2012 Winter Poker Championships $1,100 Main Event - Day 1a

Bag, tag and depart

After a long 12 levels of play, Day 1a of the Winter Poker Championships has come to a close here at Casino Canberra.  Our field of 60 has been reduced to just 17 survivors who will return on Monday to battle it out for the title.

It’s close at the top of the leaderboard after Mishel Anunu slipped back to the pack.  David Soede climbed into second chip position, but Jesse McKenzie has held on to the lead as the only player in six figures.

Player Name Chip Count
Jesse McKenzie 106300
David Soede 99600
Mishel Anunu 96700
Daniel Charnock 90000
Scott Kerr 78400
Matthew Hengge 73600
Mark Greer 60100
Graeme Putt 57700
Didier Guerin 57600
Cale Callaway 57100
Geoff Craft 48200
Tomi Hietala 43700
Roger Palazzo 37400
Anthony Hope 34100
Simon Moshi 33300
Danica S 29900


We’ll have a complete wrap of today’s action for you shortly.

Late one goes against Hengge

A late pot has gone against Matthew Hengge.  Holding A spades3 hearts on the button, Hengge called the shove of a short-stacked player in the big blind who tabled K clubs9 diams.

Hengge looked set to eliminate the player until the final board read 5 diams2 heartsJ spadesQ hearts9 clubs.  Hengge is still in good shape with a stack of 70,000.

Jesse McKenzieMcKenzie loses race for the chip lead

Jesse McKenzie (pictured) was quietly accumulating a healthy chip stack on the table at the far end of the room, and looked set to challenge for the end-of-day chip lead.  However a big race against Scott Kerr went against McKenzie to see Kerr find a handy double up.

McKenzie opened with a min-raise to 4,000 from middle position before Kerr moved all in for 32,500 in the big blind.  McKenzie quickly called with A diamsJ hearts for the overcards against Kerr’s 10 hearts10 spades.  The board ran out 4 clubs6 hearts3 diams2 clubs9 spades to leave Kerr to double to around 70,000 with McKenzie slipping to 78,000.

Chip count update

Mishel Anunu – 100,000
Matthew Hengge – 82,000
David Soede – 80,000
Didier Guerin – 78,000
Geoff Mooney – 75,000
Jesse McKenzie – 75,000
Roger Palazzo – 48,000
Graeme Putt – 45,000
Simon Moshi – 28,000
Scott Kerr – 25,000

Guerin walking on water

“I’ve shoved 13 times and haven’t been called!” chuckled Didier Guerin as he managed to recover his stack from just 4,400 up to around 32,000.

But it was the 14th time that did the trick as Guerin’s A diamsQ clubs paired up in a battle of the blinds against an opponent’s 10 clubs10 diams when the board was spread 8 hearts8 spadesQ heartsJ spadesQ spades.

Guerin is now up to 70,000 and challenging Mishel Anunu for the comeback story of the day award.

Not so fortunate is Stewart Ballard who was spotted making an exit from the poker floor recently.  His tournament is done as 22 players remain.

Play on

With 25 players remaining, we thought that would’ve been a good number to stop at, but it looks like we’re going to continue on and play the full 12 levels which should see us down to around 20 players left by the end of the day.  Tournament staff want to make sure that the field returning on Day 2 is not too large to avoid a long day on Monday.

With fifteen minutes left in this level, that means we’ll be wrapping up at around 9:45pm tonight.

Meanwhile a Pot Limit Omaha cash game has just kicked off with the table comprising of Dale Townsend, Michael Kanaan, Martin Kozlov, Stev Lackovic, Tony Tartaglia and David Lloyd.  Talk about value!  Get down to Casino Canberra tonight and make some easy money right there!

White hot Mishel

The remarkable comeback story of Mishel Anunu continues as he now finds himself as the outright chip leader after the elimination of the aggressive Steve Zhou.

With the blinds at 800/1600/200, action folded to Anunu in the small blind who moved all in against Zhou who held roughly around 20,000 in chips.  Zhou looked down at 9 hearts9 clubs and made an easy call as Anunu would need to improve his A diams5 diams.

The flop of 4 clubs3 hearts5 clubs would give Anunu a few more outs, and he connected when the 2 hearts appeared on the turn to complete the straight to the disgust of Zhou who found himself drawing dead to a chop.  The river was the J spades to see Anunu scoop the pot.

“You run so good,” sighed Zhou as he exited, with Anunu now up to a commanding stack of 110,000!

Matthew HenggeKerr crippled as Hengge flops it

When Scott Kerr won the ANZPT Queensland event back in 2009, we’re certain that his luck treated him a lot better than it did in the following hand here in Canberra.

Kerr flopped a set holding 4 hearts4 diams on a flop of Q clubs4 clubs6 clubs, but when the chips went flying, it was Matthew Hengge (pictured) who had the goods with his 7 clubs9 clubs for a flopped flush.  Kerr would need the board to pair, but the J clubs turn and the 10 hearts river left Kerr with just 15,000 in chips as Hengge joins the chip leaders with a stack of around 80,000.

“What a luckbox!” laughed fellow chip leader Roger Palazzo as this table now contains four of the top five stacks in the room.  The only exception is Mishel Anunu who, on a nearby table, has incredibly chipped his way up to a stack of about 70,000 after being short for large portions of the day.

Oops for Didier

Didier Guerin is now on life support after losing a massive pot to David Soede.  After the action was three-bet preflop, Guerin tossed out 5,000 on the flop of 8 hearts4 diams2 spades from the small blind.  Soede made the call as the 5 diams hit the turn.  Guerin checked and Soede calmly announced himself all in.  Guerin instantly called but found his A clubs8 diams was well behind the Q heartsQ clubs of Soede.

The river was the 4 spades as Soede’s stack was counted out to be 24,900, leave Guerin with just 4,400 in pocket change.

That was all in next hand with Q heartsJ spades against a dominant A diamsJ diams but Guerin managed to spike two pair to double up and stay alive.

“Just six more!” called Michael Kanaan from the rail in encouragement.

Mooney takes out Griffiths

Facing an open to 2,600 from Scott Kerr in the cutoff, Mark Griffiths decided to move all in for what was around 20,000.  Geoff Mooney committed to the call in the big blind to see Kerr scamper out of the way.

Griffiths showed K spadesQ diams but he was in trouble against the dominating A heartsK hearts of Mooney.

The board ran out 10 hearts4 hearts9 diams4 diams10 clubs to see Mooney rake in the pot as Griffiths heads to the rail.  Mooney is now up to a very nice 70,000 on a table that features several of the biggest stacks in the room.

Casino CanberraNotable chip counts at the break

Roger Palazzo – 85,000
Simon Moshi – 65,000
Graeme Putt – 65,000
Didier Guerin – 60,000
Steve Zhou – 55,000
Jesse McKenzie – 50,000
David Soede – 45,000
Mishel Anunu – 40,000
Scott Kerr – 35,000
David Lloyd – 0
Kristina Griffiths - 0
Martin Kozlov – 0
Phillip Batticciotto – 0



The players are now taking their final ten-minute break of the evening.  We’re still awaiting confirmation of how long we’ll be playing this evening, with players seemingly under the assumption we’re going to be playing 12 full levels.  With just 30 players remaining, we suspect we won’t quite need to go that far, with another hour or so likely to get us to a target number of players remaining.

New leader in the house

A new chip leader has emerged with Roger Palazzo now sitting with a stack of around 95,000.  He was the benefactor of the implosion of previous big stack Phillip Batticciotto with the majority of the chips coming when Batticciotto’s ace-jack fell to Palazzo’s pocket aces.

John HowardHitting the cash games

The good news for those that have already busted, or perhaps are just arriving here in Canberra, is that there will be a great range of cash games cranking here in the Casino Canberra tonight and throughout the Winter Poker Championships.

No Limit Holdem games will be spread across $3/3 ($100-300 buy-in), $5/5 ($200-500 buy-in) and $5/10 ($500-2,000 buy-in) with likely six or seven tables up and going once the Main Event wraps up this evening.  There’s also likely to be a Pot Limit Omaha game if there’s enough interest, or if Luke Edwards and Octavian Voegele roll into town.

So if you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday night in Canberra, and you’re missing the absence of ANZ Social Coordinator Danny McDonagh at this event, then jump into some cash games here in Casino Canberra where the action is guaranteed to be juicy (endorsed by ex Prime Minister John Howard, pictured).

Easy come, easy go

“When I get chips, why do I always give them straight back?” sighed Didier Guerin as he recalled a hand that saw his chip lead evaporate.

In a battle of the blinds, the small blind limped in for 800 before Guerin popped it to 2,800 from the big blind.  His opponent called as the flop landed 9 diamsJ spades3 hearts and action checked to Guerin.  He tossed out 2,200 and his opponent called as both players checked the 10 spades turn.  The river was a repeat 10 diams and the small blind led for 4,800, before Guerin raised to 12,000.  His opponent called as Guerin found his trip tens with king-ten had been beaten by the straight of his opponent holding king-queen.

Guerin slips back to 50,000.

Didier GuerinDidier has the goods

A massive three-way all-in confrontation has shot young gun Didier Guerin (pictured) to the top of the chip counts while poker cult hero Tony Tartaglia has been sent to the rail.

The action started with a raise to 2,200 from early position, before Guerin popped it to 5,100.  The short-stacked Tartaglia moved all in from the small blind for his last 8,700, but that didn’t deter anyone.  The original raiser moved all in for roughly 20,000 as Guerin instantly called with his K heartsK clubs.  Tartaglia showed A diamsJ clubs as the third player would need help with his 9 hearts9 clubs.

With Tartaglia on his feet calling, “Any ace! Any ace!” he got his wish when the flop came K spades4 spadesA spades.  Only problem was that Guerin also caught a king to leave his spade-less opponents in a world of hurt.  The turn was the Q spades to bring the possibility of a three-way chop if another spade fell but the 3 clubs was safe for Guerin to rake in the huge pot and send two to the rail.

Guerin is now the outright chip leader with a stack of 70,000.

King David

David Lloyd reached the final table of the recent ANZPT Perth Main Event and he’s motoring along here in Canberra as well thanks to a well-timed pair of kings.

Lloyd was all in preflop with K diamsK clubs against an opponent’s A heartsK hearts and the pair held on the board of 9 diams5 clubs10 diams9 hearts3 spades.  Lloyd is now up to around 40,000 chips.

Set, but no action for Jesse

Jesse McKenzie is starting to look threatening as the cream is starting to rise to the top here on Day 1a of the Winter Poker Championships.

We recently caught McKenzie open the button to 1,600 with ANZPT Sydney final tablist Stewart Ballard defending his big blind with a call to see a flop of J diams8 spades6 clubs.  Ballard checked and McKenzie glanced at his opponent’s stack before betting out 1,500.  Ballard decided to save his last 10,000 for a better spot, and it was a good thing he did, as McKenzie grimaced as he flashed pocket eights for a set!  McKenzie has worked his way to a stack of 34,000.

More Mishel

The comeback of Mishel Anunu continues as he’s just sent an opponent to the rail.  It was a battle of the blinds with the two going to war on a flop of 9 diams2 clubs3 hearts.  The small blind pushed with 9 hearts8 spades for top pair but Anunu had a monstrous 9 spades9 clubs for top set to leave his opponent drawing dead.  The meaningless 2 diams turn and 5 spades river completed the board to see Anunu climb to a now-healthy stack of 30,000 chips.

Ace for Anunu

It’s been a slow day for ANZ regular Mishel Anunu (pictured).  He’s been battling with a short stack for large periods of today, but just collected a handy pot that may turn his day around.

With the blinds at 300/600/50, Anunu opened to 1,200 from the hijack and picked up calls from the blinds to see a flop of J spades5 spades5 diams.  Action checked to Anunu and he bet 1,400.  The price was too much for David Lloyd who folded from the small blind, but the big blind made the call as the 9 spades appeared on the turn.

Both players checked and the river brought the A hearts.  The big blind checked again to Anunu who deliberated before tossing out 1,500.  The price was too tempting to resist as his opponent called, only to discover Anunu table A clubs8 spades for the best hand to scoop the pot.

Anunu is back up to 16,000.

Soede flush with chips

David Soede is now among the chip leaders after cracking an opponent’s pocket aces in devastating fashion.

Soede wasn’t going anywhere with his K heartsK diams but was in trouble when he ran into the A spadesA clubs.  However the board was spread 6 spades8 hearts7 hearts2 heartsJ hearts to see Soede make a heart flush to scoop the massive pot as his irate opponent stood to his feet in disgust at what had just unfolded.

“Look, I’m not going anywhere with kings, but I’m sorry for the bad beat,” said Soede apologetically as he raked in a pot worth almost 60,000 in chips.

Some chip counts

Graeme Putt – 58,000
Phillip Batticciotto – 50,000
Simon Moshi – 38,000
David Lloyd – 28,000
Didier Guerin – 28,000
Scott Kerr – 27,000
Kristina Griffths – 22,000
Stewart Ballard – 15,000
Jesse McKenzie – 13,000
Martin Kozlov – 8,000
Tony Tartaglia – 8,000
Mishel Anunu – 7,500
Patrick Healy - 0
Errolyn Strang - 0


Break it up

The players are now taking their second break of the day.  Approximately 42 players remain from our starting field of 60.

Hero call gives Moshi half

Didier Guerin opened with a raise to 1,000 and was called by a player in the cutoff before Simon Moshi three-bet to 2,500 on the button.  Guerin thought for a bit before folding as the cutoff player called again to see a flop of J hearts5 spades10 clubs.

When the flop landed, the cutoff player immediately declared himself all in for around 9,000, with Moshi thinking for a few moments before flicking out two blue chips to make the call with A heartsQ hearts for just ace-high with a gutshot.  More incredibly, his opponent tabled A spadesQ spades for the same hand!

“I thought you would fold ace-king!” said the cutoff player, perhaps slightly confused by Moshi’s call.

The turn was the 5 diams and river the 10 diams to see the players chop it up!

The search for Alex Lee

We noticed that the seat that belonged to Alex Lee was now empty so we asked his table what had happened.

“He got moved,” came the reply.  “Literally like one minute ago to that table,” pointed Didier Guerin.

But Lee couldn’t be found on that table either.  Further investigation uncovered that apparently he didn’t like his new home too much.  Phillip Batticciotto recalled to us that he made a straight to eliminate Lee who mucked his cards at showdown, with Batticciotto suspecting that he might’ve held pocket aces.

With the mystery solved, Lee is officially out as Batticciotto now sits with a healthy stack worth 45,000 chips.

Oh no for O’Brien

Jason O’Brien final tabled the ANZPT Sydney Main Event but he won’t be going that deep here in Canberra as his tournament has been brought to an abrupt end.

With the blinds at 200/400/50, O’Brien opened with a preflop raise to 1,500 from early position.  Action folded around to Goran Srejic (pictured) who flat called in the big blind.

The flop came down 3 clubs7 spades5 clubs and Srejic checked it to O’Brien who slid the last of his chips in the middle.  It was around 7,000 but Srejic didn’t need a count as he instantly called with Q clubsQ spades.  O’Brien tabled 8 diams8 spades and was going to need another snowman to stay alive.

The turn was the A hearts and river the K diams to see O’Brien eliminated as Srejic jumps to around 24,000.

Our leaders

Graeme Putt is now a clear chip leader after a recent pot has jumped him to a stack of around 50,000.

Simon Moshi is also progressing well.  In terms of chip quantity, he would have the most chips in the room, with several stacks of green and black denomination chips among a stack of around 40,000.  Although Moshi seems to have disappeared from the room for the last ten minutes or so, apparently content to let his chips fend for themselves for the moment.

Starting to drop

We reported earlier that Ben McLean was moving along nicely in this tournament.  Unfortunately that’s flipped a full 360, as McLean’s tournament has come crashing down.

McLean recalled to us that he lost a chunky pot with ace-king against pocket nines when his opponent made a flush, before running two pair into an opponent’s set of jacks.

That was enough to send McLean to the rail and he has been joined by Michael Kanaan who was spotted recently making his way to the exit.

Tony TartagliaTartaglia misses

With a limp under the gun, Tony Tartaglia (pictured) completed his small blind and Errolyn Strang tapped the table in the big blind to see a flop of 10 hearts7 hearts8 clubs.  Action checked to the UTG-player who bet 625.  Tartaglia called as Strang got out of the way before the 5 spades appeared on the turn.

Both players checked and the river brought the 10 diams.  Tartaglia checked and his opponent once again checked behind.  Tartaglia opened Q hearts6 hearts for busted straight as flush draws as his opponent showed A hearts6 diams for just ace-high which was enough to take it down.  Tartaglia sits with around 14,000 chips.

Moshi finds a flush

Simon Moshi is started to accumulate some chips as he caught him raking in a recent pot against Didier Guerin.  Three players checked a flop of 10 spades10 hearts4 hearts before Guerin took a stab of 1,000 on the 8 hearts turn.  One player folded before Moshi upped the price to 2,000 on the button.  Guerin rolled his eyes and called as the A spades completed the board.  Guerin checked and Moshi said something about two tens on board before tapping the table behind.

Guerin quickly flashed what appeared to be 8 spades7 spades but he knew he was beat as Moshi opened 9 hearts7 hearts for a flush.  Moshi is up to 30,000 with Guerin sitting with 22,000.

The sound of poker

There’s been a bit of talk in the poker community about the rule regarding use of electronic items at the poker table with different rules employed around Australia, and the world.  You may have read some of the discussion in our poker forum.

Each casino is governed by the rules in their particular state or territory and unfortunately in Canberra that means that no electronic items are allowed at the poker tables.  It means that music has been replaced by friendly banter, which has been nice to see.  There are also no poker machines here in the Canberra Casino so there are no fears of a headache from the annoying sounds of the bells and whistles of the pokies!

Another unusual rule in Canberra is the line that runs around the table.  Normally a line like this is a betting line, used to determine when a player’s bet is live, but here in Canberra, it’s a folding line.  That means as soon as your cards cross that line, then your hand is mucked.  While it’s unusual, it does clear up any confusion, or potential angle shooting, with folded cards.  Just be careful that you don’t pass your cards over the line by mistake, because the rule is firm and once they cross there’s no turning back!

Graeme PuttNotable chip counts at the break

Graeme Putt (pictured) appears to be one of our early chip leaders after we discovered that he was the one responsible for the early elimination of Bob Potter, when he flopped a set to crack the pocket kings of Potter.

Graeme Putt – 35,000
Ben McLean – 30,000
Kristina Griffiths – 28,000
Scott Kerr – 23,000
Didier Guerin – 21,000
David Lloyd – 21,000
Jesse McKenzie – 21,000
Patrick Healy – 17,000
Simon Moshi – 17,000
Alex Lee – 16,000
Tony Tartaglia – 13,000
Mishel Anunu – 11,500
Errolyn Strang – 10,000
Marton Kozlov – 9,000


Break time

The players are now taking their first ten-minute break of the day.

Griffiths finds aces at the break

Most tables had broken to take their break, but Kristina Griffiths and Patrick Healy were involved in a hand that extended into the break.  After some heavy flop action, Griffiths bet 1,600 on the turn on the board of 8 diamsK spades5 diams4 hearts.  Healy called and tapped the table again on the 9 hearts river.  Griffiths quickly checked behind and opened A spadesA hearts to better Healy’s king-queen.

“I was worried you might’ve caught a set,” said Griffiths as she chips up to 28,000, with Healy breathing a sigh of relief as he falls to 17,000.

It’s a long way down under

As we tick into the third level of the day, the dead stacks have been picked up and the chips taken out of play.  Incredibly there were five no shows for this event from players from all over the world who qualified for this event online.  Players from as far as Romania perhaps failed to realise that the online satellite they were playing was for an event in Canberra, Australia, so they decided to stay at home than travel half way around the world for a $1k event.

The good news for everyone else is that money stays in the prize pool to create a handy little overlay.  With that, we’re down to 51 players in today’s Day 1a flight.

From zero to hero

An interesting story was just passed on to us that should give all our players a little inspiration.

We didn’t catch what happened to the first casualty of play today but apparently the gentleman in question was Bob Potter.

Not one to sweat over being first out of the Main Event of a major poker tournament, Potter went over and jumped onto a Caribbean Stud table where he proceeded to make a straight-flush to collect a $10,000 cash jackpot!  He would’ve had to play this tournament for the best part of two days to make that kind of money, so he’s probably quickly forgotten about his poker woes!

Ben McLeanThe Runner Up Club

Two players who are part of the highly-exclusive “Runner Up Club” are Simon Moshi and Ben McLean (pictured).

McLean was runner up to Jonathan Karamalikis at the 2010 APPT Main Event in Sydney while Moshi was the most recent induction to the club when he finished 2nd to Jackie Glazier at the recent Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event.

The two just tangoed in a pot with McLean getting the pot after a favourable river card.  With the blinds at 75/150, Moshi started things off with a raise to 475, and followed up with a continuation bet on the flop of K spades2 diams6 diams.  McLean called before both players checked the 10 diams turn.  The river brought the 9 spades and Moshi led out with a bet of 1,500 only to find McLean pop it to 4,675.  After a few minutes of thought, Moshi made the call, with what he later said was pocket queens, but unfortunately for him, McLean had spiked his set on the river holding 9 clubs9 hearts.

“I knew that you didn’t have a king when you checked the turn,” reasoned Moshi as he slips to 16,000 with McLean now up to 25,000.

Guerin trips Lee

“Oh man, I’ve got Alex Lee on my right and Martin Kozlov on my left,” sighed Didier Guerin when he took a look at the table draw before play kicked off this afternoon.  With two of the country's most talented young players on his table, Guerin knew he was in for a tough day at the office.

Alex Lee had already amassed an impressive stack of chips before we approached the table to see the two tangling in a battle of the blinds.  The flop read 3 diams9 clubsQ spades when Lee check-called for 500, before the 6 spades hit the turn.   Lee checked again and Guerin bet 1,100.  Lee thought for a moment and matched the bet before the Q hearts repeated on the river.

Lee checked and casually looked skywards as Guerin pondered for a moment before announcing a bet of 2,700.  Before the chips were even in the middle, Lee had snap-called but was left to muck his cards when Guerin showed K heartsQ diams for trip queens.

Guerin is now back to starting stack with Lee slipping to about 24,000.

Just quads

With player starting so deep, we weren’t expecting to see too many all ins early, especially in the first level of play.  But that didn’t stop Goran Srejic from grabbing our attention by declaring himself all in over on Table 3.

The board read 7 diams9 clubs4 hearts7 spades6 hearts, and facing a bet of just 375, Srejic decided to move all in for about 17,000 in a massive overbet.

“Are we allowed to talk about our cards since we’re heads up?” asked Srejic but before he could get a response, his opponent tossed his cards into the muck.

Srejic flashed the table 7 hearts7 clubs for quads!

ANZ Player of the YearANZ POTY points up for grabs

The Winter Poker Championships may not be a full ANZPT event, however it does offer players the chance to earn ANZ Player of the Year points.

As an ANZ POTY qualifying event, the top ten place finishers will each receive points in the ANZ Player of the Year race.  Those points could prove crucial in deciding which two players share in the $40,000 in prizes that are up for grabs.

With Canberra local Anthony Aston currently leading the way, and his nearest rival, Scotsman Gordon Huntly, unlikely to make an appearance here in Canberra, it’s an opportunity for the locals to gain the ascendency in the ANZ POTY race.

Who’s here?

As we already mentioned, there’s a good sprinkling of interstate talent who have descended upon the nation’s capital to make this a rather solid little field.  Some of those we’ve spotted include Mishel Anunu, Didier Guerin, Alex Lee, Kristina Griffiths, Errolyn Strang, David Lloyd, Jesse McKenzie, Ben McLean, Graeme Putt, Stewart Ballard, Tony Tartaglia, Simon Moshi, Aussie Millions final tablist Patrick Healy and previous ANZPT champions Martin Kozlov, Michael Kanaan and Scott Kerr.

The big screen is currently showing 59 entrants.

First win of the day

“I just won $1,000 on Blackjack,” laughed Tony Tartaglia as he walked past our blogging desk on his way to his seat in today’s field.  “I didn’t lose a single hand!”

Buy-in paid for.  If only poker was that easy!

Today’s format

We don’t have confirmation of how long today’s opening flight will be at this stage.  Tournament staff are likely to play it by ear depending on how many entrants we get and how fast the play moves.  Players are starting with a 20,000-chip start bank and 40-minute levels with the blinds starting at 50-100.

As a guestimate, we’ll probably need close to 12 levels of play which will see things wrap up at about 9pm tonight.  There will be no dinner break, but there will be the standard ten minute breaks after every two hours of play.

Walking in a Winter wonderland

A beautiful blue sky has greeted us here in Canberra for Day 1a of the Winter Poker Championships.  Sure, the wind-chill factor is a tad “refreshing”, but inside the Casino Canberra things are nice and snug as the players settle in for a long day ahead on the tables.

All eight poker tables are setup and ready for action, which suggest we might get close to a capacity field.  As we passed through the lobby this morning there were plenty of interstate visitors in town, and when you throw in a few online satellite winners and a host of locals, we should have an interesting line up for you this afternoon.

Players are in their seats and Casino Canberra Tournament Director Chris Sandeman has given final instructions before uttering the immortal words, “Shuffle up and deal!”



Casino Canberra

Canberra Casino will once again play host to a major local tournament with the Winter Poker Championships set to warm the nation's capital from June 9th - 11th 2012.

The Winter Poker Championships fills a gap in the local poker calendar to provide the Australian poker community with a quality championship event during the winter months.

Running over the Queen's Birthday long weekend, players will be able to enjoy two opening flights on Saturday and Sunday, before play concludes on the final day of play on Monday June 11th 2012.  With 20,000-chip start banks and generous 40-minute levels, the Winter Poker Championships should attract a very healthy field and prize pool for the $1,100 Main Event.

Stay locked right here on Poker Asia Pacific as we bring you live and exclusive updates from the floor of Casino Canberra and the 2012 Winter Poker Championships Main Event.  Day 1a kicks off at 1:15pm on Saturday afternoon so we look forward to your company then!