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  • Australian Adventures

    I took one of the best trips of my life after the Aussie Millions. I stayed in Australia for several weeks afterwards and traveled up the east coast with one of my close friends. We started off in Byron Bay, which is a gorgeous little beach town with a hippie vibe, full of surfers, artists and other travelling folk. ..Read more

  • The APPT Macau Journey

    The APPT Macau Main Event commences this week and for me the tournament always has a special place in my heart. It's this poker festival that really got everything started for me as a Team PokerStars Pro. ..Read more

  • Training yourself to adopt better habits

    A couple of years ago, I started training in MMA -- boxing, Jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai. At the time I was in pretty terrible shape. I wasn't overweight or anything -- in fact, I'm fairly thin -- but my fitness wasn't great. I'd get tired a lot and felt I could definitely improve myself physically. ..Read more

  • Dating a poker pro

    Beep. Beep. BEEP. BEEP. I groan and look at the clock which reads 3:45am. Time to get up and make breakfast to prepare for the poker grind ahead. Well, not so much me (although I do play miniscule microstakes) but for Edison Nguyen, the real poker professional. ..Read more

  • Sensory deprivation turns to appreciation

    I've had some interesting experiences lately, involving sensory overload and sensory deprivation, which has been an interesting and enlightening contrast. ..Read more

  • Next Stop, APPT Seoul!

    Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier is one of the world's premier players with over US$10 million in career earnings. He also lived for many years as a professional Starcraft player in Seoul, South Korea. ElkY will be heading to this year's APPT Seoul event and gives Poker Asia Pacific readers a special guide to the highlights of Seoul. ..Read more

  • On The Mac Reflections of 2011

    Jesse McKenzie is one of the most exciting young players in the country following a sensational year that included success both live and online. We look forward to reading more about Jesse as he shares his thoughts and approach to the game with the poker community. ---- ..Read more