The House of Dancing Water - one of the highlights of Macau

By: Heath "TassieDevil" Chick

Described as an epic spectacular that transcends time and space, “The House of Dancing Water” at the City of Dreams in Macau is one of the most unique, innovative and breathtaking stage shows you will ever see. A cast of over 80 international performers thrill for 90 mintues in a medley of jaw-dropping stunts and aerobatics that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Set in a custom-built theatre, the stage is a pool that holds enough water for the size of five Olympic-sized swimming pools. The 360-degree stage allows performers to literally emerge from anywhere on stage and engage the audience in a truly 3D experience. In fact, for the first few rows, it’s a 4D experience as splashes of water make waterproof clothing a necessity.

From the opening act, we were captivated by the incredible video projections around the walls of the theatre and the stage itself which opened up as a sunken ship rose from the waters. A horde of 20 or more performers climbed the ship's masts, swung from ropes and performed an array of twisting, tumbling dives into the water below. Suddenly diving was cool again.

One of the most amazing aspects of the show was the engineering that went into the set. Just moments after the last diver entered the waters in the opening scene, a floor seamlessly, and almost magically, rose to the surface to provide a solid platform. Throughout the evening the stage would rise and fall in sections to accommodate the scene, with lights, smoke and water projections just some of the myriad of additions to the stage.

House of Dancing Water Macau

Along the way there were performances of gymnastics, dance and even a motocross stunt show that while entertaining, did seem a little out of place for a water show.

The highlight for me was the use of giant swings that took two or three men to gather momentum before launching a performer high into the air in a series of twists and tumbles before splashing down into the pool. Imagine four of these swings running simultaneously with performers flying all across the room in a choreographed routine - it was quite spectacular.

Of course, along the way there was a story to be told. There were good guys and bad guys, and a battle for a young man to rescue his true love. It really wasn’t more complicated than that, but it tied the show together nicely.

And just when you thought you’d seen it all, the show climaxed with a death-defying freefall drop from the roof of the theatre. At a guess, it was at least 25 metres high. But much like the rest of the show, it was executed perfectly.

The House of Dancing Water runs at the City of Dreams in Macau with shows at 5:00pm and 8:00pm daily. Tickets start from HK$580 while premium tickets provide a full view of the set for HK$980.

If you’re in Macau for the Macau Poker Cup, or thinking of coming in October for the Asia Championship of Poker, then I highly recommend that you check out The House of Dancing Water show. It’s a world-class production and one of the best shows I’ve seen. Don’t miss it!

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