Paul Birman

    Paul Birman has years of experience working as an author and media personality, and is NOVA FM's correspondent for the World Series of Poker providing on-air updates on the event. Paul is also an accomplished poker player with numerous cashes in major tournaments in Australia and the United States including the World Series of Poker.
  • More on Registrations, Payouts and Withholding Tax for Australians at the WSOP

    There has been a change to the way the World Series of Poker (WSOP) handles pay outs since my original article for Poker Asia Pacific on withholding tax for Australians at the WSOP. ..Read more

  • The professionalism of poker officialdom

    As poker players have dramatically improved their poker game via coaching and training over the past few years, the improvement of poker dealers (the “umpires” of the game) has struggled to keep pace. ..Read more

  • Mario's WSOP Journey

    Mario Ljubicic was sitting at home on a Saturday night perusing the latest articles on Poker Asia Pacific when he came across an article written by your humble author that ended: “So if you are on the fence about attending the WSOP and haven’t used your “one time ..Read more

  • WSOP Blog: Main Event Update

    Day 1 of the 2013 WSOP Main Event is in the books.  Some dreams have been crushed, others are still alive and there are certain people who are happy to have just attended. ..Read more

  • WSOP Blog: A feeling of familiarity

    If you have previously attended the World Series of Poker, a feeling of familiarity hits you as you walk down the corridors of the Rio.  You are greeted by the WSOP banners and wonder has it really been a year?  Nothing seems to have changed. ..Read more

  • Understanding Withholding Tax for Australians at the WSOP

    Unfortunately Australia does not have a tax treaty with the United States.  That means any time an Australian wins more than $5,000 above the buy-in amount in a poker tournament in the US (such as the WSOP), the casino is obliged to deduct a 30% withholding tax. ..Read more

  • Getting excited for the WSOP

    I admit it – I’m a poker tragic!  And every year (this is my fifth in a row) I head to the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas – not just for the surprisingly excellent hot dog by its pool, but for the greatest poker show on Earth, the World Series of Poker. ..Read more

  • Steve Gee - The Good Bloke of WSOP's "Octo-Nine"

    A strange camaraderie can be built between players at a tournament table.   When you sit through a day’s play with someone there is generally an underlying understanding that you want the best for the other player (presuming you are out of the hand).   When new players arrive to take the place of the eliminated – it feels like they are crashing a party.  And ..Read more

  • Didier Causing a Stir in Las Vegas

    Didier Guerin (pictured) is making quite an impression in the initial week on his first trip to Las Vegas. ..Read more