pocket aces. From there, Lee continued his aggressive game, and a Broadway straight against Karl Speigel in the final minutes of the day saw him jump to the top of the counts.

ANZPT Sydney Day 2 Top Ten Chip Counts
Alex Lee – 755,000
Murray Roach – 692,000
Rory Young – 606,000
Jazz Mathers – 458,000
Adrian Attenborough – 384,000
Peco Stojanovski – 381,500
Daniel Neilson – 346,000
Jim Doumit – 340,000
Peter Baars – 319,000
Milan Gurung – 298,000

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Other notables still in contention include Oliver Gill, Jie Gao, Tanja Vujanic, Anthony Aston, Poker Asia Pacific blogger Edison Nguyen and Australian Poker Hall of Famer Mel Judah.

The 37 players will return to The Star on Sunday at 2:00pm to play it down to the official ANZPT final table of nine, before battling for the $225,300 top prize on Monday afternoon. You can follow live updates of all the action at the PokerStars Blog or check back to Poker Asia Pacific for nightly recaps of all the action from the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

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