2012 Winter Poker Championships $1,100 Main Event - Day 2

Daniel CharnockMishel Anunu eliminated in 2nd place ($17,150); Daniel Charnock wins ($26,950)!

The early pots of heads-up play were exchanged back and forth with neither player able to gain the ascendency.  Mishel Anunu (pictured below right) got the early edge before getting picked off with a river bluff to see Daniel Charnock (pictured right) back in front.  Then out of nowhere a massive all-in clash saw the chips in the middle preflop and the title decided.

With the blinds at 12,000/24,000 and a 3,000-chip ante, Anunu opened with a raise to 50,000 from the small blind.  Charnock three-bet to 120,000 from the big blind/button but Anunu immediately declared himself all in for around 800,000.  We didn’t need a count as Charnock instantly called and the cards were tabled:

Anunu: 6 spades6 diams
Charnock: Q clubsQ diams

Charnock had found a monster at the right time as Anunu’s inferior pair would need to spike a miracle to survive.  The flop landed 2 diams10 hearts2 spades to bring no real joy and the 7 diams turn was close, but not quite the six that Anunu was looking for.  The dealer burned and revealed the 10 clubs to see Anunu eliminated in 2nd place for $17,150 in prize money.

The title stays on home soil as Daniel Charnock’d dominance has carried him all the way to the Winter Poker Championships title.  He collects the trophy and $26,950 in prize money.

That concludes our live coverage but we’ll have a wrap of today’s action for you on the home page shortly.

Mishel AnunuA little backwards in Canberra

As heads-up play kicks off we need to mention the rather unique rule that applies here in Canberra for heads-up play.  Instead of the small blind having the button, here in Canberra the big blind has the button.

That means that the small blind acts first both preflop and postflop, much like a normal blind versus blind battle in a full ring game.  Ouch!  Who would want to be a small blind?

Apparently this rule was what was commonplace many moons ago but someone forgot to tell Canberra to update their rule book to modern times!  Hopefully the folks here in Canberra can move to get this rule changed to come in line with the No Limit Holdem heads-up game that is played everywhere else in the world.

Heads-up chip counts

The players are back with 10:55 left to play in Level 22, with the blinds at 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000-chip ante.  Here are the approximate chip counts as heads-up play gets underway:

Daniel Charnock – 995,000
Mishel Anunu – 850,000

Jesse McKenzieJesse McKenzie eliminated in 3rd place ($10,045)

Mishel Anunu raised the button to 40,000 before Jesse McKenzie (pictured) announced himself all in for around 320,000.  Anunu rocked back in his chair, took a deep breath and announced a call.

Anunu: 2 diams2 clubs
McKenzie A spades9 spades

Anunu was happy to take the gamble to knock out his most experienced opposition and the gamble paid off when the board ran out 7 clubs3 spades10 clubsJ diams6 clubs.  McKenzie collects $10,045 for 3rd place but he’ll be a little disappointed to miss out on the title.

The players are now taking a quick break before heads-up play commences.

Charnock catches again

Jesse McKenzie opened with a raise from the button and Daniel Charnock made the call in the big blind.  They took a flop of 7 diamsJ diams5 hearts and Charnock check-called for 45,000.  Both players checked the 10 clubs turn but Charnock led out for 60,000 on the 3 clubs river.

McKenzie cringed then called, but Charnock had rivered another straight, this time holding 4 clubs6 clubs.  McKenzie flashed Q diams10 diams as he slips to 320,000.  Charnock is up to 980,000 and getting his mojo back again.

Charnock catches, but Anunu doesn’t bite

Mishel Anunu opened with a raise from the button to 40,000 and Daniel Charnock called out of the small blind.  The two saw a flop of 5 diamsQ spades2 clubs and both checked as the 2 diams repeated on the turn.  Charnock checked and Anunu bet 42,000.  Charnock made the call before tapping the table again on the 3 diams river.

Anunu checked behind and was glad that he did when Charnock opened A spades4 clubs for a rivered straight.  Anunu slips to 550,000 with Charnock now up to 800,000.

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Play resumes

The players are back with the blinds now up to 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000-chip ante.  The approximate chip counts at the break are as follows:

Daniel Charnock – 710,000
Mishel Anunu – 600,000
Jesse McKenzie – 525,000



The three players are now taking a ten-minute break.

Mishel on the slide

Mishel Anunu (pictured) has dropped a few small pots in a row as he slides back to the pack.

In the first hand Jesse McKenzie opened to 32,000, before Anunu three-bet to 75,000.  McKenzie moved all in and Anunu folded.

Next hand Anunu opened to 32,000 but then folded when Daniel Charnock three-bet to 70,000.

The following hand saw Anunu call a raise to 32,000 from McKenzie, but he folded when McKenzie fired out a continuation bet on the flop.

Charnock is back in the lead with 800,000, Anunu has 620,000 and McKenzie has 420,000.

Jesse is back!

Jesse McKenzie is now back in contention after what has been a very impressive, composed and determined comeback.

However McKenzie had to come from behind with his latest double up after hemoved all in for 158,000 from the small blind and Mishel Anunu made the call in the big blind.

McKenzie tabled J hearts9 hearts as Anunu had him in trouble with K spadesJ spades.  However the board of Q clubs8 hearts4 hearts4 diams10 spades gave McKenzie the straight on the river for the double.  He’s up to 320,000 with Anunu slipping back to 700,000.

Anunu hits the front

Mishel Anunu has been chipping away at the stack of Daniel Charnock and now has in fact taken over the lead after collecting a couple of recent pots.

Charnock raised the button to 36,000 and Anunu called to see a flop of 10 hearts7 diamsK hearts.  Anunu check-called for 48,000 before both players checked the 3 diams turn. The river brought the 4 spades and Anunu put out a defensive bet of 32,000 which Charnock paid off.  Anunu opened J spades10 clubs for second pair which was good.

Anunu took down another hand moments later without a showdown to get himself to 900,000.  Charnock is down to 700,000, with Jesse McKenzie sitting back and biding his time with 200,000.

Patience is rewarded

Jesse McKenzie has been sitting very patiently waiting for good cards to stick his last chips into the middle.  That patience has been rewarded with a much-needed double up.

With the blinds kicking up to 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante, Mishel Anunu opened the button to 32,000 before McKenzie moved all in for around 75,000.  Anunu called with K spades10 spades as McKenzie tabled J heartsJ spades.

The board was spread 7 clubsA heartsQ clubs4 hearts2 diams to see McKenzie double up.  He then stole the blinds and antes next hand to get himself up to a touch under 200,000.  Anunu sits with about 750,000.

Anunu spikes a river to land huge double up

The momentum of Daniel Charnock has just come to a screeching halt as Mishel Anunu has landed a big double up thanks to the fall of a lucky river card.

Charnock opened to 33,000 from the button before Anunu three-bet to 62,000 from the big blind.  Charnock called and they saw a flop of 4 spades10 clubs7 spades.  Anunu checked and Charnock bet 43,000.  Anunu responded by check-raising all in, but Charnock instantly called!

Anunu sighed and tabled A clubsJ spades for just overcards as Charnock had a firm grip on the pot, and possibly the title with McKenzie so short, with his K spades10 spades for top pair and flush draw.  The turn bricked the 2 diams but the river was a remarkable J diams for the offsuit pair that Anunu needed to stay alive.

The all-in amount was hard to determine with tournament staff preferring to match up stacks rather than cut them down for us to count, but it looked like around 360,000.  Anunu is now up to about 800,000 with Charnock taking a dint to his empire, but still holding the chip lead with about one million chips.

Cale CallawayCale Callaway eliminated in 4th place ($8,330)

Action folded to Cale Callaway (pictured) on the button and he min-raised to 24,000.  Mishel Anunu folded his small blind but Daniel Charnock three-bet from the big blind to 64,000. Callaway thought for a moment before announcing himself all in.  It was another 150,000 to Charnock and he committed to the call.

Callaway: A diams10 spades
Charnock: 4 diams4 clubs

Callaway would need to hit the board to stay alive but it wasn’t to be as the community cards landed 5 diams6 heartsJ clubs7 diams9 hearts.  Charnock claims yet another victim as Callaway will have to be content with $8,330 for his 4th place finish.

McKenzie still has a pulse

Jesse McKenzie open-shoved the button for 47,000 with K diams10 clubs and Mishel Anunu made an easy call in the big blind with A clubs9 diams.

This time the hand went the way of McKenzie as the board arrived 4 hearts8 hearts3 spadesK hearts8 spades.  McKenzie paired his king to double to around 100,000 – enough to be dangerous!

McKenzie crippled by Anunu

Mishel Anunu open shoved the button for around 200,000 and Jesse McKenzie made the call in the big blind.  Anunu opened 7 diams7 clubs and the race was on against McKenzie’s A spadesJ diams.

McKenzie’s rough day continued when the board bricked out Q spades10 clubs4 hearts5 clubs4 clubs.  Anunu doubles to 400,000 with McKenzie now on life support with a stack of just 50,000.

Geoff Mooney eliminated in 5th place ($6,860)

Geoff Mooney (pictured) was doing a good job of keeping his head above water and maintaining his chip stack with some all-in shoves that went through to the keeper to allow him to steal the blinds and antes uncontested

However when he tried one more time with A spades10 clubs, he ran smack bang into the red hot Daniel Charnock who quickly called in the big blind with a monstrous K clubsK spades!

The board ran out 9 diamsQ diams3 hearts2 clubs5 spades to leave the kings in front as Mooney heads to the cashier to pick up $6,860 for his 5th place finish.

Meanwhile Charnock is doing a good job of winning all of the chips as he’s now well over the one million chip mark and has a strangehold on this tournament.

John ShinJohn Shin eliminated in 6th place ($5,635)

The run of Canberra’s John Shin (pictured) has come to an end in 6th place.  The action was recalled to us as Daniel Charnock firing bets of 33,000 on the flop and 200,000 on the turn which was enough to put Shin to a decision for all of his chips.

The board read A spades5 heartsJ spadesQ diams and Shin made the call with K spadesQ spades for a pair with straight and flush draws as Charnock tabled A hearts8 spades for top pair.

The river brought the 5 clubs to see Charnock take it down and eliminate Shin in 6th place for $5,635 in prize money.

Callaway trips McKenzie

The day of Jesse McKenzie seems to be going from bad to worse.  Cale Callaway has just landed a double up at the expense of McKenzie who once again had the best hand preflop.

McKenzie opened the button to 20,000 before Callaway moved all in from the big blind for around 150,000.  McKenzie quickly called with J spadesJ clubs as Callaway showed A diams10 spades.  Callaway was hoping to spike an ace, but the 5 diams10 clubs10 diams flop was just as sweet as he made trip tens.  The turn was the 5 hearts and river the 2 diams to see Callaway double to over 300,000 with McKenzie now down to 240,000.

Mooney back in business

Geoff Mooney shoved the button and stole the blinds and antes, but when he tried again next hand from the cutoff, Mishel Anunu made the call in the big blind.

Anunu opened A spades8 spades but Mooney had him covered with his A diams10 spades.  No escape this time for Anunu as the board ran out K clubsQ spadesK hearts10 diams2 clubs.  Mooney doubles to 210,000 with Anunu down to around the same amount.

Play resumes

The players are back with the blinds now up to 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000-chip ante.  This level should sort the men from the boys!

Here are the approximate chip counts at the break:

Daniel Charnock – 660,000
Jesse McKenzie – 395,000
Mishel Anunu – 340,000
John Shin – 280,000
Geoff Mooney – 100,000
Cale Callaway – 82,000



The six remaining players are now taking a ten-minute break.

Mishel doubles through Jesse

Mishel Anunu opened with a min-raise to 16,000 before Jesse McKenzie three-bet to 37,000.  The action folded back to Anunu who moved all in for around 170,000 and McKenzie made the call, once again finding A spadesK clubs.  This time he had his opponent dominated as Anunu opened K diamsQ diams.

The flop was a bare 7 spades8 diams2 spades but Anunu caught the Q hearts on the turn to take the lead.  The river was the J hearts as Anunu grabs a big double up to get himself up to 380,000.  McKenzie slips to 400,000.

Didier GuerinDidier Guerin eliminated in 7th place ($4,655)

Jesse McKenzie opened with a min-raise from late position to 16,000 and action folded to Didier Guerin (pictured) in the big blind.  He looked down at his stack of around 180,000 and declared himself all in.  McKenzie instantly called with A diamsK clubs as Guerin would need to improve his Q clubs10 clubs.

The flop landed 6 heartsQ hearts3 spades and Guerin took the lead with a pair of queens.  The 2 spades turn was a brick but the K spades fell on the river like a dagger through the heart for Guerin.

Guerin is out in 7th place for $4,655 as McKenzie is now into the chip lead with a stack worth around 650,000.

Bruce Hall eliminated in 8th place ($3,675)

Daniel Charnock continues to get amongst the action with some aggressive plays that appear to be confusing his opponents.  Charnock has extended his advantage at the top of the counts following the elimination of Bruce Hall (pictured).

With the blinds at 4,000/8,000 with a 500 ante, Charnock opened to 23,000 before Hall moved all in for around 80,000.  Action folded back to Charnock who called with K diamsQ clubs as Hall tabled A diamsJ hearts.

The board fell K hearts10 spades8 spades4 clubs5 spades to hit Charnock’s king and eliminate Hall in 8th place for a collect of $3,675 in prize money.

Set for OnTheMac

Picking up the action on the turn on a board of Q clubs4 diams8 spades, Daniel Charnock continued to be the most aggressive player at the table as he fired out a bet of 29,000.  Jesse McKenzie was his opponent and he made the call to see the K hearts fall on the river.

Charnock checked and McKenzie deliberated before betting 65,000.  Charnock made the call but couldn’t beat the 8 hearts8 clubs set of McKenzie.  Charnock shook his head in dismay as he slips to 440,000 with McKenzie now threatening with a stack of 395,000.

Two locals left in a solid final table lineup

As Daniel Charnock collected a nice pot from Didier Guerin, John Shin gave a little cheer of “Go Canberra!” which brought some laughs from the table.  Charnock and Shin are the last two Canberra locals in the field, although Geoff Mooney was quick to point out that he lived here for 16 years but now resides in Sydney.

It’s an interesting table line up, with a Sunday Million winner in Jesse McKenzie, a Sunday Warmup winner in Mishel Anunu, and then of course John Shin and Didier Guerin have been in this position before after both of them final tabled the ANZPT Perth Main Event.  Craig Blight final tabled the ANZPT Sydney Main Event, although he’s now on the rail, while Geoff Mooney went deep at the recent Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event.

Bruce Hall and Cale Callaway are unknown quantities, as is Charnock who now holds a very healthy chip lead with almost double his nearest rival.

Craig BlightCraig Blight eliminated in 9th place ($2,940)

We’ve almost had a double KO on one of the first hands of this final table, but in the end it was just Craig Blight (pictured) who had his tournament brought to a close.

Mishel Anunu opened to 11,000 from middle position before Cale Callaway moved all in from the small blind for 56,000.  Blight quickly moved all in from the big blind for around 35,000 as Anunu had a decision. After a quick count he made the call and the cards were on their backs:

Anunu: 9 diams9 clubs
Callaway: Q heartsQ diams
Blight: A heartsK diams

“That’s ok, I’ll just hit a nine on the flop,” laughed Anunu, and almost before the words had left his mouth, a nine appeared in the window on a flop of 9 spades4 clubsJ hearts.  It wasn’t over quite yet however as the 8 hearts turn and 10 diams river brought Callaway a running straight to more than double up him.  Anunu takes a hit as Blight was left empty-handed as he picks up $2,940 for 9th place.

Winter Poker Championships final tableFinal table line up

Here’s the final table line up and approximate chip counts:

Seat 1: Jesse McKenzie – 270,000
Seat 2: Geoff Mooney – 210,000
Seat 3: Cale Callaway – 65,000
Seat 4: Craig Blight – 45,000
Seat 5: John Shin – 200,000
Seat 6: Didier Guerin – 320,000
Seat 7: Mishel Anunu – 300,000
Seat 8: Daniel Charnock – 400,000
Seat 9: Bruce Hall – 80,000

Play will recommence at 4:25pm local time with 3:40 left in Level 16 with the blinds at 2,500-5,000 and a 500 chip ante.



The players are now taking a ten-minute break while the tournament staff conduct the seating redraw and set up the final table.

Hietala bubbles final table

Tomi Hietala moved all in for a little under 100,000 from late position with K heartsQ hearts and Jesse McKenzie made the call in the small blind with 8 hearts8 clubs.

Hietala flopped a pair but it wasn’t enough as McKenzie found a set on the board of Q diams8 diams2 hearts6 diams7 diams.  Hietala picks up $2,205 for 10th place as our final table is now set!

Scott KerrKerr dominated by Charnock

Scott Kerr (pictured) has been unable to secure his second major Australian title, after the 2009 ANZPT Queensland champ has fallen in 11th place here at the Winter Poker Championships.

Kerr survived one all in with a dominated ace against Daniel Charnock when both players made a straight, but he was unable to make it two in a row.

Kerr held A spades3 hearts but Charnock again had the goods with his A heartsJ spades.  Kerr flopped a flush draw on the flop of 10 spades7 spades8 spades but that was as close as he got as the 6 hearts turn and 5 diams river completed the board.  Charnock continues on his merry way as Kerr picks up $2,205 for 11th place.

Straight not enough for Burbidge

When Baden Burbidge defended his big blind with 7 diams9 hearts and flopped a straight he probably thought it was Christmas.  The flop read 8 diams10 diamsJ diams and Burbidge got his last chips in against Didier Guerin who made the call with A clubsQ diams for straight and flush draws, with a couple of overcards.

The turn was the 7 spades but the river brought the 2 diams to give Guerin the flush and eliminate Burbidge.  He’ll take home $2,205 for a fine tournament.  Meanwhile Guerin is up to 230,000 and eyeing off the ANZ POTY points which are just one more elimination away.

Play resumes

The players are back with the blinds up to 2,500/5,000 with a 500-chip ante.  With twelve players left, Daniel Charnock is the clear chip leader with around 400,000 chips.


The remaining twelve players are now going to take a ten-minute break as we take a moment to catch our breath!

Crossman cut

We’re down to the final dozen as Bob Crossman has been eliminated on the verge of the first break of the day.  Crossman was all in with 7 clubs7 hearts against the A spadesJ hearts of Tomi Hietala.

Hietala couldn’t find a pair but the 9 hearts5 hearts4 hearts3 hearts3 clubs board delivered him a jack-high flush which was enough to better Crossman who’ll collect $1,715 from the cashier for 13th place.

Hengge and Hope first to the cashier

Matthew Hengge was pretty relieved to reach the money and now he is the first to visit the cashier.  He’s out in 15th place after pushing his short stack with A spades6 spades to be racing against Mishel Anunu’s pocket fours.  However a four on the flop was more than enough for Anunu as he caught a set to take it down.

He was soon followed in 14th place by the ultra-short-stacked Anthony Hope who couldn't find a double up to stay alive.  Hengge and Hope both pick up $1,715 for a fine effort here in Canberra.

Daniel CharnockBubble bursts on Soede

While Anthony Hope was hanging on for dear life on one table with around five big blinds, a huge pot has unfolded on the other table to burst the bubble in dramatic fashion.

The unfortunate victim was David Soede who was prepared to put it all on the line in playing for the win rather than limping into the money.  Soede went with his A diamsK hearts against the 8 clubs8 hearts of Daniel Charnock (pictured) with all the chips in preflop.

The board ran out J diams10 clubs5 diams2 hearts5 clubs to leave the pair in front and leave fifteen players very relieved as they are now all in the money.

Soede took the blow well as he shook his opponent’s hands and exited the poker room while Charnock now has a massive chip lead with a stack of 400,000.

Greer bubbles the bubble

Geoff Mooney has barely lost a hand today as his hot run continues with another win in a preflop race.  This time it was against Mark Greer who moved all in preflop from the big blind with A spadesJ clubs, but Mooney made the call on the button with 8 hearts8 diams.

Mooney’s pair was in front and improved to a set on the board of 2 hearts7 diams3 spades8 spades6 clubs.  Mooney is now up to 240,000 and into the chip lead as Greer’s elimination leaves us playing hand-for-hand on the money bubble.

Callaway doubles through Didier        

Didier Guerin opened with a raise before Cale Callaway moved all in for a total of 30,900 from the big blind.  Guerin made the call with A diamsJ clubs up against Callaway’s Q diams9 diams.  Both players paired the Q spades5 spadesA hearts flop but Guerin stayed in the lead through the 7 hearts turn.  However there were groans around the table as the short stack spiked a 9 hearts on the river to double up an stay alive.

Callaway doubles to 70,000 with Guerin slipping back to 125,000.

Charnock chomps on Elliott

Paul Elliott is the latest to join the rail as he has fallen painfully close to the money stage.  Elliott was all in preflop with A spades8 clubs but Daniel Charnock made the call with A diamsJ diams to leave Elliott in trouble. 

The board ran out Q heartsK spades4 clubs2 spades6 diams to leave Charnock in front and eliminate Elliott in 18th place.  Meanwhile Charnock is looking strong with a stack of 175,000 chips.

Ryan down and out

Geoff Mooney opened with a late-position raise to 7,000 before Andrew Ryan moved all in for around 30,000.  Action folded back to Mooney and he made a quick call with A clubsQ diams as the race was on against Ryan’s 3 diams3 clubs.

The board ran out K hearts4 heartsA diamsK clubs10 diams to pair up Mooney’s ace to collect the pot and eliminate Ryan in 19th place.  With that, the players have now been seated on the final two tables and we’re just three more eliminations from the money.

ANZ Player of the YearANZ POTY points up for grabs

The Winter Poker Championships may not be a full ANZPT event, however it does offer players the chance to earn ANZ Player of the Year points.

As an ANZ POTY qualifying event, the top ten place finishers will each receive points in the ANZ Player of the Year race.  Those points could prove crucial in deciding which two players share in the $40,000 in prizes that are up for grabs.

With Anthony Aston >eliminated yesterday, the door has opened a little for Didier Guerin, Mishel Anunu and Craig Blight to close the gap on the ANZ POTY leader.  All three are currently sitting in the top ten on the leaderboard and all are still in contention in this event!

Didier eliminates Mosdell

With the blinds at 1,500/3,000 with a 300 ante, Didier Guerin opened with a raise to 6,000 on the button before Greg Mosdell moved all in from the big blind.

“It’s less than twenty right? I call,” said Guerin as he opened A spadesJ clubs.  Mosdell showed live cards with his Q hearts10 spades but couldn’t connect with the 2 hearts8 diams8 spades6 spadesA clubs board.

Mosdell misses the money as Guerin is in great shape with a stack of 155,000.

Ivin and Townsend gone

We’re down to twenty players after the rapid eliminations of Mike Ivin and Dale Townsend.  We didn’t catch what happened to Ivin, but we suspect that David Soede may have been responsible as he is now sitting with a mountain of chips.

However we did witness the demise of Townsend.  He was severely short stacked and all in with A clubs9 clubs against the Q diamsJ diams of the giant-killing Mishel Anunu.  The board ran out 4 hearts7 spadesJ clubsK diams8 clubs to pair up Anunu’s jack to collect the pot and eliminate Townsend within sight of the money.

The unstoppable Anunu is now up to 220,000.

Mooney motoring

They’re dropping away at a rapid pace here as Geoff Craft is the latest casualty.  He was all in with A heartsK hearts against the A spadesQ spades of Geoff Mooney (pictured) but the board was spread Q spades6 clubs4 diams8 diams10 clubs to see the black lady bury the hopes of Craft as Mooney’s hot run continues today as he moves up to 150,000 chips.

Queen kills last woman standing

Our last woman standing was Danica Scepanovic but her tournament has been brought to an end by 2009 ANZPT Queensland champion Scott Kerr.

Scepanovic was the overnight short stack and she got her chips in good holding A spades9 clubs against Kerr’s Q hearts9 hearts but it was the lady on the flop on a board of Q diams5 hearts10 clubs3 spadesJ diams that saw Scepanovic sent to the rail.  Kerr moves up towards 90,000 in chips.

Anunu’s bigger house

Ivin Zalac has been sent to the rail and he recalled to us the brutal details.  Apparently Zalac had raised with pocket deuces and Mishel Anunu defended his big blind to see a 9-9-2 flop.  Bingo, bango bongo for Zalac as he flopped a full house, and the two got their chips in the middle on a brick turn.  Both players had over 100,000 in chips as the biggest pot of the tournament unfolded with Anunu trailing holding king-nine for trips.

The dealer burned and revealed a king on the river to improve Anunu to a bigger full house to eliminate Zalac from the tournament in devastating fashion.  Meanwhile Anunu continues to ride an incredible run of form to now claim the chip lead with over 200,000 in chips.

The new button doesn’t work for Palazzo

Roger Palazzo only had around 20,000 in chips but there appeared to be some confusion over his under-the-gun raise to 5,300.  We believe that Matthew Hengge may not have seen the raise when he moved all in from the small blind.  Paul Elliott folded his big blind and the action was back on Palazzo.

“I read somewhere that under the gun is the new button,” explained Palazzo.  “The problem is that I have shit, but I have to call anyway,” he added before tossing his last chips in with Q clubs10 clubs.  Hengge showed a dominant K diamsQ hearts which held through the 9 clubs6 spades3 diams9 diams4 clubs board to send Palazzo to the exit.

Mooney takes out Brand

David Brand started today as one of our short stacks but he couldn’t find the double up he needed to stay alive.  Brand shoved all in for his last 21,700 from early position with Geoff Mooney making the call with 5 diams5 hearts.  Brand showed A diamsJ spades but couldn’t connect with the board of K clubs4 clubs2 diams5 spades7 hearts.  Brand is out as Mooney climbs to over 90,000.

Baker busts

John Shin opened with an under-the-gun raise before the short-stacked Steve Baker moved all in.  Action folded back to Shin who quickly called with A clubsA diams as Baker had been coolered with his K diamsK clubs.

It didn’t get better for Baker as the board ran out Q diamsA spades9 hearts3 diams3 spades to see him sent to the exit as Shin climbs to 90,000 in chips.  With that elimination, we’re now at the final three tables with 27 players remaining.

Jesse McKenzieMcKenzie sinks Putt

Graeme Putt has been sent to the rail as Jesse McKenzie (pictured) climbs into a substantial chip lead over the field.

The action went down on a flop of A hearts4 diamsK hearts.  Putt went with his A spadesJ clubs top pair but McKenzie tabled A diams4 hearts for two pair for the lead.  The turn was the 5 hearts and the river bricked the 7 clubs to leave Putt to depart as McKenzie climbs to 170,000 chips.

Well that didn’t take long

Just moments into Day 2 and we’ve already had a couple of quick bustouts.

Dan Neilson didn’t have any accommodation lined up when play finished late last night as he wasn’t sure if he would make it through the day.  Well, he did, but today his tournament lasted just one hand.  Didier Guerin opened with a raise before Neilson moved all in with ace-queen.  Guerin made the call with pocket jacks and Neilson couldn’t improve.  He didn’t seem too fussed though, as a trip to Questacon with some friends is a pretty good way to spend a day in Canberra.

He was soon followed by Simon Moshi who opened with a raise and then called it off when Paul Elliott shoved from the small blind.  Moshi held A spades3 spades but was dominated by Elliott’s A diamsQ diams.

Moshi flopped huge as the 5 spades8 diams2 spades flop improved him to flush and straight draws, but the 2 diams turn and 10 diams river left him heading to an early exit.

It’s time for the cream to rise to the top

The players have taken their seats and unbagged their chips in preparation for another long day ahead.  The first goal will be to reach the money, then the final table and then chase that elusive trophy!

The cards have been loaded into the shoes and the dealers have been given the go ahead as Day 2 of the Winter Poker Championships is officially underway!

Casino Canberra

Reaching Day 2 of a major poker tournament is an achievement in itself but that's not much consolation for those who come this far but end up going home empty-handed.

Sixteen players are going to experience that fate today at the Winter Poker Championships Main Event.  31 players are about to take their seats at Casino Canberra but only the top 15 will finish in the money, and one only will capture the title and $26,950 in prize money.

Leading the way will be Day 1b chip leader Bruce Hall who bagged up a very healthy 123,900 yesterday.  Day 1a chip leaders Jesse McKenzie (106,300) and David Soede (99,600) are the next best.

We could see a very interesting final table line up later today, with the likes of Dan Neilson, Didier Guerin, Mishel Anunu, Scott Kerr, Mike Ivin, Graeme Putt, Steve Baker, Simon Moshi, John Shin, Craig Blight, Dale Townsend and Australian poker pioneer Dr. Bob Crossman all still in contention.

Stay locked into Poker Asia Pacific as we bring you live and exclusive updates from the floor of Casino Canberra and the 2012 Winter Poker Championships Main Event.  Day 2 kicks off at 1:15pm so we look forward to your company then!