PokerStars announce relaunch of Full Tilt Poker and repayment to non-US players

September 25th 2012 By Heath "TassieDevil" Chick

The wheels are in motion and the word from PokerStars HQ is that everything is on track for the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker and for non-US players to recover their player funds by November.

Last month PokerStars signed a deal to acquire Full Tilt Poker and its assets as part of a deal with the US Department of Justice.  As part of that deal, PokerStars agreed to commit to paying outstanding FTP player balances to non-US customers within 90 days.  The amount of those balances were estimated to total US$184 million.

Well, PokerStars is looking to make good on its promise with the PokerStars Blog this week posting photos of a Hercules loaded with 15 tons of computer hardware to relocate the FTP servers to the PokerStars base on the Isle of Man.  It’s a massive task, but it has been reported that everything is on target for FTP to relaunch to non-US players on November 6th 2012. 

PokerStars has also been working with the regulators in various jurisdictions to ensure that the repayment process to non-US players satisfies all local requirements and that players receive their money without any problems or delays.

For some European countries, this will require linking a current PokerStars account to a Full Tilt Poker account to then withdraw FTP balances via the licensed PokerStars client.

For players in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, things will be a little easier than that.  Full Tilt Poker will be relaunching in full in this region on November 6th 2012, with players having full access to their accounts.  At this stage, we believe there will be no restrictions on accessing this money other than the usual identification processes.  There has also not been any announcement about other features such as tournament tickets, frequent player points or rakeback accounts. One step at a time!

Players in the US will have their repayments administered at a later date by the US Government, although there are no details about this process at this stage.

The Poker Asia Pacific team will keep you up to date with the latest developments with the Full Tilt Poker relaunch as they come to hand.


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