Daniel Negreanu wins inaugural WSOP APAC Main Event

April 16th 2013 By Heath "TassieDevil" Chick

We had waited months for this very day. Ever since it was announced that the World Series of Poker brand was coming to Melbourne, Australia we had counted down the days to this moment. It was the climax to a long 12 days of action inside the Crown Poker Room - it was time for the WSOP APAC Main Event final table. And after another long day, no poker fan would be disappointed with what they saw today as an entertaining final table full of drama, suckouts and table chatter would leave arguably the most popular poker professional in the world with the title as Daniel Negreanu captured his 5th WSOP bracelet in a dominant performance.

We started out the day with eight players, but it would be several hours before our first elimination as the short stacks fought with dogged determination to avoid an early exit.  It was Russell Thomas who was first to crack, his ace-ten proving no match for George Tsatsis’ ace-jack.  Thomas final tabled the WSOP Main Event last year, so to back up again with another final table in Australia was a fine achievement.

The polarizing Mikel Habb was next to go. He was short all day and never found a good spot to gamble. But he only lasted one hand less than overnight chip leader Benny Spindler who had a dramatic fall from grace. After starting the final table with all guns blazing, Spindler slid down the counts and could recover as he fell in 6th place with ace-ten against Kahle Burns’ king-jack.

With Spindler on the rail, Daniel Negreanu was able to open up his game as he and Kahle Burns tangled in several entertaining hands. Burns was forced to make a couple of big laydowns which will prove interesting to watch on TV, but in the end he shoved queen-jack into Negreanu’s ace-king to fall in 5th place for a massive $201,994 score.

With four players left, George Tsatsis decided to kick it into overdrive as he became a three-betting machine. It proved profitable as Tsatsis became a huge threat, until a devastating hand with Daniel Negreanu.  On a board of Q spadesJ spadesJ diams4 diams the two collided with Tsatsis looking set for a massive double up to take the chip lead with his J hearts9 hearts way in front of Negreanu’s A heartsQ hearts.  That was, until the two-outer Q diams fell from the sky to give Negreanu the pot and crush the dreams of Tsatsis in 4th place.

Winfred Yu used up all of his nine lives after surviving all in after all in with his short stack. Eventually the cards had to fall against him as he was bundled out in 3rd place to leave Negreanu with a ten-to-one chip lead over Aussie Daniel Marton.

Daniel Negreanu WSOP APACIt looked like mission impossible, but Marton landed one double up with a rivered straight to bring some hope.  Another epic preflop all in with Marton’s 8 diams4 spades against Negreanu’s A hearts8 clubs saw the board run out a dramatic 7 spades5 diamsA diams6 hearts9 diams with the suck, re-suck ending in a split pot.

The final hand of the championships would see Negreanu move all in with his 2 spades2 hearts and Marton make the call with A spades7 spades.  There were no surprises this time as the board was spread 6 diamsJ spadesK hearts10 hearts4 diams to crown Daniel Negreanu as the inaugural WSOP APAC Main Event champion!

WSOP APAC Main Event Final Table Results
1st Daniel Negreanu - $1,038,825
2nd Daniel Marton - $637,911
3rd Winfred Yu - $423,225
4th George Tsatsis - $284,715
5th Kahle Burns - $201,994
6th Benny Spindler - $146,205
7th Mikel Habb - $107,730
8th Russell Thomas - $82,721

It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks and we’d like to thank Crown Poker, PokerListings and the WSOP for their partnership with us at Poker Asia Pacific to provide a truly fantastic inaugural WSOP APAC.


* Lead photo with thanks to Shannon Morris Photography



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