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This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.




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 Post subject: Welcome!
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:23 pm 
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Welcome to the Poker Asia Pacific Forum!

We've been toying with the idea of a forum for some time, but have finally given in to the overwhelming demand! Ultimately Poker Asia Pacific is a website for the players, so we want to give you a platform to come together and talk poker in a fun and friendly environment.

This forum will be closely monitored and moderated. We want to encourage a tight-nit community of solid posters with valuable contributors. Our website is all about quality content, so we want our forum to follow suit.

With the support of the poker community we hope to grow these forums to become the hub of poker in Australasia.

To make this happen, we have a few basic rules and guidelines that we ask you to follow:

Play nice in the school yard - This is not the place for childish bickering or bullying. We won't tolerate malicious, defamatory or abusive posts. We want to have a laugh and stir the pot as much as anyone, but if you cross the line, then we'll have to take action.

No trolls allowed - If you're only contributions are to troll these forums with sarcasm and mindless drivel, then please don't bother. We want valuable contributors, not timewasters.

One account only - One account per person only. We have purchased the most advanced multi-account tracking technology in the world (there was a cheap sale at, so if you have more than one account then you'll cop an insta-ban.

No spamming - Pretty obvious, but please don't come in here just to spruik you're own snazzy website. If you want to post to a news item, then check if there's a article about it on our own website before linking to another site.

Pay to plug - If you have a poker club or event coming up, and would to promote it in our forums, then please contact us about becoming an advertising partner. Unsolicited promotional posts will be removed without a prior agreement in place. We need to feed the monkeys to keep this website ticking over, so please support us to support you.

Don't offend - Please don't post anything that may be considered offensive. We have an off topic forum, but it's not designed to be your personal collection of porn images. If you're not sure, decide whether you could show it to your mother. If yes, then go ahead. If no, then head elsewhere. If it is a photo of your mother, then seek medical help.

There's a lot of rules there of what not to do. But there's also plenty of good things that you can do!

Do contribute positively in whatever way you can. Do ask questions if you're not sure about something. Do answer questions if you think you can help. Do have fun. Do tell your friends. Do win all the monies.

We also understand that forums are largely anonymous by nature, but we encourage you all to create usernames that people can use to help to identify you. Real names or online handles are perfect. Also use an email address that you check regularly so that we can contact you in an emergency!

Help us to create a strong community and nurture the growth of the Australasian poker community.

Thanks for your support!

From the team at Poker Asia Pacific

Poker Asia Pacific - home of the latest poker news, results and updates from Australia and the Asia Pacific
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