Monica HuynhCongratulations to Monica Huynh, Winner of the Shane Warne Super Stack ($18,760)!

The Shane Warne Super Stack returned to the Crown Poker Room for its second running since its inception back in October last year.

With a change in Day 1a flight time to an earlier than usual start, numbers weren't expected to be fantastic. Regardless, 94 and 171 players took to the felt over the two day one flights to form a 265-player field and see a $68,900 prizepool formed.

The survivors from the opening days totalled just 82 (29 and 53 respectively) as those players returning on Sunday looked to firstly carve out a position to make a run at the money before turning this tournament into their own with a solid victory. Play began at a fast pace with players flying to the rail before things slowed down as the money approached, but once the bubble burst, a host of notables flew to the rail with the likes of Ryan Hong (25th), Nicolas Haidaris (22nd), Nicole Dilaveris (19th), Peng Khoo (15th) and David Munday (14th) all collecting some money before the double elimination of Karan Punjabi (11th) and Abdullah Yalcin (10th) saw the final table set. Remarkably however, reigning champion Steve Baker gave a gallant effort at defending his title before falling in 21st place after losing a preflop race.

Once play resumed for the final nine, it would be another double elimination that would get things rolling as John Donnelly and Stephen Hansen were both sent crashing to the rail by the chip leader John Lipert before Day 1b chip leader Michael Rinaldi followed in seventh. One of the last remaining ladies in Sarah Beard fell next before Tin Khac Nguyen's short-stack grind ended in fifth. As chips were being traded back and forth, Lipert would be next to go after losing a series of big hands as Monica Huynh held half the chips in play three-handed. Local Mladen Strinovic had risen to the top and dwindled at the bottom of the leaderboard throughout the day, and his effort was rewarded by a third place as Huynh and Demetrios Tremmos were left tangled in a heads-up duel.

Starting with a near seven-to-one disadvantage, Tremmos found a double, but after being pounded on by Huynh with her button-shoves, Tremmos would eventually commit his short-stack holding 5 clubs2 hearts. With Huynh's J diams9 clubs in the lead, it would remain that way as the final board ran out K diams7 hearts8 spades4 diams7 clubs to see an excited Huynh celebrate with her rail as she was crowned the Shane Warne Super Stack Champion and recipient of $18,760 in prizemoney.

Final Table Payouts
1st - Monica Huynh ($18,760)
2nd - Demetrios Tremmos ($12,540)
3rd - Mladen Strinovic ($8,000)
4th - John Lipert ($5,500)
5th - Tin Khac Nguyen ($4,000)
6th - Sarah Beard ($3,000)
7th - Michael Rinaldi ($2,500)
8th - Stephen Hansen ($2,000)
9th - John Donnelly ($1,500)
10th - Abdullah Yalcin ($1,000)

The Poker Asia Pacific team would like to congratulate Monica and all the winners from the Shane Warne Super Stack while also thanking you at home for following along with our coverage from here in the Crown Poker Room as well as our sponsors for the event; Shane Warne and 888 Poker.



Demetrios TremmosDemetrios Tremmos Eliminated in 2nd Place ($12,540); Monica Huynh Wins!

On the sixth hand of heads-up play, Demetrios Tremmos (pictured) moved all in from the button for around 700,000 and Monica Huynh made the call from the big blind.

Tremmos: 5 clubs2 hearts
Huynh: J diams9 clubs

With Huynh in the lead, the K diams7 hearts8 spades flop gave her a gutshot to go along with her two overs while Tremmos would need to spike one of his six outs to stay alive.

The 4 diams on the turn now gave Tremmos four additional outs to make a lower straight, but when the 7 clubs paired the board on the river, he would be sent to the rail in 2nd place for a $12,540 payday as Huynh was crowned the second Shane Warne Super Stack Champion and winner of $18,760 in prizemoney. 

The Shorty Starts His Rise

Demetrios Tremmos was going to need more than one double-up to have a chance at taking home a victory, but he had to start somewhere.

A recent hand saw Monica Huynh shove her monster stack all-in holding Q hearts5 diams. Tremmos made the call, turning over A hearts9 diams. The board ran out 9 hearts3 spades6 clubs4 spades4 diams, with Tremmos taking down the much needed double.  Tremmos still has a long way to go though as Huynh still holds a more than 2-1 chip lead.

Level Up, Blinds 100,000-200,000

Heads-Up About to Begin

Here is how the chip stacks look heading into the final table, with the last lady standing holding a dominating chip lead.

Monica Huynh - 5,775,000
Demetrios Tremmos - 850,000



Mladen StrinovicMladen Strinovic Eliminated in 3rd Place ($8,000)

Mladen Strinovic (pictured) is the latest player to hit the rail, with his demise coming at the hands of table caption, Monica Huynh.

When the action folded to Huynh in the small blind se would do what she has so often done at the final table and shove all in. This time Strinovic made the call and the two players turned their hands over.

Huynh: A spades4 diams
Strinovic: K spades9 clubs

When the board ran out 10 clubs6 diams8 clubsA clubs5 spades, it was all over for Strinovic in 3rd place as Huynh will take a big chip lead into heads-up play.

Three-Handed and Trading Chips

The three remaining players are trading chips at the moment, with plenty of all-in plays seeing chips fly around the table. Monica Huynh is still out in front as the chip leader.

Monica Huynh - 3,300,000
Mladen Strinovic - 1,900,000
Demetrios Tremmos - 1,400,000

John Lipert Eliminated in 4th Place ($5,500)

Monica Huynh has been flexing her muscles here at the final table of the 2012 Shane Warne Super Stack and that has continued as she sends John Lipert out the door in 4th place.

Huynh was under the gun when she shoved for more than 2,000,000. John Lipert made the call in the small blind and Demetrios Tremmos got out of the way in the big blind.

“It’s a good hand to end on, hey boys!” said Lipert to his rail of friends as he turned over A hearts2 hearts. It was slightly ahead of the K clubsQ hearts of Huynh. When the 9 spadesJ clubs6 hearts flop was dealt, Huynh had a few more outs. Lipert couldn’t believe when the 10 hearts hit the turn to give Huynh a straight. The 8 clubs on the river changed nothing and Huynh now takes a big chip lead into three-handed play.

Level Up, Blinds 70,000 - 140,000, ante 15,000

Strinovic Doubles

Mladen Strinovic pushed from the button and John Lipert announced, "I'm all-in over the top!"

Strinovic: J diams7 spades
Lipert: A heartsK clubs

The board ran out 5 clubs3 clubs4 heartsJ spades4 clubs to see Strinovic double through to roughly 2,100,000 as Lipert slips to 700,000 in chips.

Interesting Fold from Lipert

John Lipert opened under the gun to 600,000 only to have Demitrios Tremmos move all in for 1,010,000 next to act. Only needing to call 410,000 to win a pot that already had 1,800,000 in the middle, Lipert opted to fold while slipping to roughly 1,200,000 in chips.

Tin Khac NguyenTin Khac Nguyen Eliminated in 5th Place ($4,000)

From under the gun, Tin Khac Nguyen (pictured) pushed all in for his last 250,000, and after the action folded to Monica Huynh in the big blind, she made the call.

Nguyen: 8 spades7 spades
Huynh: J spades3 hearts

With the short-stacked Nguyen needing help, the K spades2 clubs2 diams5 spadesJ hearts board wouldn't see his extend his tournament as he was bundled out in 5th place for a $4,000 payday as Huynh moves close to 1.5 million in chips.

Level Up, Blinds 50,000 - 100,000 with a 10,000-ante

From Shorty to Biggie

Demitrios Tremmos has gone from short-stack to one of the leaders following two back-to-back hands.

The first saw Tremmos all in holding A clubsJ diams against Mladen Strinovic's A spades10 clubs. The 5 diams10 spades9 spades flop saw Strinovic spike, but when the turn and river landed the 9 hearts and J hearts, Tremmos double dhis 185,000-chip stack.

Tremmos would then find another double courtesy of John Lipert. Lipert opened to 240,000 only to have Tremmos move all in for 540,000. Lipert made the call holding Q spadesJ spades to be at a slight disadvantage against Tremmos' A diamsK hearts.

That disadvantage would transform into drawing dead once the A clubsA spades5 heartsA hearts3 hearts board was spread as Tremmos climbed to over 1,100,000 in chips.

Huynh Hits The Turn

Monica Huynh has just put a big dent in Demetrios Tremmos’ stack. It all started when cards hit the muck from all around the table and the action was on Tremmos in the small blind. He shoved holding A heartsJ spades and Huynh made the all-in call holding Q hearts6 hearts.  

The board was spread 3 diams9 hearts3 clubs6 spades10 spades, with Huynh managing to survive when she hit the six on the turn. Huynh now has around 1,300,000 while Tremmos survives, but is crippled on just 200,000.

Sarah BeardSarah Beard Eliminated in 6th Place ($3,000)

Sarah Beard (pictured) was one of two ladies remaining until just moments ago, but now she leaves just Monica Huynh to fly the flag for the gals.

The last hand of Beard’s tournament began when she moved all in for 560,000 from the cutoff holding A heartsQ diams. John Lipert was in the big blind and he made the call holding A diamsK clubs as Beard’s tournament life was on the line.

The A spades8 diams2 diams4 heartsJ clubs that was spread across the felt gave both players a piece of the board, but not enough for Beard to stay alive as she hits the rail in 6th place.

Nguyen and Huynh Battle

Tin Khac Nguyen was in early position when he moved all in for 225,000. The action was then sent flying around to Monica Huynh in the small blind. She made the call and Sarah Beard got out of the way in the big blind as another tournament life was on the line.

Nguyen: K clubsK diams
Huynh: A clubs10 spades

When the board ran out J clubs9 hearts3 spadesK heartsA diams, it was a double up to around 500,000 for Nguyen, while Huynh now has around 800,000.

Michael Rinaldi Eliminated in 7th Place ($2,500)

At the end of Day 1b it was Michael Rinaldi who managed to amass a big chip lead. By the end of Day 2 he had managed to turn that stack into a final table berth. Unfortunately for Rinaldi though, it has now all come to an end.

Rinaldi got his short stack all in preflop holding 7 hearts7 clubs and had to come up against Mladen Strinovic’s Q diamsQ clubs. Rinaldi would need a lot of help to stay alive, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be as the J hearts8 clubs2 diamsK clubs4 hearts would send him straight to the exit in 7th place. 

John Donnelly Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,500), Stephen Hansen Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,000)

Stephen HansenFrom under the gun, Stephen Hansen (pictured) pushed all in for 1,030,000 and was immediately called by John Lipert on the button before a crippled John Donnelly found himself all in for just on one big blind.

Hansen: A heartsK diams
Lipert: A clubsA spades
Donnelly: 3 spades3 hearts

There would be no surprises for Lipert as the board rolled out 9 diams4 diams5 hearts4 spades7 diams to ensure him a huge upswing to 2,300,000 as Donnelly exited in 9th and Hansen in 8th place.

Donnelly Crippled

With the first action on John Donnelly, he moved all in for 540,000 and Stephen Hansen made the call next to act for his last 415,000.

Donnelly: A clubs10 diams
Hansen: A diamsK spades

Fortunately for the at-risk Hansen, the 7 hearts2 clubs4 spades6 spades8 spades board would see him double through to 1,040,000 as Donnelly was left crippled with barely enough to cover the big blind the next hand.

Monica on the Move

Just a short while into the final table and so far it is Monica Huynh who has been the most active. With the average stack currently at around 10 big blinds, Huynh has realised just how powerful the all in shove can be. Huyn open-shoved on four seperate occasions during the last level and now sits behind one of the bigger stacks at the table with around 1,250,000.

Level Up, Blinds 40,000-80,000 with 10,000 ante

Beard Doing It For The Ladies

When the action folded around to Sarah Beard in the small blind she would shove all in and Tin Khac Nguyen would get out of the way in the big blind. The very next hand would see the action again fly around to Beard, this time on the button. Again she shoved all in and this time it was Mladen Strinovic in the big blind. Strinovic opted to make the call and would be heading to the races holding 4 clubs4 diams against Beard’s Q spades5 diams.

When the flop was spread 10 diams9 spades8 hearts, Beard would have plenty more outs heading to the turn. The J hearts was exactly what she was looking for and when the meaningless 6 clubs hit the river, Beard took down the double-up and now sits on 800,000. Strinovik hovers on around 1,385,000.

Early Chip Exchange

It hasn’t taken long for the action to heat up here at the final table, with a few players already shoving all in. A recent hand saw Mladen Strinovic shove for 790,000 from early position. John Lipert took a few moments before shoving his monster stack on the direct left of Strinovic and the rest of the table sent a flurry of cards into the muck.

Strinovic was a slight favourite at this point, holding 9 diams9 hearts against the A diamsQ hearts of Lipert. The 6 hearts6 spadesK clubs5 clubs8 hearts board changed nothing and it was a big double for Strinovic who now has around 1,700,000, while Lipert remains healthy with just over a million in chips.

Final Table Underway

The final table of the Shane Warne Super Stack is now underway with the blinds at 30,000 - 60,000 and a 5,000-chip ante.

With just nine players remaining, we will be playing down until a winner is announced with the following payouts up for grabs.

Final Table Payouts
1st - $18,760
2nd - $12,540
3rd - $8,000
4th - $5,500
5th - $4,000
6th - $3,000
7th - $2,500
8th - $2,000
9th - $1,500

Good luck to the remaining nine players!

Final Table



Shane Warne Super Stack final table is set!

The last hand before the final table of the Shane Warne Super Stack has just occurred. A total of 11 players remained when three players moved all-in preflop. John Lipert held 7 hearts7 diams and had enough chips to cover both Karan Punjabi holding A hearts10 diams and Abdullah Yalcin who held A clubsK clubs . When the board ran out 5 hearts5 clubsJ diamsJ heartsQ hearts, both Punjabi and Yalcin would be heading to the rail and we would be heading to a final table of nine players. With that hand Lipert is the dominating chip leader and is in the best position to make a run at the $18,760.

Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Sarah Beard (320,000 in chips)
Seat 2: Tin Khac Nguyen (400,000)
Seat 3: Mladen Strinovic (675,000)
Seat 4: John Lipert (2,055,000)
Seat 5: Demitrios Tremmos (425,000)
Seat 6: John Donnelly (585,000)
Seat 7: Stephen Hansen (490,000)
Seat 8: Michael Rinaldi (635,000)
Seat 9: Monica Huynh (845,000)

The remaining nine players in the Shane Warne Super Stack at the Crown Poker Room are now heading on a 30-minute break before the final table kicks off. It's all set to begin at 7:00 p.m. and Poker Asia Pacific will be here for all the action. The payouts so far can be seen at the bottom of this page.




Shane Warne Super Stack Results

Here are the results so far:

11th - Karan Punjabi ($700)
12th - Peter Gordon ($700)
13th - Cameron Bardell ($700)
14th - David Munday ($700)
15th - Peng Khoo ($700)
16th - Nicole Edwards ($700)
17th - Christopher McLaughlin ($700)
18th - Baydon Widdicombe ($700)

19th - Nicole Dilaveris ($500)
20th - Mark Deionno ($500)
21st - Steve Baker ($500)
22nd - Nicolas Haidaris ($500)
23rd - Erika Layton ($500)
24th - Michail Michelakis ($500)
25th - Ryan Hong ($500)
26th - Brett Daphne ($500)
27th - Joshua Mills ($500)


Shane Warne Super Stack - Final Table

Shane WarneThe Poker Asia Pacific Live Reporting team will be on deck at the Crown Poker Room to bring you live updates of the Shane Warne Super Stack event.

This event is cementing its place as one of the most popular on the Crown Poker calendar.  The $300 buy-in repechage format, deep 25,000-chip start banks and quality 30-minute levels provide a great platform for Melbourne players to compete for a huge prize pool.

We'll be providing live updates of the final table, which should kick off at around 6:00 p.m. on Sunday April 1st 2012.