Heath Chick

    Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is Australia's most experienced poker writer and reporter, having attended the biggest poker tournaments in the world since 2007. Heath also has plenty of success as a cash game and tournament player with 2nd place at the 2010 ANZPT Melbourne Main Event and victory at the 2011 State of Origin among live earnings worth over AU$115,000.
  • Cutting Your Losses

    Cutting your losses and knowing when to walk away from the game is one of the most difficult, and under-rated, skills that anyone can have, not only in poker, but in many aspects of life.  And the New Year is a perfect time to take a step back, re-assess and wipe the slate clean in order to move forwards. ..Read more

  • The Lederer Files - Few answers, no closure

    During the week, PokerNews announced and then released an exclusive interview with former Full Tilt Poker Director, Howard Lederer, known as The Lederer Files  The interview has been released in a series of videos, I think seven parts in total, with the first four released at the time of writing. ..Read more

  • A wrong' un for poker

    You know it’s a slow news day when the mainstream media pick up on a story about poker.  Ok, I guess fair enough if it involves Shane Warne.  And hey, if you have some vision of him kissing Liz Hurley then I can understand splashing it across the National Nine news at 6pm.  I mean, I’m sure that’s way more important than wars against terrorism o ..Read more

  • Online casino bonus hunting explained

    In my previous article, I took a look at poker bonus hunting and how you can boost your bankroll from nothing into something significant by understanding poker bonuses and taking advantage of offers when they become available. ..Read more

  • The Old Art of Bonus Hunting

    Someone recently asked me about “bonus hunting”, or “bonus whoring” as it is sometimes known.  What is bonus hunting, what was it like a few years ago and is it still possible and profitable in today’s poker climate? ..Read more

  • Losing money faster than ever before...

    Zoom Poker at PokerStars is the latest and greatest fad to hit the online poker world, and not one to miss out on a chance to bleed money faster than ever before, I decided to give it a whirl. ..Read more

  • The Do's and Dont's of Poker Reporting

    From my early days working with PokerNews we were well-trained on poker etiquette and the do's and dont's of poker reporting.  There’s more to it than just grabbing a notepad and a pen.  There are many considerations to what we do, but above all, the key thing that was drummed into us was to ensure that we were nothing more than an observer.  A fly on the wall.&nbsp ..Read more

  • Hitting the Cash Games in Asia

    A couple of recent trips of mine to Macau and then Seoul were some of the more enjoyable in recent times.  Sometimes the travel aspect of poker reporting can wear you down, but it’s refreshing when you get to experience some new sights with good company.  It's also fun when we get some spare time to be able to play a little poker for ourselves! ..Read more