Ben Breadsell wins 2014 Sapphire Series Main Event at Crown Perth

June 2nd 2014 By Joshua Bell

The latest tournament on the Australian poker calendar was the 2014 Sapphire Series Main Event at Crown Perth. There were 289 players in the $1,100 Main Event and the champion was Ben Breadsell.

There aren’t too many major poker tournaments being held in Australia from May through July, but one of them is the Sapphire Series. Taking place yearly at Crown Perth, the Sapphire Series has proven to be one of Western Australia’s premier poker events.  

Last year, Edward Setyanto won the 2013 Sapphire Series Main Event, defeating 301 total players to win the $77,000 top prize. Anything near 300 players would surely be deemed a success and it started off strongly with 100 players taking to the felt on the first of three Day 1 flights.

Once 97 players had hit the tables for Day 1b and 87 had played Day 1c, a 289-player field had created a large prize pool that would see the eventual champion pick up $75,000 and the top 24 players make the money.

Just 77 players made it through to Day 2 over the three Day 1 flights, with Dylan Kii’s stack of 130,600 being the largest. Andrew Waterworth (122,900), Mile Krstanoski (120,400) and Bernard Beh (107,100) also had lots of chips and would be a threat.

Some of the other players who safely made it through to Day 2 include Australian Poker Hall of Fame member Leo Boxell (92,300), Luke Sharpe (91,100), Dylan Honeyman (79,900), Ash Warner (66,700), Tony Tartaglia (63,200) and Dale Marsland (57,600).

The plan on Day 2 was to make it to the final table, which meant bursting through the bubble. The eventual champion, Ben Breadsell, was all in on the bubble, but reportedly doubled up holding pocket eights against A-K before Cosmin Ticos was the official “bubble boy”.

Blinds were apparently at 5,000/10,000 when Ticos moved all in with A diams8 diams. Darren Morris called it off with pocket fives and with no help for Ticos, he was sent home and the remaining 24 players had locked up $3,000.

Ian Jennis (24th - $3,000) was the first player eliminated in the money and from there, Brian Mcallister (22nd - $3,100), Peter Lavelle (21st - $3,100), Ray Ellis ($3,300), Mile Krstanoski (16th - $3,300), Anthony Marenko (15th - $3,600) and Lorinda Johnson (11th - $5,200) were some of the other sent home with some cash.

The final table bubble boy, taking home a $5,200 score was Peter Parsons and with that, the final table was set. Andrew Chin was leading the way with 986,000 at this point, while the eventual champ had the third smallest stack. Here is how the final table lined up on Sunday afternoon:

Seat 1 - Tom Labouchardiere 591,000
Seat 2 - Grant R 688,000
Seat 3 - Luke S 384,000
Seat 4 - Jovan Scekic 473,000
Seat 5 - Peter Woodworth 236,000
Seat 6 - Ben Breadsell 342,000
Seat 7 - Darren Morris 128,000
Seat 8 – Andrian Chin – 986,000
Seat 9 – Angelo Fazzino – 456,000

The very first hand of the say would see short stack Darren Morris hit the rail in 9th place, collecting $5,200 and from there, Peter Woodworth (8th), Gratn Retallick (7th), Angelo Fazzino (6th), Luke Sharpe (5th), Jovan Scekic (4th) and Tom Labouchardiere (3rd) were eliminated at a steady pace, ushering in heads-up play.

It was Ben Breadsell versus Andrian Chin for the title, with Chin having a slight chip lead over Breadsell. Both players had around 2 million in chips and it would take two and a half hours before the final hand played out.

According to Crown Perth Poker, blinds were at 15,000/30,000 and Chin opened to 75,000. Breadsell three-bet here to 165,000 and Chin called. The 2 clubsA clubsJ hearts flop would see Breadsell lead for 200,000 and Chin move all in. Breadsell had him covered and snap-called, turning over J-J for a flopped set. Chin had A hearts5 spades for just top paid. The 3 clubs turn and the K clubs river were safe and so Breadsell was crowned the champion!

For his runner-up finish Chin picked up $43,000, while Breadsell claimed a large $75,000. Breadsell adds this result to a resume which already had well over six figures of results on it, including an Aussie Millions gold ring. Congratulations to Ben Breadsell! Full 2014 Sapphire Series results found below.

2014 Sapphire Series - Results

1st $75,000 Ben Breadsell
2nd $43,000 Andrian Chin
3rd $33,000 Tom Labouchardiere
4th $25,000 Jovan Scekic
5th $19,000 Luke Sharpe
6th $13,000 Angelo Fazzino
7th $8,000 Grant Retallick
8th $6,200 Peter Woodworth
9th $5,200 Darren Morris
10th $5,200 Peter Parsons
11th $5,200 Lorinda Johnson
12th $4,400 John Nicholas
13th $4,400 Andrew Waterworth
14th $4,400 Yu-Chang Chong
15th $3,600 Anthony Marenko
16th $3,600 Mile Krstanoski
17th $3,600 Richard Larkin
18th $3,300 Darren Mundy
19th $3,300 Ray Ellis
20th $3,300 Jerremy Chantris
21st $3,100 Peter Lavelle
22nd $3,100 Brian McAlister
23rd $3,100 Damon Greenwood
24th $3,000 Ian Jennis

Ben Breadsell

**Images and all information courtesy of the Crown Perth Poker Facebook Page**

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