Aussie Millions Day 19: Phil Ivey wins LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge

February 11th 2014 By Heath "TassieDevil" Chick

Monday the 10th of February would be the 19th and final day of the 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship. It’s been an amazing few weeks crammed full of great poker, huge prize pools and plenty of fun in between. On the final day it was fitting that we would see the final table of the biggest buy-in event of the championship, and in fact, the largest event ever seen in the history of the Aussie Millions.

When the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge recommenced on Monday afternoon, the 18 overnight survivors were joined by the arrival of a rather incredible nine late entries. Mike McDonald, Elton Tsang, Justin Bonomo, Daniel Negreanu, Scott Seiver, Sorel Mizzi, Patrik Antonius, Philipp Gruissem and Antonio Esfandiari all walked into the Crown Poker Room, handed over $250,000 and got a starting stack worth just 12.5 big blinds. Clearly everyone was in the mood to gamble.

The latecomers boosted the total number for this event to 46 entries, including 31 unique players and a prize pool in excess of $11 million which is a new record at the Aussie Millions. The top six players would be paid, with the winner set to collect a massive $4 million. Not bad for two days' work.

Once the cards were in the air, the action was fast and furious as players tried to “run it up”. Many set their $250k on fire in a matter of minutes, while others were able to recover from second, and even third bullets to navigate their way towards the final table.

Patrik Antonius, Main Event final tablist Scott Seiver, Philipp Gruissem and Antonio Esfandiari were early casualties, with Paul Newey, Justin Bonomo and Dan Smith also among the fallen.

Yevgeniy Timoshenko was looking for the high rollers double at the Aussie Millions but he was bundled out in 11th place before Jason Mercier lost a race to bow out in tenth.

The final table of nine was formed, but only eight would be taken upstairs to the televised table in Studio 3. It would take just one hand on the nine-handed table for Tony Bloom to run his pocket jacks into Ike Haxton’s pocket queens to see the final table of eight formed.

Seat 1: Phil Ivey (USA) - 976,000
Seat 2: Mike McDonald (Canada) - 1,379,000
Seat 3: Ike Haxton (USA) - 4,256,000
Seat 4: Erik Seidel (USA) - 1,225,000
Seat 5: Daniel Negreanu (Canada) - 1,055,000
Seat 6: Max Altergott (Austria) - 341,000
Seat 7: Tom Dwan (USA) - 1,292,000
Seat 8: Fabian Quoss (Germany) - 976,000

LK Boutique

The remaining eight were led by Ike Haxton and they had guaranteed themselves some TV time, but $250,000 is an expensive price to pay for TV exposure when only the top six would finish in the money.

The short-stacked Max Altergott was first to go in eighth place when his top pair ran into Tom Dwan’s overpair, before Erik Seidel was the unlucky one to bubble the $500,000 min-cash. Seidel ran his pocket jacks into the pocket kings of Fabian Quoss to leave the remaining six safely in the money.

Tom Dwan was next to go when his pocket eights lost the coin flip with Ike Haxton’s king-jack, before Fabian Quoss lost a similar race with the snowmen against Phil Ivey’s king-queen.

Phil Ivey moved into the chip lead with four players left but as the blinds started to increase, the chip stacks fluctuated wildly. Mike McDonald was at one point down under two big blinds, but a triple and two double ups got him back into contention, while Daniel Negreanu took over the chip lead before eventually being eliminated in 4th place. McDonald was next to go in 3rd and it was Haxton versus Ivey for the title. 

The stacks were fairly even at the beginning of heads-up play, but Ivey moved away and eventually took down the final hand of the entire 2014 Aussie Millions. The blinds were at 80,000/160,000 and Ivey limped the button. Haxton shoved for around 2 million in chips and Ivey called. Ivey had A hearts6 clubs against Haxton's 8 spades7 diams. The board ran out 9 clubsA diamsK hearts7 spades3 spades and it was all over!

For his runner-up finish, Isaac Haxton took home $2.82 million. Not a bad return on investment for Haxton considering all the rebuys he fired off in the $100K and this $250K event.

Congratulations to Phil Ivey! He pocketed $4 million – the largest single result of his career. Ivey won this event in 2012 and has now amazingly done it again. Ivey now also moves his lifetime tournament winnings above $20 million and into second place overall behind Antonio Esfandiari. 

LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge - Results

Entrants: 46 (31 unique)
Prize Pool: $11,270,000
Players Paid: 6

1st: Phil Ivey - $4,000,000
2nd: Isaac Haxton $2,820,000
3rd: Mike McDonald - $1,900,000
4th: Daniel Negreanu - $1,250,000
5th: Fabian Quoss - $800,000
6th: Tom Dwan - $500,000

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That concludes our coverage of the 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship. We hope you enjoyed following at home! Thanks to the Crown Poker team for all their efforts in running another world-class series and we can’t wait to see what the 2015 Aussie Millions has in store for us!

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