Matthew Kozole crowned 2014 MAIN EVENT IV champion

March 4th 2014 By Poker Asia Pacific Staff

After two Day 1 flights, an exciting Day 2 and an action packed final day at Crown Poker over the weekend, Matthew Kozole has been crowned the 2014 APL/888PL/Pub Poker MAIN EVENT IV champion.

Since 2011, the MAIN EVENT has been the premier event for pub poker players from various leagues around the country including the APL, 888 Poker League and Pub Poker. The 2014 MAIN EVENT was the fourth instalment of this flagship tournament and by all accounts it was bigger than ever.

As always, the MAIN EVENT took place at Crown Poker in Melbourne. There were a massive 540 entries over two Day 1 flights and only 316 of those made it through to Day 2. Nick Murphy was the chip leader with 245,500 at this point, while Christian Gimelli wasn’t far behind with 217,100.

With the top 60 players set to make the money and pocket at least $2,000, Day 2 was always the day that was going to see dozens eliminated without any cash for their time. One player was also going to have to be deemed the bubble boy and unfortunately that was Paul Cutujar. It was an unlucky final hand for Cutujar as his A diamsQ spades was all in preflop and couldn’t compete against J clubs5 spades on a 10 clubs4 spades7 spades5 hearts7 hearts board.

With all the players in the money, it would take just a rapid six hours of play before just nine remained. Leading the way at the final table was Shane Batten with 2,305,000 in chips, while Mark Van Dort wasn’t too far behind. Accomplished veteran of Australian poker, and one of the members of our Top Ten Players of 2013, Michel Bouskila was also at the final table.

MAIN EVENT IV – Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Mark Van Dort  (WA) - 2,170,000
Seat 2: Shane Batten (NSW) - 2,305,000
Seat 3: Matt Kozole (VIC) - 1,405,000
Seat 4: Michel Bouskila (NSW)  - 1,125,000
Seat 5: Colm Galloway (NSW)  - 975,000
Seat 6: Rob Smith (WA) - 2,220,000
Seat 7: Simon Iacopetta (NSW)  - 1,395,000
Seat 8: Chris Byrne (NSW) - 2,080,000
Seat 9: Greg Parker (NSW) - 770,000
Seat 10: Leigh McIntyre (NSW) - 1,780,000

The first elimination at the final table reportedly wouldn’t take long to occur, with arguably the most reputable player of the final nine in Bouskila hitting the rail in 9th place. Bouskila was all in preflop holding K clubsK spades and couldn’t stay ahead of big stack Shane Batten who held A heartsK hearts on a 10 diamsA clubs4 diams9 spades9 hearts board.

Following Bouskila’s elimination, Leigh McIntyre (8th), Colm Galloway (7th), Batten (6th), Simon Iacopetta (5th) and Chris Byrn (4th) were all sent to the rail short of the ultimate glory, but with plenty of cash for their time. When Rob Smith was sent home in 3rd place, collecting $50,000, it was Matt Kozole and Mark Van Dort heads-up for the title.

Kozole had a monster six-to-one chip lead at the beginning of heads-up and it would take only three hands before he was crowned the victor. The final hand of The MAIN EVENT IV saw all the chips in preflop, with Kozole holding 2 clubs2 spades against Van Dort’s A diamsQ hearts. The board ran out K spades10 spades8 clubs3 heartsK hearts and with that Van Dort was sent home with $70,000 runner-up prize, while Kozole pocketed six-figures and the glory of being crowned The MAIN EVENT IV champion.

MAIN EVENT IV – Final Table Results
1st: Matthew Kozole - $100,000
2nd: Mark Van Dort - $70,000
3rd: Rob Smith - $50,000
4th: Chirs Byrn -$40,000
5th: Simon Iacopetta - $30,000
6th: Shane Batten - $22,500
7th: Colm Galloway - $17,500
8th: Leigh McIntyre - $15,000
9th: Michel Bouskila - $12,500

* Information and Images courtesy of the APL Live Reporting Facebook Page and the MAIN EVENT Facebook Page. Full Reports can be found at the above links.

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