Hoi Ian Mak Tops Day 1b as Records Smashed!

Any records that were ever associated with the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event have been smashed over the two opening day one flights following a bumper 635-player turnout. Thursday's flight saw the biggest ever opening day field assembled while in combination with Friday's flight saw the 509 player record set in February 2011 absolutely smashed. 

A whopping 352 players took a seat in the PokerStars Macau poker room to set a massive HK$6,297,676 prizepool where there would be HK$1,320,000 up top for first. However navigating the first day of play would be on everyone's mind ahead of what was waiting for them up top, and straight out the door action was fast and furious as players looked to accumulate chips at will.

Players pushed regardless of it was their first hand or their hundredth before a plethora of late arrivals and alternates took their seat with Johnny Chan one of the bigger names taking a seat later than the 8:10 p.m. kick off time. Unfortunately for Chan, he should have stuck with the cash games a little longer as he was eliminated early when his top pair was outdrawn on the river. One player got a warning for using a video camera while seated at the table as the Internationals had an up-and-down day. Peter Jetten, Michael Marvanek, Jeff Rossiter and many others found themselves on the rail while Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang, Raymond Wu and Vivian Im would leave only Celina Lin to fly the PokerStars flag as 115 players survived for a day two berth.

Leading those players would be local Macanese player Hoi Ian Mak (pictured) who quietly amassed a 123,500-chip stack to sit slightly behind Day 1a chip leader Dong Woo Kang. A further eight players possessed six-figure chip stacks while the likes of Jay Tan, Winfred Yu, Sangeeth Mohan, Patrick Kar Keng Lee and Ronnie Bardah all still remain in contention for the Red Dragon title.

Full List of Day 1b Chip Counts
ull List of Day 2 Chip Counts
Day 2 Seating Draw

Day 2 is set to commence at 2:10 p.m. (GMT+8) with 212 players looking to firstly make the money-paying top 81 before mounting a charge at the title of Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Champion. Make sure to stay tuned to Poker Asia Pacific and our live coverage from the PokerStars Macau poker room at the Grand Lisboa.



Play Concludes

Today's flight of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event has come to a conclusion after seven long hours on the felt.

Stay tuned to Poker Asia Pacific as we provide a comprehensive wrap, daily article and a full list of updated chip counts as soon as the information is at hand.

Two More Hands

There are just two more hands remaining for the evening.

Level Up, Blinds 800-1,600, ante 200

Lin Lucky to be Alive

With a raise to 3,600 from early position, and an all in for 6,200, Celina Lin smooth-called from the small blind. The preflop raiser came along also before they both checked down a 9 diams3 heartsA diams3 diams5 hearts board.

Lin tabled a very face-up K diamsK spades as the original preflop raiser turned over a surprising A heartsK clubs. However it would be the all in player's 10 diams8 diams that would take the pot as Lin slipped to 45,000 in chips.

Tan Folds River

With around 6,000 in the middle and the flop reading Q clubsK spades9 diams we found Jay Tan betting out 3,200 into two players. The player on her immediate left made the call as the big blind folded before the dealer dropped the 3 diams on the turn.

Tan fired once again - this time for 5,400 - only to have her opponent make a raise to 15,000. Tan called, and when the river landed the J diams, she tapped the table.

Her opponent quickly pushed all in for around 60,000 to force Tan into the tank for her last 34,000.

"You're such a sick person!" Tan stated after being in the tank for close to two minutes as she folded her hand. Her opponent laughed, pushed his cards towards the muck and raked in the pot.

Player Breakdown by Country

There are always a vast array of players that make the journey to Macau to participate year round in their tournaments. Today we see a total of 41 countries represented with the top ten sitting as follows.

Country Entries
China 114
Japan 93
Hong Kong 74
Chinese Taipei 66
Singapore 35
Russia 32
Australia 28
Korea 22
UK 19
Canada 16


Celina LinPokerStars Macau: By Final Tables

Have you ever wondered who has won the most? Who has made the most final tables? Or who has amassed the most Asia Player of the Year points? Well if the answer to those questions was a yes, then read on because we have the top ten in each category with final tables being this post’s topic.

Some people believe that titles and winnings can be somewhat random and that a true measurement of a poker player is their consistency of reaching final tables. For Hung-sheng Lin and Celina Lin (pictured), they hope you believe it too because they both sit atop of the list with 15 final tables each.

Top 10 Players by Final Tables

  • Hung-sheng Lin (Chinese Taipei) – 15 final tables, 2 titles
  • Celina Lin (China) – 15, 1
  • Raiden Kan (Malaysia) – 14, 2
  • Aaron Hung-Chang Lin (Chinese Taipei) – 13,2
  • Milton De Spain (Macau) – 13, 0
  • Bryan Huang (Singapore) – 12, 3
  • Ted Wang (China) – 11, 2
  • Sparrow Cheung (Hong Kong) – 10, 2
  • Alexandre Chieng (China) – 10, 0
  • Chen An Lin (Chinese Taipei) – 9, 3

For complete All-Time List by Final Tables please click here.

Play Resumes

The cards are back in the air for the final 60 minutes of play.

Currently the blinds are 600-1,200 with a 200 ante before moving onto half a level of 800-1,600.


Break Time

The remaining 150 players are heading on the final 10-minute break for the evening.

Bardah Back Up and Bouncing

As we strolled round the room we bumped into American Ronnie Bardah (pictured) and noticed that he had virtually tripled up since the last time we saw him.

Bardah - on his first poker visit out to Macau - detailed to us how he went from around 10,000 all the way up to the 38,000-chip stack that he was sitting behind. Looking down at pocket nines under the gun, Bardah whacked in his roughly 11-big blind stack and was called by a player in the blinds holding pocket aces. Dink! A nine on the flop would keep Bardah in the hunt with a lucky double.

Now with a much healthier stack of around 20-big blinds, the action folded round to Bardah in the small blind and he popped it up with his ace-king . The big blind - who was slightly covered by Bardah - jammed all in holding king-queen. Bardah made the call, and when five blanks followed, he had sent a player to the rail while also pushing his stack up to over average.

Based in Thailand for the past few months undertaking some Muay Thai training, Bardah will be hoping that his return to the poker table will provide him with a HK$1,320,000 first prize that will be a healthy bankroll boost on top of his already amassed US$525,000 in lifetime earnings.

Rossiter Exits

We were unable to catch the hand, but we can report that Jeff Rossiter has been eliminated from the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event.

From his Twitter account @JeffRossiter he stated, "extremely boring tournament... very card dead then lost KK to A9o for ~10bbs and then my last 4bbs with 33 to AK. 30k high roller tomorrow night..."

Some of the Big Stacks

Player Chip Count
Shang-te Ma 75,000
Sangeeth Mohan 70,000
Harold Tsakmaklis 60,000
Celina Lin 58,000


Level Up, Blinds 500-1,000, ante 100

Vivian ImVivian Vanquished

Vivian Im (pictured) has recently been eliminated from the tournament unable to gather any momentum from her short stack.

Im was all in holding 9 diams7 diams against an opponent's J diamsJ spades, and once the 2 spades3 spadesQ spades10 hearts5 clubs board was spread, Im was forced to make a late Day 1b exit.

Tan Wins Race

Jay Tan entered the pot with a raise only to have the player in the big blind move all in for roughly 10,000. Tan made the call tabling her A clubsQ diams to be in a race against the 6 hearts6 spades of her opponent.

The board of J clubs5 clubs10 spadesA diams4 spades was enough to see Tan spike and win the race sending her to over 25,000 in chips while forcing her opponent to the rail.

Powell Chips Up 

Brian Powell opened the action with a raise under the gun to 1,900 which was called by two players as the flop fell 6 diamsQ hearts3 diams.

The small blind led out for 3,100, and after a brief pause, Powell moved all in for 12,000 forcing the third player out. The small blind contemplated for nearly two minutes before eventually folding to see Powell collect the pot to move to over 21,000 in chips.

Prizepool Announced

The 635 player field has formed a prizepool of HK$6,297,676 which will see the top 81 players awarded a guaranteed HK$16,000. Here are the final table payouts.

Place Prize (HKD)
1st  HK$1,320,000
2nd  HK$929,000
3rd  HK$554,000
4th  HK$409,000
5th  HK$315,000
6th  HK$252,000
7th  HK$205,000
8th  HK$157,000
9th  HK$126,000
10th  HK$93,676


Level Up, Blinds 400-800, ante 100

Jetten, Wong Exit

We are unsure exactly of the action, but with the board reading 3 spades10 clubsA spadesA diams6 hearts we found Celina Lin scooping the pot to move to 60,000 with her A clubsK hearts.

Peter Jetten (pictured) and Roberto Wong were both making their way to the rail, and after doing some investigating we were told the money was all in pre with Jetten and Wong holding ace-queen and king-queen respectively.

Aces get no action from Lee

Patrick Kar Keng Lee opened to 1,500 from the hi-jack only to have an opponent in the small blind move all in for 6,250. Lee deliberated for some time before eventually folding his hand.

The small blind flashed his A diamsA spades and Lee nodded in appreciation as he held onto his 9,200-chip stack.

Ma On Top

Shang-te Ma has just hit a huge two-outer to soar up the leaderboard.

Ma held 9 diams9 clubs on a 10 spades6 spades9 hearts flop against Ooi Keong Yeo's A clubsA diams. The turn and river both blanked out with the 5 hearts and 8 hearts seeing Yeo sent to the rail as Ma climbed to the top with roughly 72,000 in chips.

Lin Folds Turn

Facing a min-raise to 1,200, Celina Lin defended her big blind to see a 9 hearts7 clubs3 clubs flop fall. Lin check-called a bet of 2,500 before the 4 diams landed on the turn.

Again Lin tapped the table, but when her opponent bet out 5,000, she sent her cards to the muck while slipping to 43,000 in chips.

Hung-sheng LinPokerStars Macau: By Points

Have you ever wondered who has won the most? Who has made the most final tables? Or who has amassed the most Asia Player of the Year points? Well if the answer to those questions was a yes, then read on because we have the top ten in each category starting here with points.

The Asia Player of the Year (APOY) rankings system measures a combination of consistency, buy-ins and place finished. Hung-sheng Lin (pictured) has had an amazing two years which resulted in his APOY victory in 2011. Raiden Kan sits in second due to his consistency as being Malaysia’s top-ranked player for the past three consecutive years as the top ten rounds out as follows.

Top 10 Players by APOY Points

  • Hung-sheng Lin (Chinese Taipei) – 8,606 points
  • Raiden Kan (Malaysia) – 7,885
  • Tae Joon Noh (Korea) – 5,954
  • Bryan Huang (Singapore) – 5,884
  • Celina Lin (China) – 5,828
  • Chen An Lin (Chinese Taipei) – 5,747
  • Aaron Hung-Chang Lin (Chinese Taipei) – 5,643
  • Devan Tang (Hong Kong) – 4,808
  • Kitty Kuo (Chinese Taipei) – 4,752
  • Justin Chan (Hong Kong) – 3,878

For a complete All-Time List by Points please click here.


Play Underway

The cards are now back in the air with blinds at 300-600 and a 75-ante.



Break Time

The remaining 250 players are heading on a 10-minute break.

Tan Chipping Up

Jay Tan (pictured) has chipped up to 25,000 after recently eliminating an opponent.

Tan - holding 10 diams10 clubs - was up against an opponent and his A heartsK spades. The board was spread 10 heartsJ diams4 diams4 heartsK clubs to see Tan rake in the pot to finally be above average stack.

Celina into the Lead

We caught the action with the flop reading Q hearts7 heartsA hearts and Celina Lin calling her opponent's all in.

Lin: A diams9 hearts
Opponent: K heartsQ spades

The turn and river ran out the 9 spades and 7 diams to see Lin eliminate her opponent while moving to 41,000 in chips.

Level Up, Blinds 200-400, ante 50

Johnny ChanChan Rivered to the Rail

As we witnessed Johnny Chan (pictured) make a quick exit to the rail and out of the PokerStars Macau poker room, we ventured over to his table to see if our fear had become a reality.

It had.

We spoke to tablemate Aaron Lim who informed us that Chan was one of several players that saw a king-queen-five flop, and once the action was checked around, a blank four landed on the turn. The preflop raiser fired out a delayed continuation-bet of 2,500 only to have Chan move all in for 3,200. The raiser called tabling his ace-queen to be trailing Chan's king-ten.

Unfortunately for Chan, the river landed an ace to send his flying to the rail.

A Double with Ladies for Tan

Facing a raise to 800, Jay Tan three-bet from the big blind to 2,600. Her opponent moved all in - and with Tan already committing close to half her stack - she easily made the call to be at risk.

Tan: Q clubsQ diams
Opponent: J diamsJ hearts

The board ran out K spadesA diams2 spades9 spades8 clubs to see Tan scoop the double to move to nearly 11,000 in chips.

Ronnie BardahBardah Straightened Out

Ronnie Bardah (pictured) opened under the gun to 700 and was called by just the small blind as a J diams8 spades10 spades flop fell.

The small blind took the lead with a bet of 800 which Bardah called before both players checked the turn of the Q hearts. The dealer completed the board with the 4 clubs and the small blind bombed away with a 2,500-chip bet.

Bardeh contemplated his decision for nearly two minutes before eventually making the call only to be shown the K hearts9 diams of his opponent. Bardah mucked, and in doing so, slipped to around 18,500 in chips.

Small Win for Wang

Jacky Wang kicked things off with a raise to 675 which saw only the big blind come along. 

The 2 diams6 hearts6 spades flop saw the big blind check and Wang continue for 950. The big blind deliberated for a few moments before eventually folding to see Wang collect the small pot to move to 31,000 in chips.

Level Up, Blinds 150-300, ante 25

Set-Over-Set Outs Marvs

Michael Marvanek has just been sent crashing to the rail in one of those ugly set-over-set situations.

The flop of 3 clubs9 spades4 hearts saw Marvanek commit holding his 3 diams3 hearts, but when his opponent rolled over his 9 diams9 hearts, Marvanek was in a world of trouble.

The turn and river blanked out with the 2 clubs and K hearts to see the APT Cebu High Rollers Champion in Marvanek exit to the rail.

What is going on here?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words ...

... then please explain what is going on here!

On closer inspection, the player in the photo is playing the tournament - and does have an above average stack. However what is funny is that after he folds his hand, he retrieves his video camera from his hoodie pocket and starts filming action when it gets interesting. 

The hand ends, the video camera returns to his pocket and everything appears all rosy again. We don't believe that filming your opponents is allowed, although it is unlikely that a rule of this kind would have ever been created. The one point that this player has going for him is that he does have a media pass ... and is wearing it.

Either way, as a player on his table, if I was to have a video camera pointed directly in my face during a hand, there is a strong chance that the video camera wouldn't be in the best of shape once I've knocked it to the floor!

Kings for Johnny

Johnny Chan tossed in two pink 500-denomination chips and announced a raise to 800 from middle position. The small blind was the only caller as the A diamsJ hearts9 heartsJ clubsJ spades board was checked down before Chan bet out 700.

The small blind called, and when Chan revealed his K spadesK clubs, he scooped the pot to move to 5,500 in chips.

Nakabo Doubles with Aces

There were loud cheers and excessive celebrations, and on further inspection we found Hirotoshi Nakabo doubling up to around 29,000 after holding with pocket aces against his opponent's pocket nines.

Always a great character in Asian poker, a deep run here by Nakabo will definitely be entertaining!

Rossiter Slips

Jeff Rossiter entered the pot with a raise to 500 and was called by the player in the cutoff to see a 9 clubs3 diams9 spades flop fall. Rossiter continued for 800, and following a call from his opponent, he checked the 8 hearts on the turn.

When faced with a 1,200-chip bet, Rossiter made the call before check-folding the river to a 2,500-chip bet when the A diams landed. Rossiter is now down to 9,500 in chips

Huang and Wu Exit 

We have just been informed that both Bryan Huang and Raymond Wu were both eliminated on the last hand before break.

Wu lost a coin flip when his pocket nines failed to hold against an opponent's ace-king while Huang's hand was a little more exciting for the three players involved. Following a limper, Huang bumped it up to 700 wih A spades7 clubs and was called by the small blind and the limper to see a A clubs5 clubs7x flop fall. 

Huang continued for 2,100 with the small blind calling before the limper bumped it to 7,100. Huang moved all in for roughly 19,000 total as both the small blind and the limper called. Once the turn and river blanked out it would be the limper's 10 clubs8 clubs unable to improve against Huang's top two-pair, but with the small blind rolling over pocket fives for a flopped set, he would send the Team PokerStars Pro to the rail.

Randy LewPokerStars Macau: By Winnings

Have you ever wondered who has won the most? Who has made the most final tables? Or who has amassed the most Asia Player of the Year points? Well if the answer to those questions was a yes, then read on because we have the top ten in each category starting with winnings.

Late in 2011 Team PokerStars: Online member Randy “nananoko” Lew (pictured) captured the APPT Macau title for HK$3,772,000. Lew’s victory saw him catapult to the top of the winnings list as there isn’t one player who has multiple major titles – and with him winning the biggest of them all – it was no surprise seeing the 26-year old American on top as the biggest winner.

Top 10 Players by Winnings

  • Randy Lew (USA) – HK$3,772,000
  • Jimmy Pan (Netherlands) – HK$2,367,000
  • Devan Tang (Hong Kong) – HK$2,086,450
  • Nicholas Cho Fai Wong (Hong Kong) – HK$2,052,800
  • Raiden Kan (Malaysia) – HK$2,023,683
  • Hung-sheng Lin (Chinese Taipei) – HK$1,701,430
  • Zuo Wang (China) – HK$1,429,800
  • Jeff Rossiter (Australia) – HK$1,306,000
  • Julian Hasse (Germany) – HK$1,148,750
  • Mark Benasa (Philippines) – HK$1,100,000

For a complete All-Time List by Winnings please click here.

Play Resumes

The cards are back in the air with blinds at 100-200 and a 25 ante.



Break Time

The tournament is now on the first 10-minute break for the evening.

More Late Arrivals

Players are still making their way into the tournament area, but two recent alternate entrants that have taken their seat are Brian Powell and Peter Jetten.

Seated on two tables next to each other, it seems as though Jetten drew the short straw as he is seated with Kitty Kuo, Roberto Wong and Celina Lin.

Johnny "F**king" Chan

Has taken his seat ... and we caught some live action for you.

... only kidding!

Note: Refresh the page if you do not see the video link.

Sangeeth Crushing

Catching the action with the board reading A spades7 hearts10 diams8 diams, Sangeeth Mohan led for 2,200; roughly a pot-sized bet. His opponent check-called from the big blind as the river landed the A hearts

The big blind checked and Mohan fired out 6,000 which was called by his opponent. Mohan tabled his 10 clubs10 hearts for a full house, and once his opponent mucked, Mohan moved to around 30,000 in chips.

Level Up, Blinds 100-200

Going All In on Your First Hand FTW

As the tournament progresses seats start freeing up for alternates to take. One player (pictured) took his seat and immediately three-bet to 1,000 from the cutoff over a raise to 350 and a call. Once the action folded back round to the original raiser, he four-bet to 2,100 to force the player in the middle out before the new player made the call.

The dealer dropped a 6 heartsJ diams4 diams flop and as the original raiser contemplated his plan of attack, the new player announced all in and pushed his chips into the pot. The dealer then informed him that it wasn’t his turn to act and he pulled back his chips while still unpacking his belongings that included a card protector and an iPod.

After a further minute or so, the preflop raiser tossed in 3,800 and the new player instantly pushed his remaining 12,900 into the pot.

“Don’t worry, I will show you!” he stated to his opponent as the new player looked very comfortable all in on his very first hand.

Eventually the new player would be greeted with a fold, and as he stated, he kindly tabled his J spades for at least top pair as he raked in his first pot.

King Sangeeth

With the board reading J diams10 spades10 diams4 spades2 clubs and the pot at around 5,000, we found Sangeeth Mohan firing out a bet of 2,000 into his lone opponent. 

That opponent spent nearly three minutes deliberating over his decision before eventually making the call - for what would be half his stack. Mohan tabled his K spadesK hearts, and once his opponent mucked, Mohan raked in the pot to move to roughly 18,000 in chips.

Lim Pushed Out

Facing a raise to 225, Aaron Lim bumped it up to 625 and was met with three calls; one of which was from the original raiser. 

Lim continued for 1,550 on the J clubs9 spades10 clubs flop before the cutoff made it 3,525 to go. However the button would push it up further by making it 8,975 to force everyone - including Lim - out of the pot.

Lin All In

Roberto Wong opened the hi-jack to 300 and was called by the player on his immediate left before Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin three-bet to 800 from the button. The big blind came along with a cold-call before Wong four-bet to 2,400 to force the cutoff out.

Lin paused for a moment before pushing her stack into the middle amounting to a 12,025 five-bet shove. The big blind folded, and Wong followed suit by flinging his cards to the muck.

Level Up, Blinds 50-100

Queens for Nakabo

Hirotoshi Nakabo has just been successful in winning a five-bet pot late in the first level of play.

It started with Nakabo opening the action only to be raised. Nakabo four-bet and his opponent five-bet to 1,200 with Nakabo calling before both players checked the J clubs5 diams5 hearts flop. Nakabo led for 525 when the 9 spades landed on the turn, and after his opponent called, he led for 1,575 when the river landed the J hearts.

Nakabo's opponent made the call, but would be forced to muck when shown Nakabo's Q heartsQ clubs to see the Japanese player move to roughly 20,000 in chips.

More Arriving

APT Goa Champion Sangeeth Mohan has just taken a seat in today's flight, while Malaysia's Raiden Kan, along with Darren Judges, Will Cheong, Winfred Yu and Jacky Wang have also been spotted.

It has been announced also that players registering now may have to wait up to two hours before the eventually get a seat in the tournament.

Lim Takes a Dip

Catching the action with the flop reading 5 clubs8 spades3 spades and 700 in the middle,  Aussie Millions Event 3: $1,100 No Limit Holdem / Pot Limit Omaha Champion Aaron Lim bet out 600 into his three opponents. The big blind was the only caller as the 4 hearts on the turn saw him lead into Lim for 1,500. 

Lim smooth-called as the river landed the 7 spades and the action was checked to Lim who opted to bet out 1,600. The big blind tossed in a check-raise to 3,500, and after a few moments of deliberation, Lim kicked his cards to the muck while slipping to 12,300 in chips.

Who's Around?

Although it is a packed field so far, only a few notables have been spotted. 

Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang, Raymond Wu, Celina Lin and Vivian Im are in the field while Macau regulars Hirotoshi Nakabo, Kitty Kuo, Jay Tan and Michael Marvanek also are in the field.

International players Dan Sing, Jeff Rossiter and Ronnie Bardah have also made an appearance while plenty of players are set to be alternates with Johnny Chan, Peter Jetten and Brian Powell all watching on from the rail.

Play Underway

A packed PokerStars Macau poker room finally have cards in the air as play is now underway for Day 1b of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event with blinds at 25-50.

Each player has emptied their pockets of HK$11,000 (approximately AU$1,325) and will be seated with a 15,000-chip starting bank. Each level will last 40 minutes and there will be 10 and a half levels for the evening which will see today end at around 3:30 a.m. local time.

600 on the Cards

PokerStars Director of Live Operations in Asia-Pacific Danny McDonagh has quietly hinted to us that a 600-player field is not out of the question.

If so, we'll need 317 players to take to the felt today, and with the mass number of players in the PokerStars Macau poker room at the moment, this magic number is a favourite to be reached.



Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon HK$11,000 Main Event - Day 1a

Macau Poker Cup

On Thursday evening the Poker Asia Pacific team were thrilled at the opportunity to bring our live reporting services to the luxurious Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino for the first major championship of the Asian poker year. Following a successful Day 1a, we are back for Day 1b of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon and we'll be on hand to bring you all the live action from the HK$11,000 Main Event.  This event offers a massive HK$3,000,000 Guarantee, but if we've learnt anything about the PokerStars Macau Poker Room, it's that guarantees are made to be broken!

Thursday's flight saw a whopping 283 players take to the felt smashing the 217-player field set back in February 2011. With 509 the number to beat, Friday is odds-on favourite to set a number to eclipse the current Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon record.

Another wave of great players from the Asian region and around the world are expected to take to the felt this evening with the likes of Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang, Raymond Wu, Vivian Im and Celina Lin, as well as the great Johnny Chan set to take his place in the field.

The action is kicking off on Friday February 24th at 8:10pm (GMT+8) and we look forward to your company from then!