Tim Napper

    Tim Napper is a freelance writer and poker player, who shares his experiences on the poker felt and his opinions off it with the Poker Asia Pacific community
  • High Roller Events and the Poker Economy

    There must be something in the water down in Australia. The two high roller events for the Aussie Millions – the $100,000 Challenge (with re-buys) and the $250,000 (with re-buys) broke all previous field sizes this year, and by a huge margin. ..Read more

  • Election 2013: Grim Tidings for Online Poker in Australia

    The imminent federal election brings with it the greatest threat to online poker we’ve ever had in Australia. ..Read more

  • Poker’s Black Friday: Coming to Australia?

    There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Australia is on the cusp of banning online poker completely. The good news is there is a catch. ..Read more

  • How to Eat Eggs: Playing the Aussie Millions

    “Yeah well, sometimes nothing is a real cool hand” – Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke The American - round-faced, good-humoured - looks at his cards then looks at me, “all in”. He pushes his chips into the middle. ..Read more

  • Raiding the Lost Ark: Poker, Business, and Greed

    Poker exemplifies the worst aspects of capitalism that have made our country so great ~Walter Matthau ..Read more

  • The gamble of poker

    'Hollywood' looks at me over the rim of his beer glass, “The problem is that you don’t have any gamble!” Coming just a couple of hours after I busted from a $5,000 buy-in poker tournament, I find the statement pretty absurd. I snort a reply, “Well, your definition of someone with gamble is someone who is broke. Like you.” ..Read more

  • Legalisation of Online Poker in Australia: On the Bubble

    When I first heard that an official review of the Internet Gambling Act (IGA) had recommended that poker be legalized and regulated in Australia I thought, “About bloody time!” About bloody time some common sense prevailed on this issue. ..Read more

  • Aussie Millions Wrap: So long, and thanks for the fish

    Barry Greenstein, to my left, checks and then calls another bet from the aggressive table chip leader on his left. I’m already all in; the last of my chips in the middle in a big three way pot. I’m tired, strung out on sour coffee, a dozen sleepless nights and cold streak at the Aussie Millions that just won’t quit. ..Read more

  • Strange Bedfellows: Online Poker has an Unlikely New Supporter

    Online poker has earned a stay of execution. Late last week, the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform rejected proposed legislation from Senator Nick Xenophon that would have been the death knell for online poker in Australia. ..Read more

  • WSOP Final Table Coverage and Shooting Antonio

    There is a saying about tournament poker: it involves hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. When you are playing a big tournament, it certainly feels like that. ..Read more