Hao Chen wins record-setting Macau Millions

March 17th 2014 By Heath "TassieDevil" Chick

Hao Chen has continued the strong results from Chinese players in Macau, defeating the largest ever field poker field in Asia to claim the 2014 Macau Millions title.

Chen started out as one of a record-setting field of 1,804 entrants in the 2014 Macau Millions and managed to survive his opening day flight in the top 7% of the field to reach Day 2 of play. He was one of the short stacks who qualified from a gigantic Day 1F field of 582 entrants, but he made it through as 121 players returned to the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams Macau Poker Room for Day 2.

In eight hours of play, the 121 players were reduced to a final table of ten and Chen had managed to turn his 12.5 big blind stack into the tournament chip lead. Along the way Chen had navigated past the likes of Team Poker Stars Pros Bryan Huang (50th) and Vivian Im (21st) but still had to contend with former Red Dragon champion Kenny Leong at the final table.

Macau Millions Final Table Lineup

Seat 1: Li Hongbing (China) - 505,000
Seat 2: Tsang Thomas Tung Wing (Hong Kong) - 1,215,000
Seat 3: Chang Sheng (China) - 2,855,000
Seat 4: Leong Kenneth Yuen Kiong (Hong Kong) - 2,790,000
Seat 5: Chen Hao (China) - 2,910,000
Seat 6: Tsui Chia Wei (Taiwan) - 1,365,000
Seat 7: Fung Ping Cheong (Hong Kong) - 950,000
Seat 8: Pinto Lester Ian (Singapore) - 1,620,000
Seat 9: Viczena Miklos (Hungary) - 570,000
Seat 10: Jung Chul Woo (Korea) - 1,405,000

The final table was a rapid-fire contest that was all over in just three hours of play.

After the short stacks busted each other in the early stages of play, Chen took charge after eliminating Chul Woo Jung in 6th place to amass nearly half the chips in play.

Chen continued to accumulate as the players dropped away to leave Chen to take on Kenny Leong and Sheng Chang in an entertaining three-handed battle.

It was expected that Leong’s experience would shine through but a bizarre misread of his hole cards cost him his tournament. In a three-bet pot, Leong called bets on all streets from Chen on a board of 3 spades9 clubs2 hearts7 hearts2 spades, with the river putting him all in. Leong snap-called but tabled just 4 hearts3 hearts as Chen’s K clubsK diams was good. Leong grimaced, saying he thought he had a deuce in his hand as he trudged off to the rail.

Chen would hold a two-to-one chip lead over Chang and it wouldn’t take long for the end to arrive. On a board of 6 hearts7 clubs10 clubs4 diams the chips would go flying with Chang’s 6 clubs4 clubs two pair and flush draw needing to improve as Chen had flopped the straight with his 9 spades8 hearts. The river bricked the K hearts and the Macau Millions title was with Hao Chen!

Macau Millions"I was worried about the Red Dragon winner (Kenny Leong). My only strategy was to get rid of him. After I knocked him out I was confident I would win," said Chen through a translator.

The victory places Chen into a four-way tie on the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) standings. Since the tie-breaker is by prize money, he is officially ranked No. 4.

"It (APOY) is very important to me. I wanted the APOY points almost more than the money. I will be going to (APPT) Seoul to try and get the number one spot,” added Chen.

2014 Macau Millions Main Event
Date: March 7-16, 2014
Buy-in: HK$2,200
Entries: 1,804
Prize pool: HK$3,499,760

1st Hao Chen (China) - HK$550,000
2nd Sheng Chang (China) – HK$400,000 
3rd Kenneth leong (Hong Kong) - HK$270,000 
4th Chia Wei Tsui (Taiwan) - HK$190,000 
5th Ping Cheong Fung (Hong Kong) - HK$135,000
6th Chul Woo Jung (Korea) - HK$105,000 
7th Lester Ian Pinto (Singapore) - HK$85,000
8th Thomas Tung Wing Tsang (Hong Kong) - HK$70,000
9th Hongbing Li (China) - HK$56,000
10th Miklos Viczena (Hungary) - HK$43,760

* Images and information provided courtesy of the PokerStars Blog

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