Sunny Jung Returns to Capture ACOP Main Event Title

November 4th 2013 By Mateusz Pater

The Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) Main Event returned on Sunday with Korea's Sunny Jung (pictured) and Hong Kong's Devan Tang battling it out for the title.

A 12-hour final table the day before would only see seven players eliminated, with the decision to extend the tournament by an additional day the best option.

Jung would start of proceedings with 3,213,000, slightly in front of Tang who had 2,877,000 in chips.

Heads-up started with Jung applying the pressure and extending his lead, before Tang won several pots to even out the numbers once again.

Eventually Jung got the better of his opponent after he opened to 65,000 and was called as both players watched the flop come down 4 hearts2 heartsA hearts. Tang would check-call a continuation bet of 100,000 before doing the same for 120,000 as the 6 hearts fell on the turn. The river produced the K hearts and Tang checked for the third time. Jung reached for his chips and bet out 475,000 and was called after two minutes.

Jung tabled J hearts9 diams resulting in a fold from Tang who dropped down to just 680,000 in chips as he raced up to 5.4 million.

It looked all but over for the local player, but he persisted with his own pressure and even captured the lead. After opening to 80,000 from the button, Tang would watch as Jung three-bet to 180,000. He then raised it up to 340,000 and was called as the flop came down 5 hearts9 diams6 hearts.

Both players opted to check as the 9 clubs landed on the turn, before Jung led out for 400,000 which was called. The 7 spades completed the board, and both players happily checked as Jung tabled his 7 diams4 clubs for two pair. Tang then rolled over his Q diams7 hearts for the same two pair but had the higher kicker giving him the big pot.

The lead changed several times between the two before a string of winning hands for Jung widened the gap between the two.

In the final hand of the night, Tang opened with a min-raise to 100,000 before Jung three-bet to 300,000. A minute passed before Tang slid in another min-raise to 500,000. Jung instantly responded by announcing all-in totalling over 4.1 million. Tang reacted by falling back in his chair, before contemplating over his decision and making the call.

When the cards were tabled, Jung found himself in front and in great shape to end it all with his A heartsK hearts against Tang's A spadesQ clubs. The board ran out 4 clubs9 spades3 hearts2 hearts10 hearts improving Jung's hand to a flush.

Tang would be rewarded with HK$3,667,000 for his 2nd place finish, as Jung was left celebrating with his rail after capturing the title and the HK$4,352,000 first place prize.

ACOP Main Event Final Table Payouts

1st Sunny Jung - HK$4,352,000
2nd Devan Tang - HK$3,667,000
3rd Zifan Zheng - HK$1,980,000
4th Yat Wai Cheng - HK$1,485,000
5th Yoshitaka Okawa - HK$1,188,000
6th Jonathan Depa - HK$990,000
7th Randy Lew - HK$792,000
8th Chenxiang Miao - HK$594,000
9th Chane Kampanatsanyakorn - HK$495,000

In further news, the ACOP series finished off with a bang with Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin winning the last side event of the ACOP schedule. Lin took down the HK$8,800 No Limit Holdem event, defeating Ted Wang heads up, to become the first woman to win an open ACOP title. Another "first" for the queen of poker in Asia!

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